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Note: So I've deviated from my usual straight to carnage style for a little character development. I figured that those readers interested in my work so far might like a little more back story. I hope you enjoy!

The Squirmening Part 5:
The Queen of Darkness

Darkness... Darkness... Darkness...
You blink several times stirring awake trying to will your see places to show you the morning but to no avail. It's been this way since you were a babbeh and almost got you forever sleepies on several occasions. Luckily you being the only surviving babbeh of the last litter she'd ever have led your mother to protect you despite being a dummeh babbeh. That and apparently you are a very beautiful fluffy with a rainbow mane and tail, light pink fluff, and a glittering horn that shoots sparks when you are excited. Your only blemish being the milky white eyes staring into space. Of course these labels mean little to you as the seen world is an experience you have never had. But your good looks have kept you alive even if only for enfies from any stallion that fancies you. And when that doesn't work your advanced intelligence (for a fluffy) allows you to talk yourself out of most conflicts.

Many bright times have come and gone in your herd and you have been a mummah for most of that time. The endless stream of enfies leading to dozens of litters most of which immediately become enfie babbehs, food, or both. Your lack of sight made this existence a little easier though as not being able to see your babbehs left you less attached. Out of sight out of mind you suppose. You've actually become quite adept at babbeh making because of this. Your litters often contain 12 or more babbehs and your herd uses you as a resource for this reason. You are also a little tougher than the average fluffy. The likely result of tripping over your own feet and bumping blindly into your sorroundings growing up.

You rolled from your side onto your hoofsies and stood up slowly stretching. A process made a little uncomfortable with your engorged milky places and sore special place. You've given birth recently. A litter of 15 a couple bright times ago most of which are likely either dead or in the beginning process of becoming future toughies by now. Many of your children protect this herd and have no idea that you were their mother. The result of your herd's leader not allowing you to care for any of your children. Often claiming "Dummeh no see place mummah bad fo babbehs." Not surprisingly leading to occasions where you are enfed by them leading to less desirable litters. You seem to have the foresight (ironically) to realize this but the rest of your herd are none the wiser and you've given up trying to explain it.

Following a yawn you slowly retrace your steps out of your leaf covered housie eyes closed to avoid eye hurties. Your sense of smell picked up your herd's nummy pile as your head passed through the final barrier of leaves. Able to discern the direction of the smell you made your way carefully to it. You could hear other fluffies chomping noisely likely making messes of themselves as you approached. You circled the pile carefully smelling for your favorites but mostly just trying to avoid nu pwetty smelling food.

Settling on a couple ripe strawberries and a carrot you carefully placed them in your mouth trying not to mess yourself in the process. You carried the food to a particularly fresh smelling patch of grass and dandelions. Laying down on your side daintily you placed the food at your feet and began picking away at it pausing every now and then to smell and listen to your sorroundings. Other than the occasional drama from your herd the only sounds you heard were wind rustled trees and birds singing. You enjoyed the peace eating and occasionally humming to yourself happily.

After finishing you sat there intent on making the moment last as long as possible. But to no surprise your peace was rudely interrupted by loud stomping footsteps coming in your direction. You recognized the footsteps as that of your herd's leader. An incredibly stupid but very large blue earthy named Berry. He exists by shear toughness alone. His huge size makes him very clumsy and he has fallen on many occasions sometimes crushing fluffies and babbehs alike. The fluffies usually survive but not without permanent injury. Most commonly the loss of one or more legs and/or getting derped. The babbehs on the other hand are never so lucky. On the few occasions he's attempted enfing you there were some close calls. Luckily this isn't often as he seems to have trouble getting it up. His pride hurt he'd often storm off blaming you saying you're not pwetty enough or your milkie places are too small which you wish was true. The stomping stopped in front of you and you looked in the direction of his loud heaving breaths.

"Why mare no soon mummah yet?" He asked you bluntly.

"I had babbehs two bwight times ago Bewwy. Need enfies to be soon mummah again but still have hurties." You responded frankly.

"Bewwy no care. Herd need moe toughies. Lose wots of toughies getting nummies wast bwight time." He said firmly.

Turning on the charm and tilting your body back further showing off more of your milky inflated crotch tits you say. "Pwease Bewwy if you want biggest stwongest toughies den need one moe bwight time to west."

All the toughies breathing became sexually frustrated. But Berry's breath the most of all for reasons only you know.

Berry now uncomfortable and vulnerable blurted, "Awight! Next bwight time! Come on toughies!" The toughies paused likely staring longingly at you but sensing the frustration in Berry's voice they followed quickly not wanting to frustrate him further.

You relax rolling forward back into your original position moving your crotch tits "mostly" back underneath you. You take a deep breath and sigh gently tired. Of course physically and mentally but this kind of tired felt even deeper.

You began thinking about your mummah. The only fluffy that ever showed you any kindness. She was tough and smart always finding ways to get us nummies even when the herd wouldn't share. She was often beaten and enfed against her will but no matter what she always had love set aside just for you. But one day soon after you were old enough to take care of yourself she hugged you goodnight and by morning she was gone. You woke up a little colder than usual and quickly realized your mummah had gone forever sleepies her now lifeless arms embracing you. You're not sure how long you laid there but eventually the tummie hurties and head hurties was too much to bear and you left the nest in search of food and...


You snap your head back startled out of your memories by a crunching twig behind you almost making bad poopies but somehow keeping it together.

"Who thewe!?" You started.

*Scene change*

There lied the most beautiful creature you have ever laid your eyes on. She laid there now staring in your direction from over her shoulder but not like other fluffies. Her eyes seemed to lack direction not quite focusing on where you are but her ears on the other hand were pointed right at you twitching every now and then. Her nostrils flared intensely with her breath searching for any sign of danger.

Was she in danger? You've been hunting this herd for the past couple of days picking them off one by one for fun not revealing your presence to any but your prey immediately before they die. A part of you wanted to tear her to shreads but these new urges you've been experiencing held you back. And this gourgous creature you've been watching for an hour now had such a confident and intelligent air about her that you have never seen in any fluffy before.

"Hewwo?" She said tilting her head curiously and frowning further.

Hunting fluffies for as long as you have has helped you learn how to talk like them but usually you only use their speech to lure them into traps. Your fluffy voice is a little deeper compared to theirs but you know how to sound friendly and what type of phrases made them the most trusting and happy.

"Hewwo." You reply in a deep but pleasant voice.

"Who awe yuu? Nu know yoe sound." She replied sheepishly.

Much smarter than the average fluffy. "I am fluffy fwom otha hewd. Juss ouw splowing looking fo nummies. Nu mean scaw yu. Just passing thwough buh saw how pwetty you ah and got distwacted." You say as charasmatic as possible.

Her ears went down slightly and she turned her head away shyly smiling. "Tank you nice fwuffy. I nu hear pwetty wordies hewe." She replied still looking away from you embarrassed. "Youw hewd aww noice wike yu?" She questioned looking back in your direction a now lightened expression on her face.

"Nu aww buh hewd nicer dan some." You replied sounding sincere. "We twy make suwe no fluffy go hungwy and aww babbehs goo babbehs."

Her ears perked up at this a gleam of hope brightening her expression further.

"Fwuffy am mummah?" You asked.

This question however made her frown deeply and she looked away trying to cover her face likely hiding tears.

"Wa wong? Fwuffy sowwy. Nu mean give u saddies." You respond abruptly trying to salvage the situation.

"It nu youw fawt. Fwuffy mummah tu many babbehs bu nu can have dem. Hewd take aw babbehs fow nummies, enfies, and make toughies." She explained looking back in your direction the fluff on her face now slightly wet with tears.

This lit a fire inside you the likes of which you've never felt. A searing anger that sent an electricity down your spine causing your many tails to begin twitching about behind you. It took every ounce of will you have not to get up from your hiding place and rip her entire herd to shreds right then and there. You wanted to give her vengeance and above all to protect her from ever having to bear the weight of another tear on her face. A low growl vibrated in your chest. And a couple of your tails brushed against foliage behind you startling her slightly.

"Am fwuffy ok." She asked concerned?

"Yu wan to weeve dis pwace?" You ask while trying to hide the rage building inside you.

"Oh yes!" She blurted out excited and smiling getting to her feet. Her outburst drew the attention of a couple fluffies around the food pile. They looked up still chewing in her direction.

You quickly receded further into your hiding place and made a shushing sound just loud enough for her to hear.

"What enfie mare doin!?" The closest fluffy huffed irritated spitting half chewed food in her direction.

"Sowwy." She said nervously. "Big buggy munsta give scawies bu give munsta sowwy stompies." She lied with surprising ease.

Her rear now faced you. Her special place and crotch tits flashing you in between wags of her excited tail. The only body language that betrayed her otherwise perfectly executed lie. You could feel lust building inside you. A rush of heat and pressure began filling your loins revealing the tip of your no no stick luckily shielded with the rest of you by the shrub you crouched in.

The fluffy that spoke rolled its eyes then returned to stuffing it's face. The others did soon after.

"Sowwy new fwiend." She whispered once she felt the coast was clear. "Fwuffy willy take Staw (Star) wiff yu?" She asked excitement bubbling up again.

"Fwuffy name is Staw?" You asked curiously.

"U yus." She beamed. "Mummah name me after hew favowite ting afta me of couwse. She aways used to tell me dat was whewe I came fwom when I was babbeh and dat the staws were the most beautifuw tings in da howe wowld. Evewy night I wish fow my see pwaces to wet me see dhem juss once bu dey nevew do." She said staring knowingly into empty space sad but no tears wet her face. "It am awight. At weast I met a new fwiend who will fwee me fwom dis pwace." She said somehow looking right at you as if she could see into the very depths of your soul.

Your stomach twisted so hard you had to hold back sickies swallowing hard and taking a rasping breath. What on Earth was going on here. This encounter had become a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions you have never experienced. Above all else though you wanted this mare. You wanted to be close to her. You wanted to make her your queen...

*Scene change*

You stare into your monitors perplexed. Your creation which you've recently decided to name Squirm was acting odd. Something was wrong. Very wrong. You've been watching Squirm with the infrared camera mounted on your drone and he has been almost completely still for over an hour now. If it weren't for the ever-writhing mass of tails at his back and the unusual temperature fluctuations from his body you'd have assumed he was dead. He seems to be staring at this one fluffy but for reasons that are currently beyond you as he won't seal the deal and finish the little fucker off like usual.

"What are you up to?" You whisper leaning closer to your monitors and reaching for the switch to turn on the audio receiver you installed on your drones last week.


"... Fluffy name is Staw?" Asked a strangely deep fluffy voice crackling from my speakers.

"U yus... Mummah..." A normal sounding but oddly coherent fluffy voice spoke in return giving a piece of it's life story. Upon finishing it's story a deep wretch came from Squirm and his body temperature sky rocketed suddenly.

"Hmmm..." You say leaning back in chair which protested the shift in weight with a short creaking sound. "It seems as though my little squirm is becoming a man..."

To be continued...
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MoonMan: Oh man this has got to be one of my favorite story series on the booru. Looks like a beauty and the beast tale...but hopefully with more body horror...
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TheSquirmening: @MoonMan: Oh yeah there'll be plenty of horror lol. This bit here is just the quiet before the storm.