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Daddeh's choice: RE-UPLOAD

By differential_Sloth

Welcome to the house of fun


You walked through the forest with the rest of the herd; it was slow going. The older fluffies and babies couldn't walk as well as big fluffies, and every so often you had to stop so the soon-mummah's could eat. You hate when the herd has to move, it's no fun and dangerous. But the smarty said that you need to move for the cold-times, so that was that.

You were thinking about how much you wanted to be back in your den when you bumped into another fluffy. When you looked up, you saw that the herd wasn't moving. Right up front the smarty was looking at you all, and behind him, you saw a big black rock

‘Hewd wisten to smawty!' he said, ‘Smawty see safe pwace fow hewd on oda side of bwack wock!' Murmuring came from all around. ‘Onwy way get dawe am tu cwoss bwack rock!'

You didn't believe it; the smarty had to be making funnies. You were standing near the back of the herd, and even from there you could hear lots of vroomy monsters.

‘Nu can cwoss bwack wock!'

‘Vwoomy munstahs num fwuffies!'


‘Nu can giv huwties to vwoomy munstahs!' You knew that voice; that was one biggest toughie in the herd. If he thought this was a bad idea,


Behind you, the toughies started pushing the herd closer to the black rock.

‘NU!' You saw a brown fluffy daddeh gave sorry poopies to one of the toughies and ran back to the forest with his babies. ‘Wun babbehs! Fowwow daddeh!'

You heard a yell, and looked forward just in time to see a few fluffies run across the black rock; a vroomy monster ate them so fast they didn't have time to scream.


‘Mummah! Peep! Sabe babbeh!'

There was crying and screaming around you. Babies hugged their mummahs and daddehs close, other fluffies tried fighting the toughies.



‘Wun fastah dummehs!'

The toughies pushed you all closer and closer to the black rock. Behind you, there was a fight between a toughie and a family. There was a gap, just big enough. You ran for it, ducking past the toughie before he could stop you.

‘STAHP DEM DUMMEHS!' The smarty's scream followed you into the forest, along with another fluffy. For a second you thought it was a toughie.


You and the other fluffy, ran until your leggies got sleepies; both of you waited for the toughies to catch up, but you couldn't hear anything.

‘Fwuffies am safe' you say to the other fluffy, a green wingie mare you'd seen around.

‘Yes. Bud, what fwuffies du nao?'

‘Uh, wets gu dat way.'

With no better plan, you and the wingie mare kept walking through the forest; neither of you knew where you were going, but anywhere was better than the black rock. Not long after, you ran into the daddeh fluffy and his babies.

‘Fwffy hav idea!’ You said, ‘Fwuffies make nyu hewd, an den we...’

‘Nu! Hewd nu gud!' The fluffy daddeh yelled. ‘Hewd say dat fwuffy an babbehs am poopies.' He got up and started walking away; ‘Nu wan hewd nu mowe, fwuffy an babbehs be on own nao! Cum on babbehs.'

One of his babies blew a raspberry at you before they left.

After that it was just you and the wingie mare, which wasn't bad because she was nice; she helped you find a new safe place for both of you and helped find nummies. She was a great friend, but you wanted her to be more than that.

‘Fwuffy wan knu sumtin.'

‘Wat fwend wan knu?' She said.

‘Du, du fwuffy wan be speciaw fwends?'

You were so scared; you got sorry hoofies the last time you asked a mare if she wanted to be your special-friend.

‘Yes! Fwuffy wub be speciaw-fwend!

That gave you the biggest heart happies ever; later that dark-time, you and your special-friend had special huggies for the first time. A few bright-times later, she told you she was a soon-mummah, and you both got even happier. The two of you were so excited and couldn't wait to meet your babies!

But you forget the cold-times were coming.


The bright times got shorter, the dark-times got colder, and nummies got harder to find. First, the berry nummies disappeared, then the flower nummies. Grassie nummies were still there, but they were dry and didn't satisfy like they used to. Some bright-times you went without so your special-friend and soon-babies would have enough. But it was only getting harder, and colder.

'Soon-mummah am scawdies speciaw-fwend' she told you one dark-time. 'Cowd times am cumin' She shivers, 'Nee find housie an hoomin mummah an daddeh.'

'Bud hoomins am bad!' You're scared of humans, when you were just a baby, a human gave your daddeh and all your brothers and sisters hurties and forever sleepies. 'Day nu wike fwuffies!'

'Bud cowd-times am bad fow babbehs!' Your special-friend cries. 'Dawe am nu nummies in cowd-times! Pwease speciaw-fwend!'

You look at your special-friend; she's as scared of the cold-times as you are humans. She was little in the cold-times, and she had to watch her fluffy mummah and daddeh eat all their chirpy babbehs. You think about your soon-babbies; when they come out it will be really cold, and the nummies will probably all be gone.

After using your thinkie place for a while, you realise your special-friend is right; the humans might hurt you, but the cold-times will. It's the only choice you have.

'Otay speciaw-fwend; in bwight-time we gu fin hoomin mummah an daddeh.'

'Tank yu speciaw-fwend' she gives you big huggies, 'fwuffy knu speciaw-fwend awways sabe famiwy.'


You and your special-friend leave the nestie once the bright-time starts. You know humans live in big nesties called houses, but you've never seen one in the forest. You've seen humans out here, but they were always meanies that gave fluffies and other friends forever sleepies with their magic forever sorry sticks. You walk for a long time, stopping whenever you find nummies.

'Fwuffies nee fin nestie fow dawk-time' you say when the sky-ball goes down.

'Bud we nu fin hoomins yet!' Your special-friend says.

'Dawk-time am tuu scawies an cowd fow fwuffies! Nee find nestie!' You hate yelling at your special-friend, but there's no way you can stay outside in the dark-time. The two of you find a nestie in a forever sleepies tree, make a small fluff pile and go sleepies.



Your babies lie on the ground covered in tummy-water and boo-boo juice. None of them moves or makes chirpies. You try to move or speak, but you can’t; all you can do is make sad-waters.


Your special-friend runs away. The cold fluff falls from the sky covering your babies, then you, then everything.


You wake up breathing fast. You look around but there's no cold fluff, and your special-friend is still there; it was just a bad sleepie picture. Your special-friend wakes up; 'Wat am mattah speciaw-fwend?' She asks. 'Yu hav bad sweepie pictuwe?'

You nod and get up, not wanting to talk about it. You look around and find a few nummies; it's not enough to make you tummy hurties go away, but they'll keep you going. Walking through the forest, you don't see much; you've heard from other fluffies that the friends and monsters that live here go for long sleepies until the cold-times go away. You wish fluffies could do that.

The bright-time goes by, but you don’t find any human nesties. Your special-friend gets more and more scardies. 'Wai am dawe nu hoomin nesties speciaw-fwend? Nu wan tummeh babbies tu gu fowewa sweepies! Nu wan num babbehs huhuhuhu.'

'Nu be scawdies speciaw-fwend, we fin hoomin nestie soon.' You hope you do. It won't be long before the cold fluff starts to fall from the sky, and when that happens, your soon babies will be doomed. The sky-ball gets lower, and you're about to start looking for another nestie for the dark-time when you see something up ahead.

'Wat am dat speciaw-fwend?'

'Nu knu. Fwuffies gu wook!' The two of you walk towards the funny thing; all of a sudden you leave the trees and there in front of you,

'Speciaw-fwend wook! Hoomin nestie! Fwuffy and speciaw-fwend an tummeh-babbehs am safe nao!' Your special-friend runs ahead; you call for her to slow down but she doesn't listen. Up close the house looks enormous, big enough for all the fluffies in your old herd to live in it. You look around for a way in but can't find one.

What you do find is something another fluffy said was a door; he said that’s how humans get in and out of their nesties. You have worstest scardies and want to run back to the forest, but you need to save your special-friend and soon-babies. You take a deep breath and tap your hooves on the door.

For a little while nothing happens; you wonder if you can convince your special-friend to go back to the forest, then the door opens. In front of you stands a tall human with a grey mane and a scary face; he looks at you and you freeze, feeling some of the worst scardies ever. You can't even speak, but your special-friend does that for you.

'Hewwo nice Mistah, pwease be nyu daddeh fow soon-mummah and speciaw-fwend?'

'Excuse me?' The human says; his voice is big and loud, it scares you so much you almost make scardie pee-pees.

'Pwease be nyu daddeh fow soon-mummah and speciaw-fwend!' Your special-friend says again. 'Fwuffy am soon-mummah and cowd-times am cumin! Cowd times am bad fow babbehs! Pwease wet in housie!'

The human looks at you and special-friend for a moment. 'Hmm, I'm not sure; I’ve had bad experiences with fluffies that come out of the forest.’

'Pwease nice Mistah!' Your special-friend gets desperate, 'Fwuffy an speciaw-fwend pwomise be bestest fwuffies fow nyu daddeh! Du anyting nyu daddeh say!' You see sad-waters in her eyes. 'Pwease sabe fwuffies and tummeh babbehs fwom cowd-times!'

The human looks back at you; 'Is she telling the truth?'

You have a lot of scardies, but you have to help your special-friend and soon-babbies. 'Y-yes nice M-Mistah. Speciaw-fwend am soon-mummah, pwease h-hewp.'

The human doesn’t say anything for a while. 'Well, I think you've both been very careless.' For a moment you think he's going to make you go away, and you're not sure if you'd like that or not. 'But, you're more polite than most fluffies that come to my door. You can stay here until spring.'

'Gasp weawy?!? Tank yu su much nyu daddeh!' Your special-friend runs forward and hugs the human's leg. ' Soon-mummah and speciaw pwomise be gud fow nyu daddeh!'

'Good' the human, your new daddeh says. 'Follow me, and don't wander off.' You and your special-friend follow daddeh into his housie; it's so big and pretty, and warm!

'Dis am pwetty housie nyu daddeh' your special-friend says, 'Wan pway hewe wif babbehs when day am tummeh babbehs nu mowe!'

'Maybe' new daddeh says. 'If you and your babies behave I'll think about it.'

Walking through the house you smell something familiar, and after a few seconds you recognise it; 'Fwuffy smeww oda fwuffy hewe, bud nu can see oda fwuffy.'

'Oh that's my friend's fluffy' new daddy says, 'he brings her over sometimes.'

'Can fwuffies meet daddeh's fwend's fwuffy?' Your special-friend asks.

'I'll ask him, but he'll probably say no' daddeh says, 'she doesn't like strange fluffies.' Something about that doesn't sound right; you've never seen a fluffy that didn't like meeting new fluffies.

Daddeh comes to a door and opens it; 'You can live in here.' You and your special-friend go inside. The room is empty, but it's so much nicer than the nesties you've been living in before. 'I think I've got a spare bed and other things in the garage you can use' new daddeh says, 'make sure you behave while I get them.' Daddeh closes the door and leaves you alone in the room.

Your special-friend comes up and hugs you. 'Tank you speciaw-fwend, yu sabed famiwy!' You hug her back; she's right, you did save your family! Your new daddeh didn't try to hurt you or your special-friend, and he said you could stay here until the cold-times are over; by then your babies will be big and strong!

'Wub yu speciaw-fwend!' You tell her. 'Gun hav bestest babbehs ewa and make nyu daddeh happies!'

Daddeh comes back to the safe room after a bit and you run over to him; 'Tank you su much fow nyu housie daddeh! Fwuffies an soon-babbehs am safe nao!'

'You're welcome' Daddeh puts some things on the floor; one of them is a big soft puffy thing, but you don't recognise the other things. Daddeh walks up to you and your special-friend. 'Do you two know what a litter box is?'

The two of you use your thinkie places for a while. ‘Fwuffy nu knu, bud in hewd fwuffies make poopies and pee-pees in yuckie pwace ow get sowwie hoofies' you tell daddeh.

'Ok then' Daddeh points to the funny thing 'This is your new "yuckie place." If you do your business anywhere but here I will won't let you stay in my house.'

'Nu wowwie daddeh, fwuffies make poopies and pee-peeps in nyu yuckie pwace fow daddeh' You say.

'Good' daddeh smiles. 'Here's the bed, it should be big enough for both of you.'

You and your special-friend walk to the bed; it looks so comfy compared to what you've been sleeping on. Your special-friend gets on.

'Dis am bestest nestie ewa daddeh. Newa wan sweepies outside gain!' She says, 'Twy speciaw-fwend!' You walk up and sit on it; it's great! Maybe you won't leave when the cold-times are over. Maybe daddeh will let you and your special-friend and your babies stay with him.

'Here's a water and food dish' daddeh says, 'they're old but they still work fine; I'll get you some kibble and water. Remember, no poopies outside of the yucky place.'

'Nu wowwie nyu daddeh, fwuffies nu make bad poopies!'

'Good, I'll be right back.'


Nigel left the spare room and walked to another room in the house, opposite his bedroom. When he opened the door, a pure blood red alicorn looked up from her talking box. 'Daddeh!' The fluffy ran up and hugged his leg.

'Hello Lilith, sorry I had to lock you in the safe room.' Nigel bent down and picked up the fluffy.

'It otay daddeh!' The fluffy said. 'Wiwif nu can wait tu pway with nyu fwends!'

'I know dear, but you'll have to wait a while.'

'Bud Wiwif wan pway nao!' Lilith moaned.

'I know, but you have to be patient. We can play our favourite game with our new friends, but only when their babies are big enough.'

'Gasp, Day hav babbehs!? Dat soun wike fun daddeh!' Lilith said. 'Wiwif wait fow pway wif nyu fwends.'

'Good girl' Nigel put the alicorn back on the ground. 'After I get them sorted you can come out and stay with me for a while.'

'Tank yu daddeh.' Lilith went back to playing as Nigel left the room.


You were scardies about finding a human housie to live in, but you're so happy that you did; your new daddeh has been nice. He doesn't play with you that much, but he gave you and your special-friend some toys he lets out of your room sometimes. You've asked if you can meet his friend's fluffy, but daddeh tells you his friend said no.

As the bright times go by your special-friend gets bigger and bigger; you’re excited because it means your babies are going to be here very soon! 'Nu can wait tu meet babbehs' you say to her each dark-time before you go sleepies. Daddeh comes in every so often to check her; one day he puts a funny red thing near your bed.

‘You're going to foal very soon' he tells your special-friend.

‘Wat dat mean daddeh?'

'It means you'll have your babies'

'Gasp, weawy? Nu can wait!'

'I know but listen; when they start coming push this button and I'll come and help.'

That dark-time you're dreaming about you and your special-friend playing with your babies when all of a sudden,

'SCREEEE!' You wake up and see you special-friend wriggling about; ‘BIGGEST POOPIES!’ Your babies are coming! You press the big red button and run back to your special-friend.

'Nu wowwie speciaw friend, fwuffy am'


Not long after daddeh comes in and helps your special-friend have her babies; ‘It's ok dear, you're doing great. Just keep pushing.' He says while petting her mane. After each baby comes out he hands them to you; ‘lick them clean, or they'll get too cold.' You do what daddeh tells you; the tummy-waters taste really bad, but you do it for your babies.

When the last baby comes out daddeh helps your special-friend give them their first milkies and puts them on the fluffy bed with you.

‘Good job girl’ he says petting your special-friend, ‘you were so brave.’

‘Tank yu daddeh’ she says, ‘tank yu fow hewpin babbehs.’

'No problem at all’ daddeh gets up to leave. Get some sleep guys, ‘ll check on you in the morning'

‘Otay, gunite daddeh.’


The next bright-time you and your special-friend get to meet your babies properly. You have three and two, and one of them had wingies like she does and the same colours as you, yellow and black. You and your special-friend love all your babies, but he's your bestest baby!

Having your babies makes you happy, but taking care of them is hard. Since your special-friend can only give milkies to two of them at a time, you have to play with the other three so they don't cry.

'Pwease nu cwy babbehs, mummah giv you miwkies soon' you tell them. 'Nu cwy, daddeh makes songs fow yu; Daddeh wub babbehs, babbehs wub daddeh, daddeh giv babbehs huggies and wub...'

It’s hard work, but it starts to get easier. You're getting better at keeping the babies from crying when it's not their turn for milkies. Lucky for them your special-friend has plenty to go around because daddeh's been giving her a special kibble. He says it helps make lots of milkies that are good for babies. That means he wants them to grow up big and strong, the same thing you and your special-friend want. Maybe you were wrong about humans.

One bright-time your special-friend wakes up to feed the babies just like she always does; you stay half sleepies until she needs you to stop the other babies from crying.


You jump off the bed; 'Wat am mattah speciaw-fwend?!' For a moment you think something was really wrong. She looks over at you, but instead of scardies, she has the biggest happies you've ever seen.

'Pointy babbeh open see pwaces!!'

You run up and look at your blue and brown pointy baby, and he looks right back at you. His see places are wide open! He looks back and forth at you and your special-friend, wriggling and waving his leggies; 'Cheep Cheep! Peep! Chirp!'

You feel the biggest happies ever! 'Babbeh see daddeh? BABBEH SEE DADDEH!' You reach for the baby and hug him; 'Daddeh su pwoud of see pwace babbeh!'

'Chirp! Peep! Ww-Wub!'

The tiny voice nearly makes your heart stop. You look down at your pointy baby. You can't believe what you just heard; it couldn't have been, 'Wub! Wub Daddeh! Peep!' He did; you're pointy baby just,

'POINTIE BABBEH AM TAWKIE BABBEH!' Your special-friend's screaming nearly makes you drop him. She reaches over and hugs both of you. 'MUMMAH HAV BESTEST HEAWT HAPPIES!' You think the day can't get any better until your other babies start talking.


Nigel and Lilith listened to the commotion from the spare room as he made breakfast for the two of them.

'Day am woud daddeh' Lilith said. 'How wong tiww pway game?'

'A little while yet Lilith' Nigel said as he flipped a ham steak. 'Their babies aren't big enough yet.'

'Bud Wiwif am bowed!!!'

'I'll get you some playmates to keep you occupied until they're ready, don't worry.' Nigel lifted the ham steak off the pan and put it in Lilith's bowl. 'Here you go. Careful, it's hot.'

‘Tank yu daddeh. Eeeee buwnie huwties!'

‘I told you.'


Watching your babies grow up is the best thing ever; seeing them walk for the first time gave you the same kind of heart happies as when they started talking. They've been getting bigger and stronger and quicker every bright-time! Sometimes daddeh comes in to look at them and does funny things he calls 'measurements.' When you asked what they were for he said he wanted to know how big they were getting.

It makes you happy knowing that daddeh cares about how well the babies are doing. When your special-friend asked if you could stay after the cold-times were over he said yes because the babies had been so good; he is a nice human after all. Bright times pass, your babies get bigger, you and your special-friend get happier; you're one big happy fluffy family.


Many bright-times after your babies came you were all playing when daddeh came in. 'Hewwo daddeh' you all say.

‘Good morning. How are all today?’

‘Babbehs an fwuffies am gud daddeh!’ You say.

‘That’s great. You know, I don’t really play with you a much as I should, and I want to make it up to you’ he says. ‘How would you like to play a fun new game?’

'*Gasp* nyu game? Fwuffies wub nyu game!'

'Fantastic' daddeh says, ‘wait here.’ He leaves and comes back with some funny no-see walls. 'I've been looking forward to playing this game with you,’ he says as he puts them up, ‘but I had to wait until your babies were big enough.'

'Babbehs am big an stwong nao daddeh' you say, 'day can pway anyting!'

'I know, that's why we're paying today.' Daddeh spends a long time putting up the funny no see walls. All the while you the babbies follow him about, marvelling at the strange thing. When it's finally done daddeh turns to you. 'Now, this game is very easy and very fun, but it has some rules.' daddeh points to you and then one of the not wall things, 'You'll go in here, and your special-friend and babies' he points to the other one, 'go in there.'

'Bud daddeh say aww fwuffies get to pway!' Your special-friend says.

'Don't worry, this is how the game is played.'

'Otay daddeh. Cum wif mummah babbehs!' Your special-friend and the babies go to their no see wall housie, and you go into yours. 'Fwuffies am weady daddeh. Pway game nao?'

'Not yet, I've got a surprise for you.'

‘Fwuffy wub sopwise! Wat am sopwise?' you say.

‘My friend decided that he'd let his fluffy come over and meet you two.' Daddeh walked to the door; ‘Lilith, you can come in now sweat-heart.' A red pointy fluffy comes into the safe room and sits down a little bit away from the no see housies you're all in.

'Hewwo new fwends!' She says, ‘Wiwif am su happies tu meet yu!’ You're a bit confused, because she doesn't seem very shy to you.

'SCREEEEEEE! MUNSTAH! MUNSTAH! SPECIAW-FWEND SABE MUMMAH AN BABBEHS FWOM MUNSTAH FWUFFY!' You look at your special-friend; she's more scardies than you've ever seen her.

'Whewe! Whewe am munstah?!' You look around, but all you see is the new fluffy and daddeh. The new fluffy turns to look at your special-friend and you see the wingies on her,

Wingies? Wingies?!?

'SCREEEEEEEEEEE!' MUNSTAH!!!!' It's a monster fluffy! You thought they were just scardie stories mummahs told bad babies, but there's one right in front of you! 'DADDEH HEWP!' you scream, 'SABE FWUFFIES FWOM MUNSTAH FWUFFY!!'

But instead of giving the monster forever sleepies, daddeh just looks at you; 'Monster? Lilith isn't a monster, she's a fluffy just like you two.'


'Scawies! Peep! Mummah!'

'Sabe babbeh!'

What's going on? Why did daddeh bring a monster in here? Why would he, oh no.

Your tummy feels like you just nummed a bunch of rocks and you make scardie pee-peeps; you lead your family into a monster house.

'Come on enough crying, it's time to start the game.' Daddeh walks out of the safe room for a few seconds and comes back with a small box. He opens it and pulls out a baby just like yours.

'Weee! Babbeh wub upsies! Upsies nyu daddeh! Wub!' You watch daddeh put the little baby in front of the monster fluffy. Your special-friend is quite; both of you feel like something awful is about to happen.

'Nu babbeh! Wun way wun way!’ You yell. ‘Dis nu am safe fow yu! Wisten to fwuffy!!'

The baby looks at daddeh; 'Don't worry, he's just joking around. Go say hi to your new mummah.'

The baby looks at the monster fluffy; he doesn't know what she is, he can't see her wings. 'Yay nyu mummah' The baby waddles over to the monster fluffy; 'Babbeh wub nyu mummah!' He says hugging her leg. 'Babbeh giv huggies for nyu mummah! Mummah giv babbeh miwkies?'

'Nu. Wiwif nu giv babbeh miwkies.'

The baby looks the monster; 'Bud babbeh nee miwkies fow gwow big an stwong!'

The monster fluffy laughs. 'Siwwy babbeh, yu nu nee miwkies.' The baby looks confused but before he can say anything else the monster knocks him over and holds him down. 'Babbeh nu gun gwow big an stwong, yu am nummie babbeh!' Before he, you or your special-friend can do anything, the monster fluffy bites one of the baby's leggies off.

Your thinkie place stops dead; you only snap out of it when the baby screams.

'SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE!' The baby tries to escape while the monster fluffy chews and swallows. ‘WEGGIEEEE!' The monster fluffy bites down on the baby's other leg and rips it off! 'SQUEEEEEEEE! REEEEEEEE!'


'SCREEEEE! DADDEH SABE BABBEH! NU AM NUMMIES! BABBEH NU WAN NUMMIE HUWTIES!!!! SCREEEEEE!' You watch rooted to the spot as the monster fluffy takes another bite out of the baby; boo-boo juice goes everywhere.

'Wiwif wan num tummeh sketties nao.' She bites the baby's tummy and jerks her head to one side.


The baby's tummy sketties go everywhere out and the monster fluffy starts numing them. You make scardie poopies.


'Mmm Wiwif wub tummeh sketties!' The monster says.


'Alright Lilith, he's had enough' monster daddeh says, 'finish it.'

'Sigh, otay daddeh' the monster fluffy bites down on the baby's head. Just like that the screaming stops. You watch in horror as the monster nums the rest of him; soon there's only a little bit of boo-boo juice on the floor. The monster sits down; the room is quiet.


'Because' your monster daddeh says, ‘I had to show you what will happen to your babies if you lose.' Before your special-friend can do anything monster daddeh picks your bestest baby out of the no see wall housie. Your heart stops, thinking he's about to feed him to the monster, but instead he puts him in with you.

'Daddeh!' Your bestest baby runs and hugs you. 'Daddeh! Bestest babbeh hav wowstest scawies!'

'Nu wet munstah num babbehs speciaw-fwend!' Your special-friend yells.

'Daddeh nu wet munstah num yu bestest babbeh!' You say hugging him.

'Ok enough, you need to listen to the rules.' You look at munstah daddeh, and you're about to scream, but he says 'If you don't listen, I'll give all your babies to Lilith right now.' The thought makes your mouth clamp shut.

'The rules are simple; to win, you have to give your best baby special huggies until you get good feels. If you stop before then, you lose.’ Monster daddeh holds up his not hoof, 'I will count down from five like this,’ he does something funny with the things on his not hoof a few times. ‘You have until I reach zero to start. If you don't, you lose, and Lilith gets to eat your babies.'

Your thinkie place is racing. Just this morning you were a happy fluffy family; now you've seen daddeh give a monster fluffy a baby to num and he's going to do the same to your babies if you don't,

'Nu! Babbeh am tuu wittwe fow speciaw huggies! Pwease nu make fwuffy du dis!' You yell, but monster daddeh ignores you.

'Nu make daddeh enf babbeh!' You best baby cries. 'Wook daddeh daddeh! Am dancie babbeh! Dancie babbeh fow yu! Nu wan be enfie babbeh!'

Monster daddy smiles and holds up his not hoof; 'The game starts now; five.'

You look at your best baby doing dancie baby trying the make monster daddeh change his mind.


'Nu giv bestest babbeh speciaw huggies speciaw-fwend! Am tuu wittwe!' Your special-friend flaps her wingies. 'Pwease wowk wingies! Mummah hav to sabe speciaw-fwend an babbehs fwom munstahs!'


'Scawies huhuhu!' One of your other babies cries. 'Nu wan housie nu mowe!'


'It otay nu tu du it' The monster fluffy tells you, 'nummin babbehs nu take wong, onwy giv wowstest huwties fow smaww time.'

You look at your best baby, your special-friend, the monster, the blood on the floor. You remember the screams.


'EEEE!' You jump forward and pin your bestest baby down so he can't move. 'AM SU SOWWIES!'



You close your eyes; 'Am sowwy speciaw-fwend! Am sowwy bestest babbeh! DADDEH NU WAN DU DIS!!!!' You start giving your best baby special huggies; at first, your no-no stick stays soft, and for a moment you think this won't be so bad. But it gets harder and hits your best baby's poopie place. '



'NU CAN! NU WAN BABBEHS BE NUMMIES!!' Your no-no stick keeps bumping into your best baby's poopie place. ‘*Enf enf enf enf!*’

‘NUUUHUHUHUHU! STAHP DADDEH!!!' Your best baby screams, 'NU POOPIE PWACE ENFIEEEEEE! REEEEE!' You feel you no-no stick go inside your best baby's poopie place; you want to make sickie-waters, but you keep going, this is the only way you can save your family! 'SCREEEE! MUMMAH! SABE BESTEST BABBEH!'

'NUUUU! NUUUUHUHUHUHU!' Your special-friend bags her hoofies on the no see wall. 'MUMMAH NU CAN SABE YU BABBEH! PWEASE STAHP SPECIAW-FWEND!

‘*Enf enf enf enf enf enf.*’ You feel sick. You feel horrible. But your no-no stick feels good, and that gives you worst sickies Why is your no-no stick doing this? Doesn't it know you don't want to do this?'


'HUHUHUHU NU CAN NU CAN' you cry. If you stop your babies will be a nummie baby; at least this way you can make it everything better with huggies.

'Dat babbeh hav wots of huwties' the monster fluffy says. 'Wai yu nu stahp givin babbeh huwties?' It's a trick, she wants you to stop so she can num all your babies! You keep going; it gives you worstest sickies, but you keep going.


'*Enf enf enf*, sowwie babbeh, *enf enf enf enf enf*, su sowwies *enf enf enf enf*.' It won't be long now, you can feel it. Soon it'll be over and you can give your bestest baby the biggest huggies to fix everything.

'Huhuhuhu wowstest heawt huwties!' Your special-friend cries, 'Mummah's wittwe bestest babbeh! Munstah daddehs giv yu wowstest huwties! Mummah nu can sabe yuuhuhuhu!' You miss the part where she says daddehs; you're trying not to use your thinkie place. You just want this to be over! Why won't it just end, please just be over!

'*ENF ENF ENF*GUUHUHUHUD FE-HEHEEEWWWSS HUHUHU! AM SU SOWWIE BESTEST BABBEH!! DADDEH SOWWIES!' You don't think about what's happened; you hug your bestest baby close. 'Huhuhuh daddeh am su sowwies bestest babbeh huhuhu! Daddeh giv huggies nao! Make ewyting bettah!' You give your bestest baby the biggest bestest huggies you can, ignoring the smell of the poopies and the boo-boo juice and the,




'I think we should listen to him' you hear monster daddeh say before you feel your bestest baby pulled away from you.

'NUUU! NUHUHU!' You stand up trying to get him back but you're powerless to stop monster daddeh. He hands your bestest baby to your special-friend; he grabs him and hugs him close.

'Bestest babbeh!' she cries 'Mummah am hewe! Giv yu huggies fow owwies! Mummah huggies make ewyting bettah!'

'Mummah! Bestest babbeh hav wowstest owwies huhuhu! Daddeh giv poopie pwace wowstest huwties!' You rush up to the wall, desperate to get to your family. Then you see your bestest baby's owwies, the owwies you gave him. Your bestest baby's poopie place is all open; there's boo-boo juice and poopies and, and...

*BB-BLERRHHK* You make sickie-waters everywhere and collapse on the floor. 'B-babbeh... daddeh giv yu wowstest huwties...'


'Huhuhu am su sowwies...' You hurt him. You broke your bestest baby's poopy place and leggies. But you had too! The monster was going to num him! Now he's getting huggies, it's all going to be better right? Before you can think anything else, you hear the monster fluffy giving the no see walls sorry hoofies.

'Dummeh fwuffy, yu make Wiwif wose game! Wan mowe nummie babbehs!'

'Lilith you know the rules' monster daddeh says, 'they won fair and square. Go on, back to your room.'

'Otay daddeh' Just like that the monster fluffy trots out of the room. When she's gone monster daddeh starts, clapping?

'Congratulations,' he says, 'not many fluffies win that game. I think you all deserve some sketties.' Is he, is he happy that you...


'Come now, he only did it because he loves you and your babies' monster daddeh says. 'Isn't this better than having your babies...'


'Are you sure? It's cold out there, and spring is still...'


Monster daddeh shrugs 'Alright' He takes down the no see walls, 'Follow me.'

You and your special-friend follow monster daddeh to the door to the outside. Your bestest baby rides on your special-friend's back; you can't even look at him, knowing you're the one who gave him those hurties. You're other babies stick close to your special-friend, staying away from you.

Monster daddeh opens the door; outside the sky-ball is out, but there's white cold fluff on the ground. 'You can still stay if you...' Your special-friend steps down and walks away through the cold fluff. 'Very well. Good luck.' Monster daddeh closes the door. You look back one last time and follow your special-friend and babies through the cold fluff. You keep your head down, crying to yourself; you feel like the worst fluffy ever, but now that your family is safe...

Something hits you in the head, and you fall over in the cold fluff. You try to get up, but something hits you again. 'Dummeh munstah fwuffy nu fowwow mummah an babbehs!!' You look up and see your special-friend; for a moment you're in shock, then she hoofs you again. 'Yu giv bestest babbeh wowstest huwties! Nu can feew weggies nu mowe! Hachew!'

You're speechless. 'N-nu! Speciaw-fwend wait!' You run after her, but stop when she turns around.


You can't believe what's happening. 'Bud, bud speciaw-fwend...' she hoofs you in the face. Hard.


'Bu-bud had tuhuhuhu' you cry, 'was onwy way fow sabe...' She hoofs you again, and your see-places go funny.


'Das wight dummeh nu daddeh!' you don't know which baby said that, but their voice gives you worstest heart hurties. 'Yu bad daddeh! Mummah keep babbehs safe nao!'

You look up and watch as your special-friend and babies walk off towards the trees. You try to get up but your thinkie place and see places have too many sillies. 'Nu! Nu weave speciaw-fwend! Nu weave! Daddeh am sowwies!' They just keep walking. By the time you can walk again they've already made it into the trees, and when you get there, they're gone.

'Cum back speciaw-fwend! Pwease cum back! Nu weave daddeh aww awone! Daddeh am sowwie! AM SOWWIE!'

No one answers; your special-friend is gone, your babies are gone. You're alone.

The sky-ball goes down, and you have to find a nestie; finding one, you curl your tail around yourself and try to keep as warm as you can. 'Huhuhu wowstest heawt huwties.'

Bright times and dark times pass; somehow you survive the cold-times, though at times you wish you'd take forever-sleepies. You lead your special-friend and soon babies to a monster house. You broke your bestest baby’s poopie place and weggies. You gave your speciaw friend worstest heart hurties.

It’s all your fault.

‘Fwuffy am dummeh' you say to yourself. ‘Am, munstah.'


Author's note: Re-uploaded due to mystery deletion.
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Anonymous1: Mystery deletion happened to me as well, dunno why. Anyways, good story, keep writing.
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Anonymous2: seems like there is more to this tale

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dizzy99: I don't like this one at all. It's just painful and unjust. This isn't right...
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Fluffus: Aha! So THAT’S Munstah’s origin story! He’s sure come a long way.


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differential_Sloth: @dizzy99: If you think this is bad, you see the first story i uploaded...