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The Accidental Breeder
By the WestMesaFluffCollector

Chapter Nine - Foal Follies

“Dummeh hoomin. Nu wike dummeh gewwie nu nummies on fwuff.”

Sarah O’Laughlin sighed. “Just calm down, Elsa. It’s so I can make sure that your ‘tummeh babbehs’ are doing okay.”

Elsa grumbled, but settled down, much to Matt’s relief as he held her down. She had been getting steadily bigger, and subsequently, more bitchier, ever since her pregnancy began to go into it’s middle stages.

Sarah moved the ultrasound wand across her stomach, allowing for her to begin to make out the individual heartbeats of the different foals. She smiled, and turned on the speaker so that they could hear the individual heartbeats.






Elsa began to squirm. “Eeeee! Wat am dat! Sabe bestest mummah fwom….”

Matt pinched her side, causing Elsa to shriek “Owwies! Wai gif huwties tu Ewsa?”

Sarah sighed. She had hoped hearing the sound of her unborn children would help Elsa, but it seemed to have the opposite effect, for the most part.

“Those aren’t monsters, Elsa. That’s the sound of your ‘tummeh babbehs.’ Those are their heartbeats.” Matt tried to reassure her.

Elsa’s eyes brightened up. “Dose am babbehs! Wub muh babbehs! Hewwo babbehs, am yow mummah!” She said, hugging her stomach and getting the gel on her hooves. Sarah sighed. It was time to continue.

Moving down, she heard a couple of more heartbeats.

“wump wump wump.”



Sarah frowned. That last one was slightly concerning, but easy to explain. This was a big litter, especially for home breeder, so there was bound to be at least one, maybe two runts. The odd heartbeat meant anything from a deformity, like conjoined foals, or in some cases, twinning. It was impossible to tell, just yet. With Elsa only entering into her third week of pregnancy, there was still plenty of time for things to go right, or wrong, for the foal, or foals.

Sarah took off the wand. It was time to given the news.

“Well, the good news is that she should have five healthy foals.” Sarah began.

“Am goin’ tu haf fow and wan pwettiest, spechuwest babbehs?! Haf su many heawt happies!” Elsa proclaimed.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “The bad news is that, with it being such a big litter, she’ll have maybe one or two runts, depending on how things goes. And a third, well, I’m not sure what it’ll be yet.”

Matt nodded. “Anything more than I can do.”

Sarah rolled her chair back, causing Matt to notice just how short she was, with the way she kicked her legs back almost like a little kid as she rolled. She stopped her chair right as she reached the cabinet, then went over to a cabinet, where she took out a bottle with some gummi pills. “These are some vitamins and growth hormones for pregnant mares. It’ll help give the foals an extra boost. It’s my own recipe. It’s gotten good results so far. Out of the ten litters that I’ve tested it on, nine out of the eleven runts came out undersized, but healthy enough to lead healthy lives.”

Matt nodded, and took the bottle. “And the other two?”

Sarah sighed. “Can’t save them all, Hasselhoff.”

Matt nodded, and pocketed the pills. He then got Elsa down and placed her in her carrier. She was already getting big, to the point where moving around on her own was beginning to be impeded. Not that she moved around much anyway. Ever since she had gotten the foals taken from her, she had largely retreated into her own world, talking to her unborn foals, and talking to things that weren’t there. She kept on saying something that sounded like “wed babbeh.” He supposed he should have mentioned it, but declined to do so. Sarah had already been so accommodating to him, especially with being willing to do separate visits for the foals and Elsa.

“I’ll keep you in the loop, then.” Matt said as he locked the carrier. “Anything else?”

“Just one more thing. But I can’t tell you in front of her.”

Matt nodded, then headed over near where Sarah was, making sure to bend down slightly near her, as Sarah was maybe max five foot one.

Sarah looked serious. “I would keep an eye on her, and when she gives birth, you have to be there. That last baby is a concern, and if it’s a pure runt, she’ll either abandon it, or try to kill it, depending on her mood.”

Matt nodded, shooting a look towards Elsa. He wasn’t sure if she’d harm a runt, but he also wasn’t sure that she could be trusted. After the injury to Seffy as a foal, could he really trust her?

Sarah continued. “Also, I can’t exactly tell from the ultrasound, and 3D imagining is useless, as horns are the last thing to develop, but I can promise you that if there is an alicorn in there, she might also try to get it, if how you say she talked about Hornet is true.”

Matt nodded, then headed back to Elsa. “I’ll be ready. How much time do I got?”

Sarah shrugged. “Two, three weeks tops. Probably closer to the former. I’d recommend pillowing, but there are alternatives out there, if you feel like finding on.”

Matt smiled. “I’ve got a volunteer already. My campus’ shop class teacher is working on a birthing rig. Hopefully, it’ll work out perfectly.”

Sarah nodded. “Still, keep an eye out. I’ll do a home visit in a week or so. She’ll be too big to check out there.”

Matt picked up the carrier, grunting over it’s surprising weight. “Thanks Doc. I’ll see you soon.”


Matt arrived home and immediately uncrated Elsa once she was in the garage. Elsa had now moved into an old dog kennel that was large enough to accommodate a pair of large beagles, more than enough room for a pregnant dam. Elsa waddled her way into the kennel, took a couple of sips of water from the water bottle, and lay down in her now thoroughly abused dog bed, which let out a small sigh of defeat as she crushed it’s remaining stuffing a bit more. Elsa rolled onto her side and remarked, “Ewsa haf wots of babbehs. Be mummah soon.”

Matt poured in a large helping of Hasbio Brand “Soon Mummah” Kibble, and slid it into the kennel before closing the door. He caught a small bit of muttering from Elsa as he closed the door.

“Shud haf been babbeh nee’ bestest nummies….”

Matt sighed. God damn it. He was ready to be rid of Elsa as soon as possible. The mare had turned rather irritating and nasty since she had been separated from the last of her brood. Now, it seemed that all she was able to do was sit, plot, and be angry at him. Plus, he had caught her staring off into the distance, saying something like ‘wed babbeh, wed babbeh...mummah wub yu...pwomise nu tu wet stawwion gif yu enfies nebbah again….” Matt had concluded that she was probably gone mental due to the lack of interaction with anyone else.

Any relationship between the two was probably shot, Matt thought. He had caught her looking at the garage door opening and closing the other day, only to have her dismiss it by saying “wed babbeh wan tu see ouwside…” Matt suspected that, once she had her foals, she would probably try to escape with them. Matt wasn't planning on giving her the chance, though, hence the dog kennel.

In any case, it was time to go check on some more pleasant matters, namely the foals. It was a Saturday, so he'd be able to spend some time training them.


Elsa waited for Matt to leave before wolfing down her kibble, sending random sketti bowl shaped bits flying across the garage. She despised 'kibbwe nummies' now, but ate it only because of the large amount of calories that her babies were taking from her.

Once her snout hit the bottom of the bowl, Elsa relaxed, rolled onto her side, and looked contently at her ever expanding girth. "Gonna haf bestest babbehs dis time, pwettiest babbehs dis time. Wed babbeh sey su."

Elsa was so happy that her original 'bestest babbeh', her red unicorn baby, had found her. She had become so distraught when she originally gave him over to that dirty stallion, so she could have those stupid nummies, all so she could feed her traitorous 'munstah' babies, who now lived in the house with her 'munstah daddeh.' Not that she cared, Elsa thought. She didn't want anything to hurt her new babies, and wanted to see them grow 'big and stwong', so she could later run away with them.

But she was also terribly lonely, here in the garage, with nothing but her ‘tummeh babbehs’ to talk to, and not wanting say anything more to her munstah daddeh, whenever he came into the garage. Elsa hated her 'munstah daddeh.' He was always so mean to her. Never giving her sketti. Not giving her ‘poopie munstah babbehs fowebbah sweepies’. But she would have loved a ‘spechuw fwend’ or a ‘gud babbeh’ to talk to.

And that’s when her ‘wed babbeh’ came back to her. True, she never saw him. But she knew his voice. He had forgiven her for the ‘bad spechuw huggies’ he had to take. And her ‘wed babbeh’ gave her ideas. About what she could do, once she had her babies.

So far, Elsa was determined to follow the voice in her head, and his words of advice. She would eat all the nummies, so her babies could grow ‘big and stwong.’ But she wouldn't make mistakes as before. She would wait, just like her red baby told her to, wait till they were strong enough and didn't need as many miwkies. Then, they could go and live and be free. She would find another daddy, one who would be taken with her and the beauty of her babies.


Matt had made his way over to the guest bedroom, but kept quiet so he could approach without alerting the foals. He wanted to catch a look at the foals in their natural state before they noticed him.

All six of the foals were now talking and walking in the week since they had all finally been combined. Matt had gotten at least a couple of days with Elsa’s foals to get them to adjust to the ‘mummah’ protocols he had downloaded. Now, all six were in the safe room, in various states of activity.

Hornet was front in center, playing a sort of foal soccer with Cinnamon and Cupcake, as they playfully ran and batted the ball back and forth between the two. He was the biggest and smartest of the six, and was already starting to show the golden colors that he had in his mane and tail.

Hornet relished in his role as the leader of the foals, trying to make sure his siblings were all loved, cared for, and stayed on task. He'd been the first to be litterbox trained, and had learned Matt's rules of good fluffies first as well. He also led by example, rather than assumed things would go to plan, which Matt liked.

Hornet called back happily, as he scrambled into position. “Kicky da baww tu Hownet, sissies!”

A brown colored pegasus batted the ball over to Hornet. “Baww am weady fow yu, Hownet!” Matt smiled. Cinnamon had proven to be another wonderful foal, playful and loving to all of her siblings. She was already sprouting her mane, with a pretty cream colored mane and tail accentuating her almost chestnut colored fluff. Her color combination was actually pleasing to the human eye, but would have sealed her fate if she were in the wild.

A streak of pinky suddenly ran in front of the ball, intercepted it, and darted off. The pinkie pie foal let out a giggle as Hornet and Cinnamon charged after her. “Hihihi, twickie yu! Buwddah and sissy nu can catch Cupcake!” Of the three foals Elsa had finally parted with, Cupcake had more or less adjusted the best out of her siblings. The Pinkie Pie was growing her horn out, and was beginning to look more and more like her MLP namesake by the day. She loved the other foals, and was a happy, loving foal, always wanting to play.

However, Matt had noticed a huge red flag with the foal; Cupcake was, well, not exactly the brightest bulb in the shed. While Elsa was far from being intelligent, even by fluffy standards, she was a towering genius when compared to her daughter. Cupcake had taken the longest to litterbox train, and was befuddled by simply concepts like why it wasn't a good idea to poop in the 'sweepie pwace', and other things like that. Matt knew that she would likely need a very patient owner. Deep down though, Matt also knew that due to her ancestry of having an alicorn in her immediate family group, she might be turned into an immobilized broodmare, if not worse. He'd have to be careful with whoever she was adopted by.

Looking over at the corner of the safe room, Matt saw one of his two regrets about not separating the foals from Elsa earlier. A white unicorn sat alone, humming a song to himself while stacking a set of foal sized blocks by himself, trying his best to order them by number. Frost, like Cupcake, had more or less adapted to life with the group, content with his foalhood as he knew it.

“Fwostie put da numbah wan….den Fwostie put da numbah twoo….twoo and twoo is dah numbah of weggies….awso is da numbah fow poopies….” Frost sang to himself, a small smile on his face.

However, it appeared that his earlier treatment by Elsa had scarred the unicorn, in a way. Though he was content to sleep in the fluff pile at night, for the most part, the foal lived an almost solitary existence. He was rather stoic, and not at all the type of playful, nonsensical type of attitude that Hasbio had originally engineered the ponies to be. Frost, for the most part, would stack blocks by himself, and would go explore the confines of the bedroom by himself. He was content to live a life without much attachment for now. While Matt doubted that that was healthy development, he figured that when introduced with the prospect of possibly having a new owner in the future, that the little white unicorn would adjust.

At the very least, Matt was satisfied that Frost, at least, had avoided what he feared: smarty syndrome, which unicorns were more susceptible to. He had no idea why, suspecting that a large part of it was tied to their horn, and it’s perceived uniqueness. Unfortunately, a sudden crash and pair of screams revealed that he hadn’t avoided the smarty curse entirely.

At the far side of the room, near the closet, was a pair of fillies, one with her cheeks puffed out, the other scowling, but not intimidated. In between the pair was a stack of collapsed blocks, and a half doodled picture of a stick figure.

Ocean, cheeks at full inflation, stared at Sephiroth. “Dummeh one wingie sissie knock ovah bestest Ocean bwockie towah.” Her appearance was the opposite of her attitude, with her blue to white coat looking even prettier than Elsa’s. At the opposite end was Sephiroth, who had grown to be the second largest of the foals, only behind Hornet. She had her mane tied back into a pony tail, partially to hide the lack of a right wing, and partially because of her own, self appointed purpose: enforcer.

“One, dat wuz Cinnamon sissy bwockie towah, nu youws. Two, yu knock towah ovah on puwpose. Seffy was cowowing pictuwe of daddeh!”
Ocean threw a raspberry. “Nu mattew. Bwockies am Ocean. And da bestest, mos’ smawty babbeh. Aww toysies am Oceans. Yu am jus’ dummeh.”

Matt frowned. Ocean and Sephiroth had been at it since Ocean had opened her eyes. Since then, Ocean’s upbringing by her mother since she was out of the womb had lead for the foal to have a very entitled attitude. This had lead to several confrontations with Seffy, especially when she tried to bully Cinnamon due to her coloration. While he had half expected her to try something on Hornet, Ocean was mildly afraid of the alicorn, though this didn’t stop her from verbally harassing him until Seffy would lay down the thunder.

Matt decided to take this moment to announce his presence, before Seffy and Ocean went at it again. Already, Hornet was making his way over, asking “Wat am goin’ on?” Clearing his throat, the foals all looked up, five out of the six happy to see him.

“Daddeh!” Cupcake and Cinnamon ran towards him in happiness. Frost looked over, smiled shyly, and began to make his way. Hornet, Seffy and Ocean made up the rear, the first two concerned, the last one angry. It was time to sort out this mess.

Ocean began to babble first, determined that her version of the truth be heard first. “Meanie daddeh, meanie munstah bwuddah and dummen wingie sissy wewe meanies tu bestest babbeh. Gaf sowwy hoofies, and destwoyed bwockie towah! Gif dem da sowwie boxie, and Ocean sketties, pwease!”

Matt smiled in mild amusement that she used the word, please. It was progress, he thought. Much better than when she just used to demand “NAO!” However, Matt wasn’t going to indulge her in her desire for petty revenge, having more or less gotten to know the herd dynamic in the week since the foals started talking.

When Seffy first began to go SummerSlam on her sister, Matt had punished Seffy first, for throwing the punch, only to quickly learn that Ocean would instigate the fight so that she could bully Cinnamon and Cupcake, to a degree, without interruption. It was only after she had accused Hornet of bullying her, and later finding the alicorn holding her down after catching her trying to steal Frost’s ‘sketti gummi tweat’ from him that Matt had instead turned to punishing the spoiled and rebellious little unicorn. Matt was thankful that Seffy didn’t hold a grudge, although Ocean’s nearly daily trip to the ‘sorry box’ only gave them a short respite before the filly tried to push her luck again.

Matt laughed. Sorry ocean he said calmly, but I saw everything that happened. You're going to take a timeout in the sorry Box until you learned your lesson.

Matt motioned with a cock of his head to the foals, as he unlocked the baby gate. “Come on, guys, let’s go get you your second bright time miwkies.” He mentally cringed for using fluffspeak with them.

Hornet got in front of the small herd. “Cum on, babbehs! Time fow da bestest miwkies!”

Seffy reared up, and cheered. “Howway! Wets gu!”

The group began to walk at various trots of excitement as they followed Matt towards their kitchen, their small hooves making little pitter pats on the tile and carpet.

Hornet turned, and saw Cupcake nosing the ball towards the door.

“Cupcake sissy, wai yu bwing baww? It am time fow nummies!”

Cupcake looked at him innocently. “It am nummies time fow baww tu.”

Hornet smiled. “Siwwy sissy, baww nu get nummies.”

Cupcake arched an eyebrow. “Wai? Baww wan nummies? Wai yu be meanies tu baww?”

Hornet frowned. “Nu am meanies. Baww nu get nummies becawse nu nee’ nummies.”

Cupcake was confused. “Wai baww nu nee nummies?” She gasped. “Am baww….am baww fowebbah sweepies?” She began to tear up. “Nu! Nu gu fowebbah sweepies…”

Hornet was exasperated. “Cupcake sissy, nu! Baww nu am fowebbah sweepies becawse baww was nebbah awakies. Nu am awibe?”

Cupcake looked stupefied. “Nu fowwow.”

Hornet sank to his haunches. “Cupcake sissy, yu make Hownet finkie pwace huwt sumtimes.”


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Sirulean: Hm..."red baby?" Strange hallucinations? Are things about to get "jelly"?
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Dunderbolts: Cupcake is such a cute foal. Reminds me of amother story with a fluffy who had a rock brother.
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Anonymous1: Ocean is going to go full on Smarty, I just know it. All the other foals are precious and deserve happy homes and lives. Also a birthing rig seems like a good idea cause even if pillowed, I could expect Elsa to roll over on her foals and smother them if she wants to. Another great chapter!
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Anonymous2: Guessing SummerSlam is either an autocorrect typo, or some elaborate wrestling move I don't know about.
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WestMesaFluffCollector: @Anonymous: close. Pay per view event for the WWE.
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WestMesaFluffCollector: You know what, I just noticed, that this is a older version of the final draft. God damn it, I hate this new server bullshit.

@Sirulean: Considering what is currently in progress for "The Family" sequel, an Jellenheimer is no longer outside of the realm of possibility for the Albuquerque Fluffyverse.
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Researcher_7201: Still loving this story. It's quality!
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Anonymous3: Red Conan has obviously infiltrated the house, to steal the sketties...
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Anonymous4: @WestMesaFluffCollector: Ooh, that'll be fun. I wonder how that bipolar girl will react to a Jellie?
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Anonymous5: it's = it is, contraction of "it is" or "it has"

Nope = her pregnancy began to go into it’s middle stages
Yep = It’s my own recipe. It’s gotten good results so far.

its = belonging to it

Nope = Matt picked up the carrier, grunting over it’s surprising weight.

Live it. Learn it. Love it. ;)
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AnotherSickFxck: @Sirulean: no it is part of the earlier story, Elsa had a red bestest babbeh that seemingly died of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, if there was a reason other than that I missed it. I highly recommend reading all of West Mesa's work, it all ties together beautifully