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Anonymous1: Why rip out the see-place....?

A) Preserve and glaze it as a marble for kids to play with
B) Dry and powderize it to sell as snake-oil medicine for gullible new-age types
C) Used as a garnish for a gourmet meal with your significant other
D) Because fuck you, that's why

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akufluff: kill the little shit if it's gonna start that widdle babbeh shit

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Disintegral: Well, have you ever considered that maybe the two are connected?
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Apostle: : @akufluff: Ikr? That "onwy wittle babeh" shit makes me hate Fluffies even more.
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Nocturn: Put it back in backwards so it can see its brain

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akufluff: @Apostle: they think if they say that they can get away with anything

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Waaaghlord: dude, damn .... that's some skill to rip just one eye out with bare hands by such a small foal!