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Disintegral: That's it. Make sure to delete the other two posts.

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FluffyTorturer97: Okay figured it out. If anyone knows how to delete pictures pls help me.

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FluffyTorturer97: How I can't seem to remember how to I spend so much time away from fluffybooru I forget what to do.

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Waaaghlord: the scree is probably not one of the foals ^^

and do i get this right? the favored babbeh now gets the last drops of milk?
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Anonymous1: You don't put quotes in speech balloons unless the speaker is quoting someone else.

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FluffyTorturer97: @Waaaghlord: it's not from another foal it's actually coming from the daddeh fluff, and for the second part that's the favored foal he's getting extra milk