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Fluffies for My Room

By: Sorrowkandy

Three foals cry for milk as their mother tries to calm them down one by one. There is a total of five foals with the other two waddling about in the opposite side of the safe room crying for their long-gone mother. Your name is Chris and your enjoying your time off by observing the fluffies you’ve gathered into you safe room through the one way mirror. You were on the other side in the adjacent room watching as the mare tries to tell her foals that she doesn’t have “nummies” for milk.

The mare was a chubby bright purple fluffy with a yellow mane and tail with her three foals being one bright red, one bright blue, and the third one being bright purple like its mother. The red foal was a colt, the blue one a filly, and the purple one another colt and as you could have guessed was the mothers favorite with its obvious size difference. The other two foals wondering around the opposite side of the room crying out loud for their mother were a yellow one and a dark orange one. They crawled about trying to find their missing mother no knowing that you killed her when she was on her way back to her box in the alley. She begged and begged to not be ripped apart but in the end, you separated her limbs and left her to bleed out while you went on the lookout for her foals. Once you found them you made sure to bring them back home where you had the other family currently occupying the safe room.

“Mummah!! Nee miwkies!!”

“Am su hungwies mummah!”

“Miwkies mummah miwkies!!”

“Nu hab nummies babbehs huhuu! Nu hab miwkies fo gud babbehs...huuhuuhuu.....” the mare cried to her foals as they tried to reach her standing on their hind legs with their front hooves stretched out.

This particular family was brought in a few days before the two foals when you came upon them wandering in your yard one morning trying to eat your flowers. You naturally killed the special friend and took in the mare and her foals and started to feed them less and less every day. And this day you have yet to feed them at all, the other two foals havent eaten for the two hours they’ve been here so they also must be hungry.

“Mummah!! Babbeh nee mummah!!!” yelled the yellow foal with hits snout up in the air as it clumsily crawled around.

“NEE MUMMAH!!!” wailed the dark orange foal as it bumped into its brother with both foals being colts.

You watched as they all wailed and cried in their own way until you thought it was time to go inside and make an appearance. You exit the room and go to the room next door and walk inside as you cross the barrier. They all eep as the yellow and orange foal near the doorway actually fell over and shit themselves on their sides. The mare and her foals just huddled together and continued to cry for food. You walk to the middle of the room and begin to speak to the fluffies.

“You guys hungry? You look hungry, let me see what I got here” you say as you start to dig through your pockets and pull out some pieces of dried skettie treats you always had in your pockets just in case you ran into a feral or just a fluffie in genral. At the sight of the skettie treats the mare lost her mind as she could smell what they were. Hasbio corp actually made these damn things irresistible to these shit pig rats.

“NUMMIES!! GIB NUMMIES TU MUMMAH FO MAKE MIWKIES!!” the mare cried out and started to hop on her hind legs almost crushing her foals in the process as they tried to dodge her hooves.

“No, what do you do if you want nummies?” you ask the mare as you dangle the food over here head.


“Then you know what you need to do” you tell her in a cold voice as she starts to desperately look at her foals. She went over to her foals and looked at them one by one before she made her mind. She got the little bright blue foal and picked it up and brought her over to your feet.

“Babbeh make gud dancies fo nummies” The mare told the filly as she nudged it a little by the rump.

“Huuhuuhuu nu mummah!! Nu wan!! Nu dancies huuhuuhuu!” the little filly responded as she fell over from her mother nudging her again and again.

“Remember what happens if someone doesn’t dance” you tell the mare as you cross your arms.

“Babbeh mummah su hungwy! Am su sowwy babbeh!” the mare told the foal as she went over and nipped the foal in the rump until the foal got on its hind legs and started to cry and moved it front hooves in a wild manner. The foal cried and cried as its mother nipped and bit at her, sometimes taking a bit of fluff with her as she did so. You smiled and watched the display for as the long as the foal could keep it up. After a minute or two of the foals dancing it finally collapsed in a heap and tried desperately to draw breath as it was exhausted. It lay there as the mother just sat next to its foal and cried. Tears stained the fluff of the blue filly as the mother's tears rained down on her as she lay there with her rump raw from her mother nipping at her.

“Huuuhuuuhu babbeh am dancie awweady, can hab nummies nao?” the mare looks at her foals and then up at you as she asks.

“Ok fine, I guess she did ok this time. Here you go you filthy little fuck” you say as you throw two pieces of skettie treats at her face. She immediately gobbles it down and then looks up at you expecting more.

“No, that’s all you get. And you have to share the milk with the other two foals over there ok” you tell the mare as you point to the two foals that are now covered in shit and still wondering around looking for their mother.

“Nuuuu!! Mummah nu hab nuff miwkies fo nu gud babbehs!” she said as she danced a bit on her hooves as she whined.

“That's the deal, and then you’ll get more nummies ok” you say as you lay down the law and stomp your foot for effect.

“Huuhuuuhuu otay” the mare says in defeat as she picked up her exhausted foal from the floor and takes her back to her brothers who were still crying and whining for milk in the corner their mother left them. She begind to wait as she tried to calm her foals, you take this time to bring the other two now filthy foals over to the mare.

“These foals need to be cleaned as well so get to it” you tell the mare as you drop the foals at her front hooves next to her foals that were clean.

“Huuhuuhuu otay, mummah cwean nu gud babbehs.....” the mare said in defeat as she started to lick the foals clean as the screamed and fought the entire time.

“Nuuuuuuu!!! Nu am mumah!!”

“Am munstuh mummah!!”

The foals fought her the whole way but once she was done, they were free to crawl away and continue their search for their precious mother. After a short while of waiting the mare's milk was ready and she became happy as she got her favorite foal ready to start drinking milk when you came over and snatched the purple foal out of her grasp and set down the two other foals that weren't her.

“Nah ah ah, these get milk first” you tell her while you hold the purple colt in your rough grasp and begin to squeeze it gradually causing it to scream and panic in your hand.

“SCREEEEEEE!!! MUMMMAH HEWP BABBEH!! HUWTIES!!!” it cried out as you continued to squeeze the little shitty bio toy.

“NUUUUU!!! NU HUWT BESTEST BABBEH!! MUMMAH GIB NO GUD BABBEHS MIWKIES HUUHUUUU!” the mare screamed and cried and she watched her foal struggle in pain in front of her. She went and grabbed the two offending foals and put one on each teat and let them drink until they had their fill crying the whole time through. The yellow and orange foals didn’t want to latch on a first but once they smelled the milk, they went to town taking in deep mouthfuls of the life sustaining milk. The mare then let them detach and started to put the red and purple foal to each teat and leaving the blue filly to wait her turn as her stomach grumbled in pain. The blue filly just lay on her side sucking on her front hoof for comfort as she waited and cried softly to herself waiting her turn.

“Der cum bwue babbeh! Cum ged miwkies nao!” the mare called out as the purple and red foal were finished and now trying to form a fluffpile. The blue foal just crawled her way meekly to her mother's teat were she only took two mouthfuls of milk before the milk was dry. The foal kneaded on the teat trying to get more to come out but with no success.

“Huuhuuuu! Nee mowe miwkies!! Mummah!!! Nee miwkies!!!” the foal cried out to its mother as if she could get more.

“Nu babbeh, nu hab nu mowe, gu sweepies nao babbeh” the mare said as she got up to go over to the corner her other foals were at in their makeshift fluff pile. She got over to them and picked them up and put them in her fluff as she left the blue filly to crawl her way back to her family still hungry. You let them all get settled before you decided to break up this moment of peace. You went over as you took off your belt and then proceeded to whip the family that was sleeping together over and over again. The belt knew neither foal or mare it hit all of them even getting the purple foal in the face pretty good. When you were done with your frenzy you could see that the purple foal was on the floor with its little eye hanging out of its socket. The red foal had man welts all over its side and had blood coming out of its mouth while the mare was on her side kicking and kicking as she squealed in pain. She was bleeding as well from all the whipping and had a few pieces of fluff missing on her side. You left them there to squirm in pain as you left the safe room to go and get your wood burner.

You came back to the room to find that the mare had pissed herself and the liquid had gotten the foals all wet as they were on the floor wiggling around in their vast pain. All this was intoxicating and a great way to spend a Tuesday night. You smiled to yourself as you plugged in the wood burner to the extension cord nearby. You waited for the tip to heat up and then made you way over to the fat purple foal that was now vomiting the milk it had drank. You scooped the fat little thing up and then proceeded to burn a zigzag pattern into its side taking off fluff as you went. You stopped at its anus and then plunged it in as far as the tip could go.

“SCREEEEEEEEE!!!!!! HUWTIES MUMMAH!!!! POOPIE PWACE HUWTIES SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” the foal screamed at a high level as you took out the wood burner and let the foal go to dance around in precious pain. You drank it all in as the foal continued to cry and hop around trying to get the pain to go away. The red foal that was on its side crying soggy from its mother's piss was your next participant. You grabbed the foal and began to burn its eyes out with the wood burner and then let it go on the floor so it could run around blindly screaming.


When the mare heard all this commotion, she picked herself up and went over to her foals that were now moving around frantically. Before she could go to sooth her children you went and kicked her over and took the wood burner to her front right hoof and dug the device in. You burned her until she went hoarse and then let her go. The blue filly you only went over and burned her in the ears making her go deaf in the process.

“MUMMAH!!?!? MUMMAH EAWSIES NU WOWK!!! MUUUUUUMMMMAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” the foal screamed and called out as she couldn’t hear anything anymore. She was stuck in her silent prison for the rest of her short miserable life. The other two foals could hear all this going on and where trying to climb over the barrier screaming for their mother with no success. They only fell backwards and wiggled their hooves pathetically to the sky. You went over to the two foals and put your foot on the yellow foal and started to crush its lower half until you could hear a nice crunch. The foal banged its little hooves and head on the floor in excruciating pain as it became a paraplegic. The orange foal got picked up and thrown to the other side of the room hap hazard as you didn’t really care for it. It hit the wall and slid down into a heap on the floor next to the mare.

“Huuuhuuhuuuuu!!! Weggie huwties!!” the mare called out to you as you passed it by on it way to its foals on the floor. You got the purple foal and brought it in front of its mothers. You let the mother hug her favorite foal before pulling out a screwdriver you had in your pocket and slowly pushing it through its anus and out its mouth. The mare didn’t notice the action as she held on tightly to the fat purple foal. When the mare opened her eyes, she only saw her foal hanging there limply in her hooves with a tip on a screwdriver poking out of its mouth. The foal barley had any time to squirm or squeal before it was run through. The mare only looked on in shock as she tried to hug the foal back to health.

“NUUUUU BABBEH!!!! NU TAKE FOWEVEW SWEEPIES HUUUUUU!!!!!!!!” she screamed out as she hugged the damn little thing tightly. You let this go on as you turned to the yellow foal on the other side and got it as it tried to hug its self on the floor covered in piss. You took the foal and decided to pillow it on a whim. You took out your trust pocket knife and put the struggling foal on the floor and held it there. You then started to cut off each of its limbs and cauterize the wounds with the wood burner as it lay there on the floor in a pathetic screaming state. Once you were done the foal just lay there in a dazed state and couldn’t move an inch. This all sat well with you as you looked over at what you have done. The foals were all squirming in pain as the mare cried over her dead purple foal. As you were taking it all in you could see that the orange foal was still breathing on its side as blood poured out its back side as it lay there. It coughed and sputtered as it tried to form words.

“KAFF KAFF MmMmMmuUuUUUummmahhhhh............” it croaked out as it lay there pissing itself involuntarily. You made your way over to it as it lay there and then got down to its level.

“Are you hurt? Do you want some help?” you ask it mockingly

You then take a finger and push on its side and continue to push down until you hear a crack of its ribs. It struggles a bit but not much as it continues to bleed more out of its ass.

You were getting tired and it was almost time to turn in for the next day. You did have work to get to so you had to wrap up this whole ordeal. You made your way over to the mare and picked her up as she screamed and cried about her foal.


You grabbed her legs and twisted them until they popped and then dropped her before kicking her to the other far side of the room. You went over and then tied your belt around her neck and choked her a bit before you let her go and went over to her foals. You go and grab the blue foal and puncture her eyes as well with your fingers and leave her on the floor next to her other blind brother.


MUMMAH SEE PWACE HUWTIES!!!!” the foals called out as you left them to roam blindly in the dark.

You took a final look at you work and congratulated yourself on a night's work as you went over to the bathroom and took off your cloths so you could take a shower and get the days grime off of you. The hot water falls over you as you stand there and relive the moment you ran the foal through.

You exit the shower and make your way to the kitchen in a towel when you hear a sound outside the front door. You go and open the door to find there is a mare with five very small foals on her back. She asks for food as ferals are prone to doing. You smile as you think there might be some space in the garage for this unfortunate family here. You usher in the fluffy after some coaxing and have her follow you to the garage and then promptly slam the door on her as she screams and scratches at the door.

You smiled to yourself as you go and get ready for bed as you drink your chamomile tea and look upon your tools on your bedside. The dagger on the bedside table glints in the light of your lamp as you sit on your bed and stare deeply at it.
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Genosse_Eiche: B O R I N G
I repeat meine Frage. Tell me are you autistic untermensch?
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Anonymous1: @Genosse_Eiche: Shup up fuckboy. Lemme see... You ever post anything? No? Then screw off. Story was good, just wanted a little more time spent on each torture.
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Anonymous2: Mindless, pointless.

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Zengage-2: I kinda felt this story was a bit lacking; like catching the end of a movie without know anything about the main characters.
The torture was pretty spot on, but it all felt kinda impersonal despite the entertainment the guy was supposedly feeling and sort of felt like the bare minimum of stuff a story this site has. I would suggest that you build up to the climax a bit; make me want to see your character happily disposing of these litter fuckers and maybe make the moment it all goes bad for fluffies less obvious to them so their untimely end is a bit more tragic.
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Anonymous3: Decent murder-porn but agree w zengage, lacking a bit. Maybe slow down, reread your work, last 1\3 felt rushed and not proofread.

Keep up the good work, only way to improve is to keep writing!
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Anonymous4: @Genosse_Eiche: idk man it looks like you’re the only autist here