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Anonymous1: Aww, come here little guy. I'll give you Huggies, love, and a warm bed.
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Anonymous2: I love you poopeh fluff

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MAVVET_CO: because then he'll just become a hellgremlin :(

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Disintegral: "Poopies gu in da wittabox."
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Anonymous3: Oh so "Poppies gu in da FLUFFYBOORU." I saw your mistake there! Corrected it for you. No thanks necessary.
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Anonymous4: Yes. Fluffbooru is a dirty litter box indeed. That's you it's so full of poop!

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Waaaghlord: is this turd talking?

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FluffiesAreFood: It's okay little fluff. Your fur might not be the prettiest but I still love your tasty meat.

I mean you. I still love you.

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Disintegral: @FluffiesAreFood: Does sadness taint fluffy meat, or make it more succulent? It's hard to be sure with these GMOs.

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giverofhuggys: Come here, you little shit.

<gives fluffy a big hug>

<turns and breaks the Fourth Wall>

Well, what did you expect from someone with my id? ;-D