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Anonymous1: Good mummah..
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The_Neutralist: Classic Fluffybooru! Eat da babbeh!
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Anonymous2: badmumahism best topic ever.

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Gmonty: Your lineart looks so neat. Please, do an account!
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Nocturn: Babies am nummies

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Disintegral: Sowwy, wastes' babbeh. Mummah nee' num babbeh fow make nummies, so mummah can make nummies fow babbehs. Huuu...

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Waaaghlord: "Am onwy wittew snack!!!"

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FluffiesAreFood: Of course, I thoroughly approve. Every fluffy is food, especially babbehs.

(I would suggest adding the foals_as_food tag.)
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Anonymous3: *CRUNCH*