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CandyCarnage: Fluffy style exploration. Not sure what I like tbh, 1st one is rather boring but I really like number 3. The cute belly up pose. Also I guess if anyone is wondering, ye I'm a hugboxer.
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Anonymous1: "ye I'm a hugboxer." And there's nothing wrong with that. One can only look at so many pictures and stories where the "punchline" is "HAHA IS FUNNY BECAUSE PIG HORSE IS DEAD/SAD!"
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Anonymous2: *Before it gets stale(oops, got cut off)

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Waaaghlord: ... they do it like rabbits!
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Anonymous3: I would go with the belly up one, but reduce 5he size of the ears (seems more rabbit or mule like than pony)
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Anonymous4: Gah there cute
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Anonymous5: even through I seriously hate fluffies I see hugboxers in a different light. in my version of hugboxers hugboxers have the much more newer fluffy modle that is less needy, smarter, and a little bet better to live with unlike the older modles that are extremely selfish,braty,and returded.