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One Shot Stories - A Mummah's Choices
By the WestMesaFluffCollector


Just outside of Albuquerque, NM, at nearby Travertine Falls, a petite, but fit young woman was making her way through the hiking trail. Her bleach blonde hair was tied into a pony tail through her cap, and her muscles moved and worked in unison as she made her way through the trail. The lone exception to her almost amazonian like muscle was a brace that was around her left ankle.

Rosa Cruz was hiking for the first time in months, having busted her ankle back in November, and having to nurse herself back to health since then. She was grateful for the chance to get out and hike for the first time in months.

The weather in mid-July Albuquerque was already hot for humans and fluffies alike. It was early, before the oppressive heat begin to settle in for the day. Rosa looked back and forth, taking in the sights and the sounds enjoying all the Wonders that nature could give her.

Rosa enjoyed her hikes, especially in this area. The scenery was always pretty to look at, and she looked forward to the sound of birds chirping, something that she always felt enhanced the almost magical feeling of the area for her.

Instead, as Rosa turned the corner, she was greeted with another sound that was rather common at about this time of the year.


Rosa looked up. “What the shit was that?”


From her position, Rosa could more or less make the source of the screaming to be to be near the sign she passed, where the path for Crest TR: No. 130 split off from the main Travertine Falls trail. Rosa wouldn't have to travel too far. Only a couple of minutes.

Rosa hesitated from her spot in the middle of the trail. She could ignore it. But, whatever it was sounded like it was in enormous pain. And regardless of what it was, Rosa would feel a tinge of guilt by abandoning whatever it was.

Rosa sighed. “Why not?” She doubled back.


Rosa wasn’t sure what to expect when she arrived at the scene, but a couple of minutes time revealed the source of the yelling: a pink fluffy mare, in the stages of birth. Nearby, her teal colored “spechuw fwend” or whatever the term was for the male was trying to make himself as useless as possible during the delivery of his children. Rosa frowned at the stallion, as he was merely sitting in the corner, munching on some apples that he might have been given at a nearby campground, he replied “Huwwy spechuw fwend!” He finished his apple slice, burped, and farted. “Bestest daddeh wan see da babbehs!” The stallion remained on his haunches, and made no effort to go over to help the mare. She was a mummah, she surely knew what to do.

Meanwhile, the mare continued to bellow, as she felt her insides rip themselves apart with labor pains. “Babbehs cummin! But su many huwties! Wai meanie babbehs nu wan cum out?”

The stallion shrugged. “Nu knu? Maybe ask mowe nicey? Yu am meanie sumtimes.” The mare gave him a glare before another wave of pain caused her to scream.

From her position, Rosa sighed. The ‘spechuw fwend’ was utterly useless. Most stallions did at least try to help out in the process, usually by cleaning the foals, or giving encouragement. This one was one of the exceptions to the rule.

The mare froze. “Hewp! Feww babbeh, but babbeh am stuckies!”

Fucking hell, Rosa thought. I could just walk away, and no one would know. She could walk away, and it would be just another tragic tale of ferals in the while. Unfortunately, Rosa’s catholic guilt kicked in. She sighed. But I would know, she thought. Plus, Rosa had grown up on a farm as a kid. She had some knowledge in this, having helped her grandmother with her goats during the birthing process. Ponies probably weren’t that much difference

Reaching into her backpack, Rosa brought out her K-BAR that she kept for when she went hiking. Then, she went ahead and walked up.

The pink mare, despite in the throws of labor, had been the first one to have spotted her. She immediately began to panic, yelloing "SCREEE! Hoomin munstah! Hewp spechuw fwend!"

The teal stallion, having been snapped out of his immediate goal of grooming himself after his snack, looked up at Rosa and said, "Hewwo! Haf nummies? Am goin' tu be daddeh soon!"

Rosa rolled her eyes. The pathetic nest had been built in the side of a shallow burrow on the side of the mountain, and was already coated with fluids. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help. Is your baby stuck?"

The pink mare nodded. "Babbeh nu wan cum ou'!" She bit down on her lip, as another wave of pain washed over her, tears coming from her bloodshot eyes.

Poor baby, Rosa thought. She grabbed the bottle of water on the side of her pack and offered some to the mare. The mare lapped up the water gladly. "Pwease? Hewp mummah?" Rosa nodded and, after taking off her jacket, she went to work...


Twenty minutes later, Rosa sighed, sitting down near the side of the burrow, where she could see the fruits of her labor. She smiled. Not too shabby, she though. Looking over the newborns, there were six foals, three earthies, colored a bright orange, a teal, and a pastel pink, two pegasi, a light and a dark brown respectively, the later of which had been the foal that had been stuck, and a small unicorn, colored a creamy colored brown, like coffee mixed with milk.

The pink mare was fawning over the new batch of children, with special care being given to the more attractive colors of them, in her opinion. The father was nearby, looking over the foals with a sense of pride. “Fwuffeh did such a gud jobbie wif dese babbehs. Am bestest daddeh ebbah!”

Suddenly, the pink mare remembered Rosa was there. Turning to her, she said, “Fank you, nice wady. Be nyu mummah? Gif famiwwy nummies and toysies and wawmsie howmsie?" Rosa considered it. She had always wanted a fluffy pony as a pet, but wasn't sure about taking in an entire family. Plus, she was unsure of just about taking in a couple of feral parents, whom she really didn’t know anything about. The babies might turn out to be okay, but she also didn’t want to consider separating them from their parents.

However, she also knew that if she left them out there, well, things could go bad for the family real fucking fast. Well, Rosa thought, she supposed she could always take them into a nice rescue. There was a good one that was located on Juan Tabo. “Probably not. Sorry, but a whole family is way too many for just me to take care of.”

The mare looked crestfallen. "Nu wan gif famiwwy wawmie houwsie?” She sighed. “Dat otay... mummah wiww gif babbehs wickie cweanies nao..." The mare curled up onto her side, and raised up the newly clean orange baby, and begun to coo at it. “Dis am pwettiest babbeh! Am bestest babbeh! Babbeh wub mummah...mummah wub babbeh….gif yu bestest miwkies tu gwow big and stwong….”

Rosa made a face in disgust. The favortism that was prevalent in fluffy ponies always was something she disliked about them. She went into her backpack and grabbed her phone. Hopefully, the shelter was open. She was suddenly eager to get this family there. That way, at least the less attractive ones had a chance.

Meanwhile, The dark brown pegasus, still covered in his birthing fluids, and desperately hungry, was now trying to make it's way to it's mothers teat, the mare and the stallion too busy fawning and cleaning the "gud pwetty babbehs" to notice. Making his way to the right teat, the pegasus managed to latch on, drinking a couple of mouthfuls of sweet mother’s milk, and feeling warmth inside of his stomach. He felt a surge of delight send shivers up his spine.

It would be the last pleasure he felt. The mother, feeling the nibble on her breast, suddenly looked down and saw the bad thieving babbeh drinking from her teat. Her nostrils flared in anger, and soon, the yell of "Miwkie fief! Bad poopie babbeh!" caught Rosa's attention.

Rosa cursed, put her phone in her bag, and turned just in time to see the brown pegasus thrown off the teat by her mother's hoof, the useless special friend still marveling at the teal colored baby. The pink mare was now standing, and raised up her hoof. "Dis am bad babbeh! Gif fowebbah sweepies nao!"

Fuck, Rosa thought as she suddenly moved in, the sudden motion causing a small pain in her ankle. Nonetheless, she was quick enough to catch the mare's leg as she was about to bring it down.

"Wha?" The mare said, stunned. Near Rosa's arm, the remaining two babies, still dirty with their birthing fluids, Rosa now noticed, cheeped in fear and hunger. Rosa narrowed her eyes at the mare. The sudden commotion had attracted the attention of the stallion, who was now yelling "Weave spechuw fwend and babbehs awone, hoomin!" He got into a fighting stance. “Weab nao, ow wiww gif yu sowwy hoofies and poopies!”

Ungrateful brats, Rosa thought. "What were you about to do...?" Rosa stared coldly in the mare’s face, hoping she was wrong.

The mare looked at Rosa as if she had just asked her to break down the meaning of Marcus Aurellius’ The Meditations. "Mummah... gif wongest sweepies to bad babbeh..."

Rosa sighed, hoping to make her point. "What makes it a bad baby?"

The mare was still mystified. “Wook wike poopies….and nu smeww am cowow of am dat hawd tu undawstan?"

Rosa held firm, and felt a twinge of irritation at the mare treating her like an idiot. "It looks fine. Like your other foals. And it doesn't smell good because you didn’t clean it. You just fucking left him there."

The mare scowled. The hoomin mare had to be a dummeh, she thought. “Yus. Babbeh wook wike babbehs. Bu’ is stiww a bad, smewwy, ebiwl, poopie miwkie fief babbeh.”

Rosa shook her head. “Then clean it, if you don’t want it to smell bad. And it’s not a ‘poopie baby.’ He’s just brown. He’s just as good as your other babies.”

The pink mare looked at Rosa as if she were completely insane. “Nu wan cwean poopie babbeh. He am poopie cowowed. An dummeh poopie babbeh stiww am miwkie fief. Haf tu gif fowebbah sweepies. Steaw miwkies fwom da gud babbehs.”

Rosa did a mental facepalm. There was not going to be any reasoning with these technicolor racists, now was there? She realized then that, even if she did take the whole family in, she wouldn’t care for the other brown foals. Her mind was set. And she wasn’t going to change it. She sighed, feeling a bit defeated. "Fine. Then let me have the ‘poopie babbehs.’ I will take them to the shelter. And you can just keep your good babies.”

The mare considered this for a moment, her ‘spechuw fwend’ busing himself with the other babies. Then, she nodded. "...otay... yu take the bad babbehs..."

Rosa sighed, and let the mare down. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. It was short lived. As she turned to grab her backpack, she suddenly heard…





Rosa turned and was in shock. The mare was standing over the dark brown pegasus, it’s tiny head a smashed bit of bone, gore, and brains, destroying what had once been a cute face. It’s nervous system was still in shock, as it’s wings and limbs continuined to twitch until then became still.

Rosa was horrified.

It was an adorable little foal…

HAD been an adorable little foal. And the mare just crushed it. Like she didn’t give a shit. Like it didn’t need to be alive.

Meanwhile, the mare smiled smugly at her. “Yu can take poopie babbehs aftaw mummah gifs dem fowebbah sweepies.”

Rosa felt rage in her heart. That fucking bitch was going to pay.

When the mare went for the second pegasus, Rosa snapped, pushing her back, bumping her into her idiot stallion, and causing her to crush the right hind leg of the orange foal. Pandemonium ensued.

Seeing her chance, Rosa reached into the shallow burrow and pulled out the remaining brown pegasus. The brown foal cheeped in fear, and immediately snuggled up next to her knee. Rosa then turned back and went for the unicorn. The mare had recovered, and was now standing.

“Spechuw fwend, nu wet hew steaw poopie babbehs! Nee’ gif dem fowebbah sweepies.” Then, upon seeing the source of her babies chirps, she cried out, “NU! Munstah humin huwt widdwe babbeh! Gif hew fowebbah sweepies tu!”

The idiot stallion nodded, and then charged. Rosa hurriedly grabbed the little unicorn, and after placing him quickly by her sibling, she timed her movement right in time to grab the teal stallion by the scruff. She stood, allowing the two brown foals to peep in fear, causing them to eventually find and embrace each other.

The teal stallion struggled. “Wet gu! Nee’ gif yu sowwy poopies and hoofies and enfies….”

Rosa raised up the stallion, bringing him face to face with her. “You two think it’s cool to hurt a little foal, just because it’s a brown? Then fuck you.” He lowered the stallion. “Just for that, , you’re going to fly, like that little one never will.”

Rosa reared her arm back, and then, with a grunt, she flung the stallion down the side of the mountain. The idiot waved his legs uselessly, frantically shitting himself like a fecal cropduster, bellowing “Nu! Nu haf wingies……...can…...fwyyyyyyyyyy…………….” The stallions last screams soon went off into the distance.

The mare was stunned. “Spechuw fwend! Nu!!!!”

Rosa turned to the mare, breathing hard in anger. She moved in, her runners pants moving taughtly, as adrenaline surged through her body. She reached in and pulled the mare out, the mare shitting herself in the process, coating the teal and pastel pink fluffies, causing them to chirp in disgust. “Nu! Babbehs! Am sowwy! Nu mean tu gif sowwy poopie…”

Rosa pointed the K-BAR into her chest. The mare became very still. Rosa lowered herself and picked up the two foals. The mare began to recoil in disgust. “Nu! Tak’ awai!” Rosa sunk in the K-BAR a bit into her flesh, causing the mare to screech “Owwies!”

Rosa suddenly yelled. “Shut up! Or I give your other babies forever sleepies!”

The mare’s eyes widened, but she did snap her snout shut. Rosa lowered the babies down towards her teats. The mare began to breath harder in disgust and fear. Rosa didn’t care. She was tired of dealing with her. Still holding the K-Bar, she spoke. “You are going to feed these babies. And you are not going to complain. And once they are full, I will take them with me, ALIVE, and I will let you go. If you make one sound, or try to hurt them, I give you forever sleepies, and your good babies are without a mother. And then they’ll go forever sleepies too, hungry, and wondering why their mother didn’t love them. Understand?”

The mare nodded, fear suddenly focusing her attention to a razor thin point. Rosa nodded, then let the foals down on her teats, eyes locked on the mare. The two foals peeped hungrily, and then, after latching on, they began to feed, suckling furiously from her full teets, the mare sniffling and silently suppressing her ‘huuhuus’ as best she could.

The standoff felt like an eternity, but after a good five to eight minutes, the two foals unlatched themselves from Elsa’s teets, peeping in happiness at their full stomachs. Eyes locked on the mare, Rosa picked up the two foals and slowly backed away, pulling the knife away, and sending a sliver of blood down the chest of the mare. Rosa kept her eyes on the mare as the mare suddenly began to release a barrage of insults.

“Munstah! MUNSTAH! Yu huwt babbehs, huwt mummah, and made spechuw fwend fwy awai!” She went to the edge of the burrow, but didn’t push her luck by pursuing Rosa, who was fishing out a nylon lunchbox from her pack. Adding in a couple of sweat rags, and the two foals were now cozily tucked in. She adjusted her pack, and carried the lunchbox at her side.

The mare continued to yell. “HATCHU! HATCHU! Mummah wish nebbah see yu again!”

Rosa turned back to the mare, who was now left with the maimed orange foal, while the other pair chirped in fear. She said, simply. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have had babies to begin with. And you might be dead too. But I really don’t care. I do hope you remember, though, that I tried to help. She sighed. “I hope you remember this. I really do.” Rosa said.

Then, adjusting her pack, she turned away from the mare, and walked down the small earthen trail back to the main path.

The mare stared at her, before turning back to her foals. “Hoomin am dummeh. Mummah can do dis aww on hew own.”

She settled down to allow the three foals to suckle on her teats, not a care in the world.


On the way down, Rosa had acquired a nice walking stick, which made the trip easier. In their makeshift travel pack, the two foals slept soundly, oblivious to the care that Rosa was taking to make sure they weren’t jostled around too much. The trail was starting to lead to it’s end, and Rosa could make out her car in the distance. She was happy, as her ankle was beginning to ache with the stiffness that comes from a joint not used to having been worked in a while. It was then that Rosa heard, to her surprise, a sound.

“ many huwties….”

Near the trail, there was a small grove of tree cholla cacti, which had been planted in order to keep hikers from trying to go too far off the trail. Impaled on one of them was the mare's 'spechuw fwend', covered in spines, and with a broken branch through his gut. She looked at him calmly. There was no way to dislodge him. Not that it mattered. Rosa instead checked the nearby fruit. They weren't ready to be eaten yet, but that was fine. The foals wouldn't be able to enjoy them for at least another month anyhow. Tree cholla buds were called "fowebbah sweepies nummies" due to the fact that fluffies loved the taste, but the small spines would lodge in their stomachs, causing them to die. Still, domestics loved them, and were a popular treat in the southwest.

The stallion looked at her and, looking his most pathetic, said “Pwease nicey hoomin, am sowwy twied tu gif yu huwties. Can yu gif huggies? An maybe nummies?”

Rosa considered putting him out of his misery. Then, she remembered the brown pegasus.

She shook her head. “No. You deserve this. I hope the sun gets you before the ants do.” Then, she turned and walk back to the trail, noticing the trail of fire ants already making their way close to the tree that the fluffy was impaled on.

No, she thought. I don’t think he’ll be that lucky.

Making the rest of the way down the trail, Rosa put her stick in the car, placed the lunchbox on the passenger seat, tossed her her back, and climbed into the drivers seat. Then, she opened the lunchbox, allowing for her to see the foals. Both were asleep, and quitely cheeping. A filly and a colt. Both unloved.

She smiled. Home, then a bath, then to FluffCo for supplies.

She put on her seatbelt. “I think I’ll name you Nestle and Crema.” Rosa said as she started the car. Putting it in park, she pulled out of the parking lot, and headed towards Albuquerque. The stallion, watching the car leave, could only bellow out in pain as the ants slowly began to pull him apart. “Nu! Owwies! Buggie munstahs, nu gu in nu-nu-stick!” He screamed as the hot New Mexico sun shown emotionlessly down on him.


Author's Note

Didn't get to finish the next chapter in time, so here is a one shot story I had in reserve just in case. See you all in a week and a half. - WM


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The_Neutralist: In time, people will learn not to bother with guilt when it comes to dealing with fluffies, but then again, just like waiting for a fluffy to have remorse, maybe that's asking a bit too much.
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Great as always dude.
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Anonymous7: @Anonymous: I haven't read much of WMFC's stories, but perhaps it wouldn't have helped if this is a universe where poopie/munstah discrimination naturally ingrained from birth?
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: *is naturally ingrained from birth.
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Anonymous9: I like the more objectionable aspects of fluffies (the color/subtype bigotry, volume of feces, cannibalism, relentless bugging of humans, etc) being shown to be simply the outcome of Hasbio trying to make a living toy that acts like cartoon creatures...and cutting corners to make schedule deadlines.

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Cuban_Pete: Its actually a good thing feral fluffies tend to dislike the colors green and brown so much- imagine how much harder fluff control would be if the little fuzzy fucks weren't bright neon! Though if this is the southwest the orange one might've blended into the rocks the best- too bad it won't be surviving that long.
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Nuuu: I always smile when an author uses certain description for newlyborn fluffies.

"nice earth-shade"
"like coffee"

It's always the same outcome: poopie-babbeh designation with the usual consequences. Often, as in this exhibit, followed by violence of a white knight protagonist. Either way, fluffies get killed, which is a plus in my book.

Thanks for killing that "creamy colored brown, like coffee mixed with milk" poopeh babbeh.
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