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KartoonCitty: I love your artstyle and cant wait to see more from you! Also tawkie sketties is funneh

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JustATopHatKid: Don't hug me I'm fluffy

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KartoonCitty: Damn I wish I could follow people and like comments here cuz you're all great

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Pawn: @KartoonCitty: thank you very much! Ive like your posts too, and i think youve got alot of interest in making good fluffy art. Keep it up, glad to have ya lol!

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KartoonCitty: Aw, Pawn ur too kind, I try my best ^w^. Just wait till you see the 3 page comic I have for today! {I say today cuz its 2:34am where I am:P}

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Waaaghlord: the religious scam really gets out of hand >.<

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Disintegral: I'm surprised that there aren't more FSM/Pastafarian jokes on here.
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Anonymous1: I used to be pastafarian, but eating a representation of my god was too disturbing. So I went back to being catholic.