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UrAvgFlfyOwnr: The setting is a fluffy day-care.
I'm sure something like this has been done, but whatever.

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KartoonCitty: Ha I love it when we get to see Enfie babbehs on here, also that foal now has a special filling inside! ;9
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Anonymous1: I hope that blue one gets what he deserves,hopefully it will end with him getting his nu nu stick and bawws taking away.
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Fluffus: Pretty magow-magow in the imagery.

Fun read!

Plotting wise the scenario hinges on (1) no human supervision, as per usual, and (2) a full bowl of food, just sitting there, with no fluffy noticing it until after the dirty deed.

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Waaaghlord: that's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat

one of the best things i have seen in a while!

dat corpse hiding is also quite smart and sadistic!!!

... also there is a good chance they don't find the foal ... gluttonous fluffys ...

... wait he is also eating it himself? ... though he shouldn't looks suspicious ...
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Anonymous2: Panel 6 feels like a symbolic visualisation of the Foal's very being being consumed by the stallion's lust, he isn't just violating its body, he's stripping away its purity and innocence. Devouring its very soul.

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FluffiesAreFood: I like how all the horror is implied here rather than shown. Nicely done.

Suggestion: foals_as_food tag.
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toran: Excellent and very well drawn. I hope the piece of shit gets set on fire eventually, but not before he rapes the rest of the foals to death