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>The commercial starts with the all-too-familiar piano as Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" begins to play.
>The camera pans over pitiful children, covered in dirt with tears in their eyes.
>Some celebrity who was in movies 20 years old walks into frame.
"What would you do if there was a child right in front of you about to cry? Would you give them a hug? Not all children are fortunate enough to have anyone to give them hugs."
>The celebrity is handed a fluffy pony from off-screen.
"For a dollar a day, you can send fluffy ponies just like this one to give the hugs that all children deserve."
>The commericial switches to stills of the same starving children happily hugging fluffy ponies of various colors.
"That's right, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you too can make sure that every child gets hugged. Call the number below and donate now."

>Be a fluffy pony.
>You were taken from your mumma by a nice lady who said that you were going really far away.
>This new home is really hot.
>The big sky-ball makes your whole body have hot-owwies.
>The ground gives your hoofies hot-owwies.
>You're constantly drinking water and panting.
>Your fluff gets sand and dirt in it and it doesn't feel good.
>The sand gets in your mouth too and doesn't taste good.
>Sometimes you get eye-hurties from the sand and one of the nice humans has to pour water right in your eyes.
>You watched a fluffy friend drown when they did that to them.
>You hate this new home.
>You wish you were back with your mumma.
>You're now in a cage in the back of a big vroom-vroom with several big men wearing brown clothes and carrying big sorry sticks that make loud noises.
>There are other fluffies in their own cages near you.
>You've been ordered by the humans not to talk until you get to your new homes.
>They said they need to stay dark or something.
>The humans are talking to each other regardless.
"Can't wait to get rid of these shit-rats."
"They're not so bad. My little girl back home has one."
"Just get her a dog or something. Dogs are useful. Only useful thing shit-rats ever did for me was be good coyote bait."
"Man, you're fucked up."
>Suddenly, a loud explosion rocks your world.
>Your world gets turned upside-down as the big vroom-vroom flips over.
>Gravity lifts you off of your hoovies and directly onto your head.
>You go sleepies just as quickly.

>You open your eyes.
>You have owwies all over.
>You can only hear a high-pitched sound.
>You can feel no-no juice pour out of your nose and into your mouth.
>Your cage did break open at least.
>You get to your feet and walk out.
>The humans are fast asleep but covered in no-no juice.
>They have forever-sleepies.
>You start to panic.
>As the high-pitched sound in your ears starts to go away, you hear lots of yelling and loud bangs.
>You run out of the overturned vroom-vroom and see the humans using their sorry-sticks.
>All of the loud sounds overwhelm you.
>Your bloodied hoofies start to carry you away.
>The hot sand gives your hoofies even worse hurties than normal, but you push through the pain.
>You keep running and running.
>Eventually you can't hear the loud sounds anymore.
>You look around and spot a group of men all carrying sorry-sticks.
>They spot you.
>They start to run up to you.
>You're not sure what to do.
"Nyu fwiens?"
>One of the men picks you up by your neck-scruff and holds you up.
>It really hurts.
"Pwease wet fwuffy down?"
>The man starts to say things that you can't comprehend as another is holding a cell phone up.
>Whatever the man is saying, he's very angry about it.
>You start to cry.
"Fwuffy wan nyu home, wan mummah..."
>The man pulls his sorry stick out and holds the end of it to your head.
"Nu! Fwuffy nu wan sowwy-stick!"
>Your head is blown off of your neck by a bullet.

>Be fluffy owner.
>Well, owner in the most literal term.
>You prefer to think of yourself as an abuser.
>A video of ISIS fighters executing a fluffy pony has gone viral online.
>Many are appalled that the U.S. forces would be delivering the vermin overseas, decrying it as wasteful imperialism.
>Others are sympathetic to the shit-rats.
>Regardless, the video has inspired you.
>You've set up a miniature ISIS studio in your basement, perfectly sized for fluffy ponies.
>You found a pregnant mare who gave birth in your care strapped in place in front of a camcorder.
>Behind her is a parody ISIS flag except it's a bunch of Arabic writing inside the outline of a fluffy pony.
>Her chirping foals are all around her in the set.
>You glued little turbans and fake beards to their heads.
>You turn the camcorder on as the mare pleads to you.
"Pwease, wet fwuffy gif babbehs huggies."
>You tell her to tell the camera what she wants.
"Pwease camwa, fwuffy wan gif babbehs huggies. Babbehs nee' huggies an wuv an miwkies. Fwuffy wan babbehs gwow up an be happeh fwuffies. Pwease camwa! Fwuffy wan be gud mummah! Nu huwt babbehs! Mumma wan gif huggies! Pwease camwa, wet Mumma go! Babbehs nu wan wittwe hats and beawdies! Pwease!"
>That's when you jump in with your automatic assault pistol, yelling "Surprise, cockfags!"
>You mow the entire fluffy family down.
>You keep mowing down their dead bodies.
>The clip still has rounds in it, so you keep going.
>Blood and gore everywhere.
>The bodies are nearly unrecognizable.
>You give the mother one last shot as you turn off the camera.
>You upload the video to a fluffy abuser social media site.
>It gets rated poorly and called unoriginal and unsatisfying.
>There are even calls to ban you for using guns.
>Those fucks just don't get it.
>True artistry is never appreciated in its time.
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Anonymous1: That's why you use automatic air pellet rifles instead of the real thing. Way less mess and the fluffy still gets cut down.
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captainprolapse: no-no juice makes me think of something else.
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Anonymous2: @captainprolapse: Yeah, no-noes is another fluffspeak term for genitals, so no-no juice = enfie juice = semen. The proper term would be boo-boo juice, unless the soldiers had the fucking greatest orgasm ever just as they died, which would be a pretty good way to go.
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hummingbird: Yeah, that's a pretty big mistake on my part. Can't really edit it though.
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Anonymous3: I love how he has no-no juice coming out of his head.