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The Dancie Babbeh


Your just a regular dude named Lenny, but you go by Len to everyone around you, and today is going to be a good day. A good day because you happen to have come across a fluffy family in the back alley of your work at the food packing center. Now everyone knows you as a good chap, so no one questioned when you were seen putting them in a box into your truck after work. Besides you were known for taking in a stray cat from time to time so this seemed like no big deal to your coworkers. What made this family of fluffies a good pick was that immediately you saw that they had a ranking system going.

As you were taking out some garbage you could hear the mother and special friend getting mad at a “poopeh babbeh” for trying to “steaw miwkies”. If you hadnt intervened they probably would have stomped on the poor thing to death. The fluffies themselves didn’t really have remarkable colors, but you could see how they ranked their foals. The mare was a dark pink with a dark yellow mane and the special friend was a dark yellow with a blue mane. The foals were as such; one was the same pink and yellow as the mother, the other was like the special friend but reversed with blue fluff and a yellow man. Then there were two more, one that was a deep purple with a dirty yellow mane, and a brown malnourished runt with a black frizzy mane, the whole family a bunch of earthie fluffies.

Once you saw this you thought it must have been a sign from the old gods cause only, they would know how much you love messing with fluffies and their ranking system. You surprised them at first but once you told them that you would be their new “daddeh” and give them all the sketties they could want, they became butter in your hands. Although they did protest against taking the brown runt along with them.

“Nuuu!! Nuu take poopeh babbeh!! Am bad babbeh nu smeww pwetty!” the mother wailed as I scooped up all her foals together. She even started to pound her little hooves on your pant leg as if the mere thought of the runt touching the other foals was to much to bear.

“Dat am twue! Nu am gud babbeh! Am poopeh babbeh daddeh!” the special friend said almost crying as he went around in circled frantically trying to get you to not take the runt.

That sealed it though, they were all along for the ride at this point. So you made it a point to put the runt up in the front of the truck with you instead in the back wear the fluffy family was bouncing and tumbling around no doubt in their own piss and shit as they were probably scared to death of the long ride back to your house in the middle of nowhere.

Once you’ve finally reached your house you go to get your hose, so you can clean the no even filthier fluffies in the bed of the truck. One look over the side and you were right; they were huddling together covered in head to tail in piss and shit as well as the bed of your truck.

“Ok fluffies before we go inside and get good food, you need to be clean” and with that you truned on the hose and let them have it. You sprayed the special friend first hard in the eyes and mouth so as to choke him a bit and then the mother hard on her teats. They both squealed bloody murder at the top of their lungs. “NUUU WAWAS AM BAD FU FWUFFY!!! AM BAAAAD!!! EEEESCREEEEEE!!!”, it went like this for a few minutes while you did your best to silence them with torrents of water to the face. Once that was said and done, it was time for the two foals, which would be quick given their size. One quick spray to each and it was over although you did enjoy how much they peeped for the mother in pure fright.

Once the fluffies were all clean you went to go and fetch the runt and try to convince the mother to lick it clean for shits and giggles.

“This little foal here needs to be cleaned so why don’t you be a dear and lick it clean for your new daddeh?” you say getting the little brown runt closer to the mother's snout.

“MUMMAH! MUMMAH HUNGWY! CHEEP CHEEP! PWEESE MUMMAH!” was all the runt could yell as I held it close to its mothers face. She looked onto the runt with pure disgust and tried to back away from your hand.
“NUUU!! Nu smeww pwetty!! Am bad babbeh daddeh!! Nu!!” was the mothers reply as you tried to get the foal closer.

“Look you either clean it or Im going to take away your bestest babbeh!” you yell at the pink mare finally sick of her shit. That display was enough to motivate her to get going and lick clean the runt albiet with a face of pure anxious disgust. She tried goin as fast as possible and with doing that, she did her task rather rough for the poor little runt whose malnourished body wasn’t ready for such manhandling.

“CHEEP CHEEP!! MUMMAH! SCAWY!! HURTIES!!! PEEP!!” the little thing went on and on until it’s mother was done. The rough licking was probably more than it could handle at the moment.

Now that the family was clean you scooped them up and took them into your back yard where you had your little shed of wonders. It was a shitty version of a safe room, or tried to mimic one at the very least. Once there you set down the fluffies and tell them that its time to eat, so you go to get that but stay outside the door for a little bit to just hear what they go on about. The fluffies are so stupid that they don’t really notice you still standing on the other side of the door listening to the entire ordeal.

“YAY!! New daddeh!! We habs new daddeh!! Can hab nummies mummah!!” the two foals say in uinson as the special friend is hopping around babbling about sketties to himself.

“Nu onwy bestest babbehs fiwst den dancie babbeh okay” the mare responds to her foals.

You watched as she told her dancie babbeh this with amusement. Now that you think about it, how has the brown runt been able to stay alive up till now you wonder.

“BU BUU BUT AM SOOO HUNGWIES MUMMAH!!! WOOK WOOK AM GUD DANCIE BABBEH MUMMAH! PWEESE MUMMAH AM DANCIE BABBEH!! HUUUHUUHUU!!”. The purple foal danced and danced with all its might, standing on it’s two hind hooves and wiggling his two front ones vigorously before giving up and collapsing in defeat tired. You saw this and how the special friend came to give the dancie babbeh a boop on its nose and demand a dance.

“NU stahp dancie babbeh! Dancie!” and with that the little purple foal continued to dance through tears and a light bruise forming on its snout.


“YAY AM SU HAPPIES!!!” replied the mother at the sight at the continued dance clapping her hooves as she sat on her rump. The other two foals that were the better ones in the parents eyes were just singing some song and mocking their sibling by waving their little hooves back and forth. All of them oblivious to the dancie babbehs pain. The brown runt was in a corner where they had already shit and relegated it to. It was just there trying to eat a piece of turn that was still fresh with tears streaming down its small eyes.

You liked what you saw, and before long they would all dance for you in some form or another. After about five minutes of heating up some dollar store skettie you come into the shed to find that the parents were lying next to each other and the pink and blue foals were still at trying to make their sibling dance it’s hardest. They were giving little hooves to the dancing purple foal in order to keep it dancing.

“AM SU TIWED SISSY AND BWODAH! PWEESE!! WAN PWAY!! HUHUHUUU!!. The little thing tried to reason with its brother and sister but to no avail.

You make yourself known, “Ok fluffies, Im back and I got sketties!!”

This only made the fluffies get up in hysterics.

“SKETTIES!! SKETTIES!!” was all that you could hear, that and the small huhuuing of the brown runt in the corner, probably once it knows it won't be getting any milk from the sketties.

The parents were at your legs standing up begging and screaming for their sketties. You give it to them and watch them as they devour it as if they were inhaling it. The thre foals were just running around trying to play huggy tag although with leaving out the dancie babbeh every so often until the purple foal would remind them he was there. Once the parents were done and enough time had passed to digest the sketties it was time to feed the foals. You sat there and watched as the mare let the pink and blue foals get their fill but before they could the purple foal came up asking for milk.

“Cccan hab miwlkies?” it asks getting ever close to the brother that was drinking heavily. The brother felt his unfortunate brother beside him and gave him a kick with his back leg causing the purple thing to fall onto his side and start crying.

“Nu dancie babbeh! Am fow bestest babbehs wite now!” the mare said as she noticed what was goin on and also proceed to give the foal a small boop and the snout for good measure.

“Dancie babbeh dancie now!” the special friend said with a small little nudge to the foal, one that would be a threat to any fluffy. This made the foal get up on its rump and start to wiggle it’s hooves in little cirlces while crying and sniffling.

“Dat am bad dancie babbeh! Nu cwying!!” the special friend said as he head butted the poor thing onto its back.

“HUUHUU HUU HUU! PWEESE AM DANCIE BABBEH!” was all it could say as it shifted itself onto its side in pain and started to run itself into a circle.

“HEEEHEEHEE AM GUD DANCIE!” the special friend said with glee as he watched his own foal writhe in pain on the floor.

Sometimes you just sit there and wonder about the capacity for stupidity and cruelty the fluffies had in them rolled up in fluff. By this time the two brother and sister had finished their meal and it was time for the dancie babbeh to get his fill. Once those two were full the mother pulled the purple foal to its teat so it could drink but after a little bit both teats had run dry. This caused a new bout of crying and wimpering from the pathetic foal.

“Bu bu mummah der am nu miwkies fo dancie babbeh? Mummah? He said as he prodded his mother for more milk.

“dat enuff miwlies fo dancie babbeh, gu and dancie fo mummah”

“Ookay mummah” the little foal said defeated and proceeded to stand on his hind legs and dance properly or else his dad would come and bop him again.

You go and get their attention after watching them for a little bit. “What about that foal over?” you say pointing to the filthy corner where the runt was crying while vomiting a little bit of shit back up shuddering.

“Siwwy daddah dat am poopie babbeh! Nu am gud daddeh”.

“Poopie babbeh twy steaw miwkies daddeh nu am gud babbeh!” the special friend chimes in as if his input meant anything.
You go and grab the brown shuddering foal and put it next to the other foals playing huggy tag and get ready for your next proclomation.

“These are all now dancie babbehs and there's no difference between them now ok”. This was going to be good you thought.

“NUU DADDEH!! DEES AM BESTEST BABBEHS AN DAT AM DANCIE BABBEH AN AN AN DAT AM POOPIE NU GUD BABBEH!!!” the mare started to whine while dancing around on her hooves as if it was all to much to take in pointing at her “good babbehs”.

“No these are all dancie babbehs because your new daddy says so ok!” you say a little more sternly. This only served to make the parental pair start to cry in unison along with the bestest foals who were now equal to their other unfortunate siblings.

“Get ready to dance” you say as you loom over them.
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Sirulean: “The mare started to whine while dancing around on her hooves” Oh look, mommy wants to dance with her babies too!