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Kerry's Story; Part Thirty one

By differential_Sloth


With everything that's happened since the first time you had special huggies with your Speical friend, you've forgotten how much fun they are! Now that you’re having more babbies, you and your special friend have spent as much time in the den as possible. Sure, all the special huggies have made you sleepies and given your special place some hurties, but you're not bothered. When the good, warm feels wash away all the saddies and other bad feels, how can you be?

‘Fwuffy miss havin speciaw huggies,' your Special friend nuzzles the side of your neck. He's said that a lot for the past few brighttimes.

‘Kewwy miss dem tuu,' you nuzzle him back and lay your head down. Your Special friend lays his on top, and for the next little while the two of you lie still and enjoy the moment. The warmth and nice smells that come off him make you feel happy and safe.

‘Speciaw fwend?'


‘Du Speciaw fwend tink babbehs am in tummeh yet?'

‘Hmm, tink so.' You can't imagine they wouldn't be; you've had lots of special huggies lately, and your Special friend isn't trying not to put babbies in you this time.

‘Dat am gud,' he says. ‘Fwuffy am cited fow meet nyu babbehs.'

‘Kewwy am tuu, Speciaw fwend.' You can't wait to see what colours they'll have, and which of them will be earthies or wingie fluffies; maybe you'll even have a pointy one this time!

‘Fwuffy hope nu put tuu many babbehs in Speciaw fwend.' Can that happen? ‘Fwuffy nu wan tuu many babbehs; dat am tuu hawd.'

‘How many babbehs Speciaw fwend wan hav?' Silly to ask now, but hey.

‘Hmm, Fwuffy tink two an two be otay,' before you can answer he says ‘Ow two an two an one! Dat be fun!'

Something cold wriggles through you; two and three, two and three. You did have that, for a little while…

‘Speciaw fwend?'

‘Uh, Kewwy nu mind,' you say a little quicker than you mean.

‘Otay,' Your special friend doesn't say anything else; good. Even if it's mean, you don't want to think about your forever sleepies babbies, not when there's so much else to worry about. Especially, those bad fluffies out in the forest. The sooner they go away, the better; you've had some bad sleepie pictures, about- No! You shake your head to force the pictures out. You won't let them make you sad and worried.

‘Wat am wong Speciaw fwend?'

‘N-nuting,' you tell him. ‘Jus am, uh, tinkin boud names fow nyu babbehs.'

‘Wat names? Wat Speciaw fwend wan caww nyu babbehs?'

Great… ‘Uh, Kewwy tink, um…'


Part of you is happy for the distraction, but another part gets upset; that voice means your Special friend has to go-

‘Yes, fwend? Wat am wong?' he asks.

‘Fwend nee cum wif fwuffies tu find nummies,' Your Special friend's Green pointy friend says. ‘Yu be in den fow tuu wong.'

‘Dat am wight, Daddeh!' Runny… ‘Fwuffies been wookin fow nummies an Daddeh doin, oda tings fow tuu wong. Nu am faiw!'

‘*Sigh* Fwuffy cumin,' he nuzzles you again and gets up. ‘Nu be way fow wong time.'

‘Kewwy knu. Be cawefuw, Speciaw fwend. An keep Wunnie safe.'

‘Fwuffy du dat, Speciaw fwend,' he says, then walks away up the tunnel. You wriggle around and settle back down in the nestie, when,

‘Aww mummah am hewe tuu,' Runny says from outside. ‘She say dat-'

‘Kewwy nee cum back tu safe babbeh pwace,' All mummah says over him. ‘Aww mummah knu fwend hav wotsa fun, bud nee hewp Aww mummah gain!'

Small hot prickles run down your back; sure, you know you'd have to go back eventually, but did she have to put it like that? In front of other fluffies? ‘Kewwy am cumin,' you get up and walk to the tunnel, slowly; if All mummah wants to make you feel silly, she can wait a little longer. You find her standing outside the den.

‘Am Kewwy weady nao?'


‘Gud!' All mummah turns and walks toward the safe baby place. You follow right behind, but make the mistake of looking over your back to watch your special friend and Runny go. ‘Kewwy can hav mowe Speciaw huggies in dah dawktime,' more hot prickles run over your body. ‘Nee hewp in safe babbeh pwace nao.'

‘*Sigh* Kewwy knu!'


Neither of you talks for the rest of the trip. You get to the safe baby place as a couple of mummahs drop off their babbies. Inside, the big baby space actually has big babbies in it again; not many, but that'll change soon. Already, they're splitting into different groups; the ones who like to play chasies and the ones who just sit in one spot to talk and play, but there are no toughie games yet.

‘Aww mummah wan Kewwy stay wif big babbehs,' All mummah says.

‘Otay,' you tell her and get to work. It's easy-going; the babbies playing chasies aren't fast enough to cause problems, and there are no toughie games to watch over. All you have to do is make sure the babbies don't try to go outside. With the chasie babbies still slow, that's easy. So easy in fact, you have the chance to talk to some of your other friends.

‘Speciaw fwend wan knu wat Kewwy wan caww babbehs, bud Kewwy nu knu,' you say to a light green and yellow mare. ‘Nu knu wat babbeh wook wike yet.'


‘Kewwy wan hav babbeh dat wook wike Speciaw fwend's mummah, dat make him happy.' He said his mummah had the prettiest purple fluff and a yellow mane.


‘Fwend?' You turn and see your friend staring at the inside of the bushies; she's not paying attention at all! ‘Fwend!'


‘Wai fwend nu wisten tu Kewwy? Dat am meanies!'

Your friend looks at you for a moment, then hides her hear places. ‘Am Sowwies, Kewwy fwend. Fwuffy am jus…' Her voice trails off, and a scared look goes over her.

‘F-fwend? Wat am wong?'

She looks around, then leans closer; ‘Fwuffy tinkin boud, tings.'

You know you shouldn't, your thinkie place tells you whatever she's thinking about won't be nice. But… ‘W-wat tings, Fwend?'

It takes a while longer for her to answer; ‘Boud… Smawty wan fwuffies in safe babbeh pwace tu be weady.'

‘Wat fow?'

‘Fow… *Sigh* Smawty say dat fwuffies nee be weady tu keep babbehs safe if, if b-bad fwuffies cum.'

Your heart turns cold, and sinks through your tummy to the ground; you knew you shouldn't have asked…

‘Nu knu wat am gun du,' your friend says, maybe only to herself. ‘Can onwy get in dat way,' she points at the tunnel to get in, ‘bud, bad fwuffies can giv bushie huwties an get in.' She looks at the bushie wall; in places, it's thin enough you can almost see out. ‘Nu knu want am gun du,' your friend says, almost too quiet to hear. Not that you're listening. You've done your best to not think about the bad fluffy problem. It's bad enough Big Red goes into the forest to keep them away, and Runny and your Special friend still need to go out to find nummies. You, the other mares and Little having to keep the little babbies safe when none of you knows how to fight?

This bright time will feel a lot longer and worse than usual.


The hardest part is staying hidden until the lookie fluffies arrive with the bad fluffies; too much noise and maybe they'll hear, figure out the Bestest toughie's trick and escape. So, you need to stay perfectly quiet and still. You even breathe carefully; you can barely hear it yourself, but best to be sure. The others are hidden in different spots around the patch of rocks and bushies, enough to win but not so many you can't stay hidden. Tree, the Bestest toughie, a dark orange toughie who calls himself "Hurtie" are close by.

Normally it's not too hard to stay still and quiet, but this is different because you know what's coming. Your chest is tight, has been since you left the safe place. Hot prickles crawl around under your fluff, and your legs want to move all the time. If there was something you could do to fix it you would, but only finishing this job will do that and the lookie fluffy is taking forever!!

That's the other thing, the bad feels make it hard to tell how much time has gone by. You can't tell if it's been longer or shorter than last time. Time's gone funny again, and the longer you wait, the worse it gets. If only they'd hurry up; why can't they run? They're meant to get the bad fluffies to follow them, what difference would it make?!

Ok, ok, calm down. Just calm down. You need to focus, need to be ready for the fight. If any bad fluffies escape things will get worse, and this will all be for nothing; calm down. Alright, that's a little better. Now, maybe you can focus on the forest and less on how you feel. You close your see places and use your hear places harder. You listen to every sound carefully, waiting for the ones made by fluffies. It's not long until you hear them, but not from where or who you're expecting.

‘Dis way; am mowe fast way back,' Is that, Daddeh?

‘How Fwuffy knu dat?'

‘Cause am nummie findah; he du dis fow wong time.' That's one of his friends, the orange one you think. If they're out here, Runny will be too and… What are they doing here?


Where are they? What if the lookie fluffy brings the bad fluffies back when Daddeh and the others are nearby? You've got to do something, but what can you-

‘Twee, bwing dem hewe,' the Bestest toughie whispers. Tree doesn't answer, but you hear him move out of his hiding spot and head toward Daddeh and the others. Trying not to move, you use your hear places to follow what's happening.

‘Twee? Wat am-'

‘Shh!' Tree shuts the fluffy up. ‘Dis way, nao.'



With that, Tree leads them towards the hiding spot as quickly and quietly as possible. They walk past somewhere behind you; there's some rustling and Tree says ‘Stay dewe.' Then, he walks back to his spot, and just in time.

‘Day wewe goin dis way,'

The voice is further away, but it came from the same direction as Daddeh and the others. That and the wordies tell you what you need to know; bad fluffies. The prickles come back bigger and hotter, and your chest goes so tight it hurts. Your heart beats faster and you get ready to fight, but then something occurs to you; the lookie fluffy isn't here yet, and you're meant to come out when he is! If you start the fight when these other bad fluffies arrive, the ones following the lookie fluffy will know what's happening and run. They'll tell their Smarty what they saw, and who knows that'll happen then? But, you can't let these others go! You can't let any bad fluffies go!! What do you do?!

‘Tuffies,' you shut your thinkie place up and listen to the Bestest toughie. ‘Wait tiww does oda bad fwuffies am cwose. Den, fight dem.' Well, that settles it; no matter how you feel, what the Bestest toughie says goes, and you've got to keep Runny and Daddeh safe. You turn to face the sounds, careful to stay hidden. Out there, the noise of walking and talking gets louder and faster.

‘Nu am wong way nao; am gun get does dummehs!'

‘Nu be woud, dummeh!'

‘Get weady,'

You crouch, ready to jump out at the bad fluffies. Through a little gap in your hiding place, you see some long grassies and bushies move in ways they shouldn't. Then there's a flash of red fluff, lighter than yours. Behind that is a something really dark blue, and-

‘Huwwy,' the leader trots forward, following close to where Tree and the others walked. This isn't good; the fluffy leading them must be good at following fluffies through the forest, maybe better than a lookie-

‘Nao! Get dem!!' At the Bestest toughie's word, you jump out with the others and charge the bad fluffies. Like last time they're not ready for the attack; the ones in front stumble and trip, and the ones behind crash into them. The bad fluffies at the back have the best chance at getting away, but you won't let them have it; you rush past most of the bad fluffies, running hard, then turn and crash into the last ones.



Two are knocked over; the first goes under you, but before he trips you up, you dig your hoofies into the ground, rear up and bring your hoofies down on the bad fluffy's chest; just like the Bestest toughie taught you.

‘Gwark!!' There's soft, wet snapping sounds to go with the strange scream and the bad fluffy kicks out with his leggies, more from the hurties than him trying to fight back. Normally you'd give him another stomp, but there's still another bad fluffy who's nearly gotten up! You jump at him, aiming for the neck but go too far and landing on top of him instead. You both crash to the ground and the bad fluffy tries to escape. Instead of standing up for a stomp, you stay down to keep him pinned.

‘WET FWUFFY GO!!' The bad fluffy screams and kicks out at you over and over. A couple land, but not anywhere that hurts very bad. You don't answer, and give some sorry hoofies of your own; ‘Screee!!' They work better than his kicks did since you're bigger and stronger. After a few tries, you get a good hit in the chest; ‘Gahhk!!' It's not enough to keep him down for good, but it gives you an opening; you use it to get up and properly stomp the bad fluffy's neck.


The bad fluffy's yells stop, and he goes still. You jump away and turn around, ready for another bad fluffy to attack, but most are fighting with the other toughies; most. You're just in time to see a bad fluffy pull away from the toughie fighting him and make a run for it. You charge forward, run the bad fluffy down and leap on him.

‘Screee!!!' He screams as you both crash to the ground. ‘Hewp!!!' He struggles hard, desperate to escape. ‘Nu!!' He kicks and strikes out at you. ‘Nu huw-gwarrk!!' A stomp on his chest bring the strange scream and wet snapping. A couple more make the bad fluffy go quiet and still. Again you jump away and turn, ready for another fight, but it doesn't look like there will be one; there aren't many bad fluffies left, and most of them are fighting two toughies at once. It's all over not long after that; the Bestest toughie and Tree finish off a few and gather everyone together.

‘Wat am gun do nao Bestest tuffy?' Someone asks. ‘Oda bad fwuffies gun heaw dat. Wat day tink?'

‘*Sigh* Nu knu, bud had giv dem fowewa sweepies, ow day find nummie findahs!'

‘Bud wat boud bad fwuffies fowwowin wookie fwuffy? Wat du boud dem?'

‘Uh, n-nu tink nee be scawdies boud dat,' All of you turn and see the lookie fluffy walk out of some bushies and grassies. ‘Nu see any bad fwuffies fowwow Wookie Fwuffy. W-was cumin back tu teww Tuffies dat,' he says, trying not to look at the bad fluffies.

‘Wookie fwuffy am suwe?" The Bestest toughie asks. ‘Nu see any bad fwuffies?'

‘N-nu. Nu see any.' The lookie fluffy says. The Bestest toughie looks at him a while longer then nods.

‘Otay. Tuffies go nao,' he turns his head to where Tree hid the others, ‘get dem tuu.' You start walking before he's finished; now the fight's over, all you can really think about is making sure Runny and Daddeh are okay.

‘Daddeh? Wunnie? Am yu otay?' You find them behind some bushies with the others, crouched down as low as they can get; Runny has his leggies over his see places, and you can see him shake. ‘Id am otay nao; bad fwuffies am… Nu am hewe nao.' Runny uncovers his see places and looks up.

‘*Gulp* W-weawy? Bwudda a-am suwe?'

‘Yes, Bwudda am safe nao.' The scared look on Runny's face fades, and his whole body relaxes. Before he can say anything though, Daddeh's orange friend walks up and hugs you.

‘Tank yu Big Wed, yu sabe nummie findahs fwom bad fwuffies!'

‘Dat am wight,' Daddeh comes up and hugs you too. ‘Big Wed du gud ting. Daddeh am su-'

‘Day fowwow fwuffies,'

You all turn to look at Daddeh's green friend. ‘Huh? Wat fwend-'

‘Dah bad fwuffies fowwow nummie findahs,' he says. ‘Day fowwow nummie findahs hewe, awmost get tu safe pwace!' You watch as waves of scardies go over Daddeh, Runny and the others.

‘Dat am wight,' the Bestest toughie walks up and stands near you. ‘Dah bad fwuffies awmost find safe pwace cause day fowwow yu!' He stares them down. ‘Wat yu do?'

‘N-nuting, Bestest tuffy!' One of the toughies who was with Daddeh and the others says. ‘Nu make wotsa noise, an onwy tawkies when had tuu. Tuffy pwomise!' The Bestest toughie stares at him for a while, then looks at the others

‘He nu wie?' Everyone nods. ‘*Sigh* Otay.' The Bestest toughie turns. ‘Back tu safe pwace. Nao.'


It didn't surprise you that Daddeh and Runny didn't talk on the way back; the Bestest toughie said not to talk no matter what, and that was that. What they and the others did do was look everywhere, checking every tree, rock and bushie you passed by. Again, not a surprise. What did surprise you was how neither of them talked when you got back to the safe place like everyone else did. They also look scared, really scared. After checking with the Bestest toughie, you catch up with them before they get to the nummie dens.

‘Am Bwudda and Daddeh otay?'

‘Daddeh am, o-otay nao,' he says. ‘Jus stiww am bit scawdies.'

‘Otay,' that makes you feel a little better. ‘Am bwudda otay tuu?' You ask Runny, but he doesn't answer. ‘Wunnie? Wat am wong?'

‘Day… Day find fwuffies, a-an fowwow fwuffies…' It's hard to hear him, and Runny doesn't look at you when he talks. ‘F-fwuffies nu tawkies an twy be cawefuw, bud bad fwuffies stiww-'

‘Id am otay Wunnie,' Daddeh says. ‘Bad fwuffies nu am hewe nu mowe. Big Wed an oda tuffies make dem go way, an keep fwuffies safe.'

Runny looks at Daddeh for a moment, then back at the ground. ‘Bwudda' he looks at you, ‘Big Wed say was gun keep famiwy safe wong time go.' You give him a chance to say something, and go on when he doesn't; ‘Big Wed nu am gun wet bad fwuffies huwt famiwy. Big Wed pwomise.' You're not sure if it'll make Runny feel better, but you haven't got anything else to say. After a few more moments, he nods.

‘O-otay,' Runny says slowly. ‘Nee go nao.' He turns and heads for the nummie dens.

‘Wunnie am gun be otay,' Daddeh says. ‘Tink he am jus wike Daddeh am.'

‘Wat Daddeh mean?'

‘*Sigh*' Daddeh nu am bwave Fwuffy; newa was bwave fwuffy.' He drops his head and looks away. ‘Fwuffy knu wat bein scawdies am wike, bud Wunnie nu knu.' You're not sure what he means or what he's trying to do, so you can't think of what to say. ‘Big Wed nu nee wowwie,' you look at Daddeh. ‘Big Wed jus nee wowwie boud keepin hewd safe.'

‘Otay Daddeh,' you go to hug him, but stop when you remember all the nummies on his back.

‘Gud,' Daddeh says, then ‘Big Wed wan hav nex bwighttime nummies wif Daddeh an Wunnie?'


Something's going on; you could believe one group of lookie fluffies going missing or running away, but two? After what your toughies did to the mare? After leaving her babbies outside for the whole herd to see? No, these dummies wouldn't do that. Something in the forest stopped your lookie fluffies coming back, probably by giving them forever sleepies. But what?

The first thing your thinkie place says is barkie monsters or kitty monsters, but you're not sure it was either. It's not often they can get a whole group of fluffies, and two times in only a few brighttimes? They're scary, but not scary or smart enough to do that. Humans are, though. Hmm, that would be a big problem if it was them, but you're sure it wasn't. The lookie fluffies haven't seen many humans and none close to the safe place. There haven't been any forever sorry stick noises for a while, and no one's seen fluffies given forever sleepies by humans either. So, that leaves one thing that could be doing this; other fluffies.

Not just any fluffies either; none of the lookie fluffies have come back, which would only happen if whoever attacked them didn't want them to escape and tell what happened. That means, whoever gave them forever sleepies have something they don't want found, and anything no one wants you to find is worth having. It has to be a herd you haven't found yet, one with a great safe place.

Your thinkie place runs away, picturing all the great things this safe place must have; nummies, maybe a long water close by, and lots of pretty mares. After a few moments, though, you get your thinkie place working properly again. If you haven't found this herd and their safe place yet, they must be good at staying hidden, not like some of the other dummies you've found. They probably also have good toughies, at least as good as yours, and a good Smarty.

Tingles run over your body and under your fluff; you haven't felt this way for a while. Most of the herds in this part of the forest have been dummies, and their safe places showed. Others moved on before you found their safe places, took the best nummies they had and did poopies on what they had to leave behind. But this herd, well, it's been far too long since you've taken on fluffies like them; it'll be hard, but worth it. You'll take their safe place, their nummies, and all their pretty mares; it'll be great!

But you've got to find them first, and you think you know how.


After you put the nummies away, it's hard to use your thinkie place properly. The thought of going back to the forest after next brighttime nummies turns your insides to cold fluff; lucky for you, the Bestest toughie says you and the others aren't going back out this brighttime. Part of you wonders what he'll do to the toughies who let the bad fluffies follow you and the nummie finders, but you're just happy to stay where you're safe.

You can't get what happened out of your thinkie place, though. Those bad fluffies followed you for who knows how long, even after you did all you could to stay hidden! If you hadn't run into Big Red and the others, they might have followed you all the way back to the safe place, or… You shake your head; thinking about what would have happened if they caught you sends scardies and hot prickles through your body.

After next brighttime nummies you go work on your den to calm down and clear your thinkie place. It takes a while and lots of fiddling with the nestie, but the cold feeling in your tummy and the hot prickles go away; most of them, anyway. But, some of the feelings don't go away; they stick to you, and your thinkie place won't stop saying "you nearly got forever sleepies." Nearly got forever sleepies from those bad fluffies, and who knows what they'd have done to you if-

‘Ngh!!!' You shake your head to get the feelings and wordies out of your thinkie place, and keep going and going until your so dizzy you can hardly stand!! You only just manage to lie down without falling on your side; the dizzy feelings are horrible, but at least they're a distraction.

‘Speciaw fwend?' Your hear places go up; ‘Speciaw fwend, am yu otay? *Gasp* Wunnie!' Sky rushes over and gives you a big hug. ‘Wunnie! Wat happen? Am Wunnie otay? Daddeh say bad fwuffies nu get Speciaw fwend, du Wunnie hav-'

‘Am, a-am otay!' You manage to say over her. ‘Am jus… Tinkie pwace hav siwwies.'


‘Cause Wunnie was, uh…' Well, there's no way to explain without telling her about the bad feels and thinkie place pictures you have. ‘*Sigh,* Wunnie twyin make scawdies go way,' you admit. ‘Twy get dem oud of tinkie pwace, an get bad siwwies.'

Sky doesn't answer right away. ‘B-bud, tuffies make bad fwuffies go way,' she says. ‘Day sabe Speciaw fwend an-'

‘Bud bad fwuffies awmost get Wunnie!' you say. ‘Nu knu day fowwowin fwuffies! Bad fwuffies awmost find safe pwace!!' The scardies all come back. ‘Awmost get wowstest huwties an fowewa sweepies!' When you say it out loud, something clicks in your thinkie place; it's not just the horrible hurties and forever sleepies that's scared you so much. ‘Awmost, nu get tu hav...' You look up at Sky's pretty face and see places, and feel like a dummy; you spent so much time worrying about what might happen to her…

‘Huu, Wunnie am sowwies,' your head drops, ‘was dummeh.'


‘Was dummeh boud, boud…' You know the wordies to use, they just won't come out. ‘Am sowwies...'

Sky doesn't say anything for a while; she just stays put and hugs you. It feels so nice, and you wish you could stay like this for the rest of the brighttime. But you can't. You won't. Something stirs in your tummy, a strong feeling that goes through the rest of your body and pushes out the bad stuff bothering you, except for the last of the thinkie place sillies. Fighting through them, you stand and look at Sky. Before she can talk you say

‘Speciaw fwend, Wunnie wan hav famiwy nao.'

Her see places go a little wide; ‘W-wah?'

‘Wunnie was scawdies boud Speciaw fwend goin fowewa sweepies, bud was bein dummeh tuu,' you explain. ‘Wunnie awmost go fowewa sweepies. Den Speciaw fwend nu get hav famiwy ow babbehs.'


‘Nu am gun be dummeh nu mowe!' You look right into her see places. ‘Wan hav babbehs wif yu, Speciaw fwend,' Sky looks at you for a moment, not saying anyth-

‘YAAAYY!!!' Before you know what's happened, you're on the ground with Sky on top of you. ‘SKY AM SO HAPPEIS!! HAPPIEEESS!!!' She hugs you all over and bounces up and down, and yelling so loud she’s giving your hear places hurties! Maybe telling her like this wasn't the best- ‘NU CAN WAIT!! AM GUN HAV WOTSA BESTEST BABBEHS FOW HEWD!!'



‘Speciaw fwend!!!' Sky stops; ‘Wet Wunnie get up!!' You yell before she starts again. Back on your hoofies, you step over and hug Sky. ‘Wunnie am happies an cited tuu, Speciaw fwend. Nu can-'

‘Wunnie nee go find nummies gain?' Sky asks.

‘Nu! Wunnie nu goin back tu fowest!' Not until you get to go with toughies who… Sky's smile is really-

‘Sky nu nee du anyting dis bwighttime,' she leans close. ‘dat mean can hav speciaw huggies nao.'

Hot prickles, this time the good sort, run around under your fluff and parts of you get tingly. ‘O-otay!! Uh, w-wat Wunnie nee-' Sky cuts you off by nuzzling the side of your neck; you nuzzle her back, and the prickles and tingles get much stronger.! They make what happened in the forest seems a very long way away. Well, it's time to find out why Mummah and Daddeh spent so long in their den together.



You step off the bad fluffy's head and check to make sure he's really forever sleepies. Stepping away from him, you look around at the others; there were only two and one bad fluffies this time, far less than the other times. It's a good sign, or it should be. It should mean there are less bad fluffies around, that your plan is working and the herd will soon be safe from the bad fluffies. And yet, something isn't right. You can't tell what, though, but can't go to the Smarty with a funny feeling, especially when the plan seems to be working.

‘Bestest tuffy,'

You turn; ‘Yes?'

‘Am gun twy dis gain, ow go back tu safe pwace nao?' Rock asks.

You look around one last time; ‘Yes. Dis am ovah nao,' you say, then louder ‘Tuffies go tu safe pwace nao!'

‘Yes, Bestest tuffy!' Your tuffies say, then turn and follow you away from the hiding place and back to the safe place, leaving the bodies of the bad fluffies behind.

‘Am dis wowkin, Bestest tuffy?' Rock asks. ‘Dewe nu was dat many bad fwuffies. Maybe day goin way.'

‘Maybe,' you tell him. ‘Bud tuffies stiww du dis tiww am suwe bad fwuffies nu am heaw nu mowe,' whenever that brighttime comes.

‘Yes Bestest tuffy,' Rock says, then goes quiet along with everyone else.


You stay as still and quiet as you can all through the fight and don't dare move until the other fluffies have gone and you can't hear them. It was hard watching the fluffies Monster sent out get forever sleepies; they were young and didn't know what they were being sent into. They didn't know you were following them either, waiting for something to happen so you could tell Monster.

When you're absolutely sure it's safe, you crawl out of the bushie and head for the safe place; slowly at first, in case any of those other fluffies are still close. Soon, though, you're running as fast as you can. Monster needs to hear all of this; that there's still a herd in this part of the forest, they're the ones giving your lookie fluffies forever sleepies and they have scary toughies, especially that big brown one.

A shiver runs up your back when you remember how he fought; the poor fluffy he jumped on didn't stand a chance, didn't even know what happened. Hopefully, this herd doesn't have any more toughies like that one; even monster would have trouble giving him forever sleepies, not that you'd ever, ever say that to anyone!! Just saying it in your thinkie place has made you scared. Monster can't hear thinkie places, but still…

Come on, don't worry about that; just get to the safe place and tell Monster what happened. He'll be happy to hear it, maybe even really happy! Maybe, just maybe, he'll stop giving your Special friend bad special huggies when the herd need more fluffies.


‘Dah wookie fwuffy take dem tu some bushies an wockies. Den, wotsa oda fwuffies cum oud an, a-an giv dem fowewa sweepies.'

You stare at your lookie fluffy and think about what he's told you; it's quite the story, and hard to believe. ‘Wookie fwuffy nu wie?'

‘Nu!' Your lookie fluffy just stops himself from yelling. ‘Wookie fwuffy nu wie! Dat oda wookie fwuffy take Munstah's fwuffies tu dah oda hewd's tuffies, an den-'

‘Day giv dem fowewa sweepies. Munstah knu dat dummeh!'

‘Wookie fwuffy am sowwies!' He drops down. ‘Nu mean make Munstah maddies! Am sowwies, big sowwies!!'

You stare down at him for a while longer; might as well make him squirm and think he's in big trouble. ‘Go way; Munstah nu nee yu nao.'

‘Yes, Munstah! Wookie fwuffy go way!!' Your lookie fluffy stands and runs away, giving you some peace and quiet to think. And boy, do you have lots to think about. First, now you know for sure another herd is giving all your lookie fluffies forever sleepies. You have to admit, it's a pretty good trick, and explains why you haven't found them yet. They are good, or at least their smarty is.

But, he's not good enough; now, you know how to find them. It won't be easy, though. If they're smart enough to pull off this kind of trick this well, they won't be the easiest fluffies to sneak up on, let alone follow back to their safe place. After all, they've been looking for fluffies that follow them, getting fluffies to follow them on purpose. Hmm, on purpose…

If they're going to this much trouble, they must know what you've been doing. You're not sure if they know where your safe place is, but if they did they would have attacked by now, since they clearly want you to go away. That would be why they're picking off your lookie fluffies. Hmm, if that's what they want, maybe…

‘Tuffies!' Your two best tuffies, one dark grey and the other dull green, come running and stop in front of you.

‘Yes, Munstah!'

‘Tuffies am hewe!'

‘Teww wookie fwuffies day nu am goin intu fowest nu mowe. Teww dem, any wookie fwuffies dat go intu fowest get fowewa sweepies.'

They both look surprised, really surprised; ‘Uh, otay, Munstah.' The grey one says, and turns to go. The green one, though, doesn’t.

‘Wai? Nu am gun twy find mowe dummehs?'

You turn to him; ‘Nu dummeh, am stiww wookin fow dummehs.'

‘Bud, if wookie fwuffies nu-'

‘Shud up, dummeh!' His hear places hides, and he crouches a little. ‘Am stiww wookin fow dummehs dat giv aww Munstah's wookie fwuffies fowewa sweepies.' Their see places go a little wide, but the change on their face shows they understand what you mean, at least a little more than before. ‘Day nu am wike oda dummehs,' you tell them, ‘day twyin make Munstah go way. So, Munstah gun make dummehs tink dat happen.'

‘So, am gun make dummehs tink Munstah's hewd go way, den wook fow dem gain?' The grey toughie says.

‘Yes, dat am Wat Munstah wan do,' you say. ‘If does dummehs tink Munstah's hewd go way, day tink id am safe an be easy tu find gain.'

‘Tuffy undewstan' the green toughie says. ‘Am gun make dewe Smawty tink wat he duin am wowkin. Den hewd wook fow dem gain, an find dewe safe pwace.'

‘Happy looks go over your toughies' faces; ‘Tuffy nu can wait, Munstah,' the grey one says.

‘Day am gun hav wotsa gud nummies,'

‘An pwetty mawes! Ooh, maybe can make dewe safe pwace Munstah's hewd's nyu-'

‘Shud up dummehs!' you cut them off. ‘Stiww nee find dese dummehs, an nu am gun du dat if wookie fwuffies keep goin tu fowest!'

‘Yes Munstah!!' Your toughies yell as one, then run to tell every lookie fluffy you have left the new orders. With that, you walk off to think more about what's to come. Getting these dummies to the point where they think you're gone might take a long time; in a way, it'll be the hardest part. But it'll be worth it, you just know it. You can almost see their piles of nummies, their safe place and all the pretty mares. Soon, it'll all be yours.

The excitement's really getting to you now, you've got tingles all over. Well, since you've lost so many lookie fluffies, it's probably time you go visit the mares again.


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Anonymous1: Kerry's story: infinity war.
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Anonymous2: I'm waiting for Kerry's suffering.
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Anonymous3: I'm waiting for Big Red's netorare and Sky's forced miscarriage
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Anonymous4: tags: foreshadowing
At this point that might as well be the name of the series...
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Anonymous5: even though I'm waiting for stuff to hit the fan, I like the last parts to this.looking forward to see what happens next.
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Researcher_7201: Cant wait for what's coming. This is going to be an amazing culmination of so many plot threads!
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Fluffus: My heart always skips a beat when a new installment of Kerry’s Story is posted. I savor it and usually read it at bedtime. Even so, I have a growing feeling d_S is going the way of George R R Martin... more and more characters, side plots, less main plot, more character exploration and less story progress. That’s a great way to spend time on a creative hobby, but I suspect it gets harder and harder to move things along, with moreand more characters and leads. “Pantsing” (feeling story and characters out as you go along) is tough to bring home. Maybe d_S will pull a Stephen King and just write a weird, rushed ending and move along to the next project. Maybe se’lö all get surprised. So excite!
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WarlordSotos: A gang of 4th graders stumbles upon both herds and forces them to reenact the Battle of Phillipi!

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differential_Sloth: @Fluffus: Yeah I see what you're getting at; I've had a feeling this series is getting too bloated, but not fixing it is on me. But, the next big story turn should be the perfect time to fix those issues and bring this to an end.
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Fluffus: @differential_Sloth: I’m rooting for you : )