The Dancie Babbeh

Ch.3 END

BY Sorrowkandy

It had been two days since the dancing ordeal and you had the four foals in their little closet that you had set up. The foals did nothing but huddle together and cry for the first day, just trying to get over the trauma of what had gone down. Once the blue brother finally stopped crying, he started asking for his mother, blindly sniffing about for her scent. Once he found smelled the brown runt in the fluffpile he immediately perked up again and started to kick the forsaken brother out of the fluffpile.

“Nu smeww pwetty!! Nu poopie babbeh in fwuffpiwe!” the blue foal said as he kicked in wild blind streaks at his brother until he could no longer smell him in the fluffpile. The brown runt now bald and raw from having its fluff burned off previously could only roll in pain. “CHEEEP!!EEEEEEE!!!PEEEP!!!” it went on and on as he got kicked farther and farther away from the fluffpile and closer to the litter box you left for them.
The other two were in worse shape since they had missing legs, some more thn others. The pink foal would just mope, moan, and cry for its mother, while the two-legged purple foal just lay on its side and cried to itself not caring if it was getting enough warmth. You fed them forcefully with a little bottle you picked up in town and some cheap mares milk formula. At first, they didn’t want anything to do with it but that was until you got your sewing kit out and started to prod them with a needle if they didn’t drink. This made them drink with gusto, you had to make sure that they recover in time for their next show.
On the third day the pink and purple foals looked a little bit back up to speed and were even trying to play with their blind blue brother, calling him this way and that. The bald runt stayed relegated to the litter box the entire time as terrible painful scabs formed all over where his fluff used to be. You could hear him cry and moan every time he tried to walk over to his siblings and play. Only to be pushed down by his blue brother and be declared a “Nu smeww pwetty babbeh”. This always made the runt fall over on to his side and cry profusely, you would just watch as the blue brother just rolled him back to the litter box every time. He even sometimes shat on him for good measure, all you could do was laugh at the display.

“Hehe bwuddah ovah hewe! Ovah hewe! Wook at me!!” called the pink foal as she limo her way over to the other side of the closet trying to get her blue brother to chase her.

“Nu am faiw! Wai fo me!” yelled the purple foal as he scooted himself as fast as he could towards his sister. He was having the hardest time adjusting to his situation, sometimes even begging his legs that weren't there to hurry up in frustration. But at the very least he wasn’t like his bald runt brother who was suffering with full body scabs and forced to eat excrement when hungry. You made sure to give him just enough milk to keep him alive, but still be hungry. This caused him to still go and eat shit when the hunger pain became too much in between meals.
This caused him to reach a state of pure misery, even though you planned for so much more for the little thing. The blue brother on top of being blind also walked and ran with a slight limp since being pulled by the junk by his father around the shed. You could tell that certain steps were painful for him as he would wince every so often when taking a step.

“Huuhuhu am hungwy daddeh! Pweese can has miwkies? Wook am gud dancie babbeh!” the purple foal said as he tried to really swing his two only hooves around in circles as he tried to stay balanced.

“No, remember that your not good at dancing and it’s not time to eat yet, but it is time to DANCE!!”. You yell at the pathetic stump of a fluffy. This makes him break down and cry at the mere mention of dancing.

“NUUUU!!! NUUU DANCIE!! NU DANCIE!!HUUUHUHUU” the purple and pink foals started to shout in unison. The blind brother just hid his face behind his hooved and cried and the bald runt was in two much pain covered in shit and scabs. You go and grab all of them and get them in a line. Once they are all present then you go and get your music going on your phone. You put a little Anal Blast to get the mood just right and then turn to the fluffies.

“Now dance! Dance right now!” you yell over the song that’s thrashing away.

The blue foal gets up on its hind legs and does a very good little trot, the pink foal does a little wobble of a dance, but the purple foal is on its back flailing its little arms above itself. The ugly little runt on the other hand has just on its side kicking. This wouldn’t do so you go and grab your needle and give him a poke on his scabs and when that doesn’t get him up you poke him in the ass. That really gets him up but not quite dancing yet so you give him several more pokes to the anus and get him up to speed. He dances and dances until he vomits on himself and then collapses.
you go and give the blue brother a poke in the belly with the needle and tell him to keep up the dancing. You go and pierce the needle right through the back fluff and flesh of the pink foal as she is just wobbling to much.

“SCREEEEEE!!!HUWTIES!!!HUWTIES!!!!!” she kicks and screams as you run the needle through her back. At this the other two stop their mindless dancing and cry as they usually do begging for their mother.

“MUMMAH!! SABE BABBEH!! SABE BABBEH!!HUUHUUHUU!” the blue foal screamed as he could hear his sister in extreme pain, but the mother would not come because she was rotting in your backyard.

“Now that’s what happens when you don’t dance right! In fact, I think I might have to take your other leggie and make you just a huggie babbeh like your brother there!”. You say as you point at the once proud purple dancie babbeh who was sitting on the floor with his stumps. At the sound of this the purple foal starts to cry knowing it would never dance again like it used to.

“Huuuhuuuhu nu can dancie! Am onwy huggie babbeh nao!” the purple little fluffy lamented.

You go and grab some salt and a lime from your garden and come back so you can deal with the bald runt. You look at him in his dance less state and begin to poke him all over his scabs with your needle and once down dowse him in lime and salt. This causes the little guy to really dance like never before.

“Good, see like that! That how I want you to dance ok?” you tell him.
“SCREEEEEEEE!!! BUWNIE HUWTIES!!!! MUMMAH MUMMAH!! SABE BABBEH!!” it wheezed as it thrashed about. The pink and purple foals could only look on in horror.

“Nu can dancie nu moar!huhuhuu! So tiwed KAFFKAFF!” the chubby blue foal wailed as he couldn’t possibly dance anymore. The entire time he had been moving about afraid he was going to get poked again, which he was right. You got another needle out and went and poked him in his special lumps.

“SCREEEEEE SPESHUL WUMPS HUWTIES!!! NUUUUU!! AM GUD DANCIE BABBEH HUUUHUUHU!!” the chubby fuck screamed as he crumpled over at the real hard poking he had just received. He was kicking, tossing and turning trying to shake the pain away.

“Huuhuuhu daddeh pweese nu mo dancie!” the pink foal said as she looked up at you and tugged at your pant leg.

You kick her off and have her tumble to her unfortunate brother who was scooting around frantic at all the horror going on around him.

“NUUU DADDEH! NU HUWT BABBEH!!HUUHUHU!” she said as she roughly tumbled into her two-legged purple brother, causing him to moan in pain as he was left a lot weaker since his amputation at the hands of his mother. The needle stuck in the pink foals back ended up getting caught on the purple foals front right hoof causing him to scree out in pain at both being tackled and being stabbed.

You go to flick them a few times across the face to make sure there still aware of your presence. By this time, they’re bleeding from this place and that, their faces covered in snot and vomit and their backside steadily caked with shit out of fear.
You go and grab the now drenched bald runt and give him another coating of salt and really rub it in to wake him up from his little wheezing nap.

“Screeee!!KaffKaffKaff!Screeeeeeeeeeeee!” the runt screamed weakly that it was almost quiet. You give it a pat and place him next to his blind brother and with a needle pierce the blue brother and the runt together at the side. This made them both wiggle so much you thought that they would rip themselves apart but they didn’t. You didn’t know how much more the runt could take but you were planning on finding out.
Now with all the foals pierced with a sibling they really had themselves a dancing partner! “Here we go you guys! Now we’re going to dance in pairs! I want to see you all dance with each other good ok!” you tell them as you put another song on your phone.
This time the pink and purple foals just fell over each other as ever mover they made just caused them pain enough to tumbled over making no progress. The other two on the other hand were dancing in unison pretty well till you noticed that the runt didn’t have the stamina to keep up with its brother eventually bringing them both down.

“KAFFNUUU GED UP POOPIE BABBEH! KAFF KAFF NEE MO DANCIE DUMMEH!” the blue brother screamed at his unfortunate sibling. He even started to try and bite him in blind anger until he heard you approach. His ears went low as he looked in your general direction cowering. You reached over and decided that you were going to tear off his ear this time around, so you bent over and started to slowly rip them off his little head with him kicking and pleading the entire time.

“HUUUHUUHU NU TAKE HEAW PWACES!! PWEEEHEHEES NUU!!!SCREEEEEE!!!” was all he could muster as he tried in vain to stop you.

“You don’t need these anymore since you don’t listen anyways”. You gave the last ear a final tug and it was off.

You go over and get your torch and start to heat up a needle till its red hot. You go over to the pink and purple foals and grab the mixed-up bunch and turn them over till you have the purple foals under s ide in front of you. You take the red-hot needle and give a little brand to his testicle which caused it to pop.

“SCREEEEEE!!! HUWTIES HUWTIES!!! SPESHUL WUMPS HAB HUWTIES!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”. The little bastard was hoping up and down bringing his sister with him in pain with the needle from her back to his front hoof. You left them there to jumble around as you go to collect the other two.

Once everybody was in line again you yell at them to dance again, and dance they do. This time though you grab the blue foal and yank him free from his brother just as he starts dancing in vain. This makes the blue foal scream a high pitch wail but the bald runt seems to have had as much as it was going to take. You grab the still shallow breathing runt and place him in front of the blue foal.

“I want you to eat him since he can’t dance no more” you tell him pointing at his poopie brother.

“Huhuuhuu nu can, nu smeww pwetty! Pweese!” he asks in a pitiful desperation.

“No im pretty clear on this, I want you to eat him, and eat him now!” you yell at him as he just lays there and looks at his runt brother in the eye. The runt can’t even object he’s so tired, he just lays on his side bleeding from any number of wounds raw as can be.

The blue brother gets up on shaky legs and get up to the runt and sniffs his side before going to the back-left leg and taking a bite. The flakey scabbed over paper skin of the runt gave away almost instantly. The poor little runt couldn’t really put up much of a fight as he was being consumed one bite after another. The blue foal got two back legs down and was starting on its third when he stopped to vomit. The bald little fuck was just spasming like crazy and chirping here and there as it had reverted back to the “chirpie babbeh” stage. You wondered how these things had such tenacity but it made everything all the better.

“FINISH YOUR MEAL OR MORE HURTIES!!” You yell at the blue foal so he could hear you since he didn’t have his ears anymore.

“HUUHUUHU NU WAN NU WAN!!” he replied shaking his head back and forth. At this you poke him in the eye with the needle you have and cause him to gush like a waterfall out of his socket.

“EEEEEEEEE!!” he screams as he goes to finish up the rest of the legs finally leaving the runt a pillow fluff. You go and you get your torch to seal up the now pillow fluff and get the other two over where the business is happening.

“No you two” you say as you yank them apart as well. This makes the pair scream bloody murder as flail about in your hands, almost dropping them. Once their back on the floor you go and get your duct tape and tape the pink foal down to the floor. She kicks and begs for her mother but it's no use. Once all her legs are secure you get the purple foal put him in front of her backside.

“Now little guy what I want you to do is eat her tail and back leg” you say guiding the fluffies snout to the areas.

“BU BU BU AM SISSY!? NU CAN DO DAT! NU WAN GIB HUWTIES! HUUHUUHU!” he wailed as you forced his face into his sister's backside as she cried and begged the entire time.

“NUUUU!! NU TAKE WEHEGGIE!!PWEEESE!!!” she gasped as she kicked with her last remaining back leg.

Two brands on the back later and the purple huggie fluffy was busy eating away at his sisters back leg, it was a gruesome sight to behold as he gnawed away without mercy. The tail was the fist to go but he started to actually eat some of her back fluff as he was just in a frenzy trying to get the deed done. Once he was done you went to the front of the pink foal and applied pressure to both of her front hooves until the bone gave way. With this you were done, you stopped to look at your fluffy collection and decided that it was a good one to be sure. All the bio toys spread out in the closet like some macabre child's toy set writhing in their individual pain but their shared hell. You closed the door to the closet and turned off the light eliciting some tired exhausted peeps from the tenants inside but no matter because you were done with these bio toys.
You go into the living room and begin to go through your phone and its various apps as you are bored once again.
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Anonymous1: Roses are red
The sun is shining
My mental health
Is rapidly declining

Guy from the story
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Anonymous2: This was like bad woulda been better if he made sure the runt got special treatment to taunt the two shits

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NewEraUsher: Well that was just murder porn.

No thought really put into it really.
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Anonymous3: I think that the parents and the "bestest babbehs" didn't suffer enough. But it was good tho. Keep it up
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Researcher_7201: Dispite what the others said I enjoyed this series. Yes it was mindless murder porn but that is one of the cornerstones of the fluffy verse. Not every story needs a multilayered plot with deep character development. The dancie babbeh is something that really dosent come up much anymore and I appreciate it. Looking forward to your next creation.

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poke him all over his scabs with your needle and once down dowse him in lime and salt

Hope the song playing was TEQUILAAAAAAAAA!!!