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Just Another Day
(Part 2 of The Fluff Particle)
By: Ceron

"Hello and welcome to Grandma Jeanies fluff n stuff, how may I help you today." The nasally teenager says in a bored tone of voice as you walk into the store.

"Yes hi, I would like to sign up for a flufferizing appointment sometime next week?"

"Head back that way and speak to the woman at the desk." He points a little further into the store where you can see some machinery set up.

"Thank you very much." You say as the teen resumes his slouch and you walk by him further into the shelter.

You pass a variety of pens and cages, all full to the brim with unsold fluffies begging you to take them home. You aren't planning to do that, so you try not to acknowledge them at all. Best not to give them any hope. You get to the machines you saw before and see another teenager reading a book behind a cheap desk with a computer placed haphazardly on top. She doesn't notice you come in so you give a little cough, and she looks up at you with an annoyed expression before quickly shifting to a clearly practiced smile.

"Hiiii!" She greets you in a sickly sweet tone of voice "Welcome to the flufferizer department of Grandma Jeanies fluff and stuff, do you have an appointment today sir?"

"Oh uh no, actually I was wanting to set one up for next week if you have an opening?" You're wringing your hands nervously.

"Alright thats no problem sir, let me just take a look at the schedule here." She pulls out a large binder filled to the brim with papers and sticky notes poking out the sides.

She heaves it open and begins studying what looks to be a calender covered in writing. After a minute or so she looks back up.

"Ok so it looks like the only availability we have for next week is gonna be wednesday at 7:30 am, will that work for you sir?" She gives you that same smile again.

"Yeah sure that's ok." You say, just eager to have this over with. It doesn't matter how inconvenient the time is, you have to get this done.

"Alright then, we're just gonna need a name and a short description of the item you're going to be bringing." She tells you while typing information into the desktop monitor.

"Oh uh right last name Cassidy, first name Mark, and the item I'm going to bring in is an old ornamental vase. It was a uh, a gift from my grandmother." You're desperately hoping she won't ask you any more than that.

Thankfully, she seems to be satisfied with that and taps a few more times on the keyboard before turning back up to you.

"Alrighty then sir, you're all set for next wednesday at 7:30! Would you like me to print out a reminder for you?"

"Oh uh no I should be fine, thank you." You mumble as you quickly shuffle out, hiding your face as much as you can manage.


God what a weirdo.

Your name is Memry Adams and you just finished scheduling an appointment for some kind of FUCKING CREEP who was so obviously hiding his face. Did he really think he was being discrete? What a loser, honestly. Most of the guys who come through here are. You work as the flufferizer operator at the philly branch of Grandma Jeanies Fluff n Stuff and it FUCKING SUCKS! The job isn't really that hard and the pay is pretty nice but you have to deal with so many freaks that they should honestly be paying you double just for putting up with it. You're pretty sure you haven't seen a person under 19 make an appointment in the entire 4 months you've worked at the machine. It's always old creepy dudes wanting to get their MLP dolls or figures turned into real fluffies. You don't know what this last guys deal is, bringing in a vase, but theres a good chance it's full of cum or something. That's always the case with these people. You hate this fucking city but you've lived here your whole life and just don't know how to leave. See what you've always wanted to do is to go- oh shit its another customer.

You plaster a fake smile on your face and sit up straight as a girl of no more than 8 dashes into your room, followed closely by her parents.

"I WANT TO MAKE MY DOLL INTO A FLUFFY!!!" She shouts, already making it more difficult for you to maintain your grin.

The parents stroll up to the desk as the girl jumps and fidgets, clutching a small fluttershy plush to her chest. Oh god you hope its not another one of those girls.

The mother clears her throat "Ahem, I believe we have an appointment here for around this time?" She glances down at your schedule book somewhat impatiently. Yeah yeah cool your fuckin jets lady.

"Alrighty then! Let me just check the book here." You twitter in the cheeriest voice you can muster. It doesn't really sound sincere, but part of the customer/employee interaction is agreeing to overlook stuff like that. "Ok, so you must be the Walter family, correct?"

"Yes that's correct." The dad pipes up "Is this going to take very long?"

It takes longer the more questions you ask asshole.

"No not at all sir, we just need you to sign a few forms saying that you understand the process and rules." You slide a clipboard over to their side of the table with a few forms on it. You make sure to circle the part about color guarantees since corporate forbids you from outright telling the customers, but as usual, they just fly straight to the end and sign on the line.


You see it coming from a mile away. Nothing you can do now though. You take the papers and file them away before coming back to the impatient trio.

"Ok right this way" You lead them back a bit to where the magic happens. Theres a small room, maybe about the size of a walk in closet with a large mat set on the floor. The mat is made from some special polymer plastic made that only grandma jeanies and the flufferizer distribution company has access to. You don't know what's in it and you don't care, but the machine doesn't do shit to it, it's completely immune. Suspended up on the ceiling is the actual machine itself, bulky and huge.

You swear that thing could fall at any moment, but all you need to do is toss the plush in, so you can't be bothered to try and make it safer. Worst case scenario, a few fluffies die. Not much loss there.

"Ok then, just hand me the doll and we'll get things started." You lean down towards the girl.

She eagerly pushes the plush your way, her excitement palpable. You wince a little as you set it under the machine, knowing how this is going to play out. The family stands at a viewing window as you circle around to the control panel. You push a few buttons and turn your key in the slot, starting the process and causing the girl to press her face to the glass in wonder. Her eyes are as wide as her smile, though the same can't be said for her parents who seem vaguely uninterested by the whole performance. The lights in the booth flash and crackle, machinery spinning faster and faster, like an electrical hurricane with fluttershy at the center.

After a few seconds of this, a bolt of energy blasts out from the ceiling, striking the doll with brilliant light. Everyone is illuminated from within the closet, and as the light fades, you see the only one who didn't turn away was the girl. Things begin to settle down as the machine slows to a halt, the gears losing speed until everything is still again.

Then it begins, just as you knew it would.

From where the beam hit the doll, you see a different color begin to bloom. The pastel yellow fur of the doll begins being overtaken by a more organic, dark green type of fluff. Before long, the dolls color has changed entirely to a vomit-y green, and the young girls face has changed along with it. What began as a look of sheer joy and anticipation has turned into a mask of confusion and disgust. As the last of the doll turns, the girl looks up desperately at her father.

"DADDY DO SOMETHING! IT'S RUINING FLUTTERSHY!" Screams the gremlin as her, presumably, favorite toy is ruined.

"HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" He turns to you, instantly taking his daughters side. "What's happening to my little girls doll?!"

You summon all of your strength to force a smile at the red faced douchebag in front of you.

"Sir, as stated in the form you signed, there is no guarantee on the color of your fluffy. The color of the object it comes from has no bearing on the fluffys fur or mane." You repeat the line you use for all these cases. They're about as common as you'd expect.
As this altercation is going down, you see the fluttershy doll has now transformed fully into a living breathing fluffy. It's almost completely different from the toy it came from.

The fluffy sitting in the room is a fat, adult, male fluffy with vomit green fluff and a neon purple mane. The color combination is eye-searingly ugly, you can only assume it will seem even worse to the Walter family. You feel bad for the guy, but not as bad as you currently feel for yourself, dealing with this bullshit.

"Oh god, Todd" The mother says in a tone somewhere between horrified and disgusted "Look at that... that THING!"

The Walters faces twist into expressions of revulsion and scorn, the daughter forming fat tears at the corners of her eyes. The fluffy shakes itself off, getting its bearings after just being born. The newly formed creation steps off the platform and wobbles out of the chamber.

"Hewwo, am Fwuffy! Wiww ou be nu mummah?" His eyes sparkle with hope. He begins waddling over to the young girl who screams.

"EWWWW GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" She kicks out at her new pet, not actually connecting, but scaring him all the same.

"NUU nu huwt fwuffy! Am gud fwuffy, nu nu why mummah am mad!" It whines, cowering in fear.

You just sit back and let them go at it. You aren't being paid enough to try and stop her from hurting him, and given that color combination, you doubt he's worth the hassle anyways. You manage another smile as you say "I am sorry sir that you are not happy with your new fluffy, however you signed the form stating you understood the risks, and so there is nothing more we can do. I apologize again."

If looks could kill you'd be 6 feet under right now.

"This is ridiculous, you people are fucking hacks! I'm a lawyer and I swear to god I'm gonna sue this place for what little it's worth, you got that?" He hisses, pointing his fat fingers right in your face.

"You have a nice day sir." You curtly reply, gesturing the distraught family towards the door. You get one last glare from the little girl, holding her scared and shaking fluffy as they walk out through the front of the shop. A few seconds later, you hear a loud squeal, and then crying.

You already know what you're gonna find but you head outside anyways, and see the fluffy, legs bent and broken, seemingly thrown down against the concrete in disgust.

"Huuuuu huu huu, nu nu wat do, am gud fwuffy..." It sobs to itself, head down in defeat. You've worked here long enough that sights like this don't even phase you anymore, but sometimes, they almost make you feel bad for the little guys again. Almost.

"Hey little guy, are you all alone?" You kneel down next to him.

*Sniff*"Yus, mummah nu want fwuffy, cawwed fwuffy "twash". Huu huu, nu wan twashie name... huu huu nu wan weggie huwties huu..." His little body is wracked with hiccuping wails, as he lays in a pool of his own blood.

"Come here buddy, it's gonna be ok" You pick him up softly, so as not to injure his legs any further.

His crying lessens somewhat. "Am... am nice wady new mummah?"

"That's right, I'm gonna be your mummah now." You carry him in, past the cages, and past Micheal at the front desk.

"Weawwy! Fwuffy hab mummah? Am su happy! Wiww be bestes fwuffy ebew!" You can tell his legs hurt, but you're honestly a little moved by how happy he's trying to sound for you.

You walk into the back of the store, and open up the door to the disposal chamber, gently placing your new friend on the floor inside. He looks up at you with concern.

"Wewe am new mummah goin? Pwease take fwuffy!"

"Don't worry buddy, mummahs going to be right back, and I'm going to bring skettis with me." You can't muster the heart to lie with more enthusiasm, but he doesn't seem to mind.

"Weawwy!?! SKETTIS?!!?! TANK OU MUMMAH! Dis am da bestest day evew!!" He cries, his elation making him forget his pain as he wiggles with joy.

"Just stay right there buddy, you're a good fluffy." You sigh as you begin to close the door behind you. Right before it shuts you hear him ask

"Um, mummah?"

You swing it open again.

"What is it?"

"Am Buddy nyu namie?" He asks hopefully.

"Yeah" you say "Yeah Buddy, it is."

He squeals with delight. "Tank ou mummah, Buddy wub ou."

"Mummah loves you too." You respond as you shut the door behind you.

You can see him humming to himself while you work the control panel, oblivious as to his fate. You push the button to release the gas and leave. You can make Micheal deal with the body later, it's not like he fucking does anything else around here. You return to your station and cross the Walters off the appointment list. Looks like you don't have anyone else scheduled for another couple hours, so hopefully you'll be able to relax for a little bit.

You sit back down in your chair, prop your feet up on the desk, and dive back in to your shitty romance novel. Just another day at the shelter.
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Ceron: Part 2 of my fluff particle (sort of) series. These take a while because I'm lazy and in college but I do enjoy writing them. When I make more of these they'll likely be explorations of this world and its development. So watch out for more of these at some point.

Either way, hope you enjoy it
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Anonymous1: TBH it's probably better "Buddy" died the way he did. Even if the little girl did get her Fluttershy, the novelty would have probably worn off super quick for the her, especially if it shat on something she owned.
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Dunderbolts: @Anonymous: agreed. I'd have given the Fluttershy a week tops before someone got annoyed at it.

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WiredandGaming: @Dunderbolts: Before it starts telling you to not kill flies or something because they're her 'animaw fwiends' and 'dey hab famiwies and mummahs and daddehs."