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The Accidental Breeder
By the WestMesaFluffCollector

Chapter Seven - The Price Of Secrets

The days that followed remained rather mundane, as life with the fluffies settled into a routine for Matt. His days were spent helping prep Heather for the start of school, prepping himself for the Spring Semester, and keeping an eye on Hornet, Cinnamon, and Seffy. Emmy had proven to be an excellent nanny, and doted on the foals with a closeness that was almost motherly.

Hornet continued to grow bigger, and was already beginning to develop his foal coat, not as soft as the newborn coat, but still pleasurable to run your hands over. Physically, he was at least a quarter bigger than his two sisters, both of whom were rapidly developing into healthy foals themselves. Seffy had mostly healed from Elsa's wound, and the resulting scar from the lost wing was minimal. Matt supposed once she was an adult, it would be largely hidden by her fluff. Her one remaining wing was still functional, and would occasionally flutter when dreaming.

Cinnamon was a rather lovely little filly, her coat turning into a nice milk chocolate brown, with a caramel colored tail poof and mane. Matt, however, noticed that the foal herself, when it came to the length of her limbs, overall structure, and her intelligence, seemed to be more in line with Hornet’s alicorn features, rather than with Seffy, who was built more like the standard pegasus foals he had seen online. Matt frowned, then, out of curiosity, felt on the foal’s face for any sign of a horn, stunted, or otherwise, causing Cinnamon to let out a happy chirp from the ticklish gesture.

Nothing. While Cinnamon might have developed some of her brother's more attractive features, she had just missed out on winning the genetic lottery that Hornet had. Still, he liked the little foal, in particular the way she stuck out her tongue slightly when sleeping on her back.

As for Elsa, things began to get slightly more dire in the days that followed. In spite of the increased food ration (Matt had upped her servings to three and a half scoops of kibble), Elsa noticed with horror that her milk production was decreasing even further. Her still unknown ‘to Matt “tummeh babbehs’ were draining as much nutrients as they could. While mares could still nurse and be pregnant, the fact that she was getting ‘standard kibble’, and what was in the early stages of what was likely to be another large litter was taking a toll.

Fortunately, Matt’s feeding of the Pinky Pie and the white unicorn ensured that they were getting bigger and were healthy. The white unicorn was starting to develop small spots of pale blue on his rear, giving him an appaloosa like appearance. The Pinky Pie was growing larger, and seemed to enjoy her feedings, hugging his finger closely while suckling. She let out a small, sad “huuhuu” every time feeding ended. Matt was suspecting that Elsa was neglecting both.

Elsa, for her part, was acting suspicious that morning while Matt was feeding her. She had wolfed down her kibble, and was now becoming slightly belligerent, nuzzling him hard against his leg saying, “Gif mowe nummies. Nu wan tu num poopies again.”

Matt looked down at her, slightly irritated that she was starting to wrinkle his work khakis. “I’ve already given you plenty of food. Why are you having to eat your shit?”

“Cause am stiww hungwy, dummeh.” Elsa said with irritation, her fat bestest baby chirping loudly for her to hurry up and feed her. “Nee’ mowe nummies….su...can….make bestest, cweamiest miwkies fow babbeh!” She then puffed out her cheeks. “And dah squeeky munstahs keep nummin’ kibbwe nummies tu!”

Matt immediately sensed bullshit. Elsa had tried blaming rats for eating her kibble before, causing him to place traps out two days ago. However, like past lies, she had used the term, Fluffy, meaning that she was full of shit. Something was wrong.

Matt placed the Pinky Pie back in the nest, now upgraded with a couple of old pillows. Why did Elsa need more food? For what purpose? He still had a couple of more days till he was to contact Sarah, but there wasn’t a need for her to eat more food….


Matt poured out half a scoop more, causing Elsa to grumble “Shud haf been sketties….” before eating it. Matt ran back over to his home office, and grabbed his old phone, a Galaxy Note 6 that he had upgraded with a larger memory card before he had upgraded the month before. After powering it on, he turned on the video camera, and, returning to the garage, placed the camera high on the workbench he had inside the room, before setting up the charger to make sure it had plenty of power. Then, once he had a good angle, he pushed record.

Matt went back inside to grab his backpack and say goodbye to his three foals before grabbing his keys to head to work. Matt had a suspicion as to what may be happening. He hoped, for his sake, and for Elsa’s three remaining foals, that he was wrong.


“Dats a gud babbeh.” Elsa said happily. “Wub bestest babbeh.”

The ice blue unicorn chirped happily, then drained the remainder of the milk that was in the right teat before unlatching and heading back to the left, which she had also emptied earlier. Nearby, the white unicorn slept by itself, left alone by his Pink sister, who was slowly worming her way over to Elsa.

Ever since she was born, the Pinkie Pie had felt like the middle child of the foals. While she was never really rejected, like Hornet and Cinnamon, and hadn't fallen from grace like Seffy, the Pinkie Pie never really felt that she had the love or affection that she craved. Now, while Elsa was distracted, the Pinkie Pie slowly approached Elsa and felt the touch of her fluff, hoping to maybe catch her attention long enough to get a hug or maybe even steal an embrace from her.

It was for naught.

Spotting her, Elsa puffed out her cheeks and said “Go awai! Weab bestest mummah and bestest babbeh awone, dummeh nu wed babbeh!” She picked up the foal and carried over to where the white unicorn was, and plopped her down. She didn't dare stomp it, out of fear of what Matt would do to her. But still, this couldn’t stand. She pressed her snout down close to the two babies, and said “Nebbah wan see yu again, dummeh babbeh. If Ewsa du, wiww gif yu wowstest sowwy hoofies.”

The Pinkie Pie, denied the love and affection she wanted, began to cry. Else, in turn, yelled back “Shuddup dummeh babbeh!” before picking up her bestest baby and said “Wub bestest babbeh. Bu’ haf tu wub tummeh babbehs tu!” Then, she placed the foal in the warmest spot on her fluff, before, cradling her stomach.

She was starting to show, as her stomach was beginning to potrude from her. She could already feel them beginning to wriggle inside her, not knowing how many that she would have. She smiled and began to giggle as she felt them slowly move within her. “Siwwy tummeh babbehs.” Elsa said. “Giffing bestest mummah su many hewat happies!”

Then, she began to sing a song, “Ewsa wub babbehs, babbehs wub Ewsa, gonna get mowe nummies tu gwow big and stwong….”

All the while, the cold, staring unblinking eye of the phone continued to record.


Matt returned later that day exhausted from his first day of classes. His kids had returned from winter break wired and wild, and not at all ready to work. He sighed. He had a lot of work to do if he was going to make sure that his seniors made it to May, whether he had to carry them or not.

Still, it had been a productive day. He had planned for the week, and even got a chance to log onto PonyTrader, where he listed Elsa under the “breeder mare” section, and the three foals under the “foals” section. He would need to get pictures, but for now, he had their characteristics, and their diets listed, with a promise for more later.

As he tossed his keys and wallet in the bowl near the door, he began to hear some frantic cheeping. Concerned, Matt headed over to the guest bedroom, which had been turned into a sort of saferoom for the foals, now that they were a bit older.

As he approached the doggie bed that he had bought at Wal-Mart for the foals, he saw the source of the peeping: Hornet. The black and yellow alicorn was sitting up, and the peeps were beginning to elongate into...sounds.


What the hell, Matt thought as he squatted down and picked up the foal. The alicorn craned his neck towards the source of his “upsies” before his eyelids began to flutter, then slowly, open, revealing a pair of golden colored eyes that stood out against his black fluff.

Matt smiled. Hornet’s eyes were open. That was a...rather major milestone, he thought. He had at least gotten one foal past the chirpie stage.

“Hey there, Hornet.” Matt smiled. The foal peeped back and managed a “wub!” and a “daddeh!”.

Matt smiled as he stroked the little guy’s head, a tad perplexed, especially as the foal was struggling to find his voice and was now attempting to stand. This was...unexpected, Matt thought This is unexpected, as Matt hadn’t expected it to happen until at least a couple of more days. However, as Hornet was an alicorn, he was supposed to be a bit smarter, and more advanced than the other foals. Plus, he had been giving him that formula, and he was a bit...different, in regards to his unique recovery ability that Sarah had identified.

In any case, at least he would have the chance to finally have some one on one time with the foal. “Yes.” Matt said, petting the little alicorn’s head, causing it to coo in pleasure. “I’m your daddy. And your name is Hornet.”

Hornet chirped happily. “Yay! *chirp* am Hownet! *chirp*”

Matt smiled. He was starting to like the little guy, and his energetic personality. Now, he turned the alicorn over towards the other snoozing foals. “And these are your sisters.” He pointed to the still sleeping and blind brown pegasus. “This is Cinnamon.” Matt then pointed towards Sephiroth, who was peeping after having been woking up by the pair “And that’s Seffy.”

Hornet let out a happy “Yus!” before crawling over to his two sisters. “Hewwo Seffy sissy. Hewwo Cinna...Cinna sissy. Am Hownet. Wub yu bof!” He nuzzled and awkwardly hugged the pair, causing them to chirp in happiness. Matt smiled. The foal programs he had downloaded must have done their work. Hornet was, so far, pretty damn pleasant. He only hoped that once his sisters opened their eyes that the programming held so they wouldn’t react to his ...unique features...


Matt spent the next thirty minutes or so playing with Hornet, showing him basic stuff like the ‘miwkie station’, the ‘wittabox’, and most importantly, ‘bwockies!’ Hornet’s vocabulary also began to expand the more that Matt talked to him, causing him to slowly loose his awkward stutter, and allow him to more or less talk coherently, mimicking Matt.

The pair would be interrupted when the doorbell rang, indicating Heather and Emmy were there. Emmy was still clad in her school uniform, but was now wearing her fox hat that she had gotten from her school trip to “Meow Wolf” the week before. Heather was prettily dressed in a sweater, leggings, and a skirt.

“I am the Fox Queen!” Emmy proclaimed as she entered, doing a squat and thrusting her fists in the air.

Matt smiled. “A fox, huh? I though Meow Wolf was more of a cat-dog hybrid!”

Emmy scoffed. “Art is subjective, you uncultured swine.”

Heather flushed, slightly embarrassed. Matt didn’t care, having been called worse in his five years as a teacher. Besides, he had more important things to share. Cocking his head to the side, he motioned for them to follow him.

Heading over to the guest bedroom, Hornet poked his head over the edge of the dog bed and asked, “Hewwo, Daddeh! Who am da hoomins?”

Heather and Emmy’s eyes widened. “He can talk!” Heather said with surprise. Emmy, for her part, ran over. She scooped up Hornet, saying excitedly “Hi Hornet! It’s so good to finally meet you. I’m Emmy!”

Hornet chirped loudly. “Yu am Emmy! Wemembah yow voice wen nu couwd open see pwaces yet.”

Emmy giggled, and huggled the foal closely. “That’s right. You remembered!”

Matt walked over to Heather. “I guess we’d better leave them to it.”

Heather nodded, her notebook tucked under her arm. “I guess so.” She smiled. “If she’s that excited over one, just wait till she meets the other two.”

“More like the other five.” Matt said with frustration. “Elsa is up to something. I just don’t know what yet.”

Heather looked over at him, confused. “What do you mean?”

Matt recounted the morning’s events, as well as his previous conversation with Sarah. Meanwhile, Emmy and Hornet talked in the next room, beginning to get to know one another. Matt smirked inwardly in amusement, wondering what the two could talk about, considering that Hornet’s life experience that he could probably reasonably recount consisted of an hour or two, at most.

“So, when did you put the camera up?” Heather asked, after Matt had caught her up.

Matt nodded. “This morning, before I left to school. The phone should have recorded at least a couple of hours of footage.”

Heather nodded. “Have you checked it yet?”

Matt shook his head. “Haven’t had the chance. I’ve kind of been distracted with the whole ‘alicorn entering the uncanny valley by speaking for the first time’ thing.”

Heather let out a small laugh. “Well, let’s go further down the rabbit hole then. Let’s see what you might have recorded. Hopefully, something more than just “fluffy crapping in the litterbox.’”

Matt let out an amused chuckle. “God no. Fluffies shit more than enough as it is. Let’s see what we’ve got. I have a hunch on what it is.”


Elsa was none the wiser as they walked in, having heard Matt twisting the knob soon enough to gather the two out of favor foals to give the appearance of good motherhood. She smiled sweetly. “Hewwo daddeh and hoomin mawe. Am hewe tu gif nummies tu Ewsa and oddah babbehs?”

“Hi Elsa.” Heather said. “Umm, not yet, I’m just waiting for your daddy, so he can help me with some, human things.”

Elsa shrugged them off. “Siwwy hoomin mawe, nuffin mowe impawtent den giffing nummies tu gud mummahs.”

Matt let out a loud “Hah!” as he unplugged the phone. Then, motioning to Heather, the pair went into the washroom, while Elsa watched them leave with some contempt over their lack of food for her.

“How much did you get?” Heather asked, hunching over the phone.

“About three hours, before the phone ran out of space. Still, it should be enough to see if my hunch is right.”

After pushing play, Matt’s assumption was correct within the first thirty minutes. After becoming slightly angry over the treatment of the Pinky Pie, the sound of Elsa’s out of tune mummah songs soon cleared up all doubt.

“She’s pregnant. But how?” Heather asked.

Matt ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “I don’t know. Maybe she got knocked up before I got her. It’s just...fuck...more of them? I haven’t even finished raising this batch yet.”

Heather put a hand on Matt’s shoulder, sending a not unpleasant shiver up his spine. She was close enough that he could smell her perfume, a mixture of lavender and other flowers. Heather looked into his eyes. “Matt, you have bigger problems to worry about right now. You need to get those foals away from her. All of them. She’s going to do something to them, and who knows how long she’ll be nice to her favorite. I know you’re trying to be kind, but you can’t let this go on. And you know you have to, too.”

Matt sighed, then leaned against the washer. He placed the phone down behind him, as he went deep into thought. He had wanted to be a good person. He really did.

But now, he had to do what was best.

After a couple of minutes, Matt had a plan.

Matt quickly got in front of Heather, his mind now locked in on what he needed to do. He quickly leaned in to grab a small basket that he had put away in the washroom cabinet above her. The suddenness of his motions surprised, Heather, whose eyes widened and her cheeks flushed, as Matt came very close to pressing himself against her. “What are you….”

Matt responded quietly, his voice now firm with authority. “Stay here, and be ready. If this goes south, I’m going to need you to grab the foals while I hold Elsa. If I yell now, haul ass inside.”

Heather nodded, then closed the door after Matt, making sure to keep it open a crack so she could listen….


Matt trotted over to Elsa, keeping the basket behind his back so as not to tip her off to his intentions. Elsa, for part,immediately put on her saddest expression, and said, in a syrupy voice “Daddeh, pwease gif Ewsa mowe nummies. Haf biggest tummeh huwties, and nee aww da nummies Ewsa can get tu make miwkies fow bestest babbeh.”

Matt, however, wasn’t in the mood. He decided to dropp all pretenses. “Don't you mean babies?” he said calmly. He saw an expression of concern on Elsa’s face, bordering on alarm. Jackpot, he thought. “I give you more than enough food to produce for your babies. Enough for you to have been able to feed all of them, really.” He said calmly. “So, the only reason why you need more food is because you are pregnant. You have more babies on the way.”

Elsa felt a cold shiver down her spine. She had been so careful. And yet now, in spite of her best efforts, he knew. In any case, she was determined to hold onto her children, no matter what. Going on the defensive she began to yell “Nu! Nu haf babbehs! Ewsa jus’ nee’ mowe nummies!”

Matt looked at her with a small bit of sympathy, before crushing it. She was going to hide the pregnancy from him to the bitter end. In any case, he couldn’t be gentle any more. His anger at her neglect of her foals had killed the last bit of sympathy he had for the mare. He had to attack her fast.

“I heard you singing to them.” Matt said calmly, with an edge to his voice as his patience began to waver. “I also know that you aren't taking care of the white unicorn and your Pinky Foal. Hell, I know you threatened your Pinky Foal with ‘sowwy hoofies’ when she just wanted love from you. You fucking bitch.” Matt advanced calmly, while Elsa began to back away, feeling panic. Matt was still pissed. “If it wasn’t for me, those two babies would be dead now, thanks to you. You are the worst mother ever.”

“Dat nu am twue!” Elsa stammered. “Am da bestest mummah. Take cawe of aww da babbehs!”

“Oh really,” Matt said, going for the throat in his verbal attacks. “Is that you hurt Seffy, your blue baby? Is that why you left Hornet and Cinnamon out to die in the snow when I went to go rescue your fat little bestest baby! You are a horrible mother.” Elsa began to tear up and cry, holding out her bestest foal like a sort of meat shield, to try and take the blow of the ‘meanie wowds’ that were coming out of Matt. Matt stopped. “But even then, I’m still going to be nice enough to give you a choice. It all depends on how you answer the question.”

Elsa looked at Matt with confusion and fear, as well as a hint of curiosity. What was her now and forever ‘munstah daddeh’ going to ask her?

Matt looked at her with a scary sense of detachment and anger. “I'm going to ask you just this once.” He said. “And you better not lie, or I will make the choice myself.” He let out a slow breath that he had been holding in. “Do you have babies?”

Else sighed. She couldn’t press her luck. Not now. “Yus.”

Matt nodded. “So here is your choice. You can either keep these three babies and give up your tummy babies. All I gotta do is buy some special kibble, and then they’ll be gone forever. They won’t feel any hurties from it, whatsoever.”

Elsa gasped and hugged her stomach protectively, placing her bestest baby on the ground of the garage in the process. “NU!” She yelled. “Nu gif tummeh babbehs fowebbah sweepies! Babbehs am da most impawtent fing in da wowwd! Munstah!”

Matt wanted to punt her into his garage door, but resisted. “Then, that leads me to your other choice. You keep your tummy babbehs, and I’ll take the other three babies. I promise I’ll give them all the food, love, and toys they could want. I’ll try my best to make sure they have good homes, with good mummahs and daddehs that will love them and protect them.”

Elsa looked at her ‘bestest babbeh’, the only remaining baby she felt love and affection to since her pregnancy with a look of sadness and horror. Could she really give her up? Could she really give up her favorite baby?

Matt sensed that she was close. It was time for the final part of his plan, and the most riskiest. “Besides, why would you even want these babies? I mean, come on, they were in the same litter as a monster baby, weren’t they?” He smiled a cold smile. “II was looking over Cinnamon today. She actually looks a lot like hornet. Who knows, maybe one of these babies is a lot more like him then you may think?”

That did it. Elsa now looked at her bestest baby with a look of suspicion and fear. The cute face, which she once thought was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, now seemed to be twisting in evil. She began to think back. How had a ‘munstah’ gotten into her tummy? Munstah babbehs were supposed to be ‘twicksy babbehs’ too. How else could they sneak inside a good mummah? Maybe her bestest was actually a secret ‘munstah’, taking all of her love and miwkies so she could secretly num her ‘tummeh babbehs’ when they came?

And then, when her babies were gone, she’d num her?

Elsa suddenly had a vision, of foals, all looking like little clones of her, blue and white and hownie, just like her, falling into the open mouths of her black munstah babbeh, and her now ‘ebil twicksy bestest munstah babbeh’, all while they laughed and tore them apart. All while the screams of her beautiful ‘tummeh babbehs’ sounded in her ears.

Elsa felt so stupid. How could she have fallen for such a horrible trick? She was the bestest mummah? How could this have happened?

And then, she heard the cries of her babies in her vision, screaming!

“Wai mummah?!”

“Wai yu wet munstahs num babbehs?!”

“Fought yu wubbed babbehs!”

“Fought yu wubbed babbeh!”

“Mummah, sabe babbeh!”


Matt snapped his fingers. Elsa had gone blank for at least a good couple of minutes, just staring out into the garage. He knew he was possibly pushing her psyche a little bit, but he hoped that he haven't broken her.

At the sound of the snap, Elsa broke then began to screech/ “Nu! Take dese ebil babbehs awai! Haf tu sabe poow tummeh babbehs! Munstah twicksy babbehs! Munstahs!”

Matt moved quickly, grabbing each of the foals, and placing them in the basket before Elsa could possibly attack them. The one that made the most of a fuss was the ‘bestest baby’, who was now peeping in distress, due to her mother abandoning her.

Matt walked over to the door, but, as he had his hand on the knob, suddenly turned and said, “Are you sure? Is this really what you want?”

Elsa puffed her cheeks at him. “Yus! Wiww keep tummeh babbehs. Yu can haf dummeh babbehs.”

Matt looked at her with a mixture of anger and disappointment. “So be it.” Matt turned away from Elsa as she curled up and cradled her yet unborn foals, her mind dreaming of the possibilities of what was inside.

As for Matt, he simply thought back to that day, in the snow, when Elsa was determined to protect her foals more than anything else.

And now, she had abandoned the last of them.


Heather looked at Matt as he walked back into the washroom, the small basket of peeping technicolor masses chirping after Elsa’s outburst. “That was...honestly, it was risky.” Heather said. “That could have gone badly.”

“I know.” Matt said. “But there was no other way. Elsa won’t let there be any other way.” He sighed. “In any case, it’s probably high time we clean these three up, and introduce them to the others. I’ll be playing the ‘mummah programming’ songs again tonight, so they don’t freak the fuck out when they see Hornet.”

“You think they’re going to open their eyes soon?” Heather asked as she picked up the Pinky Pie to clean it with wet wipes. “Who’s a pretty baby?” She cooed to the tiny filly. The creature chirped happily, glad to be free of her otherwise miserable existence with Elsa.

“Probably.” Matt replied. “Alicorns are ahead of their normal siblings, but not too far ahead. I honestly expect Cinnamon and Seffy to open their eyes within the next day or so. Especially, since I have pretty much been caring for them.” He looked down at the white unicorn, which was quietly, submissively accepting of his bath. “These little guys, I give maybe another day or so, so I am gambling that whatever training I do give them sticks.”

“What about that one?” Heather said, pointing to the ‘bestest baby’, which was now chirping loudly and angrily for Elsa. Muffled behind the door, Matt and Heather heard Elsa shout “Shuddup twicksy babbeh! Ewsa knu yow gamsie nao!”

“I don't know.” Matt said honestly. “Unless she gets with the program, she's in for a world of hurt. And I’ve already listed them for sale on PonyTrader, so these three have a clock that’s ticking on them. I’m hoping she’ll reform soon, before it’s too late.”


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