The Lost Family


BY : Sorrowkandy

You are a little green fluffy foal with an orange mane, and your scared because it’s getting dark outside and you're not at your safe boxie house. Mummah is carrying you and your yellow sissy to the housie where you and your family live but you guys went too far looking for nummies this time. All this while your other brother walks behind your mummah with your daddeh. He was a poopie color and didn’t get to ride in mummah’s fluff with you and sissy and this made you sad. Your daddeh who was a big strong green fluffy with a yellow man just pushed your poopie brother along not saying anything as he wimpered and moaned about wanting nummies.

“whewe am housie mummah? Am cowd! Am scawd!” your sissy cried as she peeked out of mummahs fluff and onto the back of her head.

“Awmost der babbeh, nu be scawdies!” the mother chimed in happily as she tried to waddle her way back to their encampment. Everything is going well until mummah suddenly stops making poopie brother bump into her and fall making him huhuu in a pile on the floor. Your daddah who has the nummies you guys found today is staring angrily at your poopie brother, “dummeh poopie babbeh ged up!”. He says this while delivering a little kick to its younglings' side.
“Scree!! Nuu huwt babbeh! Am onwy wittwe babbeh! Huuhuuhu!” the brown little foal cried aloud as he kicked in pain as his father showed him no love.

“Wai stahp? Whewe am boxie housie!?” the father suddenly said as he looked about with mummah waddling about. They did this for a minute until they sat down and started to cry about their missing house. Little did you guys know that the alleyway had been cleaned up while your family was out on a nummie excursion. This was good news because if you were to be caught by the humans they would for sure give you bad hurties, to you and your family.
“PEEP! MUMMAH! PEEP! AM SCAWDIES! WAN HOUSIE!” your yellow sissy bellowed as she got more and more frightened at the situation and her parents rising fear.
“Boxie housie gu way! Nuuuu!! Nee housie fo wawmth an an sleepies!” the chubby green fluffy wailed as he kicked his little hooves in a minin tantrum. After a few minutes of the family crying while paying no attention to poopie brothers cries for nummies, a loud gunshot in the distance scares your whole family silent.

“Mu munstah! Am scawdies!” you cry into your mothers' fluff as your pee yourself a little on her fluff, you know she’ll be mad but your just so scared. Another gunshot and your daddeh starts to run away in the direction of the park at the end of the alleyway. Your mummah begs her special friend to wait for her but the weight of you and your sissy is making it hard for her.

“HUFF kaff kaff wai speshul fwend wun way! Wai fo fwuffy!” your mummah screams as she tries to catch up to your daddeh. Your poopie brother is doing his best at following but his legs are shaky. When mummah finally catches up with your daddeh your mummah falls onto her stomach in exhaustion, huffing and puffing. Your daddeh is also very tired and making scawdie poopies as he cries to himself. Poopie brother finally makes it to the family after a little while of waddling and collapses in front of mummah.

“Nee miwkies mummah! Am huwties! Am scawdies!” poopie brother begs mummah but one look at mummah and you can tell that she’s really mad.

“Nu! Nu miwkies fo poopie babbeh! Onwy poopies!” and with that she turned around and gave him sorry poopies all over his little face.

“EEEEEEE! Nu smeww pwetty! Huhuuhu nee miwkies hu!”
Your father came around after hearing this, stopping his crying and batted poor poopie brother in the rump making him fall over and hit his small face on the ground. Poopie brother now had boo boo juice coming out of his nosie and you were getting more scardies.

“NU MIWKIES FO POOPIE BABBEH!” your daddeh declared as he puffed lout his cheeks at poopie brother who could do nothing except cower in fear of being struck again. Once the intial shock of losing your home was over your smart daddeh started to gather leaves and sticks to make a nestie housie for mummah and you and sissy. You were sad because you knew poopie brother would be sleeping by the poopie pile where daddeh and mummah want him. You didn’t understand why mummah and daddeh were so mean to poopie brother? He was so nice and always wanted hugs, you even played with him when mummah wasn’t looking but sissy always told mummah on you. This would make mummah come and yell at poopie brother and make him cry and one time she even bit his little ear taking off a little piece.
Once you were all in a fluffpile in your new nestie housie, you began to play huggy tag with sissy until she accidently pushed you off mummah, making you roll down mummahs fluff.

“Nuuu!! Wai sissy be meanie! Nee hewp mummah!” you screamed but your mother did not wake up. Neither did your daddeh for that matter, making you start to worry, so you called out for your sissy.

“Sissy! Nee hewp! Nee mummah!” but it looked like your sissy had already curled up in you mummahs fluff and was fast asleep.

“Bwuduh nee hewp?”
“EEP!” you shouted and jumped as your poopie brother came up behind you scaring you.

“Fwuffy feww down, nee hewp! Nee mummah!” you tell him frantically. This only makes him come close and give you a hug, which you reciprocate.

“Nu wowwy brudduh, huggies make ebwyting bettah!” he says gleefully as he hugs you even tighter. This makes you calm down but you’ve never been away from mummah like this before so your still scared.
“Cum pway wif poopie brudduh! Am su happies!” poopie brother exclaims at the new chance to play with his sibling. He does his best at a happy buck but ends up falling because poopie brother doesn’t get good nummies. You play with poopie brother by the poopie pile which smells but it’s the only place to play that’s not too far away from mummah and daddeh. You hate the smell of poopie brother but it makes you happy to see him happy. After a while of playing hide and go peepies you settle down next to each other.

“brudduh wab nummies fo poopie brudduh? Am suuu hungwies!” poopie brother tells you as you can hear his stomach growl next to you.

“Nu wab nummies bu bu mummah hab miwkies!” you say excitdly. Your poopie brother only cowers at the mention of mummah.

“Nuu! Mummah wiww gib huwties to poopie babbeh! Nu wan nu wan!!” he starts to yell before you give him another reasuring hug. After poopie brother calms down you go and guid him to mummah who is now on her side and has her milkie places exposed. You go and drink a little to show poopie brother that it’s ok. He sees this and then goes to latch on next to you. The drink is so good that he loses himself and starts to kneed on mummahs milkie places and wakes her up.

“NUUU!!! WAKIES SPESHUL FWEND! BAD POOPIE BABBEH STEAW MIWKIES!!” she said all this while thrashing and kicking away you and your poopie brother hard. This made you cry and do scardie poopies but poopie brother got hit the worst. His little eye was swollen shut and his front right hoof didn’t look right. It was bent in a weird way and this made you even more scared. The commotion had awoken your sissy who was now also on the floor in her own scardie peepees around her as she flailed in a tantrum at being woken up in such a way.

“BAD BABBEH! *CRUNCH “BAD POOPIE BABBEH!” *STOMP your mother screamed as shecontinued to step and hop on poopies brothers bad front leg making it look even smaller and more torn.

“SCREEEEKAFKAF!SCREEEE! MUMMAH NUUUU!! AM GUD POOPIE BABBEH!SCREEEE!!!” was all that poopie brother could scream as his front leg became utterly useless and the hooves of his own mummah.

“Huuhuuhuu wai huwt poopie babbeh?! Am onwy wittwe babbeh hu!”

“Nu am gud babbeh!! Am onwy poopie babbeh! Nu mowe miwkies ow yu am nummie babbeh!” you mummah declared as she stomped her hooves at poopie brother. Poopie brother just cried and dragged himself back to the poopie pile where he was trying to curl up into a ball without success because of his bad nearly severed leg.

The next day mummah gave you and sissy milkies before going to help daddeh to find nummies. She said that you and sissy were too heavy to carry anymore so you had to stay in the nestie but she warned against playing with poopie brother. You didn’t listen though so you went to the poopie pile to play huggie tag with poopie brother while mummah was gone.
“Am gon teww mummah yu am pwaying with poopie brudduh!” sissy calls behind you but you don’t care. Your poopie brother is hurt and you're sure he needs some hugs.

As you make your way to the poopie pile you see that poopie brother is on his side wheezing really bad and coughing. You waddle as fast as your little chubby legs would take you and jump onto poopie brothers' side. This causes him to groan in pain and kick a little bit at your mere touch. You go and look and see that his no-good leg that mummah stomped on is looking really black and and it smells worse than even the poopie pile. Poopie brother just lays there and groans some more as your looking at his bad leggie.

“Wut wong poopie brudduh? Nu wan pway huggy tag?” you say starting to get excited at the mention of huggy tag.

“Nnnn nnuu can pway, tu many huwties kaff kaff! Huhuuhuu” poopie brother says in a quiet but pained tone. You go to touch his bad leggie to give it a hug to make it all better but he screams when you do.


“No unastan poopie brudduh! Wai nu feew gud! Huu! Jus wan pway huuhu!” you tell him in shock at how he handles your hug. Poopie brother just lays there breathing hard and not wanting to move so you let him be and go back to the nestie housie with sissy. She isn't to fun to play with but you play with her nonetheless.

“Yu am dummie fo pwaying wif poopie bruduh! Mummah gon be mad hehe!” sissy tell you as she tries to run away from you. This made you mad and you went over and bopped her on the head once you caught up to her.
“EEEEEE!!! WAI HUWT GUD BABBEH! SCREEEEEE!!! MUMMAH MUMMAH!!! HEWP!”, you might have gone a bit too far this time since sissy now had a blotch of red on her little nosie . Mummah was going to be mad but beofre you could think anything else you heard them approach.

“DADDEH BWING NUMMIES YAY!” your daddeh also chimed in. This made your blood run cold because your sissy was hurt and you went and played with poopie brother! You couldn’t think of what to do so you made scardie poopies in front of sissy and then began to cry in a ball.

The day was coming to a close and your family was already falling apart.
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Anonymous1: Death to all but poopie babbeh and kind brudda!
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Anonymous2: For some reason i think that the mother will try to kill the poopie baby,but all of the sudden something happens(humans,cats,dogs,etc)
Which will lead to one of them dying(father or sister)
The rest is a mystery to be honest
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Anonymous3: Let the poopy baby be happy
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Genosse_Eiche: > Genosse_Eiche is walking along the street
> he sees a family
> mother - stupid bitch, father - degenerat and a spoiled piece of shit
> he sees poopie babbeh and gut babbeh
> gut babbeh und pupie babbeh get a names, warm home, treatment, plenty of food and live happily ever after
> ugly family burned

Happy end.