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The Dancie Babbeh


As you let the thought that now all the foals were dancie babbehs sink in you go to your little table that’s nearby some fertilizer and start getting duct tape and twine. You're getting your gear together when you see some old wires and get an idea so you grab them as well. Now that your ready you kneel down to the crying fluffies to get the current state of affairs, but you already knew. The purple foal was just sitting on its rump tired and trying to do an improvised good dance by fling his hooves to and frow, trying to in vain get his families spirit up. He was clearly confused at the proclomation at the other siblings being declared dancie babbehs and even more confused because that meant also meant that the “poopie brother” would also get fed.
The mother was in hysterics but the special friend was madder than anything doin his best to buck his hind legs in anger.

“NUU! DAT DANCIE BABBEH AN POOPIE BABBEH!! The special friend screamed as he moved about sometimes bumping into his foals in his blind anger. This made the whole lot cry at the near almost crushing at the hooves of their father. Everything was going great; this was the reaction you anticipated.

“Now Im going to need all the babbehs to dance really good for your new daddeh ok? And no bad dancing or your fluffy daddy gets hurties ok?” you tell them with a hint of glee in your tone that’s undetectable to the stupid bio toys. At this the special friend lost it.


“Well if they dance good there will be no hurties ok, so now let's begin little guys”. You lined up the foal as per their ranking system and let them get to work. The two healthy foals just stood there and sniffled about how they were not dancie babbehs, while the brown runt just tried to get up on its hind legs and dance like how its probably seen its sibling do many times before. It only suceeded to fall on its back and cheep in pain while slowly shuddering. The purple foal on the other hand was dancing its heart out adding things to its routine like hopping around while on its hind legs. This was impressive but not enough to save the dad any punishment, the others hardly did anything warranting mercy.
“Enough! I I’ve seen enough! That was terrible you guys, only the purple one did anything! Now you know what that means right?” you say looking at the dad fluffy who is now cowering behind the pink mare who was also cowering and slightly pissing herself.

You grab the fluffy and wrap some exposed wire around his neck and make a makeshift collar while also making sure to tie some twine around his junk and threading it through his collar. All this was made tight but not to tight as to kill the damn thing.

“Now that you got your dancie leash on, your going to dance with your foals ok?” you tell the father as you yank on the twine producing a wave of pained screams from the sad sight of a yellow fluffy. You pulled up on the twine forcing him to stand on his hind legs and dance on two hooves in absolute pain. Once you were satisfied that he was dancing well enough you went and put the foal back in a line.

“Now we’re going to try this again but this time im goin to give you guys hurties ok and you mummah has to help”. This made the fluffies cry like I said I was going to kill one of them. You get close to the two healthy brother and sister and say “ and you two better dance this time!”. You start to flick then in their faces and on their side as the mother runs screaming trying to get me to stop. All this while the father fluffy is on his side pawing at his junk trying in vain to undo the twine around his “special wumps”.

“Here we go, AGAIN!, DANCE!” you yell at them.
This time the fluffies start to dance a little bit bette, all of them actually on their hind legs and moving their front hooves. All while you make the dad fluffy dance alongside them in pain. He screams and coughs, and even begs a little but you keep him dancing.

“SCREEEEKAFFKAFFSCREEEEEEE!!! NU MOWE HUWTIES PWEEHEEHEEESSE!!!”. His wailing goes on as his foals dance next to him out of fear of the whole situation. You could see that the brown runt was now on his rump tired and exhausted trying to keep dancing by moving his hooves in front of him but failing at even that. The purple foal was putting the same vigor as before and was even screaming “WOOK WOOK!! AM DANCIE BABBEH!! GUD DANCIE BABBEH!!”. The pink and blue healthy foals were doing their damn best to keep moving but you could see that their back legs were not used to the vigorous dancing that was being required of them at the moment.
The father was starting to bleed through his restraints so you decided to stop the gig. You let the father fluffy down and he immediately goes onto his side and kicks up a storm and screeing the whole time until he went hoarse. The mare was huddled in a puddle of her own piss with her hooves over her eyes. Seems she had missed the event but hear it all.

“NO NO NO!! NOT LIKE THAT DAMN IT !!”. This angered you but only slightly, there was more to come. The foals had collapsed and started to try and get into a fluffpile and cry but the two bestest babbehs still booted the brown runt from it as soon as he got close. This made the little thing try to huddle and hug itself and sniffle it itself and say how it was scared. You wannk at the twine to get the dad fluffy back to reality as he had stopped screaming and was just laying there huffing and puffing.

“Cmon now, none of that. Get up and dance some more and show your foals how you do it ok”. You said this as you give a good pull on the twine and a nice kick to his side. He was up and dancing in no time trying his best hopping up and down tell me to look at him. He jumped up and down and the whole time never taking his little desperate eyes off of my hand that held his new leash.
“WOOK WOOK AM GUD DANCIE FLUFFY!! AM GUD DANCING FWUHUFFFYY!!SCREEEE!!!SCREEE!!!”. He went on like this until the pain in his junk and exhaustion was to much to bear and just collapsed on his back and kept wiggling his hooves in a sad tired state. He kept babbling about “hurties” and what not incoherently on the floor as his foals just cried and huddled together while the brown runt was trying to go and give its father’s leg a hug. The father fluffy was to tired bat the runt away but did whisper no in between gasps of breaths.
“Huggies! Huggies! Cheep peep! Huggies!” the brown runt cries sadly into his father's leg fluff hoping that his father wanted nothing to do with him and was horrified by his mere touch.

“You didn’t dance good enough! So, you lose one leggie!” you shout at the little pink and yellow foal sister as you grab her from the fluffpile roughly.
“NUUU!!!NUUU HUWTIES!!HUUUHUUSCREEEE!!!” the little pink thing wailed as it pissed itself. You grabbed her and took her to her father who was still on his back trying t catch his breath and relieve some of the pain on his now black and blue “special lumps”.
“You, break her leggie now.” you say as you dangle the little pink foal by the tail over the father fluffy.
“Huuhuuhuu bu bu bu nu wan huwt bestest babbbehhhhuhuu” the father cries on his back softly as he thinks about what your asking him to do.

“Thats right so get up and do it now!” you yell as you pull on the rope to get him up quickly. This gets him up in no time, and so you set the foal in front of the daddy fluffy so he may do his deed. The little foal only looks up from the floor at her mutilated father with tears and start to dance out of desperation.

“WOOK DADDEH AM GUD FWUFFY AM DANCIE FWUFFY!!PWEESE NU HUWTIES!!” it said as she wiggled this way and that way trying her best to please her fluffy father. This didn’t matter because all it took was a little slight tug at the rope and the father got to business. He went over and immediately stomped on her little left back leg so hard that the bone started to stick out at the bend. This made the little pink foal squeal from one to hoarse all in one go, as the blood started to pour out and she was on her side kicking and kicking like no tomorrow. When her voice came back, she was begging her mother to help her and the she was in pain.

“HEWP!! MUMMMMAHHHh!!!!SCREEEEEE!!!CHRIPCHIRP!!!SCREEEEEE!!!!” was all that she was getting out as her eyes bulged out of the pain that was surly the most she’s ever felt. As you smiled and grabbed the thrashing foal you went and kicked the mother mare who had her eye shut the entire time and was now trying to block out the sound with her hooves but with no success. This wouldn’t do at all, so you went and got some twine and wrapped it around her teats and really gave her a nice kick to the gut to seal the deal.

“You need to eat this foals leggie right now or else im going to give hurties to your milkie places and then no more milk you hear!”. This is said as you start to lift the mare by the twine rope and dangle her so as to let the pain settle in. She kicks and thrashes wildly as she swings about in her pain induced madness begging to be let down.
“BAD UPSIES!! BAAAD UPSIES SU MANY HUWTIES!!!!NUUUUUHUHUUUHU!!!”. She went on and on until you put her down and in front of the bleeding and no slowly thrashing foal. She looked down on the pour thing tears in her eyes. “Am sowwy babbeh”, she says as she bends down and starts to bite and chew on the foals broken leg making the foal now start to kick its mother in the face with its other hooves.

“NUUUU!!! MUNSTAH MUMMAH MUNSTAH MUMMAH!!!SCREEEEEE!!SCREEEE!!!”. The little foal never stood a chance and once the deed was done the foal was now going into shock and vomiting a bit on its side as blood was pooled about. You grabbed a nearby torch that you had and got to work on cauterizing the foals jagged stump. This really woke up the stupid bio toy and it started to rev up and kick like almighty again.
“SCREEEEEEEEE!!!” It shouted until you tied some twine around its snout to shut it up. This made it bug out even more but it was too weak to resist much farther.

“Now you're going to be a good dancie babbeh now right? Or do your parents have to take another leggie?” you ask it as it looks up at you through a waterfall of tears.

You leave the mother to hug herself and cry in a ball with the rope around her teats while you bring the little foal back to its crying father and other siblings. You go and give all the foals a flick on the nose making them bleed a bit and even get the purple dancie babbeh and smoosh him against his blue brother who was in silent sniffling terror and just letting it happen. After you did all that it was time for another session od dancing

“Ok fluffies now we’re all going to dance ok!” you gleefully say as you take both ropes in hand and yank the mother and father together who immidietly start to get up and dance like their lives depended on it. There wasn’t much to say for the father’s junk because it looked bad to the point where you were probably going to pull it off at some point, but the mothers were just started to get really red. The foal followed suite but the little pink foal just lay on her side breathing in raggedly.

“Cmon little thing, you need to dance you more leggie hurties remember?” you tell it as your inches away from its face. It gets up and tries to balance on her good remaining legs but only succeeds in falling back down. So, you go and pick her up and start to force her to dance and hop on her good remaining back leg. Once she got the rythym you let her drop to the floor and scream at her to get back up. She tries and tried but it only results in you putting some twine around its little throat in a tight makeshift collar and then forced it up to dance so she could breath.

“There we go! Now your doing it!” you say as she is basically trying to stay balanced on one back hoof and doing nothing else. The other fluffies were all doing their approximation of what dancing was, which was interesting to watch but you decide to kick over the dancie purple foal who was actually the best dancer.

“Huu wai huwt dancie babbeh? Am gud dancie!” you cried as he reached for his stomach in pain from the light kick he received. “This wasn’t good enough fluffies and now I'm mad!”. You grab the purple foal and take him to his mother who is now her side wiggling in pain and crying.

“Eat his back leggies now or Im goin to give your bestest babbehs more hurties” you say as you hold the little screaming foal in front of its mother. The only thing that he had goin for himself was just about to be taken away from him, his legs. He would no longer dance with such vigor as he used to. The mother just got up and cried and got ready to bite down before you heard something. “Am onwy dancie babbeh” she said before she had the foals entire back right leg in her mouth and she was trying to bite down hard. Hard enough to get it down in one bite, but a fluff's jaw isn't that strong to begin with so she just ended up knawing back and forth slowly breaking the bone and making her way through the leg.

The foal started to scream a little less once the leg was fully devoured but started up again when the mother put the second back leg into her mouth knowing what was coming. The thrashing this little sucker did really made an impression on you. He cried, he begged but nothing saved him until his mother was done and was back to huddling with her special friend who was almost comatose on his side with snot and vomit coming out of his face.
You got the torch and fixed up the little purple guy and then sat him next to his three-legged sister who was being hugged by the blue brother foal. The purple thing was in shock clearly because it didn’t even try to use its front hooves to stay up right, he just kinda fell right over with his eyes open in wide shock.

“Now that we got that out of the way, we need to get back to dancing ok, oh but one more thing.” you say as you go and get the torch and spray a little bit of flame on the dad's anus. This wakes him up from his momentary peace in some far-off land that wasn’t here. He got up and tried to do his best at dancing but the pain in his crotch was too much at this point and he collapsed right away.

“Well little guy I guess you can say goodbye to these” you say wanking on the rope so he gets the hint.”Their getting in the way of you dancing”.

He gets the hint and tries to get back up but falls over forward on his face, he then starts to wiggle his legs in a weird way while he’s on the floor thinking that would save him.

“Wook! Am am danceh fwufffy!” he says pathetically from the floor.

“No looks like these have got to go” you say as you flip him over and grab some rusty shears and begin to try and separate his junk from his body. He squeals and screams but really has no more fight in him. He just wiggles from side to side and screees at the top of his lungs. It's not until your done cauterizing the wound that he begins lamenting his situation.


“No they’re gone forever and now you need to get up and dance or you get more hurties ok”. And with that you tie some rope around his collar and lift him up onto his hind legs and get him into dancing position. You leave the mother out for this one but get the pink foal up and in dancing position as well. Everybody is crying and it’s just great. You kick the brown runt over on his side and yell at him to dance and you do the same with the other two. The purple foal is back with you in reality and is starting to get frantic again. It starts to flail its front hooves slow at first but then really picks up once he can’t feel his back legs.

“WHEWE AM WEGGIES WHEWE AM WEGGIHIHIES!!” he shouts as he searches for his back legs in front and behind him. You give him a little kick and tell him to dance if he wants his leggies back. He starts to flail and fall this way and that trying to move his two front hooves around and round but also stay upright. The task was impossible for the little thing. The blue brother was already sitting down and crying that his little legs hurt while you forgot about the father and pink foal and were almost lifting them up to the point of choking. White foam was coming out of their mouths so you set them down.

“God when will you fluffies learn” you say as you go for the torch again and decide who gets it first this time. You decide on the purple foal and put the torch on the lightest setting and begin to give him a little burn on his stomach and for good measure you burn a little of his back fluff. He cries and moans but you tell him he just needs to dance better next time. You repeat this process with the yellow dad but give him more severe burns and more to his anus.
The blue foal gets burned a little on his front hooves as motivation for dancing better as does the brown runt. The brown runt doesn’t look well at all with all this stress its being put under but you leave it to its fate.

“Here we go again you little rascals!” you say as you kick off the dancing by stepping on the mother mares' front legs as she lay there. Her screams let the other fluffies know it was dancing time.

“HUWTIES!!!! NUUUU CAN FEEW WEGGIESHUUUHUUHU!!!!SCREEEEE!!!”. She kicked her back legs and moved herself inch by inch forward in a mad state. You were not going to cauterize her wounds, you would just leave her be. Screaming and kicking her back legs was what she would probably die doing. The other fluffies got to work dancing though, well as much as they could in their state. The brown one is already heaving on its side while the blue one is dancing rather better than before raising his little burned hooves to the heavens for relief. Relief that would not come no matter how much they wished it. The purple foal on the other hand is rolling from side to side on its back claiming that it was dancing.

“woooook daaaddeh, am dddancie babbeh, pweese can hab weggies back” it said in a state of near delirium. The father is dancing but you can tell that his loss of appendages his really not making it easy in the slightest. You kick the father over and burn his eyes to blind him and then do the same with the little blue foal and then attached some thin piece of twine to his special lumps. He cried and begged to leave the, alone but you just dragged him to his father. You tie the blue screaming foal to his father's collar and burn his back fluff. This gets him goin and trying to trot around in his wounded manner. He was succesful in pulling his little blue foal around by the specail lumps all around the area though.

This made for a good watch as the father begged for no more “burnie hurties” and the blue foal begged for everything to stop and called for its mother.
“Run! Run you little shit! I'm coming to get you with more burnie hurties!!” you say as you turn on the torch as to scare the now two blind fluffies with the impending sound. This sure did rile them up as the mere sound made the dad waddle even faster and drag his son even farther around that you were sure his small junk would snap off but it didn’t. You look over at the mother and see that she’s still breathing albeit shallow. No matter you didn’t really have much plans for her at the moment.

You scoop up the brown runt and burn what little fluff the malnourished guy had left and kept him bald. The burning sure did breathe more life into the little guy, hopefully for more dancing. You go and scoop up the rest of the foal up and put them into a box that was nearby, these little guys have yet to grow up so the fun was over for them at the moment. The father fluffy on the other hand still had the night to dance away. So, you went to work on the little chubby yellow fuck making him dance his literal life away. In the end the mother just ceased to be and the fathers heart gave out but was left a burnt carved crotchless husk. The foals on the other hand would go on to dance again.
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