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>You are a homeless Vietnam veteran...
>And in the past five weeks you have made $142.
>Fluffies, that's how.
>Decades of scouraging around and sitting on the corners of the streets with a sign
begging for food have taught you the horrible truth of the nature of humanity: they don't
give a fuck about their own.
>But neither do fluffies, so... You guess it all evens out.
>Here's how your system works - you go into the alleyways at night with (not so clean) grocery
bags, and you grab any and every fluffy you can find.
>Then, you go and procure yourself some cardboard (which is in ready supply seeing as to how
the little rats like to make their nests of the stuff) and something to write on them.
>Fluffy stool works pretty well for the writing material.
>Once you have acquired these two things, you then write on your sign a simple service.
| $1 == I pet and love a fluffy |
| $5 == I hurt and abuse a fluffy. |
>For some reason, this has netted you far more money than you ever got by just writing
>Practically 2/3 of the people who walk by and actually *read* the sign will give you money.
>And to your great surprise they will almost always give $5 and watch you do it.
>An even greater surprise is the number of people who give $6, so that they can watch you
pick a fluffy from your bags, pet it and love it, and then hurt it.
>The only limit to the amount of money you can make is just how many of the shitrats you can
get on hand.
>And since they're usually in ready supply, this is not very much of a limit.
>It's another dreary day on the sidewalk infront of the entrance to a local business.
>You have next to you a cardboard box of about 6 fluffies or so that you randomly grabbed off the
street last night.
>You only briefly glanced over your bounty, but you saw you had a mare with 3 foals, and two
ugly looking stallions.
>As people walk by, all they hear is the annoying mewls of the vermin.
>"Hewwo!? Fwuffy can come out of sowwy box?"
>"Huu huu... Mummah babbeh scawed. Nu want sowwy box nu 'mo."
>"Whewe mistuh go? Daddeh? Pwease come gib sketties!"
>This is how you get people interested.
>And annoyed.
>Both a very profitable combination when it comes to fluffy ponies.
>It's only about 10 minutes after setting up shop that you net your first customer, who
immediately scowls upon hearing the contents of your box.
>He glances around before settling on you and your sign, then grins.
>Wordlessly, he pulls from his pocket a $5 bill and hands it to you.
>You nod and smile at him as you reach into the box and grab one of the fluffies
by the scruff of its matted neck and yank it out of the bag.
>"EEP! MUMMAH! NU WIKE BAD UPPSI- EEK!" the vermin's cries of protest are cut short by your
finger being shoved into its mouth.
>The foal begins spewing shit and piss all over the sidewalk as you rake your finger in and out of its mouth,
its gagging like music to you and your customer's ears.
>Even with your finger raping its throat, it still attempts its cries of protests.
>The man begins chuckling, before breaking out into a full laugh and shaking his head.
>"Okay, okay." the man says, pulling out a $1 bill, "now give it some love!"
>Oh boy we got a live one.
>You yank your finger out of the foal's mouth, making sure your nail scrapes the roof of it,
drawing blood.
>"Huu huu huu... Pwease nice mistuhs, babbeh have wowstest mouf huwties. No 'mo."
>Upon saying this, one of the fluffies in the box raises its voice above the others,
>"NUU! BABBEH, MUMMAH HEWE! HUU HUU! PWEASE MISTUH GIB BABBEH BA-" you hit the box with your fist,
and you hear a few of the fluffies start crying and voiding their bowels.
>You take the dollar from the man and pocket it, the foal in your hand shaking in fear.
>Wiping your finger off on your jacket (leaving a nasty splotch of fluffy vomet and saliva on it),
you expertly maneuver the foal lightly into the palm of your hand, and begin rubbing its back.
>It isn't long before the foal ceases its trembling and begins coo'ing.
>"Nice mistuh gib good touchies? Coo... Wub nice mistuh... Am good babbeh..."
>It's like it just forgot the entirety of the past 5 minutes when you were raping its fucking mouth
with your finger.
>The man grins and pulls out another $5 and hands it to you.
>Slowly you begin to close your hand around the foal before finally its in a death grip.
>Unable to move or get a word out, its pleading eyes meet the client, who has a devilish smirk.
>You begin shaking it up and down, and it finally gets a noise out: a very low groan.
>The watch on the mans arm beeps and he sighs. "Alright, well that was entertaining."
>He walks away as you drop the foal back in the box, who instantly begins crying uncontrollably as
the mother tries consoling it with 'hugs' and 'wub'.
>Of course it does no good.
>It's about mid-day when business begins picking up at the ol' corner store, and when a commotion
occurs inside of the box.
>"NU! NU HUWT MUMMAH!" you hear the high pitched nails-on-a-chalkboard voice of the foals cry,
before the box shakes a little and another cry wails into the air.
>Groaning you look into the box.
>The stench of shit and piss make your nose crinkle in disgust, and you get slightly annoyed
when you see one of the foals has had its head crushed into the box.
>It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the hell is going on here.
>You take a mare, some foals, and two stallions and throw them in a box for a few hours with
nothing to do.
>The fuck you think?
>Yeppp. Shitrats gonna be shitrats.
>One of the stallions, a piss-yellow coated one-eyed fuck of a fluffy, has the mares
head held against the floor of the cardboard.
>The other stallion, a (surprise surprise) unicorn with a matted orange coat is hobbling on top of her
backside, its 2 inch errection dripping with anticipation.
>The remaining 2 foals are huddled into the farthest corner they can get away from the ordeal,
silently sobbing.
>Your merchandise is going to kill itself.
>You shake the box up and down - the foals flying up a few inches in the air and smacking into the floor
a few times, the two stallions falling to the floor, and the mare comically jiggling and trying to stay afoot.
"That's more than enough of that, you fucking vermin." you start, glaring into the box. "None of that! Behave!"
>The unicorn glares back at you, cheeks puffed, "SHADDUP DUMMEH SKY-HOOMAN! DIS SMAWTY'S BAWKS NAO!"
>It shits all over the box behind it to further cement the statement.
>"Hey uh.." You look behind you and see a 13 year old boy. "I'll give you $10 right here and now to kill
that thing."
>It fills your heart to see the youth of America participating in capitalism.
>You take his money and grab the smarty by the fluffy of his neck, who immediately begins crying.
>You slam it into the hard and hot concrete ground.
>"I'm not your 'daddeh', you gross piece of fucking shit."
>It sobs as you grab it tightly from its hips.
>You then position it in such a way that its legs are splayed out at its sides - nothing left to stop
you from doing what you're about to do.
>The kid begins laughing as you push down on the torso of the cretin - its legs instantly buckling,
the flesh at the thighs tearing as the legs spread further and further apart.
"SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!" The fluffys eyes widen and go bloodshot from the pain as you push further and further down
>Its 1 inch flaccid dick makes contact with the pavement, along with its balls.
>"HAHA! YEAH!" The kid cheers, as you begin grinding it into the sidewalk.
>"NUUU-haf-haf-haf!" It manages to get out, as its cock and balls are obliterated.
>You release your grip on the shitrat, and it lays there panting and sobbing.
>You rise to your feet and put the heel of your old boot on its head, glancing at the teenager, who
nods in anticipation.
>Slowly but surely, your foot presses on its head, the smarty knowing full and well what is about to happen.
>It can only rapidly throw its front two legs to and fro as its head is crushed into the pavement.
>With a final gurgle, its body looses all tension, and goes still.
>"Hahaha! Rock on, man!" The kid gives you a fist bump before going on his merry way.
>You peel the not-so-smart-now smarty off the sidewalk and throw it in the box, which has been eerily quiet
throughout this entire ordeal.
>Instantly when its residents see the result of the torture, the box erupts in uproarious squeels of
>Its like music to your ears.
>Its the end of the day.
>You only made $21 today, but hey - there's always tomorrow.
>Sadly you are now on just 2 foals, a mare, and the remaining stallion, but you can easily
go get more.
>There is though the possibility of the fluffies starving overnight.
>But that fear is put to rest immediately on looking into the box.
>The mare and the stallion are eagerly tearing into the entrails of the dead smarty, babbling about how
good the "tummeh sketties" are, while the two foals suckle at the mares teats.
>You're pretty surprised the other stallion didn't try raping the mare after the smarty was gone,
but you figured even it was smart enough not to try shit after witnessing what it got the
smarty into.
>You throw the box into your alley and head off to the 24 hour liquor store to get some whiskey,
proud of another day's work now complete.
>However as you nurse the cheap booze, you can't help but feel ashamed.
>Ashamed at the author, who rushed through this shitty bullshit story, and who you *know*
is not going to proof-read it before uploading it.
>You take a mental note to take a piss on the fluffies in the box since you can't piss on the author instead.
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IGotIdeas: Laughed at ending I thought this okay
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Nocturn: This was great. Fluffy torture and mayhem and profit.
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Anonymous1: Mind if I borrow this idea of a homeless man making money off fluffies?
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JohnDoe: @Anonymous: Sure man go ahead!
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Anonymous2: I like. hobo kill chimera for money, like dungeon also dragon.
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NottooFluf2: What's this, fluffy torture, capitalism, some justice and a joke at the end? JohnDoe you are spoiling us. Rotten Spoiled.