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Miyamiya: Did you really think you could talk about anthros in my comment section without consequences
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Anonymous1: Kill it!
Kill it with fire!!
Kill it with nuclear fire from space!!!
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Skoon: Ohno.

Not one of my pony wives. Do not harm Berry. D: She's drunk.
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Anonymous2: Mmmm.
I love the smell of burning fur in the morning.
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Outcast: Not cancerous enough.

Needs tits, and a dick.

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Waaaghlord: ... does it also taste like berry? ... or berry-syrup?...
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BrotherGrimm: Anthros are heresy.....

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Disintegral: @Waaaghlord: You fire up the grill. I'll go grab the sorry cleaver.

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Basswhooper: Would probably enf.

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EvoS: Wow

I love him <3

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Anonymous3: @Skoon: my dear friend; that is not your loving wife. Rather, that is some cheap, insulting knockoff. An insult to the basic idea of her. And for the insolence of the mimicry; this THING shall be fed into a wood chipper. While alive. Feet first as well.