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Hello everyone, it is me; BurnFree.

Back in September I had a long talk with "Dad" and some others about my actions that involved the Booru, and on that day I came to my sense and realised I was acting way out of order. And I let the excuses, the righteousness and the "superiority" take over me.

I fiddled with things I was told time and time again that I was unwelcome to touch, yet I did it anyway under the delusion that I was "helping", but I'm more ashamed of what I did when I finally suffered the consequences. Using VPN's I evaded all IP bans to harass Guzziman and Techi, two mods I respect immensely for months on end, and I can't express how sorry I am for that.

Of course you know this already if you are a part of the Go Fluff Me Discord server, as I made a long statement there, which I am very grateful to say got a lot of positive reception, and forgiveness that I quite frankly don't deserve.

Since I made that statement however, I have noticed that my true IP has been unblocked from the site, however, this has happened before for reasons that are still a mystery to me, during the time where I acted out of wack. So in truth I can only hope that it was intentional this time. Until I receive confirmation on whether or not this was an intentional thing or not, this will be my last post.

In the case that my IP being unbanned is an intentional thing, and I have been permitted redemption I will immediately begin contributing to the booru the best I can, as Techi personally requested on Discord.

I have been practicing drawing fluffies and while they don't look like how I originally wanted them to, I am happy to say I have found my artstyle, and my fluffies, are cute as all living fuck.

I also have a fairly long comic I have written that I feel would also fill in a gap that the booru has had for a while, and it might also help me practice my art as a comic artist.

I believe that's everything for now, so it's time to go.


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guodzilla: "beware he who stalks in black."
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Anonymous1: I don't even know who you are :/ man I'm really out of touch with the fandom these days

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BurnFree: @Anonymous: These days? Who are you?

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Gmonty: Well, that's good to see you back.
Surely they bring back your true IP as a way of redemption. And then you will come back into the discord.
So, I hope you will have a good time on booru and with your artwork.
Good luck.
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Anonymous2: I don't know who you are, my man. I kind of gave up after the greats like Schaferaraks and Wolfram left and then people just quit making art altogether.
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ElCuCuyfeo: Sheesh, get down from the cross already!!
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Anonymous3: damn, I almost forgot about you.

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Guzziman: You know I told you personally not to come back here. I meant it.

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giverofhuggys: "I has bad feewing 'bout dis." said every fluffy pony ever.
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TistyJoe: "Beware the man in black" a.k.a. "I want to try to make people think I'm something cool"

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Disintegral: @Anonymous: He declared himself the Booru's "Tagmaster", and went on a crusade to fix the site's tags without permission. It ended pretty much as you'd expect.

If it weren't for him throwing a mini-fit in the Discord a few weeks ago, I'd have no idea either.
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ElCuCuyfeo: @Disintegral: Seriously? Man everyone needs a gimmick to cry for some cheap attention! xD
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Anonymous4: @TistyJoe: Ow, the edge.
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: lol, guess they reinstated the block
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TistyJoe: Fucking kek