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Kerry’s story; Part Twenty Six

By differential_Sloth


The first light of dawn hadn’t yet broken over Autumn fields stockfeeds, but the mid sized factory had been a buzz of activity throughout the night. Workers on the night-shift were kept busy bagging feed and storing it, or loading trailers for the morning delivery runs. In the holding area one of the senior drivers, Blake, did a final walk around before he set out on the day's deliveries.

The Cree torch in Blake’s hand cut through the pre-dawn gloom as he completed his checklist; the 5th wheel hook up and cables were good, every tyre on the F-450 and large gooseneck were in good condition and at the right pressure, and everything which needed to be locked or tied down had been. Satisfied the combination was good to roll, Blake climbed into the cab, pulled out of the factory and hit the road.

By 11 in the morning, Blake was half way through his first round of drop-offs; he’d made deliveries to Nancy's farm, a show horse owner, the local Fluffmart and some smaller stores. Still to go was Second Chance, a few customers with show fluffies, and the free-range fluffy sanctuary those vegan wackos ran at their commune. After those were done, it would be back to the factory to load up for the biggest delivery, Sunnydale. Easy stuff, but there was one obstacle in the way.

The F-450 downshifted as it ascended the hill; its big V8 diesel roared as many tonnes of truck and trailer climbed the grade. In the cab, Blake straightened in the seat and put both hands on the wheel. He hated this stretch of road through the forest, precisely because it was so well made. It was a pleasant drive, but also attracted all kinds of yahoos; bikers, car guys and dumb kids who used it as their personal race track.

Most of the time, they kept their antics to nighttime hours when the road was relatively clear; most of the time. The road levelled out, and the engine revs followed suit. Blake kept a steady pace, eyes as far ahead as he could look. Each time he approached a corner, Blake’s chest tightened a little and memories of an encounter with a moron flashed through his mind. However, nothing happened. The midpoint of the drive passed without incident, but Blake didn’t let his guard down.

On a straight stretch of road, a pair of motorcycles screamed past. Blake shook his head; idiots, but at least they went the same way he was. However, another few miles up the road, Blake came face to face with the event he dreaded. Up ahead, a car came round the corner at high speed, too high, and drifted into Blake's lane. He slammed on the breaks and was thrown forward by inertia. The truck’s ABS strained against the weight of the combination, and there were a few quick scrapes and screeches when it failed momentarily.

Blake fought the impulse to turn; on one side was a steep, forested embankment, and turning into the other lane was a bad move. Up ahead, the driver wrestled with his steering wheel to get his car back in the right lane. It looked like he’d make it, but Blake couldn’t focus on that, not when the feeling in the back of the seat made his blood run cold. The sensation towered over everything else, and Blake instantly knew what it meant; jack knife.

‘MOVE DAMMIT!!' He screamed at the driver; the errant car seemed to move agonisingly slow. All Blake needed was the road to be clear so he could hit the gas and pull the trailer right, but the chance didn't come. Blake felt the back of his truck kick out to the right. Time, already compressed, slowed to an absolute crawl. Blake saw everything in slow motion; the car trying to get out of the way, the pick-up starting to drift, and the large tree on the side of the road.

The tree slid past window so slowly, Blake could almost see the pattern of the bark. It went out of view; Blake's gut tightened, then there came a sickening impact. Blake felt the truck get yanked back and to the side. He wrestled with the steering wheel to keep on course, not noticing the sudden and dramatic reduction in weight. After a few heart-stopping moments, the big Ford came to a stop. It took a few more moments, however, for Blake to will his hands to release their grip.

Blake got out of the cab on shaky legs and came face to face with the damage. Some ways back was his trailer; the large tree was lodged in the side, and feed bags had spilled everywhere. Not far from the trailer, Blake saw the 450’s tailgate, and his heart sank. Heart pounding in his chest, Blake checked the bed of the pickup; the hitch point was well and truly fucked. Dollar amounts flashed through his head, even though the equipment was fully insured. High engine revs snapped him back to reality.

Blake turned and saw the car which caused this mess speed off down the road. A string of obscenities flooded from his mouth, and Blake almost punched the side of the truck. After a while, though, he calmed down; the dash cams would have captured every second of the accident. It would prove Blake wasn’t at fault, and the resolution was good enough to show the car’s licence plate. Sooner or later, they’d find the little shit.

With that small conciliation, Blake took out his phone; he had to summon help, and there were a lot of customers he owned an explanation too.


‘BWAHHH!!!’ Tree charges forward with his head down. The Bestest toughie steps to one side, but Tree looks up in time to see where he’s moved too. He turns the same way and put his head back down.

‘Oooff!!’ Tree headbutts the Bestest toughie somewhere in the shoulder, but he lets the hit tip him over. The Bestest toughie rolls over fast, so fast it makes Tree lose balance.

‘Wahh!!' He trips over, hits the ground on the other side and roles. For a little while they both roll on the ground, but the Bestest toughie gets up first. He charges Tree, who's about to get back on his hoofies when the Bestest toughie headbutts him in the side. Tree tries to roll away, but the Bestest toughie pins him down and gives him sorry hoofies and stompies. Tree struggles like mad to get away, but you can tell he's lost. If this were a real fight, it wouldn't take much for the Bestest toughie to give Tree forever sleepies.

‘Stahp,’ The Bestest toughie gets off Tree, who climbs back on his hoofies. ‘Dat was bettah,’ The Bestest toughie tells him, then turns to you. ‘Am Big Wed’s-’

You don’t let him finish; as soon as the Bestest toughie talks, you charge as fast as your leggies will take you. To confuse him, you duck and dash to either side so he can’t tell which direction you’ll come from. The Bestest toughie stands in place and follows you with his head; he keeps his hoofies planted on the ground, ready to jump. Right at the end, you go to dash to one side, then back the other way; it was as fast as you could, but the Bestest toughie still reacts in time.

‘Unnff!!’ You crash into the Bestest toughie at full speed, but your headbutt doesn’t do more than push him back a little. He shifts up, which means he’ll try to get his front leggies over your neck! You rear up with him, and try to get your leggies over his! It doesn’t work, and the two of you stay reared up and grapple with each other. You have to do something quick, the Bestest toughie can win this kind of fight easily. Moving your head to one side, you bite down on one of his leggies.

‘Nnnn!!!’ He grunts at the owwies, but it’ll take much, much more to force him back. You try to push forward, but your back leggies are already busy keeping you up right! Trying to make them push you forward too is-

‘Ehhhhh!!!’ The Bestest toughie bites down on your shoulder, hard!! Even though it’s a mistake, the hurties make you let go of his leggie. You grit your teethies and try to ignore the hurties, but he bites harder and harder!! You strike out with the few sorry hoofies, but none of them hit. Out of desperation, you jump and push with your back leggies. As soon as you do though, ‘Waaahhh!!’ the Bestest toughie pushes you to the ground hard and fast; he was waiting for you to do that.

‘Scree-ooof!!!!' Hitting the ground pushes all the air out of your chest and makes your thinkie place go silly. You scramble to get back on your hoofies, but it's too late; the Bestest toughie hits you over and over. So many sorry hoofies land at the same time they blur together and the hurties make it impossible to get away. Then, he stops.

‘*Haff* Big Wed did bettah,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Keep twyin.’

‘*Cough cough, haff* T-tank yu Best-*cough*-est tuffy…' you manage, and go to roll back on your hoofies. The Bestest toughie helps you roll over, but you can stand on your own at least.

‘Dat am nuff fightin,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Tuffies get nex bwighttime nummies nao, den go an watch fowest.’

‘Yes, Bestest tuffy, *Cough*’

‘Am cumin tuu, Daddeh?’ Tree asks.

‘Nu, Bestest tuffy nee go du oda tings,’ he says. ‘Bestest tuffy find Babbeh and Big Wed aftah nex bwighttime nummies.’

‘Otay,’ With that, you and Tree go back to the safe place. It’s a slow walk, what with the hurties. ‘Am Big Wed Otay?’

‘Yes,’ okay enough to walk at least. ‘Am Big Wed an Twee ewa gun beat Bestest tuffy?’

‘Nu knu,’ Tree says. ‘Bud Twee nu tink id mattah if nu can.’


‘Cause Daddeh wan Twee an Big Wed be bettah at fightin. If can fight Daddeh fow wittwe time,’ Tree explains, ‘can fight oda fwuffies fow wong time, an win!’

You nod; he’s right. Before you get to the nummie den, you tell Tree ‘Big Wed am take nummies tu Sissie, den cum back.’


At the nummie den, you get some nummies for yourself and some for Flower. Luckily, the toughie guarding the den knows Flower is your sissie and a soon mummah, so you don’t have to explain anything. Pile of nummies in your fluff, you go to Flower’s den. ‘Hewwo Sissie,’ you say as you walk down the tunnel. ‘Big Wed-’

‘Wat Bwudda wan!?’ She yells back, clearly not happy.

‘Big Wed hav nummies,’ you say back.

‘Hmmph,' Flower huffs and doesn't look at you. As usual, she in her nestie; Flower's tummy is so big now, it's almost too hard for her to move on her own. It looks funny too, like she swallowed a really big berry. You try not to stare though, it makes her mad. You walk over to the nestie and put the nummies down.

‘Big Wed get Sissie wotsa bewwy nummies,’ you tell her.

Flower stares at them like they poopies. ‘Gud.’

You can’t help but shake your head. After her Special friend put their tummy babbies in her, Flower couldn't stop talking about how happy and excited to be a mummah she was. But as the brighttimes went by, her tummy started to get bigger. After a while it made it harder for Flower to move; she didn’t mind at first, since she could still walk where she wanted on her own. But, her tummy kept getting bigger. Journeys that were no problem before started to make her really sleepy.

That was bad enough, but for some reason, Flower has to go poopies and pee-pees much more often now, which means more trips to the poopie place. Then, her milkie places started to get owwies, and her tummy hurties wouldn't go away no matter how much she ate. All mummah says it means Flower's babbies will come out soon, maybe in the next few bright-times. You hope they do, because you don't like Flower when she's like this.

‘Wai Bwudda stiww hewe?’ She says. ‘Wat wan!?’

‘Jus wan knu if Sissie-’

‘Am fine! Nao go way!!’ She yells.

‘*Sigh* Otay,' you turn and walk out of the den. If Flower wasn't your Sissie…



You stop in your tracks; Runny, your friends, and the other nummie finders do the same. No one talks, or even moves. Up ahead the toughies look around, almost daring something to jump out. ‘Id am otay,' one of them says finally. ‘Keep goin.' You nod and walk on. Even though the toughies say nothing's there, the feeling there is doesn't go away; it sticks to you, like mud sticks to fluff.

It’s strange; the forest has always been a scary place, and full of things that want to give fluffies hurties and forever sleepies. This new problem with the bad fluffies shouldn’t feel any different; it’s not like the herd hasn’t dealt with them before. But, something about a whole herd of bad fluffies who go around hurting others makes things crawl around under your fluff. From humans to monsters, there are so many things that want to hurt fluffies; why would any fluffy want to do the same?

‘*Sigh…*’ You shake your head to get all the pictures and wordies out of your thinkie place; worrying about the bad fluffies won’t help anything. Besides, it’s the Smarty and the toughies’ job to deal with it, which they will; they get the herd through the cold times, and managed to save most of you when the humans came. Yes, if the Smarty can deal with those, he can deal with some bad fluffies.

The journey back to the safe place continues; not even a few brighttimes ago, you’d be talking to Runny and your friends. It’s not something you’re meant to do, but it’s a hard rule to follow. Trips to find nummies can be long and boring, and there’s always so much to talk about. Since this problem with the bad fluffies has come up, though, the Smarty’s made changes. The nummie finding groups are bigger, and a few toughies go out with each one. They’re there to keep you safe, but also to make sure the no talking rule is actually followed. It’s annoying, but if they keep you, and more importantly Runny safe, you can deal with it.

‘Who am yu!?’ Someone up ahead calls.

‘Am tuffies! Am back wif nummie findahs!’

‘Otay, get back tu safe pwace.’

The toughie turns back. ‘Huwwy.’ All of you trot after him; do they have to make it feel like there are bad fluffies or monsters right behind you? Once you’re back in the safe place, the toughies calm down. They leave, and you and the others head for the nummie dens.

‘Wish tuffies cud find an make bad fwuffies go way,’ your green friend says.

‘Uh-huh,’ Runny nods. ‘Nu wike findin nummies wif tuffies; day make id tuu scawies.’

‘An nu wet find nummies dah wight way,’ your green friend adds. ‘Dewe stiww was gwound nummies in dat howe! Nao hewd nu have dem.’

‘Tuffies am jus duin wat Smawty teww dem,’ your orange friend says.

‘Bud day nu wet nummie findahs du wat Smawty say tu!’ Your green friend shakes his head.

‘Nummie findahs stiww find wotsa nummies,’ you nod at his back. ‘Wotsa nummies!’

‘Bud hewd nee mowe,’ he says back. ‘Yuw babbeh Fwowah nu am onwy soon mummah, an dewe gun be mowe!’

‘Gween fwend am wight,’ one of the other nummie finders who came along adds. ‘Had tuu many dummeh babbehs wast time.’ A sad look goes over his face; some of those dummy babbies were his. ‘Nu tink am findin nuff nummies.’

‘Otay, nummie findahs go tawkies tu Smawty,’ you say, even if it makes your tummy go tight. ‘Smawty nu wan dummeh babbehs tuu.’

‘Otay,’ your green friend says. ‘Nummie findahs twy dat at soon dawktime.’ Then, ‘Fwuffy an fwend gun go tu oda nummie den, den get wawa.’

‘Otay. Dis way Wunnie,’ You Runny and a couple of others go to the nummie den closer to yours, drop off the nummies and get ready to go find more. On the way to the long water though, the Smarty’s baby comes over.

‘Hewwo, can Fwowah’s daddeh an Wunnie hewp Fwuffy?’

‘Uh-huh. Wat am wong?’

‘Fwuffy was gun go see if Fwowah am otay an hewp hew get tu poopie pwace, bud Daddeh wan Fwuffy du oda tings.’ He says. ‘Can Fwowah’s daddeh an Wunnie du dat?’

‘Uh-huh, dat am otay,’ you tell him.

‘Tank yu!’ He says, then runs off.

‘Come on Wunnie,’ you turn and head for Flower's den.


You look at him; ‘Wat?’

‘Fwowah am big meanie nao,’ he says.

‘Dat nu am twue Wunnie,’ you tell him. ‘Sumtimes soon mummahs get maddies an meanies when day get big.’


‘Cause id am hawd fow dem tu move, an dewe miwkie pwaces get huwties.’

‘Bud, wai Sissie nee be so meanies tu-’

‘Wunnie, Fwowah nu mean id,’ you tell him. ‘Fwowah gun hav hew babbehs soon, an den she be bettah.’

Runny stays quiet for a few moments. ‘*Sigh,* Otay Daddeh.’

‘Gud.’ Not long after, you get to Flower's den and go inside. ‘Hewwo Fwowah!’

‘*Groan* Wat Daddeh an Wunnie wan?’

‘Daddeh am Wunnie hewe tu see if Fwowah am otay, an take tu poopie pwace if nee do-’

‘Speciaw fwend said was gun du dat!’ She yells over you. ‘Wai he nu hewe!? Wai he awways wif Smawty!?!’

‘Fwowah, if am otay.’ You walk over and hug her. ‘Nu be maddies.’ Flower humphs and goes quiet, so you keep giving her huggies. After a while, you ask ‘Du Fwowah nee go tu poopie pwace?’


‘Otay. Wunnie, hewp Daddeh.' Runny walks over and together you help Flower get out of her nestie and walk out of the den. It's slow going; Flower's tummy is so big it drags on the ground and doesn't let her leggies work like they should. You and Runny walk on either side to help her go faster, and make sure she doesn't fall over; it's easy for that to happen to soon mummahs.

‘Wai goin so swow?’ Flower says.

‘Daddeh an Wunnie am twyin, Fwowah,’ you say. ‘Am hawd tu-’

‘Fastah!’ She yells. ‘Nee du pee-pees and poopies! Weggies an miwkies pwaces hav huwties!!’

‘*Sigh* Fastah Wunnie,’ Runny answers with a grunt, and pushes Flower along a little faster. It’s still a while until you get to the poopie place, but luckily Rickie and Olive are there to help out. With Flower sorted, you walk her back to the den and get her settled. ‘Am Fwowah otay nao?’


‘Du Fwowah wan Daddeh tu get nummies fow-’


‘Am Fwow-’

‘Fwowah nu wan nummies!’ She curls up and looks away from you and Runny. ‘Go way!’

You turn to Runny and nod; together, you leave the den and head for the long water like you were before. ‘Nex time make Big Wed ow Mummah hewp,’ Runny says on the way. ‘Wunnie nu wan be yewwed at fow twyin hewp gain. *Sigh…*’ He’ll have a lot of fun if Sky acts the same way when she’s a soon mummah.

‘Speciaw fwend, Wunnie.’


You trot up to them. ‘Did Speciaw fwend an Wunnie go see Fwowah?’


‘Yes, Speciaw fwend.'

‘Am she otay?’ You ask them. ‘Du she nee nummies, ow go-’

‘Fwuffy an Wunnie take Fwowah tu poopie pwace,’ Your Special friend says. ‘Bud, Fwowah say she nu wan nummies.’

‘Huh? Wai?’

‘Cause she am bein meanie gain…’ Runny says, looking at the ground.

‘Wunnie, Fwowah nu mean be meanie,' you try to tell him, like you've done for the past few brighttimes.

He doesn’t say anything back. Instead, he turns to your Special friend and says, ‘Am goin tu wong wawa.’ You watch him go and feel a few heart hurties. True, Flower has, changed since her tummy babbies got big. She doesn’t mean it; every other mare you’ve asked says it’s normal, even if you weren’t that way. Still, it’s been hard on Runny and Big Red to get yelled at every time they try and help Flower.

‘Fwuffy nee go back tu fowest nao,’ your Special friend says.

‘Otay,’ you step forward and hug him. ‘Pwease be cawefuw Speciaw fwend.’ There hasn’t been anything new about the bad fluffies; at least, nothing the Smarty has told anyone about.

‘Nu be scawdies Speciaw fwend, Fwuffy be otay. An wook aftah Wunnie.’ He hugs you back. ‘Fwuffy be back soon Speciaw fwend.’ He lets go and walks off in the same direction Runny went. With them gone, you stand in place for a few moments. Without any little babbies, there’s not much to do other than wander around and see what you can help with. In that case, you should probably go see Flower yourself. You walk to her den and go inside; before you even say anything,

‘Wat nao?!!' Flower turns around in her nestie. ‘Wat dummeh wan na-' Once she recognises you, the mad look on her face goes away, and her see places go wide. ‘Mu-mummah?' Flower's hear places hide, and she starts to shiver.

‘Nu be scawdies Fwowah,' You walk over and give her a hug. ‘Mummah nu am maddies, knu Fwowah nu mean id.' For a few moments, Flower stays quiet. Then,

‘*Sob* Huuu *Sob*’

‘Nu cwy babbeh, Mummah nu am-

‘Uuuhuhuhuhuu *Sob* huuuuhuhuuu.’ Yep, this is more like her. You hold Flower close; she doesn’t cry for as long or as hard as she did when you told her the story of the monster mummah, though, and it’s not too long before she can talk again. ‘*Sniff* F-fwowah am sowwies Mummah, *sob* nu mean id.’

‘Dat am otay Fwowah, Mummah knu-’

‘Nu mean be meanies tu Daddeh an Bwuddas,’ she goes on. ‘Bud tummeh huwties nu go way! Miwkie pwaces hav owwies, am tuu wawmies, an nee du pee pees an poopies aww dah-’

‘Fwowah, id am otay.’ You tell her again, as gently as you can. ‘Mummah knu. Mummah am Daddeh an Bwuddas knu Fwowah nu mean be meanie. Dis am jus wat happen tu soon mummahs.’

‘Fwowah knu,’ She says. ‘Aww mummah an oda mawes say dat…’ Flower goes quiet again.

‘Am Fwowah scawdies?’ You ask. She doesn’t say anything, but you feel her nod. ‘Am scawdies boud when babbehs cum oud?’

‘*Sob* Yes…' She manages. ‘Am scawdies. *Sniff* H-how many huwties am biggest poopies?' You think about how to answer, but Flower goes on before you can say anything. ‘W-when Wunnie had speciaw wump huwties, Mummah said, *sob* b-biggest poopies was biggah.' She looks at you with see places full of sad water. ‘Fwowah see wat happen when Bwuddas get speciaw wump huwties! Am scawdies huhuhuuu!!' You hug her close until she stops crying again. But, it's a while before you can think of what to tell her, because there's no way you can lie.

‘Fwowah, Mummah nu mean make yu mowe scawdies. Bud,’ you take a breath, ‘biggest poopies am wotsa huwties.’ Your wait to see if Flower will say anything. When she doesn’t, you go on. ‘Id am big huwties an owwies.’ You wait for Flower to cry again, but inside she stays quiet.

Then after a while, she asks ‘Am id wat gud mummahs du?’


‘Havin biggest poopies am wat gud mummahs du, so babbehs can cum oud an get huggies an wub, an weawn how be gud. Wight, Mummah?’

You use your thinkie place for a moment; you’ve never thought about it like that, but she right. ‘Yes Fwowah, gud mummahs du id fow dewe babbehs.’

Flower nods. ‘Wan be gud mummah.’

‘Fwowah wiww be,’ you tell her. ‘Am gun be bestest mummah.’

‘*Sniff* Tank you Mummah,’ She says and hugs you back. Then, ‘Mummah, Fwowah am sowwies fow givin huwties when cum oud.’

It takes you a moment to figure out what she means. ‘Fwowah nu nee be sowwies,’ you tell her, ‘dat nu was Fwowah’s fauwt. An,’ it feels mean to say, but, ‘Mummah tink Big Wed giv biggah huwties when he cum oud.’

‘*Sniff* Hehe, he am meanie.’

You should tell her off for that, but she doesn’t mean it; and, you started it. Instead, the two of you hug one another for a while longer.


‘Whewe Daddeh tink nummie findahs am gun go dis bwighttime?’

‘Nu knu Wunnie,’ Daddeh says. ‘Daddeh nu tawkies tu wookie fwuffies yet.’ You can’t wait until this business with the bad fluffies is over, then you, Daddeh and the other nummie finders can go back to how you did things before. You have to admit, the lookie fluffies have done a good job of finding nummies. But, that makes it harder to do your good thing for the herd.


You turn your head and see Tree walk towards you. ‘Hewwo. Wat Twee wan?'

‘Daddeh say Twee am cumin wif yu dis Bwight-time,’ he says. ‘Daddeh wan Twee weawn mowe boud fowest, an keepin oda fwuffies safe dewe.’

‘Otay.’ Daddeh says. ‘Am Big Wed cumin tuu?’

‘Nu, he am stayin hewe. He, uh…’ Tree looks away a little. ‘Big Wed huwt weggie when was fightin Daddeh wast dawktime.’ That explains why you didn’t see him for first brighttime nummies.

‘Am Big Wed otay?’ Daddeh asks, a few scardies in his voice.

‘Yes,’ Tree says. ‘He am otay. Jus nu can wawkies fow wong time.’

‘Otay, dat am gud.’ Daddeh says.

‘Uh-huh,’ Tree nods. Then, ‘Wai Fwuffies goin dis way?’

‘Cause nee say bai tu Sissie,’ you tell him.

‘Oh, otay.’ Tree says. ‘Twee wait wif odas. Bai.’ He turns and walks away. You and Daddeh walk the rest of the way to Flower's den; when you get there, you find All mummah inside.

‘Wat am Aww mummah duin?’ You ask.

‘She say tummeh babbehs am gun cum oud weawy soon!’ Flower says. She’s less grumpy than she’s been the past few brighttimes, which is nice.

‘Dat am wight,’ All mummah says. ‘Tink day am gun cum oud nex bwighttime. Maybe dis one!’

‘Weawy? How knu dat?’ You ask her.

‘Aww mummah nu knu wai,’ she says, ‘jus knu.’

‘Dat am gud,’ Daddeh walks over to Flower. ‘Am Fwowah cited?’

Her face twitches a little. ‘Fwowah am scawdies boud biggest poopie huwties,’ she says, then looks back at her tummy. ‘Bud, wan see babbehs.’

‘Fwowah am gun be otay,’ All mummah says. ‘Aww mummah hewp wotsa soon mummahs hav dewe babbehs.’

‘Dat am wight Fwowah, yu be otay.’ Daddeh hugs Flower, and says ‘Daddeh an Wunnie twy be back befowe babbehs cum oud.’


‘Wunnie pwomise, Sissie,’ you walk over and hug her too.

‘Tank yu Bwudda,’ Flower says. ‘Am, sowwies fow bein meanie,’

‘Dat am otay, Wunnie nu am maddies.’ You give her hugs until Daddeh says it’s time to go. You say goodbye, then leave to join the others.


The rustling sound makes your fluff stand on end; you don't mean for it to happen since you're pretty sure who's making the sound. You look at the sound and see one of the lookie fluffies and a couple of toughies step around a bushie.

‘Dewe am nuting scawies dis way,’ the lookie fluffy says.

‘Otay,’ Tree gets up. ‘Fwuffies keep goin.’ You and the others stand and walk on through the forest. It’s not long into the trip, and you’re already annoyed; this is the third time the toughies have stopped everyone to check ahead, and the second time was only a little while ago!! What good is being safe if everyone gets tummy hurties? It’ll be good when the toughies deal with the bad fluffies, or they go away. You don’t care which, so long as it happens soon.

‘Dis way nao,’ the lookie fluffy says. ‘Dewe am gud nummies dis way.’ There better be. The group slowly walks down a little hill and over some rocks… Hmm, that long water looks familiar; have you been here before?

‘Dis wook wike pwace fwuffies find does dummehs,’ Daddeh’s green friend whispers.

‘Mmm,’ Daddeh grunts.

‘Whewe day takin-’

‘Shh!’ Tree says. ‘Nu tawkies.’


‘Twee say nu tawkies, dummeh.’ Why is your brother friends with him again? You shake your head and keep your nummie place shut. Another few whiles later, the toughies up front says to stop again.

‘Dewe am gud nummies neaw dis pwace,’ he says. ‘Stay wif tuffies.’ You and the other nummie finders go off in groups to search; Tree comes with you, Daddeh and his friends, and keeps watch while the rest of you search around for the good nummies. After a while though,

‘Daddeh see any nummies hewe?’

‘Nu can see dem yet,’ he says.

‘Fwuffy nu can find any nummies tuu,’ Daddeh’s orange friend adds. ‘Nu tink dewe am any hewe.’

‘Dummeh wookie fwuffy…’

‘Shh!’ Tree says again, ‘Nu be tuu woud!’

‘Yu am bein woud,’ Daddeh’s green friend says it quietly, but Tree still hears. He turns, walks over and stands face to face with him.

‘Yu say sumtin, dummeh?'

You'd be doing scardie pee pees, but Daddeh's green friend doesn't budge. Neither does Tree for that matter. The pair stay staring at each other; all the while, something wraps itself around your tummy. Right when it gets too much to take, a breezie monster goes by; it's not a very strong one, but it's still hard not to yell. As the scardies go away though, ‘*Sniff, sniff…*' What is that?

‘Oda fwuffies smeww dat?’ Daddeh’s orange friend says.

‘Uh-huh,’ Daddeh nods.

‘Wunnie smeww id,’

Even Tree and Daddeh’s green friend sniff the air; ‘Wat am dat?’ Tree asks.

‘Id, id smeww wike nummies!’ Daddeh says.

‘Wat kind?’

‘Nu knu; Fwuffy newa smeww nummies wike dese!’

‘Whewe am day?’

Daddeh points his smelly place all over; ‘Dat way,’ he points deeper into the forest with his hoofie.

‘Wets go, quick!’ Daddeh’s green friend starts to trot off in the direction, but Tree runs in front of him.

‘Nu! Fwuffies nu can jus go wookin!’

‘Wai? Dat am wat nummie findahs sposed tu du!’

Tree opens his nummie place, but it looks like he can’t come up with something to say back. The look on his face gets madder; just as you think he’ll hit Daddeh’s green friend, some of the other fluffies come over. ‘Wat am wong?’ Another of the toughies says.

‘Fwuffies smeww nummies!’ Daddeh says. ‘Id am cumin fwom fowest!’ The toughie and some other fluffies use their smelly places.

‘He am wight, Fwuffy smeww nummies!’

‘Fwuffy smeww id tuu!’

‘Dis way,’ the toughie says. ‘Fowwow Tuffy!’

‘B-bud…’ Tree starts.

‘Dah hewd nee does nummies,’ the toughie says. ‘Tuffies am gun keep nummie findahs safe so day can get dem.’

Tree looks at the toughie for a moment, then nods. ‘Yes, Twee undewstan.’ With everything settled, you set out after the smell. Daddeh and the lookie fluffies lead the way, with everyone else following. You do your best not to run, or do anything else that would make a lot of noise. But it's so hard!! You've never smelt nummies like these; whatever they are, they must be good! Maybe, just maybe, they'll be good enough to get permission to have babbies!

‘Dis way nao!’ Daddeh and the lookie fluffies turn one way, then another. The smell gets stronger, and your heart goes faster. Your thinkie place goes fast too, showing pictures of what these nummies might look like; are they a kind of berry, or fruit? Ground nummies don’t smell anything like this, but maybe there are kinds of ground nummies you haven't’-

‘Hewe, ovah hewe!!’ Daddeh leads you around some bushies to the start of a big hill. At the bottom, Daddeh stands next to some big white, somethings, and looks back at everyone. The first thing you feel is confused; how can these be nummies? They don’t look like any nummies you’ve seen; they don’t look like nummies at all!!

‘Nummies am in dese tings!’ Daddeh says. A few other walk up to the white things and sniff them.

‘He am wight, nummies am in dese tings!’ One of them says.

‘Yes, am wike dose tings Smawty’s babbeh found,’ Tree adds. You walk up to see for yourself, and they’re right; whatever these nummies are, they’re in these things!

‘Wat am fwuffies gun du?’ Daddeh’s orange friend says.

‘Open dese tings an get dah nummies!’

‘Nu,’ Daddeh’s green friend tells everyone. ‘Dat take tuu wong. Fwuffies take dese tings back tuu safe pwace!’ He goes over to one of the things, grabs it with his nummie place and drags it. ‘Hhhnnnnn!!’ Well, he tries to. He digs his hoofies into the ground and pulls as hard as he can, but it hardly moves.

‘Hewp him dummehs!!’ One of the toughies yells. You rush to the other side with Daddeh and a few others to push. The strange thing stays put for a few moments more, but with more fluffies pushing and pulling it starts to move. You all work together to push and pull the big strange thing away from where you found it back to the safe place.

For a while, it’s not so bad. The thing moves easily enough and even starts to go a little faster. Soon enough though, you start to get hurties from the effort, especially on the top of your head. You ignore them and keep pushing, but the longer you go on the bigger the hurties get. The other nummie finders and toughies sound like they have hurties as well, which worries you. As good as these nummies are, it won’t matter if you can’t get them back to the safe place.

As the hurties get really bad, you grit your teethies and push with everything to have to keep the thing moving. But, you can tell from the feeling in your leggies you can’t keep it up for much longer, and that must be the same for the others too. ‘Move!’ Before you can react, Tree pushes you out of the way and takes your spot.


‘Twee can push ting mowe,' he puts his head down and pushes. ‘Wunnie wait tiww huwties an sweepies go way, den push mowe.' Well, can't argue with that. You walk alongside with other fluffies who've had to swap because their hurties got to big. After a while, more fluffies are too sleepies to keep pushing and pulling the thing than those who aren't. That's a problem.

‘*Haff haff* Wat fwuffies *haff* du nao?’ You ask.

‘Nee wait tiww *haff* huwties go way *haff haff*’ another nummie finder says.

‘Nu, dat take tuu wong tuu,’ Daddeh’s green friend says. ‘Nee mowe fwuffies.’ He turns to one of the lookie fluffies. ‘Go back tu safe pwace an get mowe fwuffies. Nummie findahs and tuffies stay hewe an keep nummies safe.’

The lookie fluffy doesn't look too sure about the plan. He turns to one of the toughies, who nods. ‘Go. Hewd nee dese nummies.’

‘Otay!’ The lookie fluffy turns and runs off. Once he’s gone, the toughie turns to all of you.

‘Keep dese nummies safe tiww day am back.’


‘Wat Wookie fwuffy mean?’

‘Nummie findahs find big tings dat have wotsa nummies in dem,’ the lookie fluffy says again. ‘Day am twyin tu get dem back tu same pwace, bud nee mowe fwuffies tu hewp! Wots mowe!’

You use your thinkie place; the herd always needs nummies, and it won’t be long until there are more soon mummahs around here. But, sending a lot of fluffies into the forest is dangerous; what if they don’t come back? What if something comes here while they’re gone? Hmm, this is a hard one. You turn to your baby. ‘Wat Babbeh tink?’

His face scrunches up while he uses his thinkie place; ‘Fwuffy tink shud make fwuffies go an hewp,’ he says after a while. ‘Hewd nee does nummies; day hewp soon babbehs be big an stwong!’

‘Yes, bud wat boud bad fwuffies in fowest?’ You ask him.

He uses his thinkie place some more, then says ‘Stiww nee mowe fwuffies tu get does nummies. Nu can wet bad fwuffies get dem!’

He’s right, you can’t let the bad fluffies get those nummies, especially if they’re good. ‘Otay. Bestest tuffy!' You call. Not long after, he runs over.

‘Yes, Smawty!'

‘Smawty wan Bestest tuffy tu find biggest an stwongest fwufffies dat nu am toughies,’

‘Wai? Wat am wong?’

‘Dewe am nummie findahs in fowest dat nee hewp gettin nummies back tu safe pwace. Find big an stwong fwuffies, an fowwow dis wookie fwuffy.’

‘Yes Smawty, bud Bestest tuffy nee take oda tuffies tuu,’ he says.

‘Otay, bud nu take Nex bestest tuffies,’ you tell him. ‘Am Big Wed-’

‘He stiww hav weggie huwties,’ the Bestest tuffy says. ‘He nu can wawkies wong way.’

‘Otay. Nao huwwy!’

‘Yes, Smawty!'

The Bestest toughie leaves to pick his fluffies, and you turn to your baby. ‘Yu go wif Bestest tuffy tuu.’


‘Babbeh bwing back oda nummies tu hewd,’ you remind him. ‘Du gud tewwin oda fwuffies wat du. Does nummie findahs nee hewp tu get dese nummies hewe.’

Your Baby looks at you for a moment, then nods. ‘Yes, Daddeh!' He walks off after the Bestest toughie but doesn't get far before Snow runs over as fast as she can.

‘Bwudda! Bwudda!!’

‘Huh? Wat am-’

‘Id am Fwowah, she am havin biggest poopies! Babbhes am cumin!!’

Your wingie baby goes stiff as a rock for a moment, then runs back to you; ‘Pwease Daddeh!! Fwuffy nee be wif Speciaw fwend!! Nu make Fwuffy go nao!!!’

Flower already has Kerry and All mummah with her; both of them know far more about what to do when tummy babbies come out than your wingie baby would. But, these are his babbies, his first babbies; you can’t take that from him. ‘Go, huwwy!’ Your wingie baby turns and runs to his den, faster than almost any fluffy you’ve seen.

‘Huwwy Daddeh!’ Snow yells. Before you can ask her what for, ‘Nee hewp Big Wed get dewe tuu!!’ Oh why not?

‘Otay!’ You follow Snow to their den.


‘SCREEEEEE!! SCREEEEEEEEE!!!’ Hurties, owwies! They’re everywhere, and they’re so big!! ‘SQUEEEEEE!!!’ This doesn’t feel anything like poopies; this feels like the most horrible thing in the world! ‘MUUUMMAHHH!!!’

‘Id am otay Fwowah, Mummah hewe!’ She gives you probably the biggest huggies she’s ever given, but you can barely feel them; there’s too many owwies!! ‘Wai am babbehs nu cumin!?’ That should scare you, but there’s no room in your thinkie place for scardies!

‘Day am cumin!’ All mummah yells. ‘Can see one, id am cumin oud!!’


‘Fwowah nee hewp dem!!’ All mummah yells. ‘Du wike am duin poopies!!’


‘Mowe dummeh!!’

‘Nu tawkies tu-’



‘Mowe, mowe!!! Id am awmost oud!!!’



‘*H-hack, kaff! Gasp,* Chirp!!!’

‘Dat am fiwst babbeh Fwowah!!’ Mummah says. ‘First bab-’

‘Kewwy,’ All mummah screams, ‘stahp makin tawkies! Giv dis babbeh wickie cweanies!!’



‘O-otay! Mummah sowwies Fwowah!!’

‘NUUUU!! NU GO WAY MUMMAH!!!’ You can’t do this by yourself!! ‘NU WEAVE FWOWAH!!! NU WEEEE!!! SCREEEEEEE!!!’

‘Keep goin!!’ You can barely hear All mummah over your screams. ‘Can see oda babbeh!! Mowe!!’


‘Speciaw fwend!! Speciaw fwend, Fwuffy am hewe!!!’ He runs up, wraps his leggies around you and gives the biggest hug he can. ‘Fwuffy am hewe Speciaw fwend!! Am hewe nao!! Nu be scawdies nu-’


‘Mowe Fwowah!!’


‘*Ka-kaff* Cheep, cheep!!’

‘*Gasp* Babbeh? Dat am babbeh!!’ Your Special friend hugs you closer. ‘Dat am babbeh!! Fwuffy an Fwowah am Mummah an Daddeh nao!!’ You feel him lift his head. ‘Wat babbeh wook wike? Am id wingie babbeh? Pointy babbeh?!’

‘Nu knu!!’ Aww mummah yells back. ‘Kewwy, am dat babbeh cwean?’

‘*Pwah* Yes! *Kaff.*’

‘Dewe am oda babbeh?’ Your Special friend says Whewe?! Fwuffy wan-’


‘Stay dewe!’ All mummah yells at him. ‘Yu can see babbehs soon!’

‘Bud Fwuffy nee see-’

‘Jus du wat Aww mummah say!!’

‘O-otay!!’ Your Special friend puts his head back down. ‘Fwuffy nu gun weave Speciaw fwend!’ He hugs you tight again, but it doesn’t do anything for the hurties, which have gotten worse again!!

‘Oda babbeh am cumin oud Fwowah!! Keep goin, am duin gud!’


‘Id am awmost oud! Jus wittwe mowe!!’

‘Sissie!’ That voice, it’s Big Red! ‘Fwowah, Bwudda am hewe!’ It sounds like he’s outside, but you can’t tell for sure.

‘Stay oudside!!’ All mummah yells. ‘Nu nee mowe fwuffies in hewe!’

‘Wisten tu Aww mummah! Big Wed an Snu wait hewe!' The Smarty; everyone's turning up! That would make you really happy if the hurties weren't so big!!


‘Chirp, chir-*kaff* peep!!’

‘Babbeh!! Speciaw fwend, dat am two an one babbehs!!’ Your Special friend says. ‘How many mowe?’

‘Aww mummah tink dew am one mowe!’ she says back. ‘Keep goin Fwowah!!’

‘*Haff haff* Uuhuhuhu nu *haf* nu can huhuhuuu!!’ It’s too much; you’re too sleepy to go on! ‘Nu can huhuhuuu *sob* nu can du id!’

‘Nao Fwowah!!’ All mummah screams. ‘Wastest babbeh an gun get huwties soon! Id nee get oud!!’


‘Eeeep!’ Your Special friend gets pushed away.

‘Fwowah can du dis!’ Mummah yells. ‘Nee du id!! Dis am how be gud mummah!!’

She’s right, Mummah’s right!! You’ve waited so long to meet your babbies, and done everything you can to be a good mummah; you can’t, won’t give up now!! ‘O-otay, Mummah. *Haff, haff*’ You grit your teethies, gather everything you have left, and push!! ‘Hnnnnn!!! *Haff haff* HNGGGG!!!’

‘Babbeh am cumin oud Fwowah! Jus wittwe mowe!!’

‘HNGHNNNNN!!’ Your thinkie place goes silly, your leggies tingle, your chest starts to feel hot, and ‘HNGGEEEE!! SCREEEE!!!’ the hurties get big one more time. Somehow though, you keep pushing. ‘SCREEEEE!!!’


‘*Cough, kaff!* Chir… Chirp, p-peep!’

Then, it’s done; the hurties and owwies go away, replaced by a strange tingly feeling all over and lots of sleepies. ‘*Haff haff haff...’ That was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. The hardest.

‘Dat am ickie babbeh,’ All mummah says. ‘Aww babbehs am oud nao! Kewwy, hewp Aww mummah take dem tu Fwowah.’



‘Cheep cheep!!’

Your babbies, they sound so scared.

‘Hewe Fwowah,’ Mummah stands next to you; you try to look up at her, but your sleepies are too big to lift your head up. Mummah shifts a little, then puts a-

‘Cheep cheep cheep! Chirp, peep!!’

‘Ba… Babbeh…’

‘Cheep! Cheeep!!’

He has blue fluff like Mummah and Runny, but his tail thing is pink like your fluff is. He, he’s so cute…

‘Fwowah,’ Mummah prods you.


‘Nee giv dis babbeh wickie cweanies,’ Mummah says. ‘An nee giv oda babbehs miwkies!’ You feel what must be your Special friend and All mummah try to roll you on your side.

‘Y-yes, Mummah.’ You try to reach out to your little blue baby, but it makes your thinkie place go fuzzy.

‘Fwowah? W-wat am wong?’

‘*Haff, haff, haff…* You’re not sure; you know you have to clean your baby, but…

‘Aww mummah, wat am wong wif Fwowah?’ Mummah asks.

‘Wat Kewwy mean?’

You don’t think anything’s wrong, you just feel sleepy. Really sleepy.

‘Fwowah? Fwowah am yu otay?’ All mummah asks.

‘Y-yes… Am jus, *haff* swe-sweepies…’

‘B-bud Fwowah nu can go sweepies yet!’ Mummah says. ‘Nee giv dis babbeh wickie cweanies, and oda-

‘Fwowah, wisten tu Aww mummah!’ Why is she saying that so- ‘Nu go sweepies! Nu go sweepies!! Stay wake!!’

You can't. ‘*Haff...* You’re too sleepy.

‘Fwowah!! Nu sweepies!!’

‘Wat am wong Aww mummah!? Wat am wong wif Babbeh!?’

‘Speciaw fwend! Speciaw fwend pwease, babbehs nee yu!!’

‘Cheep ceep!’


‘Fwowah k-knu… Jus nee, nee…’

‘Nu go sweepies Fwowah!!’ All mummah yells, then bops you hard in the side. ‘Stay wakies!!!’

No, you can't. You know you have to be a good mummah for your babbies, and you will. After you have a little sleep.

‘Nu!! Stay wakies!!’

‘Speciaw fwend!!


Just, a little slee…


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