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Let's Make a Deal

Part 2

The week after my first interaction with the herd living on my property was mostly uneventful. While I would be out doing yard work, or going through my newly-acquired possesions, I'd see 2 or 3 of them at a time eating grass throughout the lawn. It seems like once the sun begins to set, though, they return to their root cave, fearful of what lurks in the dark woods.

During the two nights I brought leftover pasta to them (which went over very well with the herd. Cries of "sketties!" filled the woods until Cobalt shushed the crowd, reminding them of the danger of being discovered), I took the time to accurately count and catalog the herd. My counts were thus:

- 12 Stallions
- Cobalt (red and black, medium build, leader)
- Holder (red with blue mane, larger build, seems to be high in the herd's rankings, often seen working with Cobalt)
- Greeny (dark green, smaller side of medium build)
- 6 very large stallions (2 blue, 3 yellow, 1 orange, these are the herd's "tuffies," a term I learned researching fluffies on the internet. They mostly follow orders and are the first line of defense against threats)
- 3 small-to-medium stallions (1 black, 1 gray, and 1 alicorn with golden fur. They seem to do most of the labor around the herd. Tending to the pregnant mares, cleaning up shit, and hauling food to the mares that are too swollen with babies to walk any longer. I believe Greeny belongs to this group)

- 9 Mares
- 5 clearly pregnant mares (2 pink, 1 yellow, and 2 light blue)
- 4 mares who do not appear to be pregnant (3 white, 1 yellow)

- There appear to be no babies in this herd currently. Probably due to the human monster I heard so much about on the first day. Not sure what I'm going to do when that's not the case anymore. More time on fluffipedia will be required this evening.

Watching them eat and interact, I was amazed by just how civil they were among one another. Turns were taken with food. Even the pasta they were so excited about. The small males would work hard to make sure the pregnant moms ate first, hauling them piles of food before anyone even dared to start eating. Once they were taken care of, the smaller males would eat alongside the mares who were not with-child. As they ate their fill the tuffies would rotate turns eating with the group, so that at no time were there less than 5 tuffies keeping watch. Finally, after everyone had eaten, Cobalt and Holder would approach the pile, and finish it off. There was an order going on here that made me feel entirely unneeded by the herd. Regardless, I found them interesting to interact with, and they had filled the boredom that had started to creep into my days living in what was practically solitude.

Also, my rule about no violence or shit on my property had been followed without hesitation. It seemed like I wouldn't need to spend much time mowing the back half of my lawn, either. This really was an impressive little group.

Still, I hadn't actually interacted with them very directly. Outside of the conversations I had had with Greeny and Cobalt, not much else had been said. They were always quick with the "Fank 'ous!" when I brought them food, but most of the herd still watched me out of the corner of their eye when they weren't otherwise occupied. They didn't seem particularly scared, just unused to the presence of a human in their lair. That didn't bother me, though. They were clearly on an acceptable level of self-sustenance. Even when I first found them, and they were afraid to graze on my grass, none of the fluffies seemed to be malnourshied or sick.

After the second night of bringing them pasta and logging my counts, I returned to the house to do some hard research on the little guys. I was aware of many absolute horror stories detailing how these little things behave, and this herd is going against everything I've heard thus far. I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

I sat down to my pc with a sandwich and some coffee that it was probably too late in the evening for, pulled up fluffipedia, and started to read.

Most of the first things that jumped off the screen at me were tidbits about biologically engineered behaviours. Fluffies were essentially made to be driven to do 3 things: love, eat, and make babies. Pretty much every other factor of a fluffies personality is an off-shoot of these traits. The developments of "herds" and "smarty behaviour" were not planned, and apparently didn't occur until feral fluffies began to reproduce in large numbers. What's more, the further you get from the central United States (where the intial feral infestations began), the more jumbled fluffy traits become. This is apparently due to the fact that increased inter-breeding over time has caused traits to disappear and change, leaving fluffies in the wild teeming with a mixing pot of of genetic gifts, both beneficial and detrimental. This might help to explain why I found such an unique herd in Connecticut. Briefly I wonder how they survive the winters up here.

I continue reading about dietary needs, disciplinary measures, and life cycles. Gestation period of about 5 weeks, sexual maturity at 8, fully grown by 3 months. They breed like rabbits on viagra. Pretty basic stuff. They can eat damn near anything, and often tradional punishments are useless on the worst offending fluffies. Either because they are too dumb to learn or retain the lesson, or too stubborn to ever change their ways. That last part had embedded tags to the smarty page.

After I had gotten my fill of textbook facts, I headed over to some forums to interact with fluffy owners, breeders, and abusers. Through my lurking and DMs, I learned even more about how they act day to day, and alternative ways to deter unwanted behaviour. Most of which boiled down to finding ways to make examples they wouldn't easily forget. While this was good information, it mostly centered around domestic fluffs. I had no current plans to adopt any of the herd myself, so I decided to start digging around for information on feral herds.

The first useful page I found on the subject broke down the different "classes" of fluffy society. If you existed in a herd you were either a smarty, a tuffie, a mare, or a dummy fluffy. I had heard the first three terms used by the fluffies behind my house, but not once had anyone been called a dummy fluffy in my presence. Even if they don't call each other this, it dawns on me that this is probably the niche that Greeny is filling. Do they think he's disposable? Is that why they had him ask me about the monster? I decide that I'll have to ask Cobalt about that in the future.

After an hour of sifting through posts I was able to come across a thread titled "Live Herd Cams." What I found was a list of links to ongoing live webcam content featuring feral herds in the wild. Apparently a lot of people have gone through the trouble of wiring up cameras and microphones in areas where fluffies are known to settle. I click on a few of them until I find one that has movement and audible activity. What I saw turned my stomach a bit, but I kept watching.

At first all I could see was multi-colored fluff moving around toward the middle of the screen, sitting outside the opening of an overturned trashcan. I adjusted the settings on my monitor to counteract the dim streetlight in the video, and I was finally able to make sense of it. A white mare was pinned down on the ground with two brightly colored stallions in front and behind her. They were simultaneously raping her mouth and vagina, while using their front hooves and combined weight to make sure she could not move.

"Enf, enf, enf!" the two stallions shout in unison, before filling both ends of her with their semen. I can here her muffled sobs creeping out from around the front fluffies member as he begins to pull away from her, softly exhaling as they mutter "bestes' gud feews." Only now that the commotion has calmed down a bit, can I hear another noise in the background. A chirping noise.

The two stallions turn their attention to the open trash can, as the mare lies collapsed on the ground, a mass of dirty white fluff. While they enter the trashcan, the only thing I can hear is the "huuhuu'ing" of the mare. I feel like she knows something else is coming.

"Dummeh mawe has nummin' babbehs fo' smawtie an' hewd!" I hear one of them shout out from inside the trash can, as the other walks out with two foals in his mouth.

Between her fits of quiet crying the mare manages to squeak out "Babbehs am not fo' nummin'." Which is replied to by the stallion nearest her with a quick kick to the side of the mare's face. She goes down and does not make another sound.

At her objection the second stallion prances out of the trashcan with 3 foals in his mouth. He looks the downed mare right in her open eye and says "Nu dummeh mawe, smawty knows that babbehs am dah bestes' nummies!" as he drops all three babies on the ground, lowers his head above them, and in one bite snaps a foal in half, leaving only its lower body remaining. He shows the mare the bits of foal between his teeth before swallowing it whole. Her body jolts noticeably at this action, but she calms herself, resigned to what is happening.

The smarty and the other stallion each pick up two of the remaining foals and begin to walk away. Just as the smarty makes it off the screen, I hear it shout back with clenched teeth, "Make suwe 'ou finish dah nummies babbeh smawty weft 'ou. 'ou'ww nee' it fo' dah nummies babbehs smawty put in ou' tummy."

As the white mare crawls over to finish eat what remains of her foal, I close the stream. I saw all I needed to.

While the video was undeniably interesting from an fluffthropological point of view, I felt a twisting feeling well up in my stomach. Being the apathetic person I usually am, I didn't immediately recognize it as hatred, but after a second I understood exactly what I was feeling. It wasn't a burning rage, but I had made my mind up about what would happen if anyone tried something like that around here.

Cobalt was right. No smarties is a good rule. A very good rule.

And I'll make damn sure that I have none of that shit on my property.
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Anonymous1: First. Good story please continue.
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WestMesaFluffCollector: Good story. Interesting to see that Cobalt's herd actually kept an alicorn amongst their bunch, instead of doing the usual 'munstah babbeh' nonsense.
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lBURNShitRats: Good story! Hope you make the next one soon!

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Gmonty: Well done and good writing style. Keep it up!