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Kerry’s Story; Part Thirty Three

By differential_Sloth


‘Aww fwuffies wisten tu Munstah nao!!!' Your herd gathers at the meeting spot quickly and stands facing you without a word. 'Munstah find nyu safe pwace! Am gun take wotsa gud nummies an oda gud tings!!' A few fluffies in the crowd force smiles, but no one speaks. 'Bud Id am big hewd, wif wotsa tuffies. Dat mean Munstah nee aww fwuffies dat can fight tu fight!' You stare around the crowd. 'If yu nu cum tu get safe pwace, Munstah giv yu fowewa sweepies!!! Dummehs undewstan?!'

‘Yes, Munstah!!' They all yell as one.

‘Gud,’ you smile. ‘Tuffies! Find aww fwuffies dat can fight, an take dem tu dah big wockies!!’ Your toughies move through the crowd, pushing stallions and even some mares over to the meeting place. ‘Dat am aww dummehs! Yu wait hewe tiww Munstah an odas am back!! Nu twy wun way.’

‘Yes, Munstah!'

‘Gud. Nao go du oda tings, dummehs!' You jump off the log and join your toughies by the big rocks. They're busy organising the others coming on the attack; a two of them stomp a young stallion who thought he could run away. 'Wisten tu Munstah!' You say over the sounds of talking, sorry hoofies and forever sleepies. 'Fowwow Munstah an wookie fwuffies tu safe pwace. When get dewe,' you look around the group, 'giv aww dah tuffies fowewa sweepies! Keep dah maws an wittwe babbehs!'

‘Yes, Munstah!' Your toughies say, at least.

‘Yu,’ you turn to one of your best toughies, ‘keep sum tuffies hewe; nu wet any dummehs wun way.’

He nods; ‘Yes Munstah. Yu dummehs, fowwow Tuffy!’ He picks some guards, mostly other toughies, and goes back to the safe place.

‘Otay, fowwow Munstah!!’ You lead your toughies and other fluffies into the forest, towards the dummies’ safe place. The toughies walk in the front and back to stop the others running away. You don’t expect them to do well, but they only need to keep the other herd’s toughies busy. This will be a long brighttime and a hard fight, but it'll be worth it.

Everything will be worth it.


‘Can Wunnie heaw Sky’s tummeh babbehs yet?’

‘Nu,’ Runny says. ‘Nu tink day big nuff yet, bud Speciaw fwend say day am dewe.’

‘Den day am dewe; Mawes awways knu when hav tummeh babbehs.’

Runny nods. ‘How wong tiww wittwe bwuddas an sissies cum oud?’

‘Am gun be wotsa bwighttimes,’ you tell him. ‘Mummah stiww nu am weawy big.’

‘Fwuffies can tawkies when am back at safe pwace,’ your green friend says. ‘Go fastah!’

‘Otay,' At least you can talk again now the bad fluffies are gone. You didn't realise how annoying the rules were until you had to deal with them for so long. Still, that's all been taken care of, for now at least. It's time to think about what comes next; your new babbies, Runny's first babbies, and getting ready for the next cold times. They're still far off, but it's never too early to prepare.

Your green friend leads, but you’ve gone this way so many times you don’t need to pay attention to where he’s going; you just know. It’s handy if you want to talk, but you don’t mind if your green friend wants to get back faster this time. You sort of have to as well, Kerry wants to work on the nestie, and there’s also-

‘Who am dewe?’

‘Am nummie findahs Bestest tuffy!’ Your green friend says at once. You look up to see if Big Red is with him, but it seems the Bestest toughie is by himself this brighttime.

‘Gud. Wat nummies yu find?’

‘Wots!’ Runny says. ‘Nummie findahs find bewwy nummies, an gwound nummies. Awso find fwutie nummie twee. Am gun go get does nummies tuu.’

‘Gud, aww dah soon mummahs nee wotsa nummies; nu wan hav wotsa dummeh babbehs wike wa-’ The Bestest toughie stops talking and goes stiff. He looks up, see place wide open. You’re about to ask what’s wrong, but before the wordies can leave your nummie place

‘*Sniff, sniff,* Wunnie smeww-’

‘Oda fwuffies,’ your orange friend says.

Strange fluffies; you don’t recognise any of them, and they’re coming this-’

‘BACK TU SAFE PWACE!!!’ The Bestest toughie turns and runs for the safe place. ‘BAD FWUFFIES!! BAD FWUFFIES CUMIN!!!’

Before you know it you’re running as hard as you can; the nummies that took so long to find fall off but you don’t notice. Your thinkie place only has room for two things; get to the safe place and keep Kerry safe!!

‘TUFFIES!! TUFFIES!!!’ The Bestest toughie screams. ‘BAD FWUFFIES CUMIN!! AM CUMIN NAO!!! KEEP HEWD SAFE!!’ You know the safe place is close, but it’s like that brighttime when Flower… Everything just seems so far away!! But those hoofies, they’re close. Yes, you can hear them, and it’s not you and the others making that noise!! They’re coming, and they’re close; really really-

‘SPECIAW FWEND!! SPECIAW FWEND!!!’ You scream as loud as you can the moment you’re in the safe place, but how would Kerry hear you over everyone else?’

‘Quick!! Dis way!!’

‘Tuffies go dis way!! Nao!!’

‘Wun babbehs, wun!!! Back tu nestie!!’

Fluffies run in every direction at once. Toughies and anyone else who can fight rush to meet the bad fluffies; they gather around den were soon mummahs and others must be hiding, the nummie dens and other important spots. In the chaos, you see Big Red running somewhere as fast as he can. A bolt of scardies for him go through you, but you push it down. Big Red can look after himself; it’s Kerry you have to worry about, her and the tummy babbies! BABBIES!! SHE’S AT THE SAFE BABY PLACE!!!


‘Daddeh wait!!! Whewe am-’

‘WUNNIE NEE KEEP SKY SAFE!!!' You call back. 'SABE SPECIAW FWEND! SABE TUMMEH BABBEHS!!' That's the only thing that matters right now; even if you're scared and can't fight, you have to save Kerry! You will not lose more of your family! Not now, not ever!!

‘Dis way!! Nee mowe tuffies tu keep safe babbeh pwace safe!!' You and your green friend run there as fast as your leggies will take you. Runny and your orange friend have disappeared, but there's no time to worry where they've gone. 'Fastah!!' At first, you think the Bestest toughie is in front of the safe baby place, but it turns out to be Tree. 'Keep babbehs in dewe! Nu wet dem get oud!!' He calls into the tunnel, then turns around. 'Tuffies an oda fwuffies wisten!! Keep bad fwuffies oud of safe babbeh pwace!! Nu wet dem get in!!!'

‘Fwend, hewe!!' Your green friend picks a spot no one's guarding yet; both of you turn and face outwards. 'Id gun be otay fwend; hewd gun win! Hewd awways win!!' All you can do is nod. You want to call out to Kerry, to let her know that you're here and won't let anything happen, but you can't. Your wordies aren't working, and if you tried, you'd probably make sickie waters.

Besides, there’s no time; they’re here.


When it started, you were with your family; your Wingie bay was playing with his babbies, your Special friend and Snow were talking about the next cold times, and you were lying in the grass having a rest. Then the Bestest toughie yelled.


You were on your hoofies before you knew what happened, More questions went through your thinkie place that there are trees in the forest; how’d they find you? Where’d they come from?! They were gone!

‘Speciaw fwend?’


Your family snapped you out of it; you turned to them and said ‘Get in den, nao!!!’ Before your Wingie baby went, you looked at him and told him ‘Nu wet bad fwuffies in den!! Keep Famiwy safe!!’ Before they could speak back, you were off running as fast as you could. ‘Tuffies!!’ You call to the first few you see. ‘Keep Smawty’s den safe!!’ They run in the direction without a word; there’s no time for talking, you have to find the Bestest toughie and as many other toughies you can!!

‘Smawty!!’ You turn your head and see Rock rush over from the edge of the forest.

‘How many?! How many bad fwuffies?!’

‘Wots!! Wotsa dem!!’

‘Dis way! Nee Find Bestest tuffy!!’ You scream and run a little faster with Rock close behind; the two of you round a bushie and see them. Out of the forest come more bad fluffies than you thought there were, even in your worst bad sleepie pictures!! As soon as they arrive though, your toughies rush to meet them. There's a loud yell, and you look in time to see a bunch of toughies, Big Red among them, charge.

Once the groups collide it turns into a mess; you see Big Red jump and land on or near one of the bad fluffies, but then everyone gets mixed together, and you can’t tell them apart. You hope the toughies don't have the same problem, but there’s no time to worry about that!! ‘Wock!’ You yell, ‘Find tuffies an keep nummie dens safe!!’ They’re definitely here for those. The more they lose trying to take them, the less who can fight in other places.

‘Yes Smarty!!’ Rock turns and runs for the nummie dens, yelling for any free toughies to follow him. Okay, but what about you? Well, the only thing for sure is you're not leaving the toughies to fight by themselves; this is your herd, your safe place, and you will protect it!! First, find the Bestest toughie, then-


Something big slams into you, knocking you off your hoofies. You let it happen, and roll a few times until you’re back on your hoofies. Standing despite the hurties, you turn to face whatever did that; there not far away is a fluffy, a big one. He’s almost as big as the Bestest toughie, with X fluff and a Y mane. That’s not what gets your attention though; it’s his face. There’s nothing wrong with it, no missing see place like the Bestest toughie or other hurties, but the look; somehow, you know.


The fluffy smiles; ‘Dummeh knu Munstah’s name?’ He, Monster, laughs. 'Maybe dummeh nu am big dummeh, bud yu stiww am dummeh,' His smile gets bigger and meaner. 'Dis safe pwace am Munstah's nao; ewyting am Munstah's, an Munstah gun giv yu fowewa sweepies, dummeh.'

Is that what he thinks, huh? ‘Nu, dummeh!’

Monster laughs again. ‘Dummeh tink can beat Munstah?’

You beat your Daddeh and took the herd from him. You saved the herd from the cold times and the humans, and all the other bad fluffies and monsters who’ve tried to hurt it. This dummy will not beat you! He might be bigger than you, but so was Daddeh. You dig in your hoofies and charge.




You jump off the bad fluffy as soon as you’ve stomped his neck and leap on another. ‘Eee!!’ You push him to the ground, landing on top of him while you’re at it. There’s a few popping sounds and the bad fluffy screams. 'Screeee!!!' You rear up to break his neck,


but another bad fluffy knocks you over and lands on you!

Before he can do anything though, you roll and scramble back on your hoofies. ‘Wah-oof!’ The bad fluffy stumbles, giving you a chance to get both. You turn around, and see more coming!! There’s only enough time to put your head down and get ready.

‘*Hmmpth!!*’ One of the bad fluffies smashes into you and makes your thinkie place go funny long enough for another to crash into you, then another one! Together, they grab on and try to push you over! This is bad!! You do everything you can to say on your hoofies and try to remember something, anything from all the fighting games and lessons that would help! But your thinkie place can’t remember any, not when it’s busy with the fight!!

A cold tight feeling goes through your body when you feel one of the bad fluffies get his head under you and tip you over!! Try as you might, you can't stop him, and soon enough they’ve got you on your side!! ‘Huwwy dummehs!! Nu wet him get up!!!’

*Thwack, smack!!* Sorry hoofies land and you and wriggle to stop them hitting anything important; if your lumps get hit, you’re done for! ‘HEWP!! HEWP BIG WED!!’ You strike out as best you can, but two bad fluffies manage to get on top of you and keep you down!! It can't end like this, not when the herd and your family still need saving!! 'WAHHH!!!'

‘BIG WED!!!’


At least one of the bad fluffies gets off as the voices come close, then there's smacks and screams, and most of the weight on top of you goes away. You take the chance and jump back to your hoofies; once you're up, you charge at one of the bad fluffies lying on the ground and stomp him again and again! There's pops and cracks and screams, and then there isn't. Before the bad fluffies can pin you again, you dash back to the other toughies. It was stupid to run ahead in the first place, but it's not the time to worry about it.

‘Big Wed, hewe!!' An older toughie yells. He's got most of the others close to him near a bushie, fighting the bad fluffies as they get close. You and other toughies rush to join him, but a scream comes from behind.

‘SCREE!! HEWP!!’ You turn in time to see a toughie, one you learned with when you were little, get dragged to the ground.

‘Big Wed cumin!!' You charge forwards to help, but one of the bad fluffies gets in position and rears up. Time slows and a feeling so horrible there's no wordies for it fills your chest. You run harder and faster, but the bad fluffy is too quick. He brings his hoofies down on the toughies neck; his see places go really wide, then he flops down and goes forever sleepies in front of you. Whatever was in your chest turns really, really HOT!!

‘WAAAA!!!!!’ You run headfirst into the bad fluffy who did the stomping; there’s no scream, only a weird grunting sound from him as he flies. You come down on top of him and stomp his chest so many times it goes soft! Turning, you tackle another to the ground and stomp his head and neck. Another bad fluffy tries to tackle you, but you spin really fast and bite his face.

‘REEE!!!' The bad fluffy pulls away; you take the chance, and head butt him hard. It knocks him over, and you stomp his head. You look up and see a few more standing close. Some have big scardies, but others are figuring out how to fight you. You pick out one and make a run at him, but toughies appear and tackle him and the others. Soon, all the toughies near the bushie are around you.

‘Stay wif Big Wed!! the older toughie calls. More bad fluffies join up and make a run at your group. You and the others dig in your hoofies and get ready to meet them.


The bad fluffies charge the safe baby place, so many you couldn't count them even if you knew what came after three. The screams, yells and sound of their hoofies are so loud it’s nearly impossible to hear anything else. It looks like they’re coming right at you, which makes you do scardie pee-pees. As they get closer, it takes everything you have to stay on your hoofies and not curl up on the ground!!

‘Id am gun be otay fwend!’ Your green friend yells. ‘Stay wif Fwuffy!!’ You barely hear him over the noise and your scardies.

‘Get weady!!’ Tree yells. Ready, ready for what? All around you, the toughies and other fluffies tense up and dig in their hoofies. What’s happening? Oh no, will he make you and the others run out-


You look back, see one of the bad fluffies running at you and freeze; he looks so much closer than did a moment ago-

‘WAHH!!’ There’s a green flash, and the next thing you know your Green friend is fighting the bad fluffy. ‘DUMMEH!! TAKE SOWWIE HOOFIES!!’ He smacks the bad fluffy in the face, then jumps back to head butt him!

‘Ooof!!’ The bad fluffy stumbles back and your friend rears up, only for another bad fluffy to tackle him.

‘Eee!!’ They both go to the ground; your friend stops the bad fluffy getting right on top, but he’s in trouble! ‘HEWP FWEND!!’

Am cumin friend! you mean to say, but all that comes out is something like a yell and a scream. You dash at the fluffy on top of your friend and crash into him. It knocks him off, but instead of landing like the other toughies, you roll and tumble to the ground. You scramble to get up and almost get to your hoofies when another fluffy knocks you over again. Luckily, he makes the same mistake and you both tumble.

The two of you get up at the same time and look at one another; for a moment nothing happens, and you can’t help but notice how, scared he looks. He doesn’t seem like a toughie, more like, NO!!! ‘AHH!!’ There’s no time to think that, and you can’t think that! He’s here to hurt the herd, hurt Kerry!! You have to fight!!


You run into the fluffy and push him back. He cries out but doesn't fall, and he’s pushing back!! You dig your hoofies in and push harder, but 'Gah!!' get hit in the side of your head! You pull back and try to hit him back but only get one hit, and not a good one. The bad fluffy flinches then charges! Now you're the one getting pushed, and he feels strong!! Digging your hoofies in doesn’t seem to work, what are you supposed to do?! You’re a nummie finder! No one ever taught you how to fight!!


Suddenly you fall forwards, and it's all you can do not to fall face-first into the ground. You recover and turn to see your green friend hitting the bad fluffy. You charge and try to hit him too, but manage to knock him over instead. It doesn't matter though; as soon as the bad fluffy's down, your friend rears up and stomps him. Without thinking you try to join, but mess up the first stomp and the next few. You keep trying until your green friend smacks you.

‘Stahp!! Nee fight odas nao!!’

You step away from the bad fluffy and stick close to your green friend. It’s no time at all until you’re fighting again; two bad fluffies charge and your turn to face them. They run into you and your friend; right away, you get pushed back hard, and you know this fluffy can fight. Your chest goes tight when you realise how much-


Your thinkie place goes silly, and you stumble away; before you have the chance to get better, the bad fluffy hits you again. Suddenly you’re on the ground getting hit over and over; you try to roll or crawl away, but the bad fluffy clambers on top and pins you down.


You scramble and struggle with everything you've got, but it isn't enough; the bad fluffy is too strong!


Something big runs into you and the bad fluffy, knocking both of you over. The world goes extra blurry as you tumble and roll. When the rolling finally stops, you scramble back onto your hoofies just in time to see Tree crush the bad fluffy’s head. The sight and the sound makes your chest and tummy go tight, and sickie waters try to crawl up your throat.

‘Fwend, huwwy!! Dis Way!!’ But your Green friend pushed you away, back to the safe baby place.


The only thing you were worried about after smelling the bad fluffies was warning the herd. You didn’t think to join up with any others. As you ran from plate to place organising the toughies, two bad fluffies surprised you as you’re running around a bushie. It's bad for them.

‘WAGHH!!’ Both charge at you, but one runs ahead of the other; dummies. You run right past him, and headbutt the slower one in the middle of his face; it hurts but knocks the bad fluffy to the ground. You spin and charge the one who ran ahead, catching him as he's turning around. Another headbutt gets him in the middle and knocks him down. Before he can even try to get up, you bring your hoofies down on his neck.


It’s a good sound, but there’s no time to enjoy it. You spin and run back to the other bad fluffy; he’s managed to get up, but a sorry hoofie puts him back down, and a stomp to the neck keeps him there. You've just started and already made two bad fluffies go forever sleepies. Good start, but there are lots to go yet, and you can't fight them alone; time to find other toughies

The safe place is in complete chaos; there are bad fluffies and fights in each direction you look. One of the biggest battles is at the safe baby place; you think you saw Tree over there and part of you wants to join, but Tree can take care of himself, and other places need you more. ‘Bestest tuffy!!’ Turing to the shout, you see a group of toughies fighting the bad fluffies, and it's not going well.

The bad fluffies are all around and some of the herd’s toughies on the ground, not moving. ‘Bestest Tuffy am cumin!!!’ You make a run for the group and charge through the bad fluffies. They’re not ready and plenty get knocked to the side and the ground. Once you reach the toughies, you spin and jump back out. There’s so many to fight you don’t need to pick one out; just jump and you’ll land on one.


The scream mixes with snaps and pops when you push the fluffy into the ground. Immediately you get up and knock over another bad fluffy, then rear up and smash his chest. 'DUMMEHS!!!' A head butt sends another stumbling back, 'TUFFIES GIV AWW YU FOWEWA SWEEPIES!!' One of the bad fluffies stands out; you've trained too many toughies to not know one when you see them. You charge, and he charges back, even though you're much bigger.

At the last moment, the toughie dunks to one side and headbutts you in the head and neck. You admit it was a good move, and might have worked if you were his size. All it does is knock you a little off-balance, and force you to run around. The bad toughie gets read to try the same move, but you’re ready for it. Seeing him shift to the side, you do the same at the last possible moment. Hitting him makes your thinkie place buzz, but you push through and turn back in time to see another toughie stomp the bad toughie’s head. The others fighting better now, they’ve come forwards and pushed the bad fluffies back.

‘MOWE!!' You yell. 'GET DEM!! GIV DEM AWW FOWEWA SWEEPIES!!' Seeing another bad toughie in the crowd, you dash forward. He's too fast to knock on the ground, and it turns into a grappling fight, not that it's any better for him. A few good hoof strikes push him back, and one to the head makes him stumble. Without putting him on the ground, you rear up and stomp his head. The stomp sends bad hurties up your leggies, but it's not enough to stop you.

You search for another fluffy to fight, but this time ‘Ooof!!!' they get the first hit in. One of them slams into your side, knocking some wind out of you. You turn to face them, but another bad fluffy rams into your other side. 'Gah!!' This time it hurts enough to make you stumble. You know what will come next, and dash forward just in time. A bad fluffy rolls off your back as he jumps on. You run forwards and turn around. By the time you have, they're charging towards you.

As you’re figuring out how to take them on, a toughie leaps in from the side and tackles one. The other stops to help without thinking, then remembers you’re in front and turns his attention back, but it’s too late. You’re on him so fast he barely has time to put his hoofies up. The fight takes longer than you expect, but the toughie isn’t a match for you; he can fight and fight well, you’re just too strong. Once’s he dealt with, you turn expecting to see the toughie who leapt in to help, *CRASNAP* only to see the bad fluffy stomp his neck.

‘WAHHGG!!!’ At least he doesn’t last long after that. Three stomps to the bad fluffy’s head leave boo-boo juice on your hoofies. You look up, and feel a new wave of maddies; even though there are lots of forever sleepies bad fluffies on the ground, there's also toughies, too many of them. It breaks through the maddies in your thinkie place; you’re in trouble, all of you.

You don’t need to count after three to know there are more bad fluffies than toughies here, and it'll only get worse. You and the other toughies need to get out of here; even if you have to fight off all the bad fluffies alone so the others can escape, the herd can't lose many more-

‘Bestest tuffy!!’ That voice, it’s ‘Big Wed cumin!!!’

Moments later, a red flash passes by you and slams into a bad toughie. A bunch more toughies run past you after Big Red and pile into the bad fluffies. With so many new toughies in the fight, it's the bad fluffies who are in trouble! After a few more go forever sleepies they pull back; then, Big Red takes down an important-looking one, and the rest pull back more. Shortly, they're running away. Big Red and some others go to follow.

‘NU!!!’ Your yell brings them running back; they and the other toughies gather round you.

‘Wat du nao?!' A toughie asks. Your first thought is to call him a dummy, and tell everyone to keep fighting! But you need to be smart about this.

‘Fowwow Bestest tuffy!’ You turn and lead the group away, searching for any spots that need more toughies to protect them.


At the last moment, you duck away from Monster’s kick. Before he can recover, you dash forward and strike out with a kick of your own. It hits him in the shoulder, hard, but hardly does anything. Monster whips around fast; you have to jump away from his next few kicks and swipes. Monster gets back on his hoofies but doesn’t charge again. For a few moments, he stares you down; you do the same searching for a way to hit him that’ll hurt.

Monster takes a slow step to the side, and you do too. When he takes another, you match it. Soon you're circling one another, each looking for the best way to fight. You run through everything you've ever learnt about fighting, especially from the Bestest toughie. Fighting big fluffies like him is hard, but it can be done. If you can just hit Monster in the special lumps, or somehow drive your horn into one of his see places,

‘Am Dummeh scawdies?’

Ignore him, he wants to

'Munstah am gun win, dummeh; Munstah awways win!' Not yet, he hasn't.

‘Whewe yuw big dummehs, dummeh? Maybe day aweady fowewa sweepies!’

‘Yu nu can giv Bestest tuffy fowewa sweepies!’ You yell back. ‘Yu nu hav tuffies dat gud, yu jus hav dummehs!!’

Monster laughs; 'Dummeh tink su? Munstah find yu! Yu twy hide, giv Munstah's wookie fwuffies fowewa sweepies, an Munstah stiww find yu!' He smiles; 'Tink nu can beat yuw tuffies?'

Heat rises in your tummy and your teeth clench tight; you want to leap forward and hit him so much it, no! It’s what he wants, for you to get mad and make a stupid mistake!! Think, you need to think to get through this!! Stay calm.

‘Yu nu am Smawty, yu jus big dummeh!’

Stay calm.

'Munstah giv yu fowewa sweepies, an giv aww yuw dummeh tuffies fowewa sweepies,'

Stay calm.

‘den take aww yuw nummies,’

Stay, calm.

‘an giv yuw dummeh speciaw fwend an aww dummeh mawes bad speciaw huggies!!’


‘Nu can beat munstah, nu dummeh can beat-’

There; Monster steps out too far, and he’s too focused on making you mad to notice. You charge hard and fast, and turn towards Monster at the last moment; it works. Your drive your horn deep into his side, near the leggie.


You can tell from the yell it hurt, and it makes Monster stumble away. It’s not all good news though; the hit was a little too hard, and your thinkie place has gone silly. Not enough to take you out of the fight, but it’ll be a big problem. Much as you want to hit Monster again you pull back, which turns out to be the right choice; he recovers quick and turns to you. There’s no talking or tricks to make you mad, he just charges.

You try to jump out of the way, but your thinkie place sillies trip you up. It’s a mistake, and Monster sees it; he turns to ram you in the side, but something goes wrong, and his leggie shoots out to the side. It’s not enough to stop him, though. Monster catches you in the side but hits too low. The head butt hurts, but it makes you roll over the top. The fall back to the ground hurts but you get back on your hoofies quickly, a little faster than Monster! If only you could take advantage of it.

To add to your thinkie place sillies, there are hurties in your side and tummy to deal with; they'll make fighting even harder. You're in trouble. 'Hewp, hewp!!' There must be toughies close by! 'Smawty nee hewp!' Beating Monster on your own won't happen, not with these hurties. The only good thing is the fall seems to have hurt him too; he's slower getting to his hoofies than before. You just need to hold out until…


When he looks at you again, all you see is maddies. No, that’s not right; what Monster has is stronger than maddies, worse than maddies. For the first time in a long while, a very long while, you feel scardies. ‘Smawty nee hewp!! Nao!!!’



‘Eeee!!’ The hit catches you in the side and pushes you hard to the side. Before you can recover, three more hits land. None of them get anything important, but so many hurties so fast make your leggies go silly. It's hard to stay upright and feels like the ground it pulling you down!

‘Weave fwend awone!!’ There’s a smack and a scream close by, and moments later your friend is by your side steadying you. ‘Id am otay fwend, Fwuffy hewe! Jus keep goin, am gun win! *Haff haff* Jus keep goin!’ He sounds sure, but you can hear the hurties and sleepies in his voice. Your friend might be stronger and better in a fight, but he’s no toughie.

Tree and the others are fighting on, but you and your friend can’t fight like this for much longer! He has to know that. ‘Dis way, *haff* fwend!’ He pushes you toward the safe baby place, behind some toughies. There are a few other fluffies like you and toughies with bad hurties back here; a couple aren't moving, and you try not to look.

‘Hewe! Can stiww, stiww keep bad fwuffies way!' Your friend picks out a spot behind the toughies with another nummie finder. He's on his hoofies, but his hurties look worse; one see place is closed and way bigger than usual, and he's missing some teeth. 'Fwend!' your green friend nudges you, 'nee make suwe bad fwuffies nu get tu safe babbeh pwace!' You open your nummie place to talk back, but just before the wordies come out, there's a yell.


There’s more yelling and the sound of hoofies, all heading this

‘Wook oud!!’

‘Twee, hewp!!!’

The toughies ahead of you dig in their hoofies hard. ‘Nu wet dem get pass!!! Nu wet dem-’ One of them gets pushed back so hard he tumbles on his back. The bad fluffies who hit him land on the toughie’s chest; you see the hurties on his face, some of the worst you can imagine, but there’s no scream. Another of the toughies gets pushed back, and three bad fluffies pile on the toughie next to that one!! Then more come running past, straight at you and the others.

‘TWEEEE!!!’ Someone screams.

‘AM CUMIN!!’ He’ll be here soon, but not before these bad fluffies.

‘WAHHH!!!' Your green friend screams and charges one of the bad fluffies. You follow without thinking, aiming for the next one over. Your green friend and his bad fluffy run into each other while you rear up and grapple with the one you aimed for. He's another one who doesn't know what he's doing; for a few moments, each of you tries to hit the other. He doesn't feel as strong as you, but before you think to take advantage of that, a different bad fluffy tackles you.

The world goes blurry, then you hit the ground hard. It makes your thinkie place go silly and knocks the air out of your chest, stopping you calling for help. You do you best to crawl away and get back up, but get pinned down properly before you get far. ‘Dummeh,’ someone above you says, ‘go fowewa sweepies nao!’

The wordies send a bolt through you, and things slow down so much it feels like they’ll stop completely. So this is how it ends; you thought the humans would get you for sure, but somehow you got away. Not this time though, your green friend is probably in as much trouble as you, and Tree and the others won’t make it in time. Thinkie place pictures of everything you’ll miss run past and so many scardies and saddies pile up, you can’t feel any. There’s too much to feel and not enough time to feel it in, and the bad fluffy’s already reared up. At least Kerry and your tummy babbies might make it. You shut your see places and wait for it to end.





‘Hewp!! Fwuffy nee hewp!! Nee hew-**CRASNAP*-EEEEEE-*CRASNAP*’

You take your hoofies off the bad fluffy’s neck. ‘*Haff haff haff,*’ This is hard work, you can’t remember the last time you were in a fight this big, ‘*Haff haff haff,*’ or this long!

‘Bestest tuffy, wook oud!!’

You turn in time to see Big Red jump at a bad fluffy charging you from the side. He flies hoofies out and lands just behind the bad fluffies head. They both fall to the ground, and there's the sound of the bad fluffy going forever sleepies. It was perfect, but there’ll be time to tell him that later; if you win, that is…

‘Whewe go nao?’ One of the toughies yells. ‘Nu mowe bad fwuffies hewe!’ He’s right about that; all the bad fluffies attacking this nummie den are either forever sleepies or running away. It’s safe for now, which means time to find another place that needs help; that’s what makes you so mad, all you’re doing is running around and fighting! You have no plan, no idea what’s happening elsewhere and don’t even know where the Smarty is!! Or, if he’s-

‘Ngha!!’ You shake your head hard to get the wordies and thinkie place pictures out; there’s no time!!

‘Wat am wong Bestest tuffy?’

Before you can say nothing’s wrong, you hear a yell, no, a scream for help over everything else.


‘WUNNIE!!!’ Big Red’s off before you can stop him; with no better plan, you lead the others after him. Soon you’re in another fight; toughies and bad fluffies fighting in front of a den. You see some forever sleepies fluffies, yours and theirs, and what got Big Red’s attention. A bad fluffies is on top of Runny, hitting him over and over. Luckily for Runny, though it doesn't seem that way, the bad fluffy hasn’t figured out he needs to rear up and stomp Runny’s neck.

‘WAHHGH!!!’ Big Red yells and charges at them. At the last moment he leaps and flies into the bad fluffy, knocking him far away from Runny. The two land in a jumbled heap, but only Big Red gets up. You and the others charge in and attack the bad fluffies. Being fought from two sides, they don’t last long; the ones who aren’t forever sleepies turn and run for the forest. It makes you mad to let them go, but you have to focus on the one’s still here.

‘Bestest tuffy!!’


‘Nee find Smawty!!’ the toughie yells. ‘Tuffies nu knu wat du!!!’ Part of you wants to yell they should know exactly what they should do! But, he has a point; all of you are just running around without a plan. Sure, you’re winning, but what about the rest of the herd? You need to find the Smarty, and fast.

‘Dis way! Tuffies nee find-’

‘Nu! Tuffies nu can weave hewe!!’ You turn to who said that. ‘Tuffies nu can weave, dewe am soon mummahs in dewe!!’

‘He am wight Smawty!’ A toughie who was here before says. ‘Tuffy an oda fwuffies teww wotsa soon mummahs tu hide hewe!’

Well, that complicates things; but they’re right, you can’t leave the soon mummahs unguarded. Fine, it’ll have to be you and someone else who finds the Smarty. ‘Big Wed! Fowwow Bestest tuffy!’

‘Bud Wunnie hav bad huwties!!’ He says, crouched next to his brother; it’s true, Runny’s hurties look bad, especially his wingies. But you need Big Red!!

‘Nao Big Wed!!’

‘Go, *cough* go!!’ Runny joins in. ‘Find Smawty, s-sabe hewd!!’

Big Red looks at Runny for a moment, then gets up; ‘Big Wed be back soon!!’ He follows you into the chaos. There are fewer fluffies running around; most are fighting somewhere or lying on the ground, forever sleepies or with terrible hurties. Some bad fluffies, run for the forest. That’s a few less to fight, but you still have to find the Smarty and make a plan. Your chest and leggies are starting to hurt, but you can keep this up for a while. Others probably can’t, though.

‘Whewe am Smawty?’ Big Red asks while you run.

‘Tuffies go tu Smawty’s den!’ you tell him. ‘Den wook oda pwaces!’

‘Wat pw-’

‘Jus fowwow!!!’ No bad fluffies attack on the run to the Smarty's den, so you get there quick. ‘Whewe am Smawty?’ You ask the toughies guarding the den with the Smarty’s wingie baby.

‘Nu knu Bestest tuffy!’

‘Daddeh was wookin fow tuffies!!’

Great. ‘Big Wed, dis way!’

‘Wait!! Fwuffy cumin tuu!!’ The Smarty’s wingie baby tries to come along.

‘Nu!! Yu stay hewe!! Stay safe!!’


‘Stay!!!’ You look at the toughies. ‘Keep him hewe!!!’

‘Yes, Bestest tuffy!!’

You lead Big Red away from the den; there’s yelling from behind, and you hope the toughies can keep the Smarty’s Wingie baby there. You don’t want to think about it, but you might need him if-

‘Bestest tuffy!!’


‘Big Wed Hewe sumtin! Dis way!!’ He heads toward some bushies. You follow, and soon enough you hear him;

‘Hewp dummehs!! Smawty nee hewp!!’

‘QUICK!!’ You run faster, ignoring how much worse it makes your hurties; it won’t matter if you don’t reach the Smarty in time! You and Big Red charge around one of the bushies and ‘DEWE!!’ you’re just in time to see the Smarty stumble out of the way of a kick from a big fluffy. This is bad; the Smarty can fight, but he can’t beat that fluffy!! He’s not far away though, you and Big Red can be there in-

‘Get dem!!’

‘Nu wet dem hewp!! Stahp dem!!’

Yells and screams come from either side of you; with a glace you see fluffies running at you, and realise the mistake you’ve made. If the bad fluffies’ leader wanted to fight the Smarty on his own, no! Focus, and save the Smarty!! You can still outrun-


The other side! They must have been closer! The hit knocks you off balance bad enough you can't recover. All you manage is to not fall on your side. There's a chance, ‘Ooof!!’ or there would have been if a bad fluffy hadn’t jumped on you!! Normally you’d push him off, but you’ve landed funny and can’t use your back leggies properly! Then, the first kick comes. It doesn’t hurt that bad, but the next one does. ‘Ahh!!’

‘Bestest tuffy!!’

You look up ready to tell Big Red to forget about you and help the Smarty, but what you see sends a shiver down your back; there are bad fluffies all over him too! He’s fought off one, but there's a lot more attacking, and they’ve nearly got him knocked over. Then, you’re pulled back to your problems by one of the bad fluffies rearing up!! You duck down, roll and kick about, anything to stop him getting a clear shot at your neck!!


You can still see and hear, which means he didn't hit what he wanted; it still hurts, a lot. You buck and kick, roll and crawl, everything you possibly can to get some room to move and break away. The bad fluffies, more than two and two at least, kick and hit you over and over. One of them bites you somewhere on the side; you’d scream, but another kicks you so hard it knocks the air out of your chest

Another hard kick and something pops and sends a sharp hurties through your whole body. Somewhere next to you, Big Red is yelling and screaming, fighting hard like you and the other toughies taught him; but he’s in as much trouble as you, and without everything, you know.

This is bad.


‘Wahhgh!!!’ Monster lashes out as he jumps forward. You get out of the way at the last moment, but have to jump back again when he spins and kicks; it only just misses you. Still, it gives you a chance to hit him in the Special lumps. You charge, head down and horn forward, but Monster sees it coming and gets out of the way in time. Instead of the special lumps, you get him in the back leggie.

Monster stumbles from the hit but doesn’t go down, and he’s ready to hit back already! You dash backwards, but not quite fast enough; Monster’s hoofies hit your smelly place; it hurts, so bad his next blow nearly hits. You stumble back more and more, hear pounding in your chest and scardies running wild; he just won’t stop! Where are the toughies!?

‘Hewp dummehs!! Smawty nee hewp!!’


Your hear places pick up; the Bestest toughie, he's coming! He'll end this fight quickly! All you need to do is-


Monster’s kick almost hits you in the head, and it’s only luck you pulled away in time. The move turns you enough to see the Bestest toughie and Big Red come round some bushies. Hope and happies rise in your tummy as they run toward the fight, and then other bushies move. Other bad fluffies who were hiding leap out and charge. For a moment it seems like the Bestest Toughie or Big Red, maybe both, can escape, but one of the bad fluffies slams into the Bestest toughie.

The hit slows him down enough for others to grab on and drag him down. Big Red makes the mistake of looking to see what’s happened, which lets other bad fluffies tackle him too. He and the Bestest toughie keep fighting hard as bad fluffies pile on both, but they can't break away, let along get back-


‘Screee!!!’ The world goes blurry, and you land on your side with a thud. You feel a pop somewhere, and sharp, hot hurties burst out from the spot. Somehow you clamber to your hoofies, only for Monster to smack you again. You stay upright, but only just.

‘Does dummehs nu can sabe yu, dummeh!!' Another strike catches you in the side of the head; hurties and thinkie place sillies explode through your head. 'Nu am Smawty, am jus dummeh wike dah odas!!' Out the corner of your see place you see the next hit coming, but can't get out of the way. The blow makes you stumble; your front leggies go down first, and you drop on your back ones to stop from rolling. Then, the kick comes.


It hits you right in the chest and pushes you over. You try to get back up, but a burst of hurties from where the kick landed stop you. ‘Eeeehhhh!!’ Gritting your teeth to push through, you try to get back up with everything you have left, which turns out to not be enough. There’s the sense of a fluffy rearing up next to you, then comes a hit near the same spot you were kicked, only much much harder.

All the air gets pushed out of your chest, and there’s a bunch of cracks and pops that you hear and feel! Your nummie place opens to scream, but nothing comes out. Without thinking, you curl up as tight as possible, and the whole world turns into hurties. Waves of hard, sharp, hot hurties explode out from where you were stomped and fill every part of you. You want to scream, louder than you have in your entire life, but only a horrible sounding gasp comes out.

‘*Haff haff* Dat huwt, dummeh?' Monster looms over you, a horrible smile on his face. 'Dat am otay; Munstah giv yu fowewa sweepies an make dem go way, aftah giv oda dummehs fowewa sweepies.' He leaves, and you know he means Big Red and the Bestest toughie. You try to get up, but the hurties force you back down. From what you can hear, the Bestest toughie and Big Red are still fighting hard, but neither has gotten away.

Over the maddies and hurties, a new kind of scardies starts to loom. The bad fluffies have taken you out of the fight, and if nothing changes very, very soon, he’ll give the Bestest toughie and Big Red Forever sleepies. With them, two of the strongest fluffies in the herd gone and you not able to organise the rest, he’ll win. What that means makes sends scardies and maddies so powerful through you, they almost drown out the hurties. It can’t happen, he can’t win! He can’t!!!


Your Wingie baby? What’s he doing out of the-

‘Tuffies, sabe Big Wed an Bestest tuffy! Fwuffy sabe Smawty!’

Some toughies race past towards the Bestest toughie and Big Red, and your Wingie baby stops near you. ‘Daddeh! Fwuffy sabe yu!’ He grabs hold of your mane and pulls.


‘SCREEEEEE!!!!’ The bad fluffy missed your neck. Normally that’d be good, but right now ‘SQUEEEE!! EEEEE!!!’ you wish his aim was better!! Your leggie is on fire, and turned into lots of sharp things!!! You’ve never felt hurties this bad before, ever!! Not even when the Smarty kicked you in the special lumps!!

‘Du id gain dummeh!!!’ A bad fluffy screams, ‘He nu am fowewa sweepies!!’

You can’t feel it over the hurties, but part of you knows the bad fluffy’s reared up to try again, and you wish he'd hurry up so these hurties will end!!



Over the hurties, you feel the bad fluffy get knocked off you. There are more screams and the sound of a fight, then the horrible sound of a neck stomp. Around you, more screaming and fight sounds happen as Tree and the others arrive to fight off the bad fluffies who broke through. You hardly notice, though; the hurties from your leg are filling the entire world right now!!

Soon the screams and sound of fighting fade, replaced by a strange buzz. White stuff appears at the edge of your see places and covers more and more of what you can see. The hurties change too, from really sharp and hot to a kind of throbbing, like when your thinkie place has hurties but far worse. The buzz and white stuff get louder and cover more of your see places until you can barely tell what's happening. Somewhere close, you think you hear something like Take him way, but you don't know because of the buzzing.

Then, you’re pulled across the ground; slowly at first, then faster. You don’t know if it’s a toughie or bad fluffy dragging you, and you don’t care. A short time later, you see bushies all around, and something brushes against your leggie. Another bolt of sharp hurties burst out and push the strange buzzing and white stuff away for a moment.

Now you’ve stopped moving, and there are voices all around.

'Stay way, babbehs!! AWW MUMMAH SAY STAY WAY!!!’

‘Mummah! Mummah!!!’

‘Take dem back tu wittwe babbeh den!!’

‘Dewe nu am-’


‘Speciaw fwend?’ Kerry… ‘Speciaw fwend!!!’

‘Nu!!’ Another fluffy, you can’t tell who, yells. ‘Nu giv him huggies!!’

‘Bud he hav huwties!!! Kewwy nee-’

‘Huggies onwy giv him mowe huwties!!’ the other mare tells her. 'Go back tu wittwe babbeh den, nu am safe hewe!' You want to tell her to go back too, keep herself and the tummy babbies safe. But your wordies can't get through. 'Aww mummah wook aftah him!! Jus go!!!'

‘Nu!! Kewwy nu weave Speciaw fwend!!!’ Kerry crouches down near you; thankfully, she doesn’t try to hug you, or go near your leggie. ‘Yu wan Kewwy go back, den make Kewwy go back!!’

‘Fine, dummeh!!!’ All mummah trots away, and Kerry leans down close.

‘Id am otay Speciaw fwend, Kewwy am hewe!!’ Hearing her voice makes things a little better, but you can’t ignore the scardies in her voice. ‘Pwease, pwease be otay Speciaw fwend! Stay wif Kewwy! Pwease!!’ She gets as close as possible without hurting you more; ‘Pwease, nu wan take cawe of babbeh awone gain!!’

Kerry’s wordies get through the hurties and give you something to hold on to; your tummy babbies. They’re the reason you were out there fighting in the first place. Without letting Kerry see, you bite down on your tongue. Your see places go blurrier like when you’re really sleepies. You’ve got no idea what’s happening to you, but falling asleep can’t be good. You've got to stay awake, at least for a bit longer.

You must hold on, like the toughies and your friend outside. You hope he’s okay.


‘Get off dummeh!!! Get OFF!!!’ You buck and kick and roll like mad to getaway!! They're kicking and hitting you all over, but you can hardly feel anything; your maddies are so big, you can hardly feel anything besides them!! Whipping your head around, you see a bad fluffy's leggie in reach. Without thinking, you open your nummie place and bite down, hard.

‘SQUEEEEE!!!' He bucks and pulls his leg, but if his friends don't get off you, he can't have his leggie!!! 'REEE!! WEGGIE HUWTIES!!'

‘Wet go big dummeh!!’ *Smack*

A sorry hoofie gets you in the side of the head; it hurts, but you don’t let go. Then comes a kick to the side, close to your tummy; it goes tight, and a wave of sharp hurties rush out from it, but you're not letting this dummy go!!

‘Wai dis big dummeh nu stahp?!’

‘Am tuu stwong, nu can-’

‘Yu dummehs!!!’

You glance up and see the fluffy who was fighting the Smarty walk over and, oh no, the Smarty looks-

‘Munstah du id!! Nu wet dem get up!!’

So he's their leader; knowing that makes your maddies bigger and hotter!! All you want to do is kick and stomp him into the ground, bite and rip and tear until he stops moving!!! If you could get these dummies off and-

‘Big Wed!! Bestest tuffy!!’

You look past the bad Smarty, Monster, and see them; more toughies!! There’s not many, but it might be enough! ‘Hewp!! Hewp Big Wed get up!!!’ Some of the toughies head for you; Monster turns to look, but he’s too slow to do anything. They dash past him and run into the pile of bad fluffies pinning you down.



The toughies run into the bad fluffies and knock some away; not all of them, but enough. Digging your hoofies into the ground, you push away from and get back up. You could turn and fight, but there’s only fluffy you’re interested in fighting.

‘MUNSTAH!!!’ He looks at you in time to see you charge. ‘WAAGHHH!!!!’ You put your head down at the last moment and try to catch him in the front by his leggie. He's ready for it and steps to the side, but not ready for you to jump into him, so he can't get away. The hit knocks him over, but you're going too fast and fly over the top of him. You hit the ground, roll, jump back to your hoofies and charge.

Somehow, Monster’s gotten back on his hoofies but hasn’t turned all the way around. Taking the opportunity, you drop your head for another headbutt and manage to hit him in the side. 'Gahhh!!' It's a good hit; you feel it push him over, but as you try to dash away, Monster kicks out and hits one of your leggies. The strike knocks you off balance and ruins your chance for another quick hit.

It's a fight to stay upright and gives Monster enough time to get back up. You stare him down, searching for a weakness and thinking of all the practise fights you’ve been in. Around you, toughies fight with the bad fluffies; they’ve freed the Bestest toughie, but you don’t think you’ll get much help. They’ll be too busy keeping the others away.

'Yu tink can beat munstah, dummeh!?' He takes a step forward. 'Nu can beat Munstah; nu dummeh can beat Munstah!!' He yells, breathing hard. You can see he has hurties and sleepies from his fight with the Smarty, but you have too, and there's no way to know who's are worse. Monster smiles. 'Munstah an hewd gun win, awways win!! Gun-’

‘Nu!' You take a step. 'Big Wed beat wotsa yuw dummehs, gun beat yu tuu,' you look Monster right in the see places, 'dummeh.' His face changes from surprised and angry, then to a big mean smile. He charges, and you get ready to meet it. You watch Monster as he runs to figure out what he'll do and which direction he'll go. He's fast, and keeps switching things up to… Hang on, he moves slower to one side; a leggie there must have some hurties! New plan.

Monster dashes one way then turns to move the direction he’s slower. Taking the chance, you put your head down and charge, fast as you can and hope your aim is good. A loud yell and the feeling of running into something proves it was. Once you hit, you dig your hoofies into the ground to stop from flying over again; it hurts but does the job. Monster falls on his side in front of you, perfect for a stomp. Fast as you can, you rear up and bring your hoofies down, but it's not fast enough. Monster rolls out of the way just in time, and your hoofies hit the ground, sending hurties up them.

You shake your head, pushing the hurties away and look up; Monster is nearly on his hoofies! You jump forward to tackle him, but fall a bit short with only your front leggies on him. You wrap them around him anyway and hold on tight as you can. ‘Dummeh, Munstah!’ You push hard to force him over. ‘Big Wed gun get yu!!’ Harder, push harder!! once you’ve got him down, there’ll be hope for ‘Screeee!!!!’

Somehow, he got his head around enough to bite you down near your leggie. It hurts, really really bad! But you can’t let go, not this time!! ‘Ngahh!!!' Push through the hurties, you have too! Mummah, Daddeh, Runny, everyone!! You have to do it for- 'Squeeee!!!' Monster bites harder and twists his head around. Something inside you takes over and forces you to jump back a few steps. The hurties where he bit you are bad and throbbing; it makes your front leggie on that side go a bit silly.

Monster turns and looks at you, breathing hard. By his face, you can tell he hates you more than anything right now; fine by you. He'll hate you, even more, when you finally get him into position to stomp-

‘*Haff-haff* Dummehs!! Hewp Munstah nao!!' he yells. 'Giv dat big dummeh huwties!!' You glace about; most of Monster's toughies are fighting toughies from the herd. Only one has an opening; he turns and dashes for you, but runs too close to the Bestest toughie. Even with his hurties, he manages to grab the bad fluffy and drag him down.

‘Wai yu nee hewp dummeh!?' You yell. 'Nu tink can beat Big Wed awone? Dummeh am wight!!'

Monster looks back at you; you’re not sure how, but he has more maddies on his face. ‘WAAAHG!!!!’ He charges, fast as he can.

‘AAHHHH!!!' You match his charge, meet in the middle and force one another onto your back leggies. Monster strikes out with his hoofies, and you hit back. Each of you manage a few hits, but they're not hard enough to knock the other down. You think about biting his nose like you did to the stallion who wanted to hurt Runny all that time ago when *SNAP* Monster's nummie place slams shut in front of your face.

You strike out with another sorry hoof and actually get a good hit. Monster falls back on all hoofies, which makes you fall too. Both of you jump right back up, but Monster does it a little bit faster. He ends up higher than you, manages to get a hoofies up over your head and forces it lower. You push back, but he's in a better spot, and 'Squeeee!!!'

Another bite, this time on your hear place!! ‘Eeeee!!!’ It’s just as bad as when he bit you in the side, but you won’t let go this time, no matter what!! You grit your teeth and bare the hurties, pushing back all the while. ‘Nggghhh!!!’ Monster bites down harder, and you feel the thinking that pulled you away last time try to do it again. You fight against it, grit your teeth harder and push!

Monster pulls his head to one side sending a bolt of hurties through you, but your maddies cover some of them. No matter what, you won’t let go or give up!! ‘Gnnn-eh?’ Suddenly, Monster stops biting your hear place and ‘SCREEE!!’ The second bite feels much worse somehow!! It takes everything you have a bit more to not jump away, especially when he starts to pull his head this way and that. Each tug sends another bolt of hurties through you, but you hold on, even when one sends a hotter, sharper-


For a moment, you don't feel anything different, other than something warm near your hear place. But it gets hotter and sharper until 'SCREEEEE!!!' you can’t hold on any more!! You stumble, and Monster takes the opportunity to push you down to your hoofies, then the ground. Before you can get back up, he puts his hoofies on your neck, just behind your head.


Something lands on the ground in front of you but can’t tell what you’re looking at!! It’s pointy, and looks like it has fluff on it; red fluff, like… ‘*Hmpt*’ Sickie waters try to get out; you desperately want to think that’s not part of your hear place, but it’s the right colour. And, something hot is running down the side of your head. It smells like boo-

‘*Haff, haff* Dummeh am *haff* bettah dan oda dummehs,’ Monster says, ‘bud, am stiww onwy dummeh!!’ He doesn't rear up, pushing down harder instead. You try to breath; nothing happens, and you figure out what Monster’s doing. You struggle hard to get up, but can't get your front leggies under you to push up!! ‘Jus go fowewa sweepies, dummeh!!’ Monster pushes harder. Soon your throat gets tight, then your chest.

Tingles start at hoofies and work their way up your leggies. Your heart gets louder and louder, sounding like it's moved to your thinkie place. You try to roll your head from side to side and make Monster's hoofies slip, but it doesn't work; he must have done this before. Your hear places buzz and ring, and bits of dark stuff appears in the corners of your see places. It's getting harder to move and think, and all you want to do is breathe!!

Above you, Monster growls and pushes harder; further out, someone yells ‘Big Wed!’ There comes the sound of running, then someone being tackled. Help’s not coming, and if you don’t figure out something soon you’ll go forever sleepies! That should scare you, but it just makes you mad!! You just want to kick and stomp this dummy until he stops moving, and-



‘Huwkk!!’ Monster falls forward suddenly, landing on top and rolling off you.

‘*GASP!!!*' With his hoofies of your neck, you can finally breathe again!! The first one feels like the best thing you've ever felt, and makes some of the burnie hurties in your chest go away.

‘Quick!! Get up!!!' You do as whoever that is says, shaky as your leggies are. More breaths take the sillies away, and it's incredible how fast you get better. 'GIV HIM FOWEWA SWEEPIES!!!' The same fluffy yells. 'DU ID!! NAO!!!' You turn and see Monster trying to get up; it looks like he's hurt bad. You walk forward and stomp on the leggie he's propping himself up with.


‘Scree!!’ Monster screams and pulls his leg close; he looks up at you, face full of maddies. His nummie place starts to move, so you stomp his chest. ‘Gahhk!!’ Monster’s see places go wide, then wider still when you stomp on his chest again and again!!


Monster opens his nummie place, but nothing comes out. He jerks about a few times, then, ‘*Hack, cough-ugh, kahk*’ coughs up lots of boo boo juice. It dribbles out of his nummie place onto the ground. ‘*Wheeze, wheeze...’ Somehow, Monster turns his head one last time to stare at you. ‘D…Dum...e-eh...’ You stare back, at the fluffy, the monster, who came here to hurt the herd and everyone you love, and smile. You rear up, high as you possibly can, and bring your hoofies down on his neck.


The sound seems to fill the whole world, and it feels so good to hear. A shiver starts in your front leggies, travels up them to your body and-


‘Big Wed giv dewe Smawty fowewa sweepies!!!’

Someone nudges you in the side; ‘Cum on!! Nee go giv oda bad fwuffies fowewa sweepies!!!’ You look and see who it is; the Smarty’s wingie baby. ‘Get dem!!’ He screams. ‘Giv aww bad fwuffies fowewa sweepies!!!’ Him taking charge and you giving Monster forever sleepies does something to the toughies around you; they start fighting better, and quickly beat the bad fluffies. Those who don't get forever sleepies run away screaming. After they've won, the toughies run to follow the Smarty's Wingie baby. You do too, all the hurties from the fight with Monster gone! On the way, you see the Bestest toughie on the ground.

‘Bestest tuffy! Am-’

‘Go! Go dummeh!!’ He yells back. ‘Get dem!!’

You nod, and go back to following the toughies. It’s time to get the safe place back.


‘Ovah dewe!! DEWE DUMMEH!!!' You scream. 'BAD FWUFFIES OVAH DEWE!! GET DEM!!!' A few toughies run to head off the bad fluffies and stop them from getting around the back of the safe baby place. The toughies stop them but can't do much else, like everyone else; the fight started okay, but more and more bad fluffies have been coming!

You don’t know if that’s the plan or they want help their friends, but it doesn’t matter. You’re starting to lose!! They’ve pushed you back, closer and closer to the safe baby place as you’ve lost toughies and other fluffies. Now you’re close to the tunnel, and running out of room to move!!

‘WAHHH!!!’ You leap at a bad fluffy trying to push through, and land on his neck. *CRASNAP* One more down, but there’s just so many others!!!


‘Eeee!’ A kick catches you somewhere in the side; it's not enough to knock you off balance but hurts all the same. You spin and face the bad fluffy who did it but see two instead. They leap, but only one gets on, and you shake him off easy. The second one tries kick you right away; you manage to smack him away pretty quickly, then feel a hard kick in one of your back leggies.

‘Screee!!' The bad fluffy you shook off aimed for your special lumps! You need to turn round and hit him, but if you do his friend will try to kick you there! Keep fighting him, and the first bad fluffy will take another shot, and you can another bad fluffy running over! There's too many!!!

‘WAHH!!' Thinking it's the only way out, you charge the second bad fluffy while he's off-balance and smash him to the ground. Instead of stopping to finish him, though, you run back to the other toughies. Best stay there than anywhere else!

‘TWEE!! WAT TUFFIES DU?!’ One of them yells as you arrive.

‘Keep fightin dummehs!!’ You smack a charging bad fluffy in the face; he screams and runs away, but he’ll be back soon!

‘Nu can fightin!!’ Someone else cries, ‘Nu can win!!’

‘NU WUN WAY DUMMEH!! TWEE GIV YU FOWEWA SWEEPIES!! KEEP FIGHTIN!!' Bad as things are, you're all that's between the bad fluffies and lots of little babbies and fluffies who can't fight! You will not let them get past!! 'AHHHHH!!!' You kick out at every bad fluffy who comes close, and jump on them when you have the chance. The hurties in your leggies, chest and everything else get bigger and hotter, but you grit your teeth and keep fighting! It's all you can do; keep fighting, and hope…

‘Screee!!’ Hewp!!’

Out the corner of your see place, you see a toughie get dragged down, Sharp hurties rip through your heart as a bad fluffy rears up. You turn away, a tiny drop of sad water in your place, and take it out on the bad fluffies in front of you!! 'AIEEEE!!!' You lash out over and over, thinking less and less; there's no need to think about each hit and If it's close to the end, you don't want to think about-


The voice breaks through the screams shouts and other noises, and sends a jolt of happies through you! They're coming, they're-


Up ahead, past the bad fluffies you hear the sound of new fights, and fresh screams.


‘Hewp!! HEWP FWUFFY!!’


‘GIV DEM AWW FOWEWA SWEEPIES!! AWW OF DEM!!!’ It’s Big Red, you’re saved!! Close to it, anyway.

‘NAO TUFFIES!!' You yell and push forwards. 'GET DEM!!' Nothing happens at first, but slowly the bad fluffies get pushed back. Knowing help's arrived the others fight better. 'MOWE!!' *CRASNAP* You push a bad fluffy down and stomp his head, and break the leggie of another. You all push further into the bad fluffies, forcing them back and giving them forever sleepies. Attacked from two sides, they're starting to get scared, which gives you and the others the chance you need!!


‘Fight dummehs, keep fightin!!’

‘Whewe Munstah?’ one of the bad toughies calls. ‘Whewe he-’


Confused and scared yells come from the bad fluffies, and things break down. On either side of the fight, they dart away and run for it! One of them tries to run past; you smash his leggie and stomp on his neck!! Not long after the first few run, the rest really panic! More and more bad fluffies try to escape; the braver ones try to get them back, which is enough distraction to pick them out and give them forever sleepies!

Once a few of the brave ones are taken out, the rest totally break down; they turn on each other and fight for the chance to run away. That makes it easy to push through them, stomping necks and heads as you go. Up ahead, Big Red and his toughies are close enough to can see them. You watch him rear up and stomp down hard on another bad fluffy.

Moments later, you catch a glimpse of him kicking hard with his back leggies; a loud scream comes right after. Finally, you and the others reach Big Red’s group; the rest of the bad fluffies near the safe baby place don’t last long against all of you combined. Soon after you’ve joined up, the bad fluffies are either forever sleepies or running for the forest. Like that, the fight near the safe baby place is over. Now, for everywhere else!

‘Dis way!!' For a moment you think it's Big Red; when you look though, it turns out to be the Smarty's Wingie baby! 'Get dah oda bad fwuffies!!'

You run after him with the rest, not stopping to ask where the Smarty or Daddeh is. Part of you desperately wants to know, but you have to beat the bad fluffies first!! It’s time to make them pay!!!

‘Dewe!! Get dem!!' You and the others charge at some bad fluffies attacking a nummie den; they don't see you coming, and the fight is short. After that, The Smarty's Wingie baby leads you all through the safe place, fighting any of bad fluffies you find! Some fight hard, but most try to run away; not many get far. More and more toughies join up until it seems like all the toughies in the herd are with you! At least all the ones who are left.

On you go, all over the safe place, fighting and giving forever sleepies to all the bad fluffies who haven’t run away. The last fight happens close to one of the poopie places; you catch some bad fluffies as the toughies among them try to get the scared ones to fight. All of you crash into them, almost fighting one another for the chance to give the bad fluffies forever sleepies. When it's over, you look up for more to fight, but don't see any.

‘Quick! Keep goin!!’ The Smarty’s Wingie baby yells.

‘Wait, wait!!’ Another toughie runs over. 'Day go way, bad fwuffies go way! Id am ovah!!'

Is it? Could this really be over? ‘How fwuffy knu?’ You ask.

‘Fwuffy wook ewywhewe!!’ He yells back. ‘No can see mowe Bad fwuffies!!’

‘Nu mowe? Nu mowe!!’ The Smarty’s Wingie baby yells. ‘Tuffies did id!! Sabed hewd!!!’ A cheer goes up from the toughies, and they hug each other. As the Cheering goes on, you look for Big Red.

‘Big Wed? Fwend!’ You find him and trot over. ‘Tuffies did id! Twee an Big Wed keep hewd safe!’

‘*Haff haff* Dat am wight, Fwend,’ he turns to you and, ‘An Big Wed giv dewe smawty *haff* fowewa sweepies! Am bestest tuffies!! Fwend?’

You're wordies stop working; everyone has some kind of hurties, but what did they do to Big Red? Is one of his…' Wat happen tu hewe pwace?'


‘Heaw pwace, dummeh! Id nu am dewe nu mowe!’

Big red's face changes. 'Oh. Munstah du dat, take heaw pwace...' His face twitches, like he's feeling the hurties again. Looking closer, you can see his boo-boo juice dripping off his face to the ground. Seeing him, seeing what happened takes away some of the happies. The rest go away when you use your hear places properly.

‘Huwties!! Weggie huwties!!’

‘Hewp huhuu, hewp fwuffy!!!’

‘M-mummah, Mummah!!’

‘*Wheeze* W-wan *wheeze...*’

You turn to look, and your tummy drops. All over the ground, there are fluffies, bad ones and those from the herd; some are forever sleepies and others have terrible, terrible hurties.

Behind you, cheers die down; glancing back, you see everyone else staring. You recognise a few of them from when you were learning how to be a toughie. They never taught you about this part…

‘Cum on,’ an older toughie steps forward. ‘Tuffies nee deaw wif dis.’ He walks towards the fluffies with hurties. Without thinking, you and the others follow.

Cleaning this up will take a while.


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CwinicawDepwession: Good shit bro
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Anonymous1: As far as climaxes go this was a damned good one.
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Anonymous2: Battle of Winterfell, fluffy edition
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Anonymous3: We finally got to hear what Monster looks like and you say X fur with Y mane?? D:
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Researcher_7201: BRAVO! truly an awesome spectacle of the written word!

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dizzy99: Thank you so much!
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: I'm more disappointed that Monster just appeared to be a regular fluffy, the name implied he was something fluffies consider monsters like alicorns or cannibal types.

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Tacoman: Oh man. This was awesome. Bro you seriously are a good writer. This whole series could easily be a movie or a show. I could see this happening in a post apocalyptic world with humans. 10/10. Can't wait to read/listen to more of this great series.

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Tacoman: @Anonymous: I saw this comment before I began reading And kept hearing the game of thrones music through out the fight.

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differential_Sloth: @Anonymous: Yes, because this top mind leaves his place holders in, well, place. Still, his actions actions are more important than his looks.
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Anonymous5: But I wanna know what Monster looks liiiiiike
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: He's the same general size as Big Red/Tree/Biggest Toughie, green fluff and red mane (I think).
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Fluffus: I was secretly also hoping to learn what monster looks like... but I’m happiest knowing what he acts like.
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Anonymous7: Please don’t stop this story till it’s finished