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CandyCarnage: Story behind the doodle: Kid runs from bullies only to be saved by a snarling cannibalistic fluffy. So she stays in the alley beside him to stay away from them. Making both a new friend and protecter.
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Sirulean: Nice art. Inb4 “lol a fluffy ain’t gonna protect your from shit” and other such comments.
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Anonymous1: >that girl
>gets bullied
100% unrealistic
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Anonymous2: How cute!!! I hope you still draw more hugbox material (I love the abuse but I love cute thing too)
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Anonymous3: I want to put my white blonde seed in her while her fluffy eats sketties and watches fluffyTV in the other room.

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Wetfluff: cannibalistic fluffies are only scary to OTHER fluffies.

But Whatever it works.

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Waaaghlord: @Wetfluff: At least it got sharp teeth and ... maybe can some kind of growl ... and those regular bullies normally really have no courage and step away if they aren't 100% clear upper hand...

More interesting question ist what triggered the protective instinct ... maybe his special friend once had a blond mane?
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Anonymous4: Personally I wouldn't fuck with anything that looked mean. A cat or chihuahua won't kill you but people are afraid of getting bit or scratched by them. Plus it could be rabid.

I really face style Candy draws for humans.

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Maldoror: >fluffy
>scaring anything off