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The Accidental Breeder
By the WestMesaFluffCollector

Chapter Five - Heather

Matt drove home, the drive feeling like an eternity, trying to manage the two different groups of fluffies packed in his truck. The three in the front were angels, sleeping most of the way, with Hornet the Alicorn letting loose an occasional chirp once in a while. However, in the back, Elsa made a commotion from the moment she was packed in till now. Damian had macgyvered a immobilizer and anal cork out of trashbags and rubber bands, but unfortunately had left her mouth unrestrained.

"Wet bestest mummah gu, su can du wat nee' be done! Dat munstah am goin' tu num mummah and daddeh an' aww da babbehs. And ebben wowse, aww da sketties!"

Matt briefly wondered driving off of I-25 would be enough to kill him. Doubtful.

As he pulled up to the house, he briefly closed the door, lay against the truck, and let out a long sigh. "Fuuuuccckkkk, what the hell did I get myself into?" He paused. Hornet and his two siblings were okay, so far. It was just Elsa that both was too much and wanted to be the center of attention. Goody.

“Matt! Hey!”

Matthew turned to see a pair walking across the street. Smiling, he waved hello as Heather and Emilia Avila greeted him. Two of the three daughters of Reverend Joaquin Avila, the preacher of the Evangelical Christian La Iglesia De Sagrada Cristo, Heather had virtually raised her youngest sibling, now ten, since her mother had from complications relating to Emmy when Heather was 13, and Jocelyn. Now 23, Heather had just enrolled at New Mexico Highlands for her freshman year, having spent the last five years taking time off to help her father get his church up and running, along with helping care for Emmy once she entered school. Curiously, Matt noticed that Heather was agnostic, while she had raised Emmy Catholic, much to her father’s annoyance.

Heather was a short girl at 5’3” with long chestnut brown wavy hair that framed her freckled pale skin. She was curvy, despite her conservative clothing that she wore to hide it. She had a toothy smile that lit up her face when she grinned, and her laugh was infectious. She didn’t get out too much, due to her responsibility to Emmy.

Emmy was a near carbon copy of her mother, with long black hair, a darker complexion that was offset by her green eyes. She was an energetic, caring girl, who loved skating, music, and mst of all, fluffy ponies.

Matt looked up from his exercise in self loathing to wave a hello and give a small, weary smile as the two approached. "Hey there. How have you two been?" Heather gave a smile. "Good. I just got back from taking Emmy school shopping. She’s ready for when school starts soon. How have you been enjoying your break?”

Matt indiciated towards the inside of the car. “I...may have decided to make my life a bit more interesting.”

Heather and Emmy looked inside. Emmy’s smile brightened up, exposing a couple of missing teeth that had fallen out. “Fluffies! Look Heather, they’re so cute.”

Heather looked inside the front and caught sight of Hornet and his sisters. "Oh wow! I didn't know you were into fluffies?" Matt sighed. "Neither did I, but I took in a stray mare and her foals on the day of the big snow storm." Heather looked up and smiled. "That was kind of you. How has the mother been?"

As if in answer, Elsa suddenly yelled from the back seat "WET EWSA GU NAU SU CAN GIF SOWWY POOPIES AND HOOFIES TU BAD BABBEHS!!"

"Spirited." Matt replied in a deadpan manner. Heather and Emmy giggled, before Emmy got the courage to ask "Umm, could them?" She asked shyly.

Matt pondered it, giving a look to Elsa in the back. “Well…..” Elsa realized what was going to be asked. “Nu! Yu stay awai fwom Ewsa’s babbehs! Can num da munstah babbehs, widdwe hoomin!”

It was at this moment that Heather stepped in. “Do you need some help taking them inside, Matt?”

Matt nodded, then unlocked the truck. “Can you get the three foals that are in the front seat? Be gentle with them, one of them has had a hard morning.”

“Haf tu gif munstah stompies! Wet Ewsa gu!” Elsa bellowed.

Emilia stepped forward. “I can get the other little foals!” She volunteered.

“NU!” Elsa yelled. “Nu touchie babbehs!”

“Shhh…” Matt chided her. Then, turning to the eight year old, he said, “Go ahead, Emmy. I think I need all the help I can get.”


**cheep cheep* *cooooooo* *cheep cheep* *Giggle*

On the sofa, Emmy was petting and fooling around with Hornet and Cinnamon, who were both enraptured with the attention she was giving them. Nearby, their healing sibling was sleeping, both from the effects of the drugs and the healing process. Emmy had noticed her one wing, and after being given a quick b.s. Story about her having an accident, went ahead and gave her a kiss on the head, which the foal had chirped a happy chirp to.

Meanwhile, in the garage, Matt and Heather were dealing with the remainder of the family. Matt was busing himself with Elsa, while Heather was cleaning the foals off with some wet wipes. The white unicorn and the Pinky Pie were excited by this bit of attention, and were cooing happily. The blue unicorn not so much. Not only was she fretting about this coldness of the wet wipes, but she was also angrily chirping about not being fed.

Meanwhile, inside the garage, Matt was cutting loose the restraints, and getting ready to uncork Elsa. He was near the litter box, where he anticipated pulling out the anal cork, while Elsa was already scrambling to get up.

Elsa was noticing the peeping of her ‘bestest babbeh’, and decided to shout out a warning. “Nu gif huwties tu bestest babbeh, hoomin, ow wiww gif yu huwties!” She bellowed. Heather tried her best to diffuse the situation, giving her a smile, and saying, “I’m just making them smell pretty, thats all.” Elsa wasn’t amused. “Wet gu, dummeh hoomin mawe!” Elsa yelled at Heather. “Am gonna gif yu sowwy poopies as soon as dummeh daddeh tak ouw poopie pwace fingie!”

Matt had had enough. “Heather, can you close the door? I need to...use the S-O-R-R-Y stick.” He told her, not wanting to tip off Elsa about his impending punishment. Sarah had made it clear in their last meeting that he couldn’t treat the mare with kid gloves anymore.

Heather nodded, then shut the door quietly.

Something in Matt snapped, and moving quickly, he grabbed Elsa by the scruff, with a violence that startled both him and Elsa, causing her to unload her weaponized feces into the litter box.

“Listen here, you little shit. I’ve tried to be nice to you, and all I’ve gotten from you is just attitude and bad behavior.” Matt said, with a sudden strongness in his voice that surprised even him. “You are being a very bad fluffy right now.”

“Ewsa nu am….”

“Shut up.” Matt replied, going into ‘teacher mode.’ “I swear to God, if you do anything bad to Heather when she come sin, I will take your babies away and raise them myself. And you can go to the shelter, while your babies get raised to be good fluffies and go to good homes when they are bigger.”

Elsa looked horrified, and stared at Matt like he was a monster. She tried to think of any sort of snappy comeback towards his threat. “ can gif miwkies.” Elsa replied in fear, trying the tried and true argument that most mares did when a man tried to take away their babies.

Matt chuckled darkly. “No, but I can go to the store and buy formula that is just as good as your milk, if not a little bit better.” Matt replied, also remembering the weird alicorn vitamin liquid that Sarah had given him. “How do you think the other two babies you tried to hide from me are still alive?”

The lie again came back to haunt Elsa again. She decided to triple down on it again. “Ewsa awweady towd yu….”

“Shut up.” Matt replied. “They’re yours. I found them near your bestest baby when I went to save her. Either there is another bad mother mare out there, or you decided to try and abandon them. No more lying. Or I take away the babies.”

Elsa broke down and started to cry. “Fwuffeh onwy twied to hide babbehs because was afwaid dat daddeh was goin’ tu gif huwties if haf a munstah---a wingie hownie babbeh, and a poopie cowowed babbeh. Fwuffeh owny did cauwse was scawdies. Am sowwy.”

Matt seemed satisfied. “Alright then. Let’s bring in your babies.”

Elsa sniffled back tears. “*sniff* Fank you, daddeh…”

Matt opened the door to the garage to see Heather looking at him questioningly, especially after looking at the sniffling Elsa. He shrugged. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, he supposed.

Heather walked in with the basket of foals and handed them back to Elsa. “Here you go. Aren’t you happy that they smell nice.”

Elsa sniffed them. “Yus. Smeww su pwetty. Fank yu, nice wady.”

Heather beamed at her. “Don’t mention it.”

Elsa looked over at the peeping foals, and at her empty bowl. “Daddeh? Can Ewsa haf nummies?”

Matt nodded, and poured out two scoops of Happy Mummah! Nursing Kibble for her. Elsa thanked him and wordlessly ate. Matt sighed as he watched her. The day had been long, and she had tired him out.

Elsa waited for Matt to close the door before she felt that she had eaten enough to begin to produce milk. She trotted over to her bed, parked her sizable ass on her makeshift bed, and began to pick up her foals, beginning of course with her ‘bestest babbeh.’

As the foal happily began to nurse, and the white unicorn and pinkie pie chirped out in hunger, Elsa giggled. She was a smart fluffy. She had fooled her dummen daddeh. He now thought that she had only had ‘scawdies’, and didn’t think she was a bad mummah after all. What a dummeh, she thought, looked at the door in anger. How dare he even think about taking her babies, after all she had done to have them in the first place? She would wait until her babies were strong enough to have nummies, and then she would leave. Surely there would be another ‘daddeh’ who was willing to give her everything she and her good babies deserved.

She looked down at the ice blue unicorn. “Dwink aww da miwkies yu wan, bestest babbeh. Wan yu tu gwow big and stwong.”


Heather was putting the towel she had used to clean the foals in the laundry room sink when Matt entered to close the door. In his hands, he had three Dr. Peppers, one of which he offered to her. She took it, giving him a smile. “So, everything’s good?’

Matt opened his own can, a thoughtful look on his face. “For the most part, except for the fact that Elsa lied to me.” Heather was confused. “How do you know?” Matt took a deep chug from the can, before he concealed a burp, excusing himself, before continuing. “She used the term ‘fluffy’ instead of her name. I learned that from Doc Sarah the Fluffy Doc today. It’s not the first time she’s lied to me either.” Matt replied dryly. He leaned against the dryer. “Fool me once, shame on your. Fool me twice…”

Heather nodded. “Gotcha.” She leaned against the washer, and looked over at him, brushing a strand of wavy hair out of her face. “You decided to adopt some interesting pets. I never pegged you for a fluffy person.”

Matt shook his head. “I wasn’t. Just doing a good deed. And I still am not, although Hornet and his sisters are growing on me. Like plants. Or cancer. Or both, hell, I don’t know.” He brushed a hand through his hair. “What I need to do is get the remainder of the foals away from her, without causing a scene that fucks up the foals, physically or emotionally.”

Heather looked at him with a look of concern, and suspicion. “You aren’t going to let her keep them just because she lied to you? That seems a bit harsh.” Matt looked at her, and Heather realized that he had taken some offense to her accusation. “I”m not that much of a petty asshole. But she hurt that blue pegasus. Stepped on it’s wing. That’s why we had to go to the fluffy doc. And Elsa abandoned the brown pegasus and Hornet in the snow. Only reason why I found them is because she accidentally lost that ice blue foal that she loves so much. So yeah, I don’t trust her.”

Heather looked down. “I’m sorry.” Matt held up his hands and gave her a smile. “You’re good. You didn’t know. You kinda came in around the 30 minute mark of this movie.” Heather smiled in relief, before asking the question. “So how are you going to get them away from her?”

Matt looked back at the closed door of the garage. “I don’t know. But I need to do it fast. Simply put, I just don’t trust her. She is going to hurt or even kill one of them, although whether it is accidental or not I don’t know. What I do know is, if I’m keeping Hornet, and his sisters, she can’t stay. I just need to find someone to take her in first.”


As Matt and Heather came back into the den, they were greeted by Emmy, who held up the blue filly, who was now happily cooing. Matt was guessing that whatever weirdness that Sarah had done to fix her up was working. “Say hi, Seffy!”

Matt arched an eyebrow as Heather handed her sister her soda. “Seffy?” Emmy beamed. “It’s short for Sephiroth! You know, the One Winged Angel.” Heather suddenly flushed in embarrassment. “She, uh, she’s been playing Final Fantasy Seven on my Playstation Classic.” Matt nodded slowly. “You might have been the only person to admit to own that piece of hardware.” Heather looked at him in annoyance. “Hey, I grew up playing those games.” Matt let out a laugh. “Just messing with you.” He walked over to Emmy and the blue pegasus. “Sephiroth. Not a bad name. Probably will be hell on a pony to pronounce, but Seffy will do nicely.” He looked over at Hornet and Cinnamon, who were nuzzling each other and chirping happily. “Well, at least they all have names. Now, if I can teach them how to behave and crap in the litterbox, I’ll be golden.”

Emmy bounced on the sofa in excitement. “I can help, Matt! I helped my friend, Laura, train her fluffy! And I help take care of my science classes SeaFluffies at school!”

Heather tried to step in. “Ummm, I don’t know. Matt has a lot of stuff to do. He’s a teacher and…”

Emmy wouldn’t be distracted. “That helps you too! He can help you with your college classes! Didn’t you say you were bad at history and poly something? That’s why we were coming over….”

Heather’s eyes widened in horror. “Shh! Emmy! You shouldn’t have said….”

“It’s cool.”

The two sisters looked over at Matt, who now held Hornet in his hands and was giving the little alicorn foal a friendly scratch under his head. The foal was letting out a somewhat satisfying “chhhirrrrrr…..” sound.

“Look, I have no idea how to raise these things, so any help I can get will be a god send. Plus, I teach social studies, so I can help you out Heather. It’s the least I can do, and to be honest, I could use a break and some help up until they get older.”


Matt, Heather, and Emmy looked over at Matt. Hornet had crapped the towel Matt had been holding him in. Then, he let out a happy “cheep!”

Matt sighed. “ now.”

Heather and Emmy looked at each other and began to giggle. Then, Heather took the foal while Matt went to go grab a fresh towel.


The rest of the afternoon had gone well, as Emmy fawned over the foals, helped feed them, and played with them. Matt and Heather watched the girl play before getting started on their study session. Eventually, though, as afternoon turned to evening, and one last bottle feeding, Matt, Heather, and Emmy headed out the front door.

Heather looked over at Matt. “Thanks for agreeing to help, Matt.” Matt shook his head. “You don’t have to thank me. I would have done it anyway. It’s my job. Even when I’m not in the classroom.” Heather smiled. “Still, thanks.” Matt grinned.

Emmy gave Matt a hug. “Thank you for letting me help, Matt! The foals are so cute! And they’re so good!” Thank god you haven’t spent that much time around Elsa, Matt thought as he patted her on the head. “And thanks for agreeing to help me. I need all the help I can get.” Emmy bounced up and down on her heels, and Matt briefly wondered if giving her a second Dr. Pepper had been a good idea. “They’ll be great! I promise.”

Heather put an arm around Emmy. “Let’s get home before…”


Heather sucked in her breath in a hiss. “Oh shit, he’s home early.”
Pastor Avila, a short, angry man with hard features, was at the door of his home, wearing a somewhat expensive suit he had purchased on clearance at Macy's during their most recent sale. It was black, just as his shirt and tie were, with a pair of brightly polished Lucchasse boots all shouting 'fake mafioso' to anyone who was looking at him. "What in the lord's name are you doing at a man's house, with your sister?" He yelled, walking across the street to them. "I thought I raised you better than that." You didn't raise me at all, Heather thought with the slightest tinge of annoyance at him. Matt saw the anger in his face and decided to try and defuse the situation. Stepping in front of the two girls, he held up his hands and said, "Mr. Avila"

“PASTOR! Avila!” He shouted, pointing a finger in his direction. “You will address me by the title my work for the lord has blessed me with, Mr. Astorga.”

“Apodaca, Pastor.” Matt replied, rolling his eyes. “Don’t get angry at the girls. They were helping me take my fluffies down from the truck, They were a big help.” Before Matt could continue, the Pastor scowled further at him. This seemed to make him more angrier than the fact that his daughters were at another man’s home.

“You have adopted...abominations….” He seethed at him. “Those are a affront to God and nature! And you’ve brought them on our block! How dare you?!” Matt immediately got defensive, much as he always did whenever engaging Pastor Avila in even the friendliest of conversation. “Easy there, padre, what I do is my own business. Remember, he who is without sin cast forth the first stone and all that.”

“He has a point there, Mr. Avila.” The pair turned to the Avila’s neighbor, Esteban Martinez, now fully dressed and recovered from the previous night’s escapades with the ferals in his backyard. Martinez moved towards the group in the middle of the street, amused that there hadn’t been any traffic to have taken out the two energetic combatants.

“Mind your own business, Officer Martinez.” Pastor Avila replied. “This is between me and Mr. Apodaca.” Martinez shrugged. “Don’t stop on my account. Just remember, you two are committing all kinds of violations. Blocking traffic, civil disturbance, etc. Get on the sidewalk now, and I’ll consider not calling up a friend to take care of this.”

Matt nodded. “Sorry, Steve.” Heather complied, while Emmy had in the meantime gotten distracted by building a rock tower on the nearby post office box. Pastor Avila grumbled, but complied. Martinez, now content, looked at the two. “So, what’s up? How can I be of service?”

Avila exploded again. “This...this MAN...had the audacity to have my daughters, my UNWED daughters, over in his home….” Martinez shrugged. “It’s not illegal, and I hope Emmy ain’t married, or I’d citizen arrest you myself, you weirdo….” Avila felt his neck flush, but continued “...and he has adopted those...those...MONSTROSITIES against God….in his home.” He looked back over at Martinez. “Surely, you see what the issue is!”

Martinez glared at Avila. He didn't like fluffies, in particular ferals, but he did like Matt, who had been a fairly good neighbor, and decent human being to him, unlike the evangelizing ass next to him.. Plus, he had more than once sent over a pizza to the three Avila girls, at times when he noticed Heather looking a bit exhausted from caring for her younger sisters. As such, he chose to step in at this moment. “If Apodaca wants to raise shit rats, that’s his own god given right. Just as long as they don’t fuck in my backyard.”

Avila had a pained look on his face. “This is a serious matter.”

Martinez leaned in closer. “The shitrats? I notice you forgot all about the whole unwed daughters part, PASTOR.” He replied, emphasizing the sarcasm at the last part. “But you’ve done a lot of that shit, haven’t you?” Matt crossed his arms, sensing the heat was finally off of him.

Pastor Avila suddenly felt boxed in. His eyes went back and forth between Matt and Martinez, as well as the glances shot from Emmy and Heather. He sighed. "Fine. Do what you want. Not like I ever could stop you anyway." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. "I'll be working at the church tonight. Make sure Jocelyn and Emmy eat." Avila headed over to his Lexus and got in, waving a half assed farewell as he left.

"I hate that overbearing ass." Martinez replied with a shrug. Matt and Heather shot him a look, with Heather motioning with her head that Emmy was still there. However, Emmy wasn't fazed. She turned to Heather and asked, "Can we have tostadas for dinner?" Heather let out a bemused chuckle. Her sister wasn't fazed by their fucked up family dynamics. "Yeah. Let's go ahead and go inside. Can you grate some cheese." Emmy nodded and ran inside, yelling "CHEESE!" in a perfect imitation of the Shark Puppet videos.

Heather turned to Matt and smiled. "Thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow?"

Matt nodded. “Bring your syllabi. And clean towels.”

Heather nodded, then followed her sister, giving him a smile at the door. Matt waved a goodbye, before turning to see Martinez leaning against the mailbox, Emmy’s rock stack standing impressively at a foot and a half.

“She’s a kooky kid, but has a good head on her shoulders.” He said, admiring the stack. “Heather did a good job. Pity that Jocelyn was the only one the good pastor gave a shit about. And we all know how that turned out.” He gave Matt a knowing look. “Heather’s a good woman. Be nice to her. And keep the shit rats out of my yard.”

Martinez clapped a hand on his shoulder. “See you round, Matty. You’re welcome to come by the house to watch hoops on Sunday, if you’re free.” He headed back to his home, closing the door.

Matt was left outside in the growing purple glow of the evening, street lights turning on. “What the hell did he mean by all that?” He said to himself, before walking back to his house. The door was open. And the last thing he needed was another feral decide his home was a good place for ‘wawmsies and nummies.”


"*Burp* Cheep cheep cheep!" Elsa looked down at the ice blue unicorn and smiled. "Dat's gud, babbeh! Am fuww of bestest miwkies! Nao am time fow sissy tu haf nummies." She put the unicorn down and grabbed the Pinky Pie, wondering why the filly had decided she was going to be such a weird color of red. Why hadn't she been a pretty red like her long gone pretty red baby? Maybe she didn't love her enough, she thought. That's why she had miwkies last. She placed her at the teat that her bestest had just finished suckling, and the foal latched on and began to furiously suckle. She still had 'tummeh owwies', she thought, looking at the bowl that she had finished earlier, gripping at the 'kibbwe nummies' she had been forced to eat, and not the delicious sketties that she had had with her 'widdwe mummah.' She would have to train her 'nyu dummeh daddeh' that he needed to give her sketties, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to make the bestest miwkies for her babies.

She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice initially that the Pinky Pie suddenly unlatched from her teat, having found that the teat was dry. The foal went back to the teat, kneading a few more watery drops of milk, before again, she had nothing. She began to peep, angrily, at the lack of milk, and began to squirm over to the loud suckling of her brother, where she forced her way onto the teat and sent the little unicorn falling backward, causing him to peep in surprise and hunger. The reason for his loud suckling was that he had been trying desperately to get whatever milk had been in there, as the stream of milk had been inconsistent. The Pinky Pie furiously suckled, got a few more mouthfuls of milk, before that teat too was dry. The two foals, still hungry, suddenly began to cry "peepeepeepeepeepEEPEEPEEPEEPEEP!!!!" Elsa began to become annoyed. "Babbehs, nee' be quiet! Ewsa finkie pwace haf huwties!" She looked down and saw the two foals trying to suckle, while her bestest decided to get back in the mix. Soon, the peeping got louder, as she realized that, she was out of 'miwkies.'

Elsa suddenly began to panic. She...she always had plenty of 'miwkies' for her bestest and second bestest babbeh, and even some left over for her "funny wed babbeh." The fact that she had run dry, and two of her babies remained hungry was a new reality for her. In fact, her body, still recovering from the current batch of foals being born only a few days prior, was now sucking any sort of vital nutrients whatsoever for the next step. Elsa didn't know it yet, but her new babies were going to take whatever they could from her current ones.

Elsa looked sadly inside her empty dish. She licked the remaining dust from the kibble, now wishing she had more of the food she had just criticized earlier, to no avail. Her babies were still hungry, and her milkies were not coming. She began to look around inside the garage, looking for something, anything to eat. A cursory sniff around turned up nothing of significance, only some dirty rags, and a dry, dusty cockroach that she ate, only to grimace at it. "Yucky buggie nummies. Nu wike." Elsa replied. Then, she smelled something that smelled vaguely like grassies, almost like the ones she had eaten when she had tried to feed her foals after she had eaten her hideout.

A straw broom was laying next to the entrance to the garage, which Matt used to sweep out his garage. Elsa looked at it curiously, and smelt it again. It smelled funny, but it may be edible, she thought. Normally, she wouldn't try it, but the cries from her second bestest and the Pinkie Pie drove her to chance it.

Elsa decided to at least give it a try, waddling behind it and pushing it down, muttering “Meanie nummies! Cum tu Ewsa! Nee….make...miwkies!” The broom began to teeter, wobble, and finally, fell over with a loud SMACK, narrowly missing her nest. She sighed in relief, before trotting over to the broom. She sniffed it. It smelled dusty, and...funny. She made her way to the end of the broom, and after struggling to find a way to grip onto it, she managed to take a bite onto the broom, and bit down.

It tasted awful. It tasted dry, and she grimiced as she tasted the grit, dust, and spider webs that were tangled up in the broom. She dug in again, and munched another mouthful of broom, disgusted with herself, and wondering why she wasn’t feeling her teets begin to fill, like she normally did when she ate. After struggling through another three mouthfuls, she stopped, coughed, and walked away. Her babies didn’t need milkies THAT badly.

Elsa plopped onto her bed and instead contented herself with her ‘bestest babbeh’, who was chirping now for more ‘miwkies’, only to be given huggies instead. The foal let out an annoyed “chiiirrrr….” before falling asleep. The white unicorn , realizing that more food wasn’t coming, instead squirmed over to a clean corner of the nest to sleep. However, the Pinky Pie began to chirp even louder, wanting something to fill the void in her stomach.

Elsa looked over in anger at her Pinkie Pie. She had finally had enough. “Wowstest babbeh nu makie su much noise!” She gave the foal a nose boop, causing blood to spurt from her snout. Then, moving the white unicorn away from her, causing it to slowly ‘...huuuhuuuu….” she looked at her bestest babbeh with all the love and care she had in the world and said, “Bestest babbeh am goin’ tu be da bestest pwettiest babbeh in da wowwd. Wub yu su muchies, bestest babbeh!”

The ice blue unicorn chirped happily, almost enough to drown out the sobs of the Pinkie Pie and white unicorn.


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