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sexygoatgod: What a dumbass.

Just as they should be.

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Disintegral: Great idea. Is this a redesign of the daycare poopie from yesterday? They're missing the same weggie, and his colour palette is kind of similar, just redder.

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HerdKing: @Disintegral: yeh, i wanted to develope him moar

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Guzziman: @sexygoatgod: Yeah I know right, a being with the intelligence of a three year old is a dumbass for being tricked by a human with the intellect of an adult.

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Waaaghlord: haha, well they doesn't know any better!

reminds me of weggies are bad for babbehs!
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Anonymous1: 「K I N G C R I M S O N」 has erased part of this post!

We need「M O O D Y B L U E S」 to replay it!
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BrotherGrimm: Now that's high tier psych abuse

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Gmonty: That's bc I like those creatures. Failed experiments which their only object is to love their humans, not matter what he/she did.