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Kerry's Story; Part Thirty

By differential_Sloth


‘Did fwuffies find anyting hewe?' the dark blue and grey pointy fluffy asks the group.

‘Nu. Dewe nuting hewe,' a light yellow fluffy answers,

‘Wat boud in dah oda pwace?'

‘Fwuffies nu find anyting dewe tuu!'

‘Nnngh!' The blue pointy fluffy grunts and smacks the ground, you think. It's not easy to see from this far away through a bushie. ‘Nee keep goin den!'

‘Bud Fwuffy hav weggie huwties!' One of the group complains.

‘Fwuffies aweady wook fow wong-'

‘Nee keep wookin!!' the blue pointy fluffy yells. ‘Nee find sumtin, ow Munstah get maddies gain!'

‘He am wight,' another fluffy says; he sounds sacred. ‘Nee keep goin! Maybe can find nummies, den Munstah nu get maddies!'

‘Munstah say fwuffies nee find mowe safe pwaces, dummeh!!'

‘Munstah be mowe maddies if fwuffies go way fow wong time an nu hav anyting!' The yellow fluffy says. ‘Fwuffies go find nummies fow Munstah, nao!'

There's a few grumbles, but the group of fluffies move on. You can't tell exactly which way they're running, but all that matters is it's not the way you're planning to go. When you can't hear the strange fluffies anymore, you and the other lookie fluffy slowly crawl out of the bushies.

‘Does wewe bad fwuffies,' he says in little wordies.

You nod; ‘Fwuffies nee go teww Smawty, nao.'


You sit and stare at the lookie fluffies.

‘Wookie fwuffies am suwe yu see bad fwuffies?'

‘Yes, Smawty' the brown one says. ‘Day nu wewe nummie findahs, day wewe bad fwuffies wookin fow safe pwace.'

‘Am suwe?' You ask again.

‘Yes, Smawty. Wookie fwuffies newa wie, an does fwuffies tawkin boud fwuffy dat name am Munstah.'

A chill runs up your back; Monster, it has to be them. ‘*Sigh* Tank yu. Wookie fwuffies go wook in fowest gain.' They nod and trot back to the forest. Your see places close and your face scrunches up; the fact they've seen the bad fluffies again would be bad enough, but they were close to the safe place. Too close. If it was any other fluffy who brought this news, you could believe it wasn't so bad. But, the lookie fluffies are good and know the forest too well. The chill crawls from your back to the rest of your body; it's easy to think about these things and what you'll do about them, but it's always worse when it actually happens.

You turn to the Bestest Toughie; ‘Find Nex bestest tuffies.'


‘Wookie fwuffies nu-'

‘Nu, dummehs,' you cut Rock off, ‘wookie fwuffies nu wie, wookie fwuffies nu am wong; day see bad fwuffies cwose tu safe pwace.' The quiet place goes extra quiet while the Next bestest toughies think about what you've told them. They look at each other, but no one talks. Finally, Rock looks straight at you.

‘Wat am tuffies gun du, Smawty?' Before you can answer, he says ‘Wat am gun du?!'

‘Smawty say wat gun du dummeh,' you tell him. ‘Am gun make suwe bad fwuffies nu get cwose tu-'

‘Day get cwose tu safe pwace!' Rock stands up. ‘Wat Smawty wan du nu am wowkin nu mowe! Tuffies nee go an-'

‘Shud up!!' The Bestest toughie yells. Rock shuts up. After a moment, the Bestest toughie stands, and you all turn to him. ‘Smawty say tuffies gun giv bad fwuffies fowewa sweepies if day get cwose tu safe pwace,' he says. ‘Bud, dat nu am easy; if bad fwuffies wun way, den mowe cum back.' The Bestest toughie looks around. ‘Nee make suwe bad fwuffies nu can get way. Nu can teww dewe hewd wat happen.' Everyone looks at him for a while, then Leaf speaks up.

‘So wat tuffies du? How make suwe bad fwuffies nu wun way?'

The Bestest toughie looks at the ground for a moment, then says ‘Nee make bad fwuffies cum tu tuffies.'


Your thinkie place hurts. Sure, it's nothing new; your thinkie place always hurts when you use it a lot. The problem is you've been using it all the time.

The Bestest toughie's plan is good, you're even a bit jealous you didn't come up with it yourself. However, it'll be hard work to pull off, and there's still a chance the bad fluffies could escape. But, it's the only plan you have, other than find and attack the bad fluffies in their safe place. It fits well with what you already want to do, and the plan was to give bad fluffies who got too close forever sleepies anyway. You just weren't sure how to at the time, and part of you hoped you wouldn't have to.

‘*Sigh*' It's hard, but it'll be worth it; a whole forest for the herd. You just have to wait a little longer.

‘Daddeh daddeh!!'

The yell snaps you out of it; you turn and see Gred, your Wingie baby's pointy baby running over. Before you can ask what's wrong, he says ‘Daddeh daddeh, Mummah daddeh am huwtin Mummah mummah!!'

‘Huh? Wat am Gwed-'

Mummah daddeh am huwtin Mummah mummah!!!' Gred says again, louder. ‘He am givin Mummah mummah huwties!!!'

After a few moments, your thinkie place figures out what Gred means, and it doesn't make any sense; none. Kerry's special friend giving her hurties? They love each other as much as any fluffies you've ever known! Besides, Kerry's special friend is, well, you're not sure how a fluffy like him made a toughie as good as Big Red.

‘Am Gwed suwe?'

‘Yes!!' He says, getting more scared. ‘Huwwy!!' He turns and runs in the direction of Kerry's den. Alright, you'd better go see what this is about; you've seen stranger stuff happen. You catch up and follow Gred to Kerry's den. The whole way there, your thinkie place gives itself more hurties trying to figure out what's going on, and what Gred's actually heard or seen. You just can't picture those two ever fighting one another. Unless...

‘Gwed stay hewe,' you say as you get close.


‘Gwed stay hewe; Daddeh daddeh deaw wif dis.' Once you're sure he'll stay put, you creep forward. So far, it's all quiet; no yells or screams, or other sounds you hear in a fight. Once you're a little closer, though, you start to hear something. When you get closer, the sounds get louder and clearer; it sounds, familiar…

‘Daddeh daddeh, wai nu-'

‘Shh,' you turn back and step closer until you and put your head just inside the tunnel to their den. Now, you can hear exactly what's happening.

‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf!!'

‘Ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip!'

You manage to stop yourself sighing out loud, carefully step away from the den and go back to Gred. ‘Wat am wong!?' He says. ‘Wai Daddeh Daddeh-'

‘Day nu am fightin.'


‘Yuw Mummah daddeh an Mummah mummah nu am fightin, Gwed.' You tell him.

‘Bud, bud wat am day-'

‘Big fwuffy tings,' you tell him. ‘Nao, go back tu yuw Daddeh.'


‘Nao!' You say it loud enough so he knows you're serious, but not so loud Kerry and her special friend can hear. Gred runs off, and you take one last look at the den before you head to the long water, shaking your head as you go. They can't help it, but it would be nice if babbies could be a little less dumb. Still, maybe it's better to grow up doing dumb things than, than…

No, you can't, won't think about that now. You need to focus on keeping the herd safe until the bad fluffies leaves, and everything else that needs doing around here. Still, as you walk to the long water a small smile goes over your face. Babbies might be dummies, but they can be funny too. That's not such a bad thing.


‘Whewe wan hav nex bwighttime nummies, Speciaw fwend?'

‘Hmm,' you use your thinkie place. ‘Wunnie tink wan hav dem neaw dah big bushies.'

‘Dat sound gud,' Sky turns to Big Red and Snow. ‘Wat Big Wed an Snu tink?'

They look at each over for a moment; ‘Snu wan du dat,' Snow says, and Big Red nods.

‘Otay!' Sky turns and leads all of you to the spot she's talking about. Partway there, she asks ‘Shud fwuffies ask if yuw Mummah an Daddeh wan hav nummies tuu?'

Big Red sighs; ‘Day nu wan du dat.'


‘Day nu wan weave den,' you tell Sky. ‘Day am, doin tings…' They've hardly left their den in the past few brighttimes.

‘Wat? Wat day doin?' Sky asks. ‘Wunnie, wat am day-'

‘Big Wed!!'

All of you turn and see the Bestest toughie run over. He skids to a halt and says ‘Big Wed, yu nee cum wif Bestest tuffy!' Big Red nods and starts to leave, but Snow speaks up.

‘Bud Speciaw fwend was-'

The Bestest toughie turns and looks at her; ‘He nee cum wif Bestest Tuffy, nao!'

‘Id am otay, Speciaw fwend,' Big Red says. ‘Big Wed be back soon.' He gives Snow a hug, then runs off with the Bestest toughie. You watch them go; if your brother is scared, he did a good job of hiding it. As for Sky and Snow, well…

‘W-wat am gun happen?' Snow looks at Sky. ‘Am dah bad fwuffies cumin?'

‘Nu knu,' Sky tells her. ‘Daddeh nu say anyting!'

Both of them hide their hear places and look more and more scared. ‘*Cough* Uh-uh, Nu be scawdies,' as soon as you talk you wish you hadn't; Sky and Snow turn to you, and now you've got to say something to make them feel better. ‘Um, uh… W-Wunnie nu tink Bad Fwuffies am cumin.'

‘How Wunnie knu?' Snow asks.

‘Cause, cause uh…' Think, think!! ‘Cause, dah Bestest tuffy wud make fwuffies go an hide.' They stare at you for a few moments, then back at each another; it looks like what you said didn't work.

‘Dis way, Fwuffies go hide in den.' Sky starts to trot toward your den. Snow follows, and so do you. On the way there, a tight feeling crawls up your leggies and into your tummy. Whatever the Bestest toughie needs big Red for, you hope it's small and will be over soon.

At least Mummah and Daddeh are having a fun brighttime…


You and the others follow the lookie fluffy through the forest; he guides you around trees, over rocks and through clumps of bushies, all the while getting closer to that fluffy. Hopefully.

‘Which way dat fwuffy go?' Someone asks.

‘Dis way!' the lookie fluffy whispers back. ‘He go dis way; fastah dummehs!'

When you get the chance, you try to look past the lookie fluffy see through the trees and bushies; but, you can't see the fluffy you're following.

‘We nu gun catch him!' Someone behind you says.

‘Shh!!' Someone else hisses. ‘Day gu heaw yu! Den day get way, wike dat oda dummeh!' That shuts everyone up; if you lose track of the fluffy up ahead… Small shivers run around under your fluff when you think about it. Everyone saw what, he did to the fluffies who let the last dummy escape. Not only them, but to their specials friends too. You can't lose this fluffy, you can't!! You don't dare think about what'll happen, or what he'll do to your-

‘Fwuffy see him!' the lookie fluffy whispers. ‘Fwuffies can catch him! Fastah!.' He leads you around and over a few forever sleepies trees towards a clump of bushies. You see one of them rustle, and feel a rush of excitement; he's close, you can catch him!! The others feel it too; without anyone saying to, you start to run for the bushies. You've got to catch the dummy, and find out what herd he's come from! If you don't find another safe place to raid-


The yell didn't come from your group, but there's no time to think about it before other fluffies burst out of the bushies, all around you!!! Ahead and to your right, a couple of strange fluffies run out and jump on the lookie fluffy. They drag him to the ground, kicking and biting as they do. One the other side, a big brown fluffy jumps out of a bushie and lands on one of the toughies Monster sent with you.

‘Screeee!!!' *CRSNAP* ‘SQUEEEE!!!

‘Get dem!!'

‘Fight dem dummehs!!'

You and the others try to fight back,

‘Who am day!?'

‘Whewe day cum fw-'*Smack* Screee!!'

‘Hewp!! Hewp Fwuffy!!!'

but there are too many strange fluffies, and no one to take charge!! Without thinking, you turn to run away, only to see another strange fluffy, a big red one, coming right at you! There's no time to get out of-


When he hits, your thinkie place goes silly, and your hear places scream. You fall to the ground but don't really feel it, or anything. Get up, you've got to get up; you know it, but it's like you're not in control anymore! It's like all you can do is yell at yourself. Slowly, your leggies and the rest of you start to work, and you drag yourself partway back up. But, it's too late; when you look up all you can see is the fluffy who knocked you down, reared up on his back leggies.

Your heart sinks into your tummy, and things get really slow; the fluffy's hoofies come down, closer and closer to your he-


Your hoofies land just behind the bad fluffy's head.


After the noise, the bad fluffy twitches a few times then stops moving, not that you notice; you're busy looking for the next fluffy to fight. You see another one trying to run away and leap at him; ‘Waahhh!!'

‘Eeee!!' He tries to duck away at the last moment, but you're too fast; you crash into his side and push him to the ground. There are some cracks and popping sounds, and when the fluffy tries to scream, it's horrible! You rear up and stomp his neck like the last bad fluffy. He stops moving, and-


Whoever hit you, they did it in just the right way to knock the breath out of you. Tight, sharp hurties spread through your tummy and chest; it takes everything you have to stay upright. Pushing aside the hurties, you turn to face the bad fluffy but pull back right away!


He tried to bite your face! No time to think about it though, you put your head down and charge as fast as you can! You feel the top of your head crash into the bad fluffy,



but he falls in a weird way that trips you up! Both of you fall to the ground, and it's a race to get back up; you may be bigger and stronger than most fluffies, but if they catch you on the ground-

‘Big Wed!!!'

Moments after you recognise Tree's voice he crashes into the bad fluffy, who must have just gotten back on his hoofies.

‘Gwahh!!' Out the corner of your see places you see the bad fluffy on the ground, with Tree on top of him. ‘Hewp! He-'


Tree stomps the bad fluffy's neck and does it a couple more time to make sure. He gets off and helps you get up. Back on your hoofies, you search for more bad fluffies to fight; the other toughies have already given most of them forever sleepies, or they're working on it. Except for one; he slips past a couple of toughies and makes a run for it. He can't get back to his herd!!

‘Get him!!!' You and Tree gallop after the bad fluffy; you manage to catch up even though he's running as hard as he can. But, he's still going too fast to jump on him, so it has to be the hard way; when you're close enough, the two of you grab hold of the bad fluffy with your teeth.


You and Tree drag him to the ground then bite, stomp and kick until he stops moving; he screams the whole time. When it's done, you turn away from the bad fluffy and take a moment to catch your breath. Then, you and Tree go back to the others. As you get there, you see the Bestest toughie rear up and bring his hoofies down on a bad fluffy's head. It's hard not to flinch; you hate the sound it makes. The Bestest toughie scrapes his hoofies on the ground, then walks over.

‘Am Babbeh an Big Wed Otay?'

‘Yes Daddeh,'

‘Big Wed am Otay Bestest tuffy.'

‘Gud,' he nods. ‘Babbeh an Big Wed du gud. Am weawy gud tuffies nao.' Before you can say anything, the Bestest toughie turns to the others and says ‘Tuffies go back tu safe pwace nao. Be cawefuw; nu make wotsa niose.'

‘Yes Bestest tuffy,' a few toughies say before you turn and follow the lookie fluffy away from the spot, and the forever sleepies bad fluffies. The barky monsters and other monsters will be here soon, and there's no point trying to fight them as well.


You're not even back for a few moments before Snow rushed up and hugs you tight.

‘Speciaw fwend! Wat happen?! Am Speciaw fwend otay? Did dah-'

‘Big Wed am otay!' You try to pull away, but she moves with you. ‘Am otay, nuting bad happen!' Not to you, at least.

‘Bud wat happen?' Snow asks again. ‘Wat Big Wed-'

‘He du wat tuffies nee du,' the Bestest toughie says. ‘Big Wed an oda tuffies am otay, an hewd am safe. Ewyting am otay,' he says, then walks off. Snow watches him go for a moment, then turns back to you.

‘W-wat Bestest tuffy-'

‘Id am otay, Speciaw fwend,' you say again. ‘Wets hav nummies nao.'

Snow's face goes through a few different looks, sacred, sad, confused until it stops at sort of sad. ‘O-otay, Speciaw fwend.' She lets go and follows you to the nummie dens.


‘Teww Smawty wat happen; wan knu ewyting. Did tuffies get dah bad fwuffies?'

‘Yes, Smawty,' Daddeh says. ‘Id wowk wike Bestest tuffy say; bad fwuffies see wookie fwuffy, wookie fwuffy bwing bad fwuffies tu tuffies an tuffies giv dem fowewa sweepies.'

‘Did tuffies get aww dah bad fwuffies?'

‘Yes Smawty, tuffies get aww dah bad fwuffies. Dah nu get way.'

‘Gud,' the smarty nods.'Bestest tuffy du gud.' Then, the Smarty asks ‘Can Bestest tuffy du is gain?'

Daddeh takes a while to answer; ‘Yes, tuffies can du id gain. Bud-'

‘Smawty wan Bestest tuffy du id gain next bwight time!' You see Daddeh wants to say something, but the Smarty goes one before he has the chance. ‘If tuffies giv wotsa bad fwuffies fowewa sweepies, day nu am gun have wookie fwuffies nu mowe. Dat mean dat nu can wook fow safe pwace, an day nee go way!'

You look at the Smarty, then back at Daddeh. He wants to say something, maybe even argue; you can feel it. Instead, ‘Yes, Smawty. Tuffies du dat.'

‘Gud,' the Smarty nods. ‘Dis am ovah nao. Go hav dawk time nummies.'

‘Yes, Smawty. Dis way, Babbeh.'

You follow Daddeh from the quiet place to the nummie den, then back to yours. The two of you settle down to have your darktime nummies. It takes a while, but you work up the nerve to talk.

‘*Cough* U-um, Daddeh?'

Daddeh looks up; his nummie place is full, but he nods for you to go on.

‘Du, *cough* am wat Daddeh an oda tuffies duin gun wowk wike Smawty say?'

Daddeh chews his berries and swallows; ‘Maybe,' he says, then leans down to get more.

‘Wat dat mean?'

He stops and thinks for a moment; ‘Nu knu wat gun happen, Babbeh,' he says. ‘Maybe id make dah bad fwuffies stahp wookin fow safe pwace an go way. Ow,'

‘Wat?' You lean forward.

‘Id make dem wook mowe.'

Your see places go a little wider, then your face scrunches up. ‘Bud, wai? Wai day du dat?'

‘Cause dah bad fwuffies' Smawty nu cawe if he wose wookie fwuffies. He wan find safe pwace, so he gun keep wookin.'

‘How Daddeh knu dat?' Your tummy gets really tight; surely, Daddeh wasn't a-

‘Daddeh knu wotsa tings,' he says. ‘Nu was in bad hewd, bud was…' He trails off, then shakes his head. ‘Daddeh jus knu dese tings, Babbeh. Dat am wat make Daddeh gud tuffy.'

‘O-otay Daddeh.' You don't feel any better. Talking about something else might help, but you can't think of anything else you want to talk about.

‘How wong du Daddeh tink gun hav du dis?'

Daddeh looks at you for a moment; ‘Tiww dah bad smawty nee go way, ow he find safe pwace.'

A shiver goes down your back; the thought of bad fluffies actually finding the safe place scares you, but also makes you excited! And that makes you feel bad because-

‘Babbeh nu shud tink boud id tuu much,' Daddeh says.

‘Huh? Wai?'

‘Cause id nu am gud; if bad ting gun happen, id happen. Fwuffies nu can stahp dat.'

‘Bud dat am wat tuffies nee du!' You say loudly. ‘Daddeh say tuffies nee keep bad tings fwom-'

‘Daddeh say nee keep hewd safe,' he says. ‘Nu say tu stahp bad tings; nu can du dat.'

‘Bud, bud…' Your face scrunches up, and maddies crawl from your tummy. ‘Nu undewstan!'

‘Daddeh looks at you for a moment. ‘Babbeh wememba Big Wed's sissie?'

‘Huh?' Of course you remember, all the herd remembers! But, what does Flower have to do with-

‘Fwowah du ewyting wight,' Daddeh says. ‘She du ewyting hew mummah an oda fwuffies say,' He leans close; ‘Wat happen?'

‘She, she go fowewa sweepies.'

‘Dat am wight, Babbeh.' Daddeh sits back. ‘Fwuffies can du ewyting wight, an bad ting stiww happen.' He pauses for a moment. ‘Fwuffies nu can stahp bad ting if id gun happen; dat am wai Smawty make Daddeh scawdies.'

Your nummie place falls open; ‘Wah? H-how? How am Daddeh scawdies of Smawty?' He's not scared of anything, anything!!

‘Cause,' he looks down, ‘Daddeh tink Smawty nu knu dat.'


‘So wat happen when, *gulp* w-when dah bad fwuffies came?'

Big Red takes a moment to answer; ‘When dah bad fwuffies get cwose, Big Wed an oda tuffies cum oud an, make dem go way.'

You know what he means by "make them go away;" you just don't like to think about it. In the safe place, in the den, you want him to be your big, cuddly, warm Special friend, not a big, scary toughie. Still, you have to ask; ‘Day, day nu cumin tu safe pwace?'

‘Nu, day nu cumin hewe.'

You nod and shuffle a little closer, closer to his warm fluff and nice smells. It makes you feel tingly. Big Red nuzzles you a bit, then rests his head on yours, which makes the tingles stronger. But, they're not strong enough for you to forget about the question in the back of your thinkie place. You've tried to forget about it since Big Red told you about what happened in the forest today, but it just won't leave.

‘Speciaw fwend, wat am wong?'

And, Big Red can tell. It takes quite a while to find the wordies, and work up the nerve to use them. ‘H-how… How tuffies knu dose fwuffies wewe b-bad fwuffies?'

Big Red doesn't answer, but you feel him tense up. ‘Bestest tuffy an oda tuffies say day wewe bad,'

‘Bud, how day knu?' You ask. ‘How wat if… Wat if day nu wewe bad fwuffies?'

‘Cause gud fwuffies nu fowwow oda fwuffies wike day did,' he says. ‘Day fowwow wookie fwuffy wike yuw bwudda was.'


‘Speciaw fwend,' he says, then sighs. ‘Big Wed knu, Speciaw fwend. Bud, Big Wed nee du wat Smawty an Bestest tuffy say,' he says. ‘Nu wike givin huwties an fow… Making bad tings go way. Bud, nee keep safe pwace an hewd safe. Dewe am wotsa wittwe babbehs nao. Nee make suwe Fwowah's Babbehs am safe, an am gun hav wittwe bwuddas an sissies soon.' He looks at you, ‘Am gun hav babbehs one bwighttime. Big Wed nee keep dem safe.'

You open your nummie place to speak, but nothing comes out. You try again, but your wordies don't work, won't work. Your tummy gets tight and heavy, and your heart sinks into it. It feels awful, because Big Red, Daddeh and the others are right; it's what they have to do, and just how things are.

But, that doesn't mean you don't hate it!

Why does it have to be this way? Why can't all fluffies in the forest just be friends? What use is it being mean and hurting each other when everything else wants to hurt you too?

You put your head down, and squeeze your see places shut to stop the sad water coming out; but, the saddies don't go away. Big Red puts his head over yours again and shuffles closer; it feels nice. The tingles are gone, but you feel safe and warm at least. You just wish there was a way it could always be this way, where Big Red doesn't have to worry about keeping everyone safe, and you don't have to worry about him getting hurt. Or, worse.


‘Did wookie fwuffies see anyting cwose tu dah safe pwace dis bwighttime?'

‘Nu, Smawty,' the brown lookie fluffy says. ‘Nuting bad am cwose tu safe pwace.'

Another of the lookie fluffies speaks up; ‘Wookie fwuffy see sum smaww hoomins neaw wong wawa, bud day nu cwose tu safe pwace.'

Parts of your fluff stand on end; even when they're small, humans are always dangerous. Sometimes, the small ones can be worse and even if you scare them off, they usually come back with big ones... ‘Day nu see wookie fwuffies?'

‘Nu Smawty.' The lookie fluffy smiles; ‘Nuting can see wookie fwuffy.'

You nod, and ask the most important question; ‘Wat boud bad fwuffies? Wookie fwuffies see any? Day twy an fowwow wookie fwuffies tu safe pwace. '

‘Nu see any cwose tu safe pwace, Smawty,' the brown one says.

‘Wookie fwuffies nu see anyting twy an fowwow,' the other adds. Bud, tink day am stiww in dah fowest.'

Your see places narrow. ‘How wookie fwuffy knu?'

His face scrunches up, and he looks away; ‘Wookie fwuffy nu knu, Smawty. Jus hav…' His face scrunches more. ‘Sumtin feew funny.'

You look at him and let your thinkie place do its thing. ‘Wookie fwuffy nu hav funny feews when dewe nu was bad fwuffies?'

‘Nu, Smawty.'

Hmm, you're not sure what to think. ‘Wookie fwuffy teww Smawty if… If funny feew get biggah.' Even if you don't really understand what he's saying, best to keep track of it.

‘Yes, Smawty!' The lookie fluffies say, then leave. Not long after, so do you. So far, things are still good; the bad fluffies still haven't found the safe place, haven't even gotten close. But, they're probably still hanging around. Either there are more herds in this part of the forest than you thought, or maybe they have other reasons to hang around. That's, worrying; you don't have a plan for if they stay. But why should you? Bad herds don't stay in one place; they need to follow other herds and find new safe places because they're too lazy and mean to find nummies properly!

No, they'll move on; it might take longer than you'd like, but it'll happen, especially if you keep giving their lookie fluffies forever sleepies. Then, all the forest will belong to the herd, and there'll always be enough nummies and other safe places. Sure, the herd hasn't come very close to running out since you became smarty, but it could always be better. Anyway, you can worry about it later. Right now, there's another job to do. You walk through to the safe place's newest poopie place. It hasn't been used for long, so there aren't many holes, and it doesn't smell so bad.

‘Daddeh!' Your wingie baby walks away from a new hole he's finished.

‘Hewwo babbeh,'

‘Am anyting wong, Daddeh?' You can see a few scardies on his face, and can almost hear his thinkie place trying to remember where all his babbies are.

‘Nuting am wong,' You tell him. ‘Jus was teww Babbeh sumtin,


‘Babbeh du gud job with poopie pwaces,' you look around. ‘Yu du wat Daddeh say, an wook aftah babbehs.'

‘Tank yu, Daddeh.' Your wingie baby smiles, but doesn't get too excited.

‘Babbeh am bein gud fwuffy fow hewd,' his smile gets bigger, so you move on; ‘Nu am nex smawty gain yet, bud Babbeh nu gun wowk in poopie pwace nu mowe.'


‘Yes, Babbeh.' You say. ‘Daddeh wan yu go hewp diggah fwuffies make nyu nummie den. Den, yu am gun hewp nummie findahs.'

His smile gets; ‘Tank yu Daddeh!' He says. ‘Bud, can Fwuffy stay an hewp Wickie an Owib? Stiww nee make mowe poopie howes an make owd ones go way.'

A small smile goes over your face; ‘Yes. Den yu go hewp make nyu nummie den.'

‘Yes Daddeh,' he nods, then turns and goes back to help Rickie fill in one of the larger poopie holes. For watch for a few moments, then leave. On the way to the next thing that needs your attention, a happy feeling wells ups in your tummy. It's not strong enough to distract from what's worrying you, but it's there and makes you feel better. If not about anything else, about your Wingie baby.

After Flower went forever sleepies and especially after your Wingie baby ran away, you were worried you'd have to find a new fluffy to be the next smarty. Even worse, you thought you'd never see him again. But, he came back and is well on the way to being a better fluffy than before. You might not be ready to make him the next Smarty again, but when the time comes, he'll be exactly the smarty the herd needs when you're gone.



‘Screee!! Pwease, pwease nu mowe huwties! Fuwffy nu-'

‘Smack, smack!'


‘Whewe he go, dummeh mawe? Yu teww Munstah nao!!' You smack the mare across the face again, hard.


‘Squeeeee!!!' The mare pulls her head away and tries to escape, but she's not going anywhere. ‘Pwease!!! Fwuffy nu knu whewe Speciaw fwend go!!!' she screams. ‘Nu knu!! Nu knu!!! Pwomise!!!' You stare while she tries to get away from your toughies; it won't work, they'll never let her escape. They know exactly what will happen if they do. After letting your thinkie place work for a while, you lean down.

‘Munstah tink yu wie.'

‘Nu! Nu Fwuffy nu wie!!' The mare cries. ‘Fwuffy newa-'

‘Munstah tink yu teww yuw speciaw fwend to find pwace tu hide an nummies,'


‘so yu can wun way; wun way fwom hewd!!'

‘Dummeh mawe!!' Someone nearby calls.

‘Hachew! H-hachew dummeh!!'

‘Nu, pwease!! Fwuffy nu du anyting!! Nu teww speciaw fwend du anyting!! Nu knu whewe he go!! Pwease, pwease!!!' The mare looks at you, see places wide and full of sad water, and boo-boo juice. You stare into them, try to figure out if she's telling the truth. After a while, you decide she might be. Her special friend wasn't the only one who went missing; all the lookie fluffies you sent out haven't come back. Something could have happened to them, but maybe all of them ran away. Maybe, one of them led the others close to some humans or barky monsters and ran away while they were getting forever sleepies. Maybe it was the mare's special friend.

There's no way to know exactly what happened, but it doesn't matter. With those lookie fluffies missing and probably not coming back, you need new ones. You have to use more fluffies who have special friends and babbies. Fluffies who might have a reason to run and take their families with them. Take away your new lookie fluffies and toughies. You can't let that happen. You need to show what happens to dummies who try to run away from your herd.

You need to send a message.

‘Munstah say yu wie,'

‘Nu!! Fwuffy nu-'

You put your hoofie on top of the mare's head and push it hard against the ground; ‘Shud up, dummeh. Yu teww yuw speciaw fwend tu find pwace tu hide an wun way. Yu twy an take fwuffies fwom Munstah's hewd. Yu am dummeh. Nao,' you lean close, and smile, ‘yuw babbehs get sowwies.' The mare starts to struggle way more than before, so much she gets your hoofie off her head.


‘Shh, id am otay dummeh,' you say. The mare stops screaming for a moment and looks at you. ‘Munstah giv yu nyu babbehs.' Before she can react, you look at one of the toughies holding her down; ‘Yu.' He doesn't say anything, doesn't even nod. He jumps on the mare gives her special huggies as hard as he can. Even if his no no stick isn't hard yet.


‘SCREEEEE!!' The mare screams again and tries to get away, but the toughies pin her down. More come to help, just to be sure. You smile at her one last time, then turn and walk to her den. ‘NUUUUUU!!!!' Her screams follow you. ‘NUUUU!! BABBEHS!! BAAABBEHHS!!!' I's annoying, but you'll let her scream; it's not like it'll help

By the time you're at the mare's den, you can already feel tingles in your no-no stick and special lumps. You duck your head and squeeze down the tunnel to the den. At the far side are the mare's babbies, huddled together. They must have been waiting, hoping their Mummah would come back. When they look up and see you standing in their den, they start to shake and cry.

Except for one.

A dark yellow baby with a brown tail and mane, comes and stands between you and his brother and sissies. He shakes can can't put his hear places up, but manages to say ‘G-go… Go w-way! Weave… W-weave babbehs a-awo-one!'

You can't help but look at him; standing in front of you, telling you to go away, trying to protect his brother and sissies. He would have made a decent toughie, if his Mummah and Daddeh hadn't been dummies. Never mind, there'll be others.


‘Squeee!' The yellow baby tumbles over a couple of times and lands with his poopie place facing you. Before he can get away, you step forward and pin him to the ground. ‘Screee!!' He struggles to get away. ‘Nu huwties!! Pwease!! Babbeh am sowwies! Am Sowwies!!' Hmm, maybe he wouldn't have made a good toughie after all. Well, he's still good for something. Your no-no stick is awake and tingly, and watching the little dummy baby squirm and cry makes it feel even better. A big smile spreads over your face as you pull the dummy baby closer.

Sometimes, being the smarty is just too much fun.


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