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McLaughlin Fluffy Farm, Chapter 1

It was the start of summer, but nothing stands in the way of science.
Up north deep in the woods lies the McLaughlin Fluffy Farm, a fluffy pony breeding facility owned by the prestigious Wossamotta U. Originally, the forest and its lands were being kept untouched as a nature preserve. In the most recent months, the board of trustees voted to erect the fluffy pony center, named after a very generous donator who insisted on making a fluffy pony breeding center. Despite the numerous protests attacking it from every angle, the facility was built and had succeeded in breeding and selling fluffy ponies.
Early on, McLaughlin relied on a small core of employees to run the facility and many volunteers from the local area to do the grunt work. There is no prestige in handling fluffy ponies unpaid, and the small core found themselves alone. Professor Kazane Matsushima, the lead facility member, had the bright idea to offer work-study positions at the facility, to allow W.U. students to earn credits and a bit of money while completing various research projects at the facility.
That is how the diminutive professor found herself standing in front of her two employees and three college-aged girls, all of whom towered over her.
"Thank you all for joining us this summer," the professor started. "I hope that your time here will be productive and educational. I suppose we should start with introductions. Everyone here already knows me, so Irene, could you start?"
The larger old lady next to the professor replied with a distinct southern twang. "Oh certainly. My name is Irene, and I'm basically the secretary. I handle the phones, filling out forms, and getting the joy of handing fluffies off to their new owners. Oh, you should see the joy on their little faces when they meet their new mommies and daddies."
"How about you, dearie?" Irene gestured to the bespectacled girl next to her.
"Uh, my name is Katie," the girl started nervously. "I, uh, I'm here to do work-study?"
"Katie, tell everyone about your research project, " the professor suggested.
"Oh yeah, um, so you know how fluffies are... um, hold on, trying to figure out how to explain this..."
It's not that complicated of an project, Kazane thought to herself.
"So if you have a green unicorn mare, and a blue unicorn stallion, their foals might be a pink pegasus and a white earth pony. Basically, fluffy foals almost never match their parents when it comes to coloration and traits. My research project is taking all of the breeding records and feeding them into a ML app-"
"ML?" asked Irene.
"Uh, machine learning."
The Latina girl next to Katie interrupted. "Isn't that AI?"
Katie had the look on her face that said she wanted to correct her, but didn't want to. "I mean, kinda sorta?"
"Anyway, I'm hoping to write an app that can take two fluffies and attempt to predict what their foals would turn out as. Maybe even predict when a My Little Pony-type would be born."
Irene again interrupted. "Oh, we just sold one of those the other day."
Katie perked up. "Really? Which one was it?"
"I don't really remember the name. It was dark purple, with a dark blue mane-"
"With white dots? A Luna-type?! Here?!"
"Yes, we just sold her last week!"
Katie physically deflated at the news.
The Latina spoke up. "I guess that means I'm next. Hi, my name is Josefina, but all my friends call me Jo. I'm a junior and a business major. My research project is a little bit different. I'm actually going to be helping out with the business side of things around here. Balancing budgets, buying ads, the works. I'm really looking forward to working with all of you."
The professor glared at her, but Jo missed it.
It's true that the facility had been hemorrhaging money and was nowhere near breaking even, even with that huge burst of income with the Luna-type sale. Jo should've been out of the loop on it, but her placement was arranged by one of the trustees. She would essentially be the head honcho at the facility while she was here, and she could just run to her daddy or sugar daddy or whoever she fucked to get here and complain if Kazane objected to any dumb-ass decision from the ditzy slut bimbo. The professor had been forced to select her, as they only received three applicants for twelve positions. Kazane bought a new flask for the occasion.
The blonde next to Jo played with her intricately braided hair as she started. "Hey, my name is Lana. I'm studying animal science, and hopefully going to be a fluffy veterinarian after this next semester! I'm hoping to study the effects of physical activity on fluffies and try to figure out empirically just how much exercise they should get. Hasbio always recommended one hour of active time a day, but since they went under and burned all their research, we just have to take their word on it. Hopefully, I will be able to confirm that or prove that some other amount is the correct amount."
Jo quietly complimented Lana's fluffy pony shirt as the sole man in the room spoke up.
"I'm Max. Before all of you start thinking this is going to be an easy paycheck, you're going to be helping me with cleaning, feeding, herding, cleaning... it's going to be rough out there. Y'all ever deal with fluffy shit before?"
The girls nodded.
"Y'all ever deal with twenty fluffy shits before? At once?"
Katie and Jo stood still, while Lana nodded.
"How about thirty shits?"
"Have you dealt with hundreds of fluffies all at once, Max?" Lana struck back. "My parents own an industrial fluffy farm. I woke up to fluffy shit and fell asleep to fluffy shit. Do you live here?"
Max shook his head no. "It's still rough out there," he motioned to the rest of the facility.
"Sure it is."
The tension in the room had grown quickly.
"Great!" the professor attempted to break said tension. "Irene and myself have more work to do before you can start, so Max, please give them a tour?"
"Alright, so this here's the main office," Max gestured to the room they were in. The main office was a converted wood cabin appropriate for the woods they were in. The entire thing was one room with several desks with workplaces set up and a kitchen counter in the back corner. By one of the desks was a giant server rack, which Katie assumed to be her new desk.
"Where's the bathroom?" asked Jo.
"There's an outhouse out back."
"Are you fucking serious?"
Max nodded smugly.
The gruff man led the girls out the front door into the middle of many wooden buildings similar in style to the cabin. Knee-high barriers outlined the paths between them. Max explained that when herding fluffies between the different places they needed to be, the barriers prevented them from straying off to far. He was especially proud of the make-shift barriers he made to temporarily block off certain paths, consisting of several two-by-fours and a sand-bag. He even made signs you can hook on them with arrows to direct or a bold "STOP" written if it was meant to be a dead-end. The fluffy ponies didn't understand the signs, but it was the thought that counts.
Max lead his tour group to the first building, labeled the Family building. Inside were two rows of six stables each, each with knee-high walls and a wooden barred gate in the front of them. All of the stables faced in the same direction, preventing the contained fluffies within from seeing each other. Each stable had both a stallion and a mare within, with foals of various ages. Some of the stables had foals nearing weaning age and speaking broken fluff-speak, while others had engorged pregnant mares ready to give birth at any moment. The building was filled with the noise of foals chirping and fluffy ponies doting on their children.
Max began to explain. "Here we have the family building, a.k.a. the breeding room. After two fluffies breed, we bring them in here. Irene and the professor want to keep fluffy breeding as natural as possible here, so they say that keeping the fluffy family together leads to healthier foals. That's why we keep them together until the foals are fully weaned. They're fed twice a day- first we take the stallions to the feeding station in the morning, then the mares in the afternoon. Again, Irene and the professor want as natural of a breeding process as possible, so we let them 'scavenge' for food for the rest of them. They get one hour of playtime in the play room in the afternoon, so be prepared to herd. If you're not herding them, you're hosing down the stables. Any questions?"
Lana knelt down next to one of the stables and looked in. A light purple mare with a grey mane was nursing two foals while a red stallion with a green mane watched on and babbled. "Gud babbehs get big miwkies!"
"Hey there little guy, what's your name?"
The stallion leapt up enthusiastically. "Razbewwy! Nice wady nyu mummah?"
"No Raspberry, I'm just a nice lady. Are you happy here?"
"Razbewwy am happy! Razbewwy am bestest daddeh!"
"Sure you are," Lana scratched Raspberry under the chin.
Max then took the girls to the next building, labeled Singles. Inside was a similar setup to the previous one- two rows of six stables each. Instead of fluffy families, each stable had two or more fluffy ponies of the same gender- the left row had all males, the right row had all females.
"Here's where we keep fluffies that aren't breeding. It works mostly the same as the other building- feeding twice a day, playtime in the afternoon. Be sure not to mix any males or females together- we don't want any unauthorized breeding. Understand?"
The girls understood clearly that at some point, Max messed up and mixed the genders together.
At that point, a pink unicorn stallion with a purple mane started pounding on the gate to his stable.
"Meanie hoomin! Gif Hiwo nyu speshuw-fwiend! Hiwo gif biggest-huwties!"
Max lifted the rebellious unicorn up by its scruff. "Perfect. You girls know how to punish a fluffy?"
Lana volunteered, "Usually with a sorry stick or a sorry box."
Hiro's tone changed quickly, his nubby little hooves trying to rub his eyes. "Nuu! Hiwo gud fwuffy! Nu wan sowwy-stick! Huuhuuhuu!"
Max kept the unicorn at arm's length, allowing him to defecate over his stable-mates out of fear.
"The professor doesn't want us to use sorry-sticks. 'Damages the goods' or something. If you'll follow me, I'll show you where we keep the sorry boxes."
The group followed Max on the side opposite of the still-defecating unicorn to the next building, which was more of a shed than a building. Max had to turn on the lights to reveal several fluffy-sized boxes with air holes as the stench of stale tears and old poop permeated the air. Max stuffed the unicorn into one of the boxes, barely fitting the fluffy inside, then tossed the box aside.
"Here's the sorry box room. If a fluffy misbehaves in any way, bring them here. First thing each morning, we take back any fluffies to their stables, then hose off the boxes as best we can."
Katie piped up. "So bad fluffies stay overnight?"
They accepted that answer.
Max turned off the lights and lead the group to the next building, labeled the Playroom. The Playroom was empty save for various toys, including slides, blocks, balls, and stuffed animals. In the corner was a large litter box. It might be more appropriate to call it a litter trough.
"Play room," Max stated without any further explanation. "One of us will have to supervise any playtime that's happening. Moving on..."
The group continued to the next building, labeled the Food Room. Inside were several benches with metal bowls built into them.
"Here's where we feed the fluffies. Each bowl gets one can of Purina Fluff-chow."
Jo spoke up. "Wait, each fluffy gets wet food every day?"
"Yup. Irene insisted."
Jo took a mental note of that. Feeding more than seventy fluffy ponies wet food every day had to be a huge drain on the budget.
"Spaghetti day is Friday. Any other questions?"
None were to be had. Each girl had considered this pretty straight-forward thus far.
Max took the group back to the main building to begin their first day of the work-study.
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