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Killing Your Mojo

...When my girlfirend went out of town, she left her fluffy foal named Mojo with me for the week. I decieded I would keep Mojo in a little cage in my work room, so I can keep an eye on it. Now, I'm not really an animal person... and just having this foals presence around really grated me. I just dealt with it though, since it was my girlfriends, and I didn't wanna piss her off.

Mojo was annoying as fuck...

Saccharinely sweet, and full of wonder for the whole world. That alone I could handle, but on top of it all it was so needy and whiny.

It never really misbehaved, it was just annoying. I had no real reason to feel rage and resentment growing for the little thing, but I was slowly getting carried away by my frustration and anger towards the foal. I remember just staring at that cage, and seeing Mojo peacefully asleep inside. At that point, even the sight of its fat dumb little body made my blood begin to boil.

Then I just snapped at the breaking point

I gently scooped Mojo out of the cage... He thought it was playtime, started cheering and peeping "wub this, wub that" the high pitched sqeeking grated so fucking hard on my ears, I could have thrown the thing against the wall then and there.

I carefully held the foal in my open hands, the little one began to wriggle about in a comfortable, ignorant stupor. I decieded to start slowly, and tests the water by poking and squeezing its stomach a little bit.

In response, Mojo let out a sharp peep, and gave a confused, pained expression up at me.

That dumb look was what sent me over the edge.

I began sqeezing Mojo HARD. The foal let out many distressed peeps, and even a few shrill screams of pain as it writhed about in a panic. It started to feel like a rush at that point, as a crude, evil smile crept its way onto my face.

Still being squeezed, Mojo managed to turn his bugged out eyes back onto me. Our eyes only locked for a second, before I threw him across the room.

He hit the back of a couch cushion with an audible PAFF. I didnt throw it against the wall. I had to be gentle, I didn't wanna injure the thing. I just needed to let out some frustration

Feeling a little bit better, I deceided that was enough for the night, and gently put the crying foal back into its cage. Once in, Mojo almost seemed like he wanted to look back at me, but kept his eyes down out of fear.

He made a pained waddle back into his little igloo and cried himself to sleep. The soft "huu huu's" made me sneer in bitter contempt. I made a point of dropping off the foals daily kibble, and turned the light off in my studio to let it cry alone in darkness...
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Anonymous1: Short but sweet, I like this one, this is one of those stories you could read again.
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Anonymous2: Please continue this saga, amazing!
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Theotherguy121: I'm going to pretend this is what really happened to the brown foal in HK's latest work.
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Fluffy_Angst: I think this may be one of my favorite stories here. Just imagining the foal's wide-eyed fear and sadness makes me very happy.

Is that too messed up of a feeling to share?
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Anonymous3: @Fluffy_Angst: You're on a site where the majority of artwork and stories depict cute fictional critters being subjected to edgy grimdark torture and death. I think you're fine.
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Fluffy_Angst: @Anonymous: I really want to draw Buffalo Bill torturing a carebear in a well to describe the allure of this website.
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BrotherGrimm: That's was palpable.... I want more.....