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Rage. The scarlet fire in me that flowed through my chest like blood seeping out an open wound.
I could sense the adreniline pulsing through my torso, every ounce burning as it pushed its way down every vien. As the vermin on the street outside my dingy flat stuck its vile tounge out at me while it smiled with those fur covered dimples, I knew I would become as the ghost of death.
Like a pendulumn my leg flew back then forward, connecting with such vigour to the mandible of the source of my fury that I nearly lost my footing. And while the creatures severed tounge fell to the filthy cement, I could almost smell the iron in its blood. It was though I too had a mouth full of shattered teeth and bloody gums.
I too could feel death coming. It contorted as it crept to us, I, flattening my heal into the rear of the monster's skull again and again and again, and it, limp arms and legs bounding meakly at every stomp.
This was my first encounter with them
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HerdKing: I wrote this quickly.
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BranF1akes: Rage is a beautiful thing

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Sorrowkandy: Nice

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HerdKing: @GhostFluff: lol
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Apostle: So beautiful. *crys manly tears*