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Yin_Yang: Based after what Micron said in the parent post about churpos. Also the churpo wasn’t going to stab the smarty, it just shows its stinger to express anger. The smarty can understand the churpo because it grew up around it (I based it after something I read about cats understanding dogs if they grow up around them). The churpo gets a maternal instinct to protect its eggs.

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Waaaghlord: ... who's talking there? ... strange biologis here...
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Yin_Yang: @Waaaghlord: the voice in the last panel is the owner of the churpo and smarty. The voice in the first panel is his friend that sometimes visits and doesn’t like fluffies (but she doesn’t dislike them enough to abuse them).
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Yin_Yang: @Waaaghlord: there’s definitely some strange biology, probably because Micron came up with most of it. But I think it’s fun to draw weird biology.