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Theotherguy121: *pillows mummah and forces her to eat pillowed baby*
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Nocturn: let her rais it till its old enough to understand Horror. Then new owner needs to get together with a friend and give mom a double penetration. Tell baby thats what fluffs are for

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UncleFester: "No wan ugwy poopeh muhmah! Wan pwetty muhmah! Go'way dummeh!"
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Sirulean: @UncleFester: Will a "dirty" fluffy reject another "dirty" fluffy despite being "dirty" themselves?

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Hugboxing_Faggot: Tragically, all she can do is watch the babbeh slowly starve to death while trying to nurse it on her flat teats.

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Disintegral: @Sirulean: I suspect they might, but probably only if they never realised they were poopies themselves.
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Sirulean: @Disintegral:


"Bu mummah, yu AM da poopies!"

"Mummah.exe has crashed"

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Waaaghlord: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Though in some canons the mares can always make miwkies when babbehs are around and/or they want to.

Though often poopehs also dislike poopehs cause they have the intention to have something "pretty".