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Buffalo Steve

Part 1

By Gardel


There's a house at the end of the street, old and clearly needs some paint.

Going inside it looks like a regular house, regular furniture, generic decor bought at some superstore, nothing fancy.

It when you go down to the basement that things get.......weird.

Down the stairs you start noticing odd stuff: old Sonic the Hedgehog posters, MLP cardboard figures like the ones they had at stores near the toys but here its all........nailed to the walls. Near that there's a bunch of old crusty MLP dolls and all with a big cut in the back.......

Then you enter a room, its full of framed fan-art, paid requests to artists from all over the internet.

.....all fart porn, inflation, diaper-shit, body transformation, tentacle porn...

All furry.

In that room there's a rack with a bunch of old fursuits, some faded, some missing parts of the sythetic fur, others with..."stains".

Past the room there's an area of the basement with a big hole, probably the remains of an old well.

From there desperate pleas for help can be heard.


A figure peaks over the edge?


A man in a blue-green fox fursuit with an inflated belly and big white ears with red tips looks at the fluffies below.

OwO! whats this?

Pwease! su twisty! nee' wawa!

"It cleans the fluff or else it gets the hose!" UwU

Huuuuhuuu! otay...

The two fluffies proceed to groom themselves with their tongues.

Their captor is no other than the infamous Buffalo Steve, a 54yo furry banned from almost all furry conventions for his extreme digusting behavior, even for furry community standards.

He walks into another room then opens a fluffmart box. Inside there's a gray pegasus filly.

"Ms. Judy Hopps! its time for use to consummate our marriage!" ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

The filly, the last one in the box, freaks out.


It knows what's next.

Steve superglues some tiny bunny ears on the foal, then drops his furry pants exposing his micropenis (still huge for fluffy standards)

He turns the foal around.


"No tears, only dreams now" ( ˘ ³˘)♥

He shoves his dick into the tiny filly tearing its undeveloped vagina and anus together.


Then starts pumping the foal as if it were a fleshlight


"Can you feel it mr.Krabs?! can you feeeeeeeel!" (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)


Steve cums inside the filly, then slides it off his dick, the mixture of blood and cum dripping out from the cavernous hole in what used to be the foal's hindquarters.

"That.....was......great......thank you officer Hopps!" (=ↀωↀ=) - said Steve, almost out of breath after an incredible 50 seconds of trusting, a new record for his overweight 300lb body, a product of decades of quadruple BK stackers.

Nu.....can....feww....weggies.....wan...die - says the filly, aka: Judy Hopps

Buffalo steve then drops the penised-to-death filly down the well


"Enjoy your meal!" 0w0

Huuhuu! su tiwed of enfie-babbeh nummies...
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Gardel: Had this story for a while, any ideas for part 2?

- Reply
Mossiest: Holy shit, it's a Gardel story! Glad to see you're still writing here.

That said, I want Steve to suffer far more than any fluffy. There's no coming back from degeneracy of this level.
- Reply
Anonymous1: @Gardel: Sick twisted and depraved beyond words. Gardel you are really spoiling us. But on a serious note. The story just needs more shit. There is a painful lack of shit, it just makes the whole thing bland.
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Anonymous2: @Gardel: Steve needs to suffer somehow in part 2. Wonder what would happen if he decided to enf a jellenheimer
- Reply
Anonymous3: "...extreme digusting behavior, even for furry community standards"

They have those?
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: dude we're drawing toddler pig horse torture we can't talk
- Reply
Anonymous5: Does the furry degeneracy cancel out if they're doing god's work? (Killing fluffies)
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NottooFluf2: Gardel, good to see you, liked the "Silence of the Lambs" type story. Dead to Furrys. :D Have some Peta activist going full Hannibal Lecter for torturing tje shitrats... Sorry if got emotional, it has been a long time with one of your stories I just got some withdraw effects.
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Fugger: top kek

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guodzilla: @Gardel: (in evil whisper)
Hello, Clarice...
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Anonymous6: That last line. I lol'd. Gj sir.

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: Don't thank me; thank ol' Tony Hopkins.
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Anonymous7: we need more humans raping fluffies.
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Nuuu: A Gardel story! I wish you'd post more.
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Anonymous8: Hilarious, top notch as usual
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Anonymous9: @Anonymous: hey is not like we're doing it out in the open like furries do