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Stories from the Life of a reasonable Hugboxer, or How I learned to stop worrying and hate bad

Part 38

There‘s a fluffy you‘ve never seen before in the saferoom, who is she and why did daddy bring her here?

„Hoo am ou?“ you ask the scared looking mare.

„Wha?!“ is all she says while looking around.

„Nu be scawed, sabewoom am sabe.“ Brutus chimes in. His old daddy told him that the sky monsters can‘t hurt fluffies in the saferoom, and your daddy says the same. They‘re still really bright and loud and scary, though…

The mare turns to Brutus, tears in her eyes. You didn‘t notice before, but she has babies on her back, and they‘re all crying. You used to love babies, but now they make you uneasy. You‘re not sure why, it started after you got hurt. You don‘t remember what happened and daddy won‘t tell you, you just know it had something to do with babies…

„Ou...ou am tuffy? Ow smawty?“ the strange mare asks Brutus. He shakes his head.

„Bwutus jus‘ am Bwutus. Nu am dummeh smawty ow meanie tuffy.“

The mare looks confused.

„Den...hou am smawty?“ she asks. Brutus shakes his head with a smile.

„Dewe am nu smawty. Onwy famiwy.“

The mare looks around once more and starts to relax.

„Wha ou name?“ you ask her again. She looks at you with a mean look. Did you do something wrong?

„Pwincess am Pwincess. Am bestest fwuffy.“

That...was a weird introduction, but okay.

„Sweetie name am Swee...“

„Nu cawe!“ she interrupts you. You‘re a little shocked.

„Pwincess am smawty nao!“ she declares. „Ou!“ she points at Brutus, „Ou am tuffy fow Pwincess nao!“. What the hell is going on?

Brutus looks at her with an expression of shocked surprise.

„Bwutus teww ou, nu am meanie tuffy!“

„Ou am nao cawse Pwincess teww ou, dummeh!“

„Nu tawk tu Bwutus wike dat!“ Dearie chimes in. You can see Pinky cower behind her, she‘s always been a bit sensitive.

„Shaddup, dummeh! Ow tuffy gib ou sowwie hoofies!“

„Wah?! Bwutus nu gib sowwie hoofies tu Deawie!“

„Tuffy do wha Pwincess sai ow EEEEP!“

The crying on her back gets louder and you see a brown streak run down her fluff. Looks like one of her babies made scaredy poopies.


You just stand there, mouth agape. Did...did she just say what you think she said?

„NU TAWK TU BIG SISSY WIKE DAT!“ Dearie shouts at her.

All the shouting causes the other babies on her back to make scardie poopies as well. Princess is visibly disgusted now.

„DUMMEH POOPEH BABBEHS MAKE POOPIES ON PWINCESS!“ she shouts and shakes them off her back. They land on the ground with a soft thud. Luckily the new safe room has a much softer floor than all the other rooms in the house, so they don‘t get hurt.

„NU HUWT BABBEHS!“ Dearie shouts and prepares to charge, but Brutus steps between her and Princess before she gets the chance. He looks calm, but...angry. You don‘t recall Brutus ever being angry before.

„Ou am meanie, ou am bad mummah an ou am dummeh smawty. Ou huwt ou babbehs and ou am biggest meanie tu famiwy. Bwutus WEAWWY nu wike dat.“

Princess‘ attitude changes immediately. The loud and mean fluffy begins to cower and is much quiter now.

„Ou...ou nu gunna huwt bestest Pwincess ow...ow ou get foweba sweepies!“

Brutus just stares at her.

„Bwutus nu am gunna huwt ou.“

Princess looks confused.

„Den...den wha big fwuffy gunna du?“

„Bwutus teww daddeh ou am bad fwuffy. Daddeh take bad fwuffies and dey neba cum back.“

„W...Wewe dey gu?“

„Bwutus nu kno. Fink ou nu wanna kno eifa, daddeh nu am nice hoomin...“

Just as he said said, another sky monster roars. Everyone but Brutus cowers, and Princess screams and makes bad poopies.

„Oh for fucks sake!“

You didn‘t notice daddy entering the saferoom, but you‘re glad he‘s finally here.

„Daddeh! Pwincess am biggest meanie!“


Daddy scowls, pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath.

„Mistah Dave, Pwincess am bad fwuffy! Am meanie smawtie an huwt babbehs.“ Brutus tells daddy in a much calmer voice than you‘d expect.

Daddies scowl slowly turns into a smile. Not his normal nice smile that gives you heart happies, but a don‘t know how to describe it, but it feels...wrong.

„*sigh* Of. Fucking Course.“

Daddy grabs Princess by the scruff and picks her up.

„EEEEEEEEH! BAD UPSIES!“ she screams and struggles, but daddy doesn‘t seem to care.

He goes out and closes the door behind him.

You are Princess, and you‘re scared!

„Wet Pwincess gu, meanie hoomin! Wan mummah!“

The mean human says nothing and doesn‘t even look at you as he walks out of the house. Lots and lots of water comes from the sky and soaks your freshly dried fluff again.

„EEEEEEEH! NU WAN! NU WAN!“ you scream, but he doesn‘t care.

Before you know it the mean water no longer hits you and you open your eyes. You‘re in a much smaller house now, it‘s cold and doesn‘t look pretty. The mean human puts you into a box.


„SHUT UP!“ he yells at you and you make little scaredy poopies.

„If your owner wasn‘t already on her way, I‘d just kick you into the nearest storm drain. Now keep your goddamn mouth shut, you stupid cunt!“

The mean human turns around, leaves the small house and closes the door behind him.

You‘re all alone now. And cold. And scared…


You are Dave, and your mood is going down the drain right now.

Just a moment ago you looked forward to a comfy evening with your pets and now you‘re dealing with shit, tears, screaming and drama. Fucking hell, you wish you‘d just ignored the knocking on the door.

On the other hand, she had little foals with her. It‘s not their fault their mother is a total cunt and…

You lose your train of thought when you enter the saferoom.

The sympathy you just had for these foals? Scratch that.

The four colorful blobs that were on Princess‘ back a moment ago are now screaming, shitting and pissing all over the place.

„DUMMEH POOPIE FWUFFY!“ a white unicorn yells at Sweetie, who just stares in shock. A light blue pegasus is shitting in Brutus‘ general direction and a light green unicorn comes running towards you, turns around and lifts its tail. You step aside and watch a small, high pressure stream of liquid squirt across the floor. It takes a lot of willpower to not stomp the little shit right here and now. A puple unicorn is huddled in the corner that‘s the farthest away from all the chaos and sobs with hits hooves over its eyes.

Without saying another word, you go to the kitchen, grab a leftover shopping bag and pick the foals up one after another. They all complain about bad upsies and call you a „dummeh“, but you don‘t care at this point. You pick the purple foal up last and unlike the others, it doesn‘t fight or insult you, but just sobs. A hint of sympathy comes over you and you consider to let it stay as it didn‘t act out like its siblings…

...but you drop that thought just as quickly. You‘re done with these shitrats.

You take the now squirming and screaming shopping back and bring it to your garden shed. The moment you enter you can hear Princess scream and demand to be let out of the box, but you don‘t even bother to talk to her, you just drop the bag out over her and leave.

Fuck this shit.

You return to the saferoom and it‘s a fucking mess. There‘s shit and piss everywhere.

„I was gone for like ten minutes, what the hell happened here?“

Dearie is busy consoling Pinky, and Sweetie looks shellshocked.

„Dis am bad mummah an bad babbehs...“ Brutus tells you.

„No shit. But what exactly happened?“

„Bad mummah say dat Pwincess am smawty, and dat Bwutus am tuffy nao. Den sai dat Sweetie am poopie fwuffy and gib wickie cweanies tu Pwincess an babbehs. Den deres WOTS of poopies. Wen Mistah Dave take Pwincess away, babbehs scweam fow mummah an sai meanie fings an make sowwie pee pees an poopies.“

In other words: typical fluffy shit. Why did you even ask…

The saferoom is a complete mess, even if you start cleaning right away it will reek of fluffy shit, fluffy piss and cleaning agents all night long.

„Change of plans. We sleep in the living room.“ you announce.

„Daddeh...“ Sweetie addresses you almost apologetic.


„Sweetie nee baff...“

You look at her and notice that some streaks of her fluff are lighter than others. Looks like one of these hellspawns shat over her.

You give her a gentle smile ruffle her mane.

„Alright, anyone else need a bath?“

Luckily they all shake their heads. You take the entire gang to the bath room and begin to fill the plastic tub dedicated for this purpose. They‘re awfully quiet the entire time. Once there‘s enough water in the tub, you give Sweetie a quick brush with the shower head in the cabin to get as much shit out as you can before putting her in. Luckily your fluffies enjoy bath time, otherwise this would turn messy…

You‘re in the middle of shampooing Sweetie when you looks at you with big eyes.



„Wai ou bwing meanie fwuffies intu housie?“

You freeze for a moment. You can‘t help but put on a defeated smile.

„Because I‘m goddamn idiot, that‘s why.“

All the fluffies in the room gasp in shock.

„Nu!“ Sweetie says with a raised voice. „Daddeh nu am dummeh!“

You continue to shampoo her.

„Yes, I am. I‘m the kind of idiot that tries to help everyone, even though he should know better by now.“

„Buh hewping owwas am gud fing!“ Dearie yells from behind.

You chuckle.

„Sometimes. But lately...“

You stop talking. They don‘t need to know how much pain and misery your good intentions have caused. That‘s your cross to bear.

„Sometimes it‘s hard to tell good fluffies from bad ones right away. I‘m glad I decided to help you, Sweetie, Pinky and Brutus. But sometimes I try to help fluffies that seem nice, but are really mean. Like Sunshine, Coffee and now Princess and her babies.

„Hou am Sunshine?“ Dearie asks.

„...let‘s not talk about Sunshine.“

Bathing a fluffy is rather easy when they don‘t put up a fight, so you rinse Sweetie off, rub her dry and carry her to the living room. You decide to postpone cleaning the saferoom, God knows you had to deal with enough shit for one day.

You take a shower, grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and build a huge nest in the living room so all of you can snuggle together while the thunderstorm rages outside.

You are Princess, and this is the absolute worst.

Earier today you had sketties and a special friend and dummies you could tell to do things and…

„Mummah! Wan miwkies!“ one of your babies shouts. You can‘t tell which one because it‘s too dark to tell them apart. The other ones just cry and whine that they‘re scared and want back into the big house. They‘re the reason you‘ve covered in poopies now...

„Mummah nu hab miwkies nu mowe, nee nummies fiwst.“

„Dummeh mummah! Babbeh wan miwkies wight nao!“

A moment later you feel something warm hitting you, smells like...“


You try to give the bad baby sorry hoovies, but it runs away and you accidentally hit one of the crying ones instead.


„DUMMEH MUMMAH HUWT BWUDDA!“ the bad baby that gave you sorry poopies screams.

„SHADDUP! SHADDUP! SHADDUP!“ you yell at right at them. They cry even harder now.

This is what you left your home for?! These loud, annoying, ungrateful bad babies?!

Suddenly you remember what the mean human said. Your mummah will take you home soon, and then everything will be like it used to be. Bestest nummies whenever you like, the bestest saferoom full of bestest toys, dummy servants that do what you tell them and...maybe she‘ll let you have new babies. Better babies. Not these dummy poopie babies.

„Mummah! Hab wowstest huwties...“ the baby you accidentally sorry hooved whines.

„Mummah nu cawe. Be qwiet ow get mowe sowwy hoovies.“

Yes, you definitely need to get new babies. These ones aren‘t fun anymore.
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Hugboxing_Faggot: I LIVE! I DIE! I LIVE AGAIN!

I know it's been ages, but as I said in many PM's, the story isn't dead yet. Hope I'll be able to upload more frequently from now on.

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SmegmaOnDemand: I fucking love it, you autistic faggot. Never stop...
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Anonymous1: There is a god THANK YOU!!!
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Anonymous2: Yes! Dave and the gang returns!
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Dunderbolts: Yes! I was hoping Princess would turn into a bitch. Can't wait to see what happens to her and the babies
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Sgt_Joker: YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! thanks for coming back dude, this is one of my favorite stories of all time and I'm glad to see it lives <3 can't wait for even more
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Anonymous4: "
„Because I‘m goddamn idiot, that‘s why.“

All the fluffies in the room gasp in shock.

„Nu!“ Sweetie says with a raised voice. „Daddeh nu am dummeh!“

I kind of don't want to see these fluffies get hurt.
That's a fucking achievement. You have made likable fluffies.
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Sirulean: @Anonymous: I think its funny whenever I see a comment like this. I don't think its anymore difficult to write fluffies who are decent "people" than it is to write fluffies who are the seven deadly sins incarnate. It's just easier to hate the latter.That's not to say people don't "hate" the former, of course.
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Anonymous5: I'm so happy to see this story is back. now this is this is just my own opinion but I think dearie sweetie pinky and Brutus are next generation fluffies because on how much more behaved while the fluffies they encounter are the rejected generation. if that's the case I'm glade someone else was doing something like that because I've always wounder what a newer generation would think and react to it's lesser smart counterpart.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @Anonymous: They've been raised with enhanced formula and received proper training rather than being raised by idiot fluffies that were raised by idiot fluffies before them.

I actually have something for this subject in mind, which involves the abominations that were born a few chapters prior.
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Sorrowkandy: Looks good

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Monkeyman901: I hope Dave rescues the purple foal. The other foals and Princess can get fucked for all I care, though.
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