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Sirulean: I'm surprised it didn't instantly die from a brain hemorrhage. Also I just thought of something. If an MCU/Fluffy crossover were to exist for some strange reason, the Thanos snap could truly prove whether or not fluffies count as "alive" (not that anyone would care.)
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Anonymous1: it's official even Spider-Man hates fluffies.

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Disintegral: Decided not to colour it after all?

Regardless, good stuff.

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SinisterPurpose: Fun Fact: Spider-Man's webbing dissolves about 45 minutes after it's formed, so that fluffy is in for a rough landing.
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sweedev: The Daily Bugle: Spider-Man ties up fluffy, does not web it's mouth up to save everyone else's ears.

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Waaaghlord: yeah, fluffys would be quite a hussle for a lot "heroes"
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Anonymous2: That was genuinely funny.
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Anonymous3: A better Spider-Man than Sony has ever created.