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It was a sunny morning, old man Jenkem had just gotten up from his bed and was making breakfast. He was humming to himself, enjoying the peace of the countryside, the singing of the birds, the sounds of the frogs who had just come out of hibernation, and was having a great time all around. He sat on his decades old couch, still comfy as ever, holding his plate of boiled eggs drenched in vinegar, and before he took the first bite, the door bell rung. Dang it, he thought to himself. "I'm comin', I'm comin'" he said, in a disappointed tone.

And so he went and opened the door, only to find a box with a single thin purple Fluffy sitting inside of it, smack dlab on his front porch.

"Hello? Whoever left this, uh, thing here, I cannot keep it, you know! Because I rescued one of them once doesn't mean that I'm a fucking caretaker"

"Pwease, take care of fwuffy pwease meanie mistah" - Exclaimed sheepishly, the purple abomination sitting in the aforementioned box.

"Sure thing paley, let me drag your box in"
Jenkem then proceeded to drag the box under the doorframe, and shut the door with all the force he could muster.

Last thing he heard from the purple shitstain was a loud and potent SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEee, followed by a loud thumb.

"Welp, now that that's settled, time to finish my damned breakfast."
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guodzilla: "followed by a loud thumb"
Actually, big toes are a lot louder than thumbs.

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Jiggery_Niggery: @guodzilla: hehehe
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Sorrowkandy: Yum
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UrAvgFlfyOwnr: He sure took care of it! Problem solved