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The Herd

[Autor's note: I'm gonna be pretty straight forward with you degenerates, I'm not a native english speaker and I already know there will be errors in my stories; that said, I'm always down for suggestions and/or tips to improve myself. That's it, enjoy the massacre.]

[POV: Herd]
"suh... howt...mummah..." you chirped to your mommah, barely holding on to her fur, while the horrible white baww was striking you from above with his scorching heat.
Your herd was marching for days under the scorching mediterranean sun, and the heat was taking its toll on the herd you were part of.
"humf...humf... staw stwong babbeh... mummah find... shadowwy pwace soon... humf..." bleated your mother, barely catching up with the other members of the herd.
Suddenly, you hear the Smawty announce something: "Smawty besthest smawty! Smawty found besthest pwace fow hewd! Wook!" announced fiercly the Blue fluffy that imposed itself as your herd's leader a couple days ago, after the bad running wawa took away your previous leader.
"uuh.. nu kno... dis looks like hummah monstah pwace.." muttered another yellow maned fluffy.
"SHUWTH UP!" screamed the smarty, slamming its hoof onto the yellow fluffy's face, with just enough force to rupture its snout and make him taste its own blood.
"NUUUUH...nuh huwt fwuffeh... fwease..fwuffeh -hurk- sowweh..." muttered the yellow fluffy.
"Daw wwight! You sowweh! Smawty knows besth!" said the smarty, even fiercer than before.
As the herd approached the great metal gate that separated the scorching hotland they were walking on from the heavenly green garden before them, they could already see that there was indeed a big, no, enormous home ahead of them, after the garden.
"No sthop, dummehs! Big home means big nummies! Smawty take home and hab aww nummies foh hewd!"
They began to try and squeeze under the gate to reach to the other side, but altough most of the herd was indeed malnourished and small enough to wiggle under the gate, the two mares who were "" couldn't muster enough strenght to squeeze under it, and remained on the other side crying as they saw the rest of the herd reach the other side.
"NUUUUH! NU WEAVE FWUFFEH! FWUFFEH SOON MOMMAH! FWEASE!" they both screamed, already starting to leak shit from their "poopoo pwaces".
"Humm... Smawty nu want leave dummeh mummah mawes.. they gib bestest speciuw hugges... Dummeh knows! Dummeh cawws fow dummeh hummah and owdew him to hewp fwuffeh and giw sketty!"
"YEFH! BEWTEFHT FWUFFEH!" cheered the gray maned, white fluffy. She lost some of her fronth teeth as a foal and she couldn't really speak all that well. She also received many, many special huggies from the smarty of the group, but she never had any foals. The group simply belived she needed more huggies from the smarty, and lived with the idea of her being the "enfie no-mummah mummah".

[POV: the human]
"zzz...zzzzz...zzz- uh?"
You woke up from your daily afternoon nap to a scorching heat; it had to be at least 36C° outside, and you didn't feel like starting your air conditioner before.
This shit is expensive, you tought, remembering yourself that you already put your finances under great stress after transfering to Italy.
"...uuh.. the fuck? What's up with all this commotion?... oh fuck, please don't tell me the neighbour's dog got stuck under my fence again, please.. fucking fleabag..."
Apparently the neighbour's dog, a big, imposing maremman, used to play in this garden before the house was sold to you, and to this day it still tried to crawl under your fence to reach his old playground. Now, maremmans are huge. Really fucking huge, and they can easily reach 60Kg. They're not really all that fit for digging and the poor thing found itself stuck under your fence more than once.
Your neighbour excused himself in his bad english accent more than once, but you knew he meant well.
Besides, it wasn't his fault his dog was retarded enough to get himself stuck once every week.
"uuuh... fine, fine, I'm coming out, you dumb retarded beast" you said, opening your front door and running out towards the origin of the commotion "--but next time I'm bringing my hooe with m-"
"... what in the fuck are you?!"
You were horrified.
What in the name of Virgin's Mary were those things?!
Could it be they were.. fluffies?
But how the fuck did they reach all the way up here?
You remember very well the knews of the accident; a truck full of these abominations had a crash on an highway and a couple hundred of these things got released into the wild.
Hasbio got eaten alive from pretty much every government for even considering creating these abominations and considering using them as toys.
I mean, they could think, they could speak, c'mon they were pretty much conscious of who they were.
You were this close to calling them "human" before thinking again about how hugly and retarded they actually were.
Anyway, back to the little Hitler in front of your feet.
"...uh.. Hello?" you said to the little enraged dwarf.
"HEWWO! No mowe smaww tawk humah! Open de gwate!"
"Ok, first of all you're really rude, second of a-"
"SMAWTY SAID OPEH GWATE NOWH!" interrupted the fluffy.
" that so." you muttered.
You loved animals, you used to have a cat and several dogs back at home when you grew up but you never even considered having fluffies.
You remember how your dad used to train your dogs when they misbehaved; look them straight into the eyes, and flick on their nose, or the back of their head.
You lowered down on the fluffy and you let down a single, strong "flick" with your fingers on his snout.
Jesus christ you didn't think this through.
The fluffy's face got kicked inwards, leaving a gaping hole where his face used to be.
His eyes were bloodshot and he couldn't really see that well with his face caved in.
The fluffy began snorting, coughing up some blood and seizing on the ground.
A couple more spasms, and the creature was, presumably, death.
It stopped moving as you watched it horrified.
"holy..shit... what the fuck are you things made of, play dough?... fuck, I think I killed it.."
You looked at the rest of the herd, horrified, that was just standing there, paralized, waiting for the slightest opportunity to scatter up and run away.
The two pregnant mares in the background were a quite literal pile of shit.
"Uh.. ok, so, I'm really sorry about your friend, I didn't man to hit him that hard.."
" meanie?" said one of the fluffies on the front, slowly walking towards you.
"That's right, I don't have anything against you guys, I'm very sorry I hurt your friend."
"Fwend nu huwth... fwend hab fowewah sweepes..."
"...yeah... anyway, what did you guys want from me?"
Jesus christ you were having a conversation with them.
It didn't hit you at first but the feeling of talking to what were pretty much man made organic children toys was weird to say the least.
"fwuffeh need good wawa... fwuffeh need nummies... fwuffeh need cowd pwace foh sweepies.. fwuf-"
"alright alright I got the picture" you interrupted him "So, you're looking for a new home, right?"
"Yeff...humah... giff homeh? Hummah beh new daddeh??" the foal asked, with a brim of hope in its eyes.
"Daddah? New daddah?" "Hummah be new daddah? Yessh!" "Bestest hummah evah! Fwuffy wuv hummah!" and similar cries begun to come from the herd.
"Uuuh.. I don't know, little guys, how many of you are there?"
"Hewd ushed to be many many fwends... but fwends no wike sky yewwow baww.. it gave them huwties and nuh muve anymowe...*sniff*..."
"...I'm sorry to hear that, little guy, but I need to know how many of you fluffies need a home"
"Thewe ish owly 8 fwuffehs in hewdh now... smawty nu muve..."
...fuck no.
Even tough you were sorry for them, you absolutely didn't want to start caring for a fucking herd of fluffies, ferals at that, that had god knows how many parasites in them.
You did like the idea of having you personal talky pet tho, so you grabbed the chance to have some fun with them.
"Sorry little guy, but I can only give home to one, maybe two of you guys."
"Wh.-why hummah no gif home toaww fwuffeh? Am good fwuffeh... fwuffeh need home fuw nummies and babbehs..." said one of the pregnant mares in the back, who just now started to come closer to the gate.
-like hell I'm getting a pregnant fluffy, god fucking knows how many hellspawn she has inside of her-
"It's just that I don't have enough food for all of you. I can only take the "bestest" of you."
"Meh! Meh! Am bestest mummah! Hab bestesth babbeh!" cried the red mare.
"you do realize if you were to choose you, you'ld have to leave your babies behind, right?"
" good mummah.. goos mummah nu leaw babbeh behind.. but am suh hungweh...need good wawa...need sweepies... babbeh can stay with hewd, yefh?"
It was in that moment that it hit you; they aren't real pets.
They aren't "human" as you so much tought they were.
They were opportunistic critters that while capable of feeling love, had no trouble with leaving their babies behind in order to save themselves.
" I'll pick the one I like the most, stop crowdin-I SAID STOP CROWDING EACH OTHER!" you raised your voice, and that was enough to absolutely terrify the fluffies, which begun spraying their bowels all over each other, trying to form a "fluffy-pile".
"Good heavens above, what the fuck are you doing?! You're all covered in shit now!"
As you moved towards the shit stained fluff pile, you could see with the back of your eyes the two pregand mares trying to move each other away from the your garden's gate, but their bloated bodies were way too big for them to use their legs.
", the one with the white fluff, what's your name?" you spoke, pointing your finger towards a white fluffy, who was hiding deep in the middle of the pile.
"HEEEEEEK" it screamed, as it saw your finger pointed at it.
Alright, game's over, you tought.
You reached your arm to grab the white fluffy; worst case scenario, you'ld just toss it back into the wilderness once you grew bored with it.
"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK-PWEASE NUH BAD HUPSIES, PWEEEEASE" screeched the fluffy, clearly fearing for its life.
"Hey, don't worry little thing, I've chosen you for a new ho-"
"-JESUS CHRIST, JESUS CHRIST DID YOU JUST SHIT ON ME" you screamed, shit dropping all over your shirt and legs.
You never were a bad man.
You were just an ordinary guy, you still remember feeling sick from your medicine classes you took back in college; but at least they paid off, turning you into a pretty well respected veterinarian. Thinking about it, you weren't even that much into violence.
But holy shit you felt your rage shake you from the inside.
"Why you little... alright, you know what, playtime is over, you're coming with me, and you're gonna fucking regret ever stepping into my lawn. About you other rodens, out of my fucking garden, STAT!" you screamed, your eyes red with rage and stomping with your feet nearby the fluff pile.
...uh, too close to the fluff pile apparently.
It seemed like you stepped right into a fluffy's head, pulvering it on the spot.
"Nuuuuh! Munstah! Munstah!" screamed the other fluffies, running under your gate and scattering off in the scorching summer wilderness.
The two pregnant mares stood there, shitting themselves unable to move.
You didn't give a shit, all you cared was putting your newfound stress ball into a cage and clearing the mess these fuckers left in your yard.
While you were leaving, you felt something.
A fleeble, soft chirp coming from the "used-to-be" fluff pile.

[POV: foal]

You couldn't move.
Your leggies hurt too much.
Why did your leggies hurt so much? Dumb leggies, move... please...
You could hear the monster's gigantic stomps come right after you.
You held your head down, closed your eyes, and began chirping for mummah.
Maybe mummah comes back if you chirped hard enough...
In a second, you could feel a shadow above you.
"What the..did they actually leave their youngs here just to escape? Disgusting piles of shit..."
You felt something grab on you.
You tried to give it sorry poopies, but your bowels were already so empty... you haven't had anything to eat for so many forevers...
"...are you ok, lil guy?"
...was the munstah talking to you?
"Nuh.. munstahs nuh talk... munstahs eat babbeh...*chirp*...mumm-mha...*chirp*" you bleated.
"Christ, you're covered in shit...did they shit on you on a daily basis to turn you this fucking incrusted with turds?"
" huwth babbeh..? Am ownwy witteh babbeh..." you said.
"No.. and I'm not a monster. Why did they leave you behind, little guy?"
"Babbeh nu know.. babbeh need mummah fo huggehs an miwk...buh mammeh nu wuv babbeh... say babbeh ish poopeh babbeh... babbeh suh tired of bad popies but mammah nu gib babbeh miwf foh so many fowewahs..."
"they made you eat their shit?! What the fuck?!" said the human, slightly disgusted.
"why did you make it eat your shit, uh?" said the human to the white fluffy in his other hand.
"Dummeh hummah... dat is poopeh babbeh.. poopeh babbeh ish fow poopeh onwy... nuh fow wub..." cried the fluffy, distresseda and, clearlyon the verge of collapsing.
"jesus christ you things passed from being really cute to being fucking abominations in the span of 10 minutes.. come her, little guy, I'll give you a clean bath."
"N..n.nuh...wawa ish..bad foh babbeh..." yoiu bleated, before your eyes finally gave up on you and you fell in a long, long sleep.
You woke up.
What is this place..? Is this your new home? Where is mummah?
Where is everybody?
You try moving, and you notice you're in a soft canvas, wrapped all under you.
You can see you made some bad wawas and bad poopoos while you slept, but you couldn't help it.
You try to move, only to notice 4 great walls around you; you were in a big room, all by yourself.
In one corner, so much sand... so much... you couldn't wait going there and trying to make good poopoos... if you covered it in sand, you tought, you could hide it from the others, so they couldn't make you eat it!
You felt so smart.
You moved your head and saw another corner of the room, filled with toys; balls, blocks, and a fluffy you never saw before.
His seeying-places were sawn shut, and it scared you so much you made more bad poopies, but his fur was so short you began to think it wasn't a fluffy at all... plus, it wasn't moving.. did it take fowevah sweepies?
You couldn't know...
You tried to move a little from the bad poopoos and the bad wawas, cuddling against the soft rug under you.
You missed mommah so much, and you were so hungry, you couldn't help but fell asleep again.

[POV: Meatslave]

You woke up in a dark place.
You couldn't move your leggies, and that made you have a lot of bad wawas, and some bad poopoos.
Your eyes adjusted more to the darkness around you, and you noticed you were in a sorry box.
Why did munstah humah put you into a sorry box?
You were a good fluffy after didn't deserve it.
Munstah killed 2 of your old friends...munstah was clearly a baddie.
You miss not having a smartie telling you what to do, cus now all you want to do is cry and make more bad wawas.
Your legs are bent painfully under you, and you can't seem to see any way to escape the sorry box.
You try to cry, but your voice doesn't want to come out.. dummie voice, why didn't you help fluffy?
Voice was bad?
But Fluffy used voice to say good things...
Your braind hurts for a bit, then you remember; maybe you were in the sorry box because you had bad poopoos on the munstah.
Maybe if you make good poopoos from now on you can escape?
But you're still trapped in the tight sorry box, how could you ever make good poopoos?
Your tiny brain hurts so much... you need wawa, you need food, you miss your special friend. You try to call for him, to ask for help and nummies, but the bad voice doesn't work once again.
Did-- did the munstah take your voice?
The mere tought of the monster being able to do that makes you shiver, then panic in confusion as you trash around in your little cage.
You feel your tummy hurt so much, and one of your leggies has the worst hurties you ever felt.
You try to move your head and lick the leggie, but you can't turn far enough.
You can see something white poke from your leggie, and then the pain comes back.
It hurts so much.
Suddently, you hear the munstah.
Where is he? You can see him but you can certainly hear him walk around you.
Your sorry box gets picked up and, a moment later, you feel like you're flying.
Light flashes before your eyes as you land on your back on a table.
The sharp pain from your leg makes you scream so hard you actually manage to let out a small "-eeeeeeep" as you land on your broken leggie.
You see the munstah face, grinning his teeth in front of you, and you put your front hoofies in front of your face.
"We're gonna have tons of fun, you and I" says the munstah. "You know, I'm really not a violent guy, but you really had to shit on my best shirt, and more than that, you decided to abuse one of your own. You're a fucking waste of life, and I plan to correct that real soon."
You don't understand half of what the munstah said, but you catch the mood; he's gonna give you a lot of bad ouchies.
"Very well then.. uh? Wha- How the fuck did you manage to break one of your legs?! Holy shit how do you maggots even manage to survive out there?" laughed the monstah, bringing his big hands nearby your broken leggie.
"Aight then, one, two-"
The munstah was no smawty, cus he skipped the numbah three... silly munstah.
The tought quickly ran out of your mind as a sharp pain got into you, the sharpest you ever felt, and your blodshot eyes focussed on what the monster was hanging in front of you; it was your leggie. You were sure of it.
"Now, for your other leggies..."
You fainted, and made more bad poopoos.

[POV: Human]
As you tried to rip the other legs off the fluffy, you could seeit faint in front of you.
"Great, at least he won't struggle... actually, I wonder why it didn't scream at all.. did I already break her? No, it's unl-"
**cheeerp** **cheeerp**
You could hear loud chirping come from above your undergound room; from a window, you could see the flat of your garden, with some mares and fluffies roaming on it; you looked harder, and you were sure of it; it was the same herd you took these two from before.
"What the.. they came back? Are they THAT fucking retarded?"
You left the fluffy on the table, bandaging his stump w/o properly cauterizing it.
What the worst that can happen? That shitbag was gonna die anyway, one way or the other.
As you darted up the stairs, you noticed your old lawnmower; it was one of the "long" models, able to be used to clear small patches of grass, but you remember it being to cut pretty well thanks to his hard plastic blades.
And you came up with a great, gory idea.
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Anonymous1: Honestly, your command of English is better than that of most third-generation native speakers.

- Reply
Fuun: Nice story. I like how it sees the events from three different points of view.

But you use some terms that, although could be considered as headcanons -specially taking into account that your story takes place in Italy- stray from the accepted canon. For example, poopies is used instead of poopoos. The same thing goes for peepees. Other one is Mommah/mummah.

Once again, your story is good, but this kind of issues are distracting.
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The_Neutralist: Please continue!
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Anonymous2: Always love stories where a human adopts a poopie babbeh
It is really discusting that hasbio did that,if there is a hell,the guy that made that idea will have a special place for it
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NottooFluf2: Great story, search for the fluffy wiki for the flufspeak, so far so good and the errors are aceptable, maybe somebody can proofread it befode posting