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Researcher_7201: What horror is the fluff witnessing
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Sirulean: @Researcher_7201: Honestly, given the infantile minds of fluffies, it could be anything ranging from Amnesia the Dark Descent, to a simple video telling them that all spaghetti production has ceased.

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Waaaghlord: Though nice concept, you can show the fluffy horror and this way way it probably takes it for real ... and afterwards you can show the fluffy REAL horror!!!
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UrAvgFlfyOwnr: @Sirulean: Or a method of post-foal programming. in my headcanon they get a little bit bigger, and a child's vr set fits perfectly. it might end up misinterpreting the programming, or you might forget it was programming, the fluffy might somehow change the input, who knows.
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UrAvgFlfyOwnr: a good option for pillowed fluffies

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akufluff: i don't think fluffies could handle virtual reality it could overload they're small little fluffy brains

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Gmonty: @Sirulean: What about Amnesia a Machine for Pigs? Having to deal with 'infant, 4-legged' creatures like the "wretches", it can be an absolute nightmare... A fluffy would think they are one of its owns.
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Anonymous1: Blanka