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Let's Make a Deal

Part 3

As the next week passed, 4 of the pregnant mares birthed their litters. Each a day after another. I was astounded and concerned to see how the herd had more than doubled in size in such a short time. The space under the tree was getting kind of tight, I could tell it wouldn't house the fluffies for long. Still, the mothers fed their babies, the tuffies kept guard, and the remainder of the herd made sure there were piles of grass and dandelions in front of the feeding mothers at all times.

I learned my suspicions were correct the day after the fourth birthing. I had sat down on the back porch with my morning coffee to engage in what had become the everyday ritual of chatting with Greeny. He had taken to sitting with me and talking while I drained my cup. Our conversations weren't incredibly deep (even by fluffy standards) but the discourse was enjoyable enough that I looked forward to it.

"Looks like space is getting pretty tight in your tree-home." I say to him, trying to keep the topic off of inane questions about how many "biwdy monstews" I can count in the sky, what color babies the next soon-mummah is going to have, or what my favority kind of sketties are.

"Yeah..." he trails off a bit, "Cobawt says hewd maybeh hab to find new home befowe dah end of dah hot times. Somewhewe babbehs can fit when dey get big."

"I see." I think to myself that I'll actually miss them, but I don't want him to know that. No need to complicate things.

"What am mistah Muffins goin' to do today?" He asks as I take me first sip. I can tell he wants to change the conversation.

"I'm not sure. I'll probably have to spend my day inside doing paperwork. I have a lot of things to catch up on since I took on this property." He looks saddened by this. I nudge him with my foot playfully. I made a rule to myself that I wouldn't start petting them or anything, but sometimes when no one's around I'll give Greeny a scratch behind the ear, always shushing him afterwards so the others don't notice. "I'll probably at least come out here to eat dinner. If you're still-"


Greeny and my conversation is snapped short by the horrifying squeal coming from the back edge of the yard, towards their den.

Looking up, we could both see what was limping towards us with surprising speed.

It was a light blue mare. Her underside was covered in blood and feces from nose to toes. I recognized her as the first one who had foaled 4 days ago. A few hurried steps, and I've caught up to her, Greeny trailing behind on his little fluffy legs.

"SCREEEEEE!!!" She's still screaming her head off. I went to grab her, in hopes of calming her down, but right before I made contact I remembered my first experience weeks ago which led to me having to clean up a large shit streak the length of my lawn. Instead, I just tap her gently on the foot.

"What's the matter? Why are you covered in blood?" My heart races, but my research has taught me to keep things calm and simple in these situations.

"Beawy munsta kiwwed *chrrp* soon mummah... nummed chiwpy babbehs... beawy munsta kiwwed soon mummah... nummed *chrrp* chiwpy babbehs... beawy munstah...chrrrp" She's stuck in a loop, and it didn't look like I had time to snap her out of it.

"Greeny, stay with her, give her huggies or whatever, I'm gonna go see what in the hell is happening." I start off into the woods directly towards the uprooted tree, not even glancing back to see if he had comprehended my orders. The putrid scent of fluffy shit was growing stronger with every step. As I reach their clearing it begins to sting my eyes and nostrils, but so does what I see.

What I was met with when I arrived was a scene out of a fluffy horror film. Pieces of bloody multi colored fluff were strewn everywhere. Lines of shit that had been jettisonned from the opening of the fluffy lair were spread throughout the area, making a radiating fan pattern on the ground. From what I could see, there was no more movement. Only the remains of mothers, babies, and at least two tuffies left dotting the area.

Carefully I knelt down in the front of the fluffy hole, hoping to see that someone had survived this slaughter. As I lowered my head I caught myself dodging a small spray of shit from out of the darkness.

"Goddammit, cut that out! It's me!" I say. I was glad I dodged the liquid shit attack, but that went out the window as soon as I realized that in dodging it, I had put my hand down into a big puddle of the stuff.

"Sowwy...Mistah.." I recognized this as Holder's voice, but it was so much more empty than before. During my observations he wasn't incredibly talkative, but when he had something to say, he had no problem saying it.

I continued to kneel down further, ignoring my fist of feces, and that's when I caught the full scope of the damage. In the back of the recess, were all the remaining fluffies shivering together in a vibrating fluffpile. All but two.

Towards the front of the cave, defending the rest, sat two brave stallions: Cobalt and Holder. Cobalt was laid on his side, all four legs wrapped around Holder, who's anus was aimed right at me, or more likely, whatever had been standing where I was moments earlier. Cobalt's eyes were wild.

"It's ok guys, whatever was here is gone now. You're safe for the moment. Cobalt, can you tell me what happened?" He just stares at me, jaw hanging wide open. "Well screw it," I mutter to myself. "I already have to take a shower, and we're all the way out here." I reach in and grab Cobalt gently around the midsection, he offers no resistance but tightens his grip on Holder, who I can here wheezing as he does so. Slowly I pull them both out of their hiding spot, drenching myself in their fluids all the way up to my elbows. As I see them clearly it hits me. From between Cobalt's arms I can see Holder's entrails leaking, spilling onto the bloody, shitty dirt. He had been holding Holder's insides in, as the injured enforcer used the last of his strength to give sorry poopies to whatever did all this. The excertion from that last spurt he aimed at me must have done him in. Poor guy.

Knowing what needs to be done now, I gently wiggle my slightly cleaner hand in between the two males, turning it slowly to the side in a prying motion. Cobalt tightens his grip, but all it takes is a half-second of eye contact with me, and I can tell that not only is he coming back to reality, but that he knows what I'm doing. Slowly he relaxes his grip and slides off the larger stallion, rolling on to his back before slowly lifting himself to his feet. Holder's insides fall out into my open hand, as his body deflates and his eyes finally go dark.

I support him with my other hand and quietly carry him off to the bushes where the others can't see. I lay his lifeless shell down and return back to the survivors.

Now I slowly scoop up Cobalt with both hands, bringing him to my face to tell him gently, "I need to go get some things for you guys, can you be brave for your herd for just a little longer?"

He continues to avoid my gaze, but gives a teary half-hearted nod. Hoping I had gotten through to him, I place him deep into his space under the tree, right next to the frightened fluffpile. I don't feel great about leaving them in this state, even for a few minutes, but given the relative cleanliness of where the fluffies are hiding, I get the feeling that whatever did this couldn't fit under the tree or reach that far back. They should be safe for a few minutes.

Quickly I rose and turned towards my house. I made my way through the yard and in through the cellar door. After turning on the light, and fumbling through the laundry area I had what I came for: a large laundry basket and several towels. I stuffed the towels into a spare grocery bag, hanged them on my arm and took off back to the woods, flailing the basket wildly with every step. On my way back out I noticed that Greeny had listened well. He was sitting on the porch, both arms around the muttering mare. He didn't say a word to me as I bolted past.

Before I made it back to the tree I saw that I had been incorrect about something. The thing that had caused all this trouble was indeed still here. I was looking right at him.

On the ground off to my right, about halfway to the fluffy home, lay a black bear cub no older than 6 months. Nowhere near a threat to a human, but to a fluffy this might as well have been King Kong. As he sat there, using his tongue to pull bits of fluffies from his teeth I was overcome with a rage I didn't know I contained. My vision went white. My scalp tingled. Without thinking I had already raised the laundry basket up over my head. As the grocery bag slipped from my left hand, the baby bear looked up, just in time to catch the full force of my $8 dollar store laundry basket being brought down onto his snout with my right.

At the shock of impact the bear recoiled before jolting upright and taking off into the trees with a loud, long groan.

I brought my palm up to meet my forehead with a loud smack.

"GODDAMMIT!" I lecture to myself, trying to bring myself back to reality like Cobalt, "You're a fucking idiot. That baby was no threat to you, but if his mom had been around you'd be dead meat right now."

Knowing that the mother may actually be within spitting distance, I pick up the bag of towels and head back to the tree even faster than before. In nauseating relief, I see that everything is how I left it.

I lay one towel on the ground outside the entrance. A sacrifice I hope my washer is up to dealing with later. I then lay the laundy basket on its side ontop of that towel so that the opening engulfs the entire entrance. I then lay another towel on top of the basket, blocking all vision to the horror show that is around them.

I reach my arm into the tree and begin the job of removing them one by one. Trying to slide them into the basket and at the same time trying to make sure they don't get a full view of what had happened out here. The first 3 go easily. They were obviously too spent to put up any kind of fight if they had even wanted to. As I reached for the fourth, I feel a slight pinch on the side of my hand. Looking in, I see that a pink mare is currently biting me.

"Excuse me, missy. I'm trying to help you."

"Nu!!!!! 'Ou am twyin' to take mummah 'way fwom babbehs!!! Just wike beawy munsta! DUMMEH HOOMA-" She snaps back at me. Then, as if something just dawned on her, her face lightens "...fwuffy's nu name am Missy?"

Ignoring the the fact that I had just accidentally named the thing, I look at Cobalt for a little help. He gets the picture.

"Mistah muffins am just twyin' to hewp us. If 'ou nu wan' upsies, maybe Missy just wawk into bawks youwsewf?" He glances at me, making sure this is ok. I just smile and nod.

"Otay'!" she says. As she struts proudly past me, I can see three tiny foals holding onto her back fluff. I was relieved to see that some survived.

The rest of the herd is starting to snap out of their fear-induced stupor. Slowly they all walk to the basket with all of the vigor of a funeral procession.

As the last of them pile in, I gently turn the basket onto its bottom, sliding my last towel over the top, and giving the fluffies time to adjust so that no babies get squished.

It took me a while to make it back to my house with the heavy load. They were packed in tighter than they had been under the tree, and it made for a very unstable load. Once I hit grass, I had conceded to dragging it the rest of the way. The sound of the basket against the ground helped drown on the constant cries of "huuhuuu" that were emanating from under the towel.

Finally, I set the basket down at my destination and opened the barn door. While the other barn was full of lawn and farming equipment, this one was mostly empty. On the inside was a row of 4 horse stables on the left, and 2 goat/pig pens on the right. Overtop was a loft that took up half the length of the building. I take the basket into one of the goat pens, and slowly remove the top towel, careful not to scare anybody further.

Looking in, I can see everyone made the trip with no extra damage. One at a time I lift them out with two hands, inspecting them as I go. I save Missy for last. As I begin to pick her up, she starts to wriggle and call me a "dummeh hooman." Having about hit my limit today, I find myself giving her a quick squeeze before looking her directly in the eyes. Once she falls silent I start speaking.

"Look, you've already bit me once today, now I'm covered in your shit and being called names. I've been VERY nice to you. I even gave you a name." Her eye's widen when I mention naming her, but otherwise she stays quiet. "Now what I'm GOING to do is check to make sure you and your babies are ok, then it's going to be time for a bath. All of those things are non-negotiable. They are going to happen no matter what you do. What will be negotiable, however, is tomorrow morning when I offer you and your herd a safe new home." I set her back down in the basket. That last sentence grabbed everyone's attention. Even the fluffies that got out first and were brave enough to start inspecting their surroundings have turned back to me and sat down, waiting for what comes next.

"Sowwy, just nu gib babbehs owwies, awwight? Babbehs am bestes' babbehs!" she says, sitting on her rump, letting the three foals slide off. They hit the towel and chirp a little bit. She places them in front of her, comforting them one at a time. I carefully inspect the foals, keeping them as close to Missy as I can while still getting a good look. I'm only an overnight expert, but they seem to be ok, despite this morning's events. There's a purple male with wings, a pink male with a white mane, and a little non-descript brown mare.

"I can see that you've been feeding them well. They all have good little tummies on them." I say as I place them back into her fluff.

"Of couwse siwwy hooman! Missy am gud mummah, awways gibes gud miwkies." She then assumes the "uppsies" position. Looks like I've won this one over as well.

Thinking back to what I'd read, I remember the problems fluffy moms had with feeding brown or "poopie" babies. Now would probably be a good time to make sure none of that nonsense is going to be happening in my barn.

"You know, Missy. I had heard that some fluffy moms don't feed or take care of their brown babies. That doesn't seem to be the case with you, is it?"

"Nuuuuuuuuuu" she says in a low grumble, as if she's about to educate me. "Nu feedin' bwown poopie babbehs am bad fwuffie punishment. Poopie babbehs nu gwow up speshuw, buh dey stiww desewbe to gwow up!"

Well I'll be... she did educate me. That was really the last thing I expected to hear.

After I got the basket empty I headed back outside to call in Greeny and the frightened blue mare from earlier. I let them into the pen, leaving the gate open so they didn't feel to restricted. About ten minutes later I had left and come back with a wash basin full of warm soapy water. Once I had brought it in, I announced that it was bath time. Many of them looked at me inquisitively, unsure what a bath was. Before I could answer, Cobalt once again showed me why he was the one in charge of this herd.

"Baff am somethin' that humans gib fwuffies to make them smeww pwetty. Washes aww poopies an' diwt out of fwuff." He announces to the crowd. "Hooman use wawm smeww gud wawa to cwean fwuffies."

"Wawa am bad fo' fwuffies!" several of the herd chimed in simulateously.

"Baff wawa nu am bad, Cobawt wiww show 'ou." And with that he walked over to me and stiffened up straight. Not only was he allowing me to bathe him, but I can tell he was used to some kind of procedure revolving around taking baths. This little guy has a story. Of that I was certain. Slowly and deliberately I scrubbed, rinsed and dried Cobalt in front of everyone. He then ordered his remaining tuffies to go next, giving the smaller fluffs time to smell him, and see that there was no danger.

Eventually I got through them all. I once again saved Missy for last, foreseeing some kind of resistance, but it never came. She only insisted that she be close by to watch as I bathed her babies.

Once everyone was dry, it seemed that they had mostly forgotten about the events of today, except Cobalt. I don't think he noticed me watching, but I could see him in the corner crying "huuhuu, Howdew" under his breath. He tried so hard to keep his friend alive. Tomorrow I'll try to strike a new deal with him that makes sure he won't have to go through that again.

They were all exhausted and eventually collapsed in a fluffpile in the corner on a pile of towels that Cobalt and his toughies had dragged into a round nest shape. They remained there for the rest of the day. As I left I shut the gate on the pen and did a new count.

Today we had lost 2 tuffies, 3 mares, 4 litters... and Holder. We saved 3 babies. That puts the count at 18.

And I never got that paperwork done.
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Anonymous2: @Fluffy_Angst: Meh, she was just attacked by a bear and now a human she barely knows was trying to take her babies(for a good cause of course). I don't think she was being TOO bitchy. I do love headcanons where fluffy program forces them to accept new names(or what they think is their new name)/
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Fluffy_Angst: @Anonymous: I just see her going the way of the smarty if she's not watched carefully.

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