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The_Neutralist: Great! Now give the smarty stompies and put his lights out for good

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Waaaghlord: ... of course XD

fluffy already realized to relay on the ability of fluffies to hurt themselves^^
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Jibboom: Haha. Good shit.

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Mossiest: Truly a master of fluffy-on-fluffy combat.
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The_Neutralist: Fluffies should run into walls more often!
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Researcher_7201: Lol love it
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Anonymous1: 9.9/10

Need more no-no stomping.
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Anonymous2: The face palming smart one cracks me up
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Anonymous3: AH, Master of Fluff-Fu

Smarty is KNOCKED DOWN, no doubt he now has several bones broken, eyes and teeth missing and massive internal bleeding. Still, it will probably be a week of solid 'wowstest owwies' until a merciful death ensues
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Anonymous4: Now kick him while he's down.