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A Cruel World

BY: Sorrowkandy

Behind a convenience store in some tall grass was a fluffy family, who had made their home there due to the good supply of garbage nearby. The mother was a bright blue fluffy with a purple man and tail, and the father was a big chubby red stallion with a bright blue mane and tail. Their two foals were a little red colt in the image of its father and the other was a light yellow. Two little colts nestled in their mother's fluff while they waited for their father to bring food for the mare to make milk.

The two foals had just entered their talking phase, and would not stop pestering their mother for any sort of attention. This day was a calm one, they were just nestled together in the fluff under the tall grass they thought kept them safe.

“Mu mummah! Mummah! Hungwy, miwkies! Cheep cheep!” the little yellow colt said as it had its little hoof in its mouth suckling away.

“Nee miwkies! Nee wub, nee huggies!” the little chubby red colt started to chime in as he heard his brother start to call out for food. He wouldn’t be the second to get food so he decided to cry out also.

The mother just exhaled and started with her usual spiel. “Nu am time fo miwkies yed babbehs, am time fo nummies fiwst den miwkies”. Just then over the grass the special friend could be seen coming back with lots of grass and bits and pieces of half eaten food on his back fluff.

“Here am famwy! Hewe wid nummies! Wots of gud nummies hehe!”

“Yay, daddeh am back! Daddeh am back!”. At the sight of their father they climbed down off their mothers' fluff and started to try and waddle towards their dad. The light-yellow colt who was less fed then his brother stumbled and started to suckle on his hoof and cry mid-way as the excitement was too much for his little legs to keep up with.

“Huhuhu! Am huwties mummah! Mu mummahh!!! Cheep!”

“Der der babbeh, nu am huwties mummah hewe.” the mother said as she slowly made her way to her little runt of a foal. The red colt just waddled at top speed to his father and danced around him in excitement. Wiggling this way and that, as they made their way to the mare and the crying foal now tucked back into the fluff of the mother.

“Hab wots of nummies tu make gud miwkies! Am bestest daddeh eba!” the stallion proclaimed as he went to drop the nummies in front of his special friend. The mare wasted no time in chowing down on everything that was in front of her. From grass clippings to pieces of leftover rotten hot dog she ate it all leaving barley anything for her special friend in the end.
The red chubby horse looked on in defeat and just ate what was left for him as the mare settled in to feed her foals for the evening. The red and yellow colts latched on but as soon as they did the red little colt would try and swat his smaller brother away any time he tried to really get latched on. When he had finished his teat dry he moved onto his yellow brother’s side and took the rest of the milk that was left. This mad the little yellow colt cry up a storm eventually getting the attention of it’s mother.

“Wha wong babbeh?”.

“Nu moar miwkies! Tummy huwties! Chirp!” was the response as the little colt was still hungry. The red colt just giggled and started to get itself comfortable in the mares bright blue fluff.

“Nu mo miwkies babbeh tiww nes time, noa gu sweep babbeh nu mo chirpies”.

This made the chirpie yellow foal sad, but went on to lay in the blue fluff defeated nonetheless. Just as the chubby father was about to make himself comfotable next to his special friend a tiny huhuing voice could be hear coming up the little trail to the fluffies nest.

‘Huuhuuhu! Mummah mummah! Babbeh am hungwy! Huuhuuhu, hab tummie huwties!” a little dark green foal could be seen limping up the path calling out for its mother. The thing had probably gotten seperated from its family and was desperatly looking for them. At this sight the father fluffy got up and puffed his cheeks out while stomping on the floor.

“BAD POOPIE BABBEH GU WAY! NU CUM TU FAMIWY!” he shouted at the poor little sight of a foal. This made the thing fall onto its side and start to suck on its front right hoof in anxious desperation. He stayed there crying the whole time as the stallion made angry noises at the poor foal.

“Nee mummah! Am onwy wittwe babbeh huuuhuu! Chirp chirp! Hab tummie huwties huuhuuhu!” the little ugly foal responded as he was to frighten to move anywhere even at the detriment of his own saftey. He finally gets up and get on his rump and starts to move his little front hooves in a clockwise circle.

“WOOK WOOK! AMM GUD DANCIE BABBEH! WOOK!” he said as he did his bit in a vain attempt at pleasing the bigger red fluffy. This only made the father fluffy madder as he saw this.

“NU! AM BAD SMEWWY POOPIE BABBEH!”. This was delivered with a rising stomp to the green runts side knocking him over in a heap. The runt just lay there with all the wind knocked out of him as he kicked silently on his side. Eventually his voice came back to him and he screamed something fierce.


This went on and on for about a minute till the mare told the special friend to stop the screaming. She had her head down with her hooves over her little ears. The father just complied and proceeded to kick the small foal till it finally couldn’t scream anymore and just lay there wheezing and coughing up blood.

“Der, am gud daddeh! Sabe famiwy fwom poopie munstah babbeh hehe!” the dad told himself in a congratulatory tone. Happy he had defeated a mere runt of a foal that wouldn’t have pose any type of a threat. After all the commotion and trying to get the two foals to go back to sleep the family lay in and slept without further disruption that night, that is until the next day.

As the sun shone out bright in the sky the mother and her special friend were about to set out to find more food for the day when they heard a familiar huhuuing sound come up the trail. It was a big green mare that looked shabby and under fed.

“Huuuhuuhuu, babbeh!! Wewe awe yu! Babbeh cum tu mummah!! Huuhuhu". The green mare went as she made her way to the family up ahead. She had snot covering her snout and her fluff looked matted to hell, and she even smelled like garbage. Once she spotted the fluffy family she trotted over and excitedly started asking about her supposed lost foal.

“Ooooo! Yu hab see ma babbeh! Babbeh am vewy wittwe, nee mummah fo miwkies an wub an huggies hu!”. This didn’t sit well with the fluffy family at all causing them all to scream and run around.

“Am bad munstah fwuffy!! EEEEEEE!! Wun way babbehs!” the mare said as she ran in circles at the mere sight of the garbage fluffy. The two foals did no better as the red foal follwed its mother in circles and the yellow colt had already tripped on itself and was sitting in the middle crying and suckin its hoof for comfort. The father on the other hand was getting ready to charge the green mare as he lowered his head for the attack.

“GU WAY!!!!” he screamed as he charged towards her giving her no time to move. She tumbled backwards with a healthy welt on her snout and blood gushing out of her nose. She struggled as she flopped around in pain trying to grab at her snout in vain.

“SCREEEEEE!! WAI HUWTIES!!! AM ONWY MUMMAH WOOKIN FU BABBEH HUUHUUHU!”. The chubby red fluffy just went up and started to bite at the fumbling mares' ears successfully biting a chunk off one while he stomped on her side. The power of the fluffy is proportionate to how well they're diet is and these fluffies weren't well off so you can imagine that it took a while to beat the green mare into submission. She lay there a broken bleeding mess and coughing up vomit and blood. As the mare lay there on her side bleeding, she noticed the poopie pile near her was making noises and moaning. It even looked like it had fluff, green fluff to be exact.
After looking at it for a second she noticed the face of her little green runt babbeh sticking out from the feces.

“Nuhuhuuu!! Am am onwy wittwe babbeh huu” she said as the last thing she saw was her precious little foal beaten and dying under a pile of fluffy excrement. The father fluffy took the opportunity to go and shit on the dead mare while his family still waddled around in circles behind him. The father was just about to do a victory jump on his hind legs when suddenly a bit of gore around his hooves makes him slip and twist his little back leg.

“HUWTIES!!! HAB HUWTIES!! HEWP FWUFFY!!! SCREEEEEE!!!” he screamed as he tried to get up and failed each time. After some time, he was able to limp his way back to the nest and lay to rest. One day of rest turned into three and with him out of comission it was up to the mother to go and find all the food on top of take care of the foals. The father was utterly useless and couldn’t do much so he just sat there until one day his red foal went up to his bad leg. The foal tried to lick the bad leg and vomited.

“Nu smeww pwetty! Daddeh nu smeww pwetty!” the red little colt went on and on and the father just lowered his head and whimpered.

“babbeh wan see!” the yellow runt came bounding down until crashing right with his father's bad leg.


“Nu mean huwt weggie daddeh! Onwy wan gib huggies and wub huhu!” the little yellow fluffy cried as he had realized he hurt his dads' leg. The father was just whimpering on his side and trying not to move. The pain he was feeling was immense in his leg which was getting blacker and smellier by the day. The chubby red fluffy was feeling so hot all the time and it hurt to move his leg at all. He started to get a sore on his other side since he had stopped moving all together. He begged from his position to be fed and just shit where he was. The mare would have to go and lick it up to get it out of the nest. This made her resent her special friend more and more each day.
The foals knew at this point to stay away from they're “no good smelling daddeh” and keep away from his leg. The mother would start calling him names and get mad every time he asked for anything and especially when he went to the restroom inside the nest. She hated taking care of her special friend and she wanted to leave. So one day she went up to the chubby red fluffy laying in his usual corner with her foals at her heals.

“Speshul fwend am dummeh! Nu smeww pwetty, nu fin nummies, nu hewp! Mummah an babbehs gu wai fwom munstah nu smeww gud daddeh!!” the blue mare screamed at the broken father.

“Nu twue! Hab many huwties! NU GO WAI!!HUUHUU!NU WEEB FWUFFY AWONE!!”. The red fluffy just begged and moved around as much as he could bear. The fat thing finally gave up and sobbed to himself quietly as the mother went and ate the rest of the food that was left in front of him and blew a raspberry at him when she was done. To top it off she went over and shat right over his face causing the fecal matter to drip in to his mouth as he struggled to keep it out of his nostrils.

“HUHUU WAI SPESHUL FWEND GIB SOWWY POOPIES!! AM GUD FWUFFY! NU WEHEAVE!!” he shouted on his side with his eyes closed shut. The shit had gotten all over his eyes and nose by this point. The mare just turned around and left with her two foals in tow behind her looking back at what was their father. The little yellow colt couldn’t help but start to cry as he waddled off leaving a trail of piss behind him.
The last thing the chubby red fluffy saw was his family him behind as he faded away because of the infection that had spread throughout his body from his leg.

The mare on the other hand actually got about ten feet from her nest until she came across two toughie fluffies giving bad special huggies to a little light green foal. The mare saw this and tried to turn around but was spotted.

“WOOK! We hab moar enfie fwuffies! Yay!” the bright orange toughie next to the dark red fluffy said.

“EEEK! WUN BABBEHS WUN!!” the mare said in vain before the two toughie fluffies and them cornered. The broken green foal behind them was trying to drag itself away but was leaving a trail of blood from its behind.

“Mummah am scawdies!! Hewp mummah!! Huuhuu!” the little yellow colt pleaded as he looked up at his mother in fearful anxiety.

“Enfie mawe an enfie babbehs! Am su wucky! Ged down noa stuppid mawe!” the orange toughie shouted as he forced the blue mare down to the ground face first and got to business.

“Aww fwuffy wan mawe! Nu faiw! Oh weww, guss fwuffy ged enfie babbeh den”. At this the fat dark red stallion stomped on the red colt's leg and brought the yellow colt closer with his teeth. After getting the little yellow runt in position, he went to town on the poor thing as his brother wailed nearby about his broken hoof and was rolling around.

“NUU AM MAWE NU AM MAWE!!SCREEEEEEEEEE!!!!” the little yellow fluffy shrieked as it got penetrated.

The night went on and the toughies decided to take what was left of the broken and torn family back to their herd so they could serve as enfie fluffies for all the other toughies. This was the fate of the family, a cruel end in a cruel world.
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Anonymous1: bestest babeh bestest enfie babeh :)

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Dr_Death: I love cruelty that is dished out equally whether they deserve it or not.
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Jellenheimer: @Dr_Death: Exactly, the worst cruelty is indifferent cruelty, dished out without any rhyme or reason.
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Anonymous2: After seeing the way they treated that green goal I’m happy