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Just Another Day At The Office
By Fluffy_Protector

You are Darryl Lake, Wrangler and Frontman for an underground fluffy support group, focused on caring for rescued fluffies and protecting them from abusers like The Ringmaster. You are 6'0", have long brown hair and a beard, around the age of 30, and Sapphire Blue eyes. Some, not a whole lot, say you are the spitting image of Jesus Christ. You have been called many things, mostly radical eco-terrorist or fluffy lover, which you kind of deserve. You tend to take drastic measures when faced with overwhelming odds, like using guns or threatening to use a bomb. A BOMB! OVER FREAKING FLUFFIES! *Ahem* However, that violent nature saved your beloved Alicorn fluffy mare, Copper, from a murderous Smarty in the middle of a snowstorm during your career as a fluffy hero, as well as earned the love of those you work with who happened to be your dearest friends. You were even a guest star on the biggest talk shows: Steve Harvey, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, even Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

You aren't alone in the endeavor. Apart from the world-wide support, whether it be civil or radical, you have friends and co-workers that help you along the way. There's Fergus and Angus Aherne-Gallagher, the Scottish identical twin brothers that help you on wrangling runs as well as provide comic relief with their eccentric Scottish banter. Pamela "Pam" Shirley D'Angela is the receptionist and security guard in your underground HQ. Granted, she thinks neutrally about fluffies, but after seeing her own fluffy get torn to pieces by a common thug, she joined the cause without any hesitation. Don't let outward appearances fool you. She can hit like a truck if given the chance. Then there's Doctor Falco Ferdinand, a german MD in Psychiatry with a big heart, especially for fluffies. He talks just like everyone else, but he loves his Jäger. That's when his German Side comes out to play. Apart from worldwide support, hundreds of fluffy lovers in the tri-state area have volunteered in your righteous cause.

There are many tools of the trade, such as snares and traps, but the most iconic tool of the trade is the Mobile Cage Mk. 1, a repurposed HEMTT A4 transport truck. Originally designed for military use, the truck was just found on the side of the interstate, going to waste. You and the twins came across this truck and thought, "With a little body and frame work as well as a new engine, we might just have a big enough cage to carry at least 50 fluffies on a single trip". So, you three tow the truck back to the HQ, and with a LOT of body and frame work, this former military vehicle now serves a greater cause, from a civilian standpoint. The Mobile Cage Mk. 1 has a carrying capacity of up to 45 fluffies, 50 counting the foals. It has a bullet-proof coating on the frame, tires, and on the windows so it's tough to crack with a normal weapon and the package would be safe on the inside. The interior of the cage is padded so all the fluffies inside can be transported unharmed. The only drawback to this is that the cargo hold will have to be thoroughly cleaned after every run. The Mobile Cage has a top speed of 65 MPH, fast enough to get from point A to point B in a few minutes.


You and the twins come back from a job, no need to explain the details, and you can't wait to reunite with your beloved fluffy, Copper. You and the twins walk in the front door and the first welcoming words you hear are "DADDEH HOME!". The copper-colored alicorn fluffy leaps into your arms in an unusual feat of strength and gives you huggies as tight as she could. "I take it you missed me." You say with a warm hearted smile on your face. Then Doctor Ferdinand walked into the room, saying, "Your fluffy has been well-behaved since you left. There has only been one attempt on her life, and unfortunately that was my Alicorn's fault." "Yeah, I'd say that hornery fluffy of yours is getting jealous." You respond with an air of humor. In addition to the attempt on Copper's life, the good Doc's fluffy is pregnant, and as if she wasn't already a Grade-A bitch to all the other fluffies, that would make her an even bigger pain in the ass. With this in mind, you got the Doc and a couple guys from the HQ Shelter to keep an eye on her. With that being said, you take Copper and see how the fluffies are doing in the shelter.

There are 2 noteworthy people in the Shelter and they're both in the Runt and Alicorn Acceptance Program: The first being Darrol Layman. He's around 5'9", athletic build to him, at the age of 24, brown hair, hazel eyes, and has some scruff to his facial hair. The second noteworthy person in the Shelter is his girlfriend, which the two of them have been dating ever since they joined your cause. Her name is Karen Lane. She's also 5'9", skinny, 19 years of age, long brown hair, and green eyes. The two of them have some kind of aura that makes fluffies behave and become excited whenever they walk into the room. That makes them valuable to the cause. You walk in and you were greeted with a wave of excited fluffies, saying "Beawdie Daddeh! Beawdie Daddeh!". With a swift blow of a whistle, Darrol managed to calm the horde and shepherd them into a single-file line. "Sorry, boss. You know how fluffies are." He says, calm and collected as Karen sweetly shepherds the fluffies back to their assigned kennels. You set down Copper and the two meet each other like they were old friends.

"Hey, Copper! Hey, buddy! Remember me?" Darrol greeted Copper. "White Shiwt Daddeh!" Copper responded with a sense of glee. The reason for the name, White Shirt Daddy, was because the shelter is a front for the rescue group. All the public sees is the shelter, Karen and Darrol in clean white uniforms. "That's right! Hey, I got a surprise for you. You can have it, IF it's alright with daddy, of course." Darrol said, looking up at you for permission. Copper turns to you and asks if she could have her surprise. "It's alright with me, bud." You answer. Darrol reaches into his back pocket and pulled a rhinestone collar with a tag saying "Copper" out. Eyes wide and tail wagging, Copper stands up on her hooves as Darrol placed the collar around her neck. "Fits like a glove. What do you think, boss?" Darrol asked, picking Copper up and showing her new collar to you. With a big smile on your face, you say, "Looks great on her. Do you have a mirror? I'd like for her to see it." Then Karen came over to the both of you with a hand mirror in her hand. "Here you go. Do you like it, Copper? Darrol worked very hard to get that collar for you." She said, holding the mirror where Copper can see it. With a smile on her face, Copper turned to Karen and Darrol, saying, "Coppew wub nyu cowwaw. Fank oo, White Shiwt Daddeh." Copper then stood on her hind legs to give Darrol a hug on his own leg. Darrol reached down to pet Copper on the head, saying, "Thanks for the huggies, bud." He then stood to receive a firm handshake from you, thanking him for the generous gift.

The happiness was interrupted by a chorus of distressed chirping coming from a series of connected kennels that allows communication between fluffies. Darrol groaned and facepalmed, almost as if he knew what was going on. "Please, don't tell me that's Cage Number 3 again..." Karen wasted no time investigating the disturbance. She took only a brief look at Cage Number 3 to see what was going on, again apparently: A red Earth Mare Fluffy was refusing to feed her three foals, moving whenever the foals got near her. "Dummeh babbehs. Weav mummah awon or giv foweva sweepies.". She sighed, returning to Darrol's side. "Sorry, hon, but it's Cage 3 again." You look at the two confused as to what was going on. Karen looks to you and explains what this mare's deal was, while Darrol confiscated the foals from the kennel. Then he returns with his arms full of Technicolor foals, turning to Kathy and asking, "This is the third time this week. What should we do with her?" Karen looked to the kennels for a moment, thinking of a plan for the foals and the mare. Then it occurred to her: in the very bottom Cage on the far right, a beautiful white Earth Mare Fluffy that was reduced to a milkbag/pillowfluff has been feeling down in the dumps here lately. "I got an idea. How about we give the foals to the milkbag in Cage Number 15? She could use the attention." Darrol's eyes widened and nodded acknowledgingly, given Karen a peck on the cheek. "Genius." He says, taking the foals to the cafe that Karen had just mentioned. All you had to do is look at the milkbag to get a sense of deja vu, as if you seen this one before. You couldn't help but ask, "Is this the one from St Louis?" Darrol wastes no time validating the fact that the milkbag he is heading the foals to is, in fact, one you picked up on a run in St Louis.

All it took was opening the door on the cage to, A: get the foals in the cage, who immediately flock towards the milkbag's inflated teats. You couldn't tell from the feeding mask, but the feeling of foals suckling on her teats made the mare immediately cheer right up and fall madly in love with the foals feeding off of her. And, of course, there's Outcome B: the birth mother of the foals, the one who refused to feed them (in case those reading weren't paying attention), got mad unsurprisingly. "Hey! Dun giv dummeh nu weggie fwuffy babbehs! Dems mummah's babbehs!" Darrol simply rolled his eyes and looked the mare in hers, saying, "Not anymore." He said, opening the cage and dragging her by the scruff out of the cage. Naturally, due to fluffy instinct when it comes to panhandling, the mare immediately starts screaming and thrashing, pissing and shitting itself all the way to its destination: a table next to the kennels with a kind of stockade set up for fluffies. All the fluffies allowed out of the cages gasp and murmur things like "bad mummah" and "bad fwuffy", as they watched Darrol strap the bad mummah into the stocks. The stocks only lock around the base of the fluffy's skull, restricting the movement of its neck. Unfortunately, a few stubborn fluffies have attempted to wrestle their way out of the stockade and have broken their necks, killing them in the process. The mare, having witnessed plenty of bad fluffies being put in the stocks, just sits still and cries. "Fwuffy am sowwy… Nu am bad mummah... Huu huu…" Karen, after watching this go down, looks to you and explains, "If she behaves and does what she's told for the next couple of days, a week at the most, she can get her foals back." You just simply nod, letting them do their thing. What happens in the shelter, in your eyes, doesn’t really concern you so long as nothing goes wrong. Often times, you’re just down there to visit. Other than that, not much goes on at the HQ, just another day at the office.

As soon as you left the Shelter, Darrol took a seat in front of the counter, being herded by a pack of fluffiest while pulling out a flask of whiskey from his pocket and taking a sip. He rubbed the sides of his head and groaned, somewhat annoyed that the mare was acting up again. He knew the foals were in good hands, but it was just daily life in the shelter. With no other option, he turned to the person reading this text and asks, "What do you guys think I should do? She's not gonna learn."
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Dunderbolts: If we have to keep it hug box - spay her and explain she was such a bad mummah that she can't have anymore babbehs. Then put her up for adoption
If we don't have to keep it hug box - make her a milkbag. Pillow her so she has no choice but to feed them. Kill the babbehs in front of her aND say it's hee fault
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Anonymous1: Wait why wasn't the mare feeding her foals? I didn't see any indication of there being anything "wrong" with the foals, so was she just nautrally a bitch?

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Fluffy_Protector: @Dunderbolts: Out of the Hugbox options, I like Spaying and putting her up for adoption. Now the abuse, I like the pillowing idea.

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Fluffy_Protector: @Anonymous: She was just being a bitch.
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The_Neutralist: Hugbox: Snap her neck quickly so it's painless.

Abuse: Snap her neck.
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Anonymous2: @Fluffy_Protector: Just being a bitch? Oh, well fuck her then. Chop off her legs, one for each foal.

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WiredandGaming: @Anonymous: Sounds like selfishness. Like "stop bugging me for food and attention I'm trying to sleep, I'll beat your ass."
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WarlordSotos: "underground fluffy support group"....for the white kids too timid to be Antifa.
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LimeLight: tag your shit dude

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Fluffy_Protector: @LimeLight: Donezo. What do you think?

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Fluffy_Protector: @The_Neutralist: Short, Sweet, and to the point, huh?