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ripoffMcgee: a fluffy to dance you into the new year

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JustATopHatKid: *insert ok hand sign*
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serpulalacrymans: I have a question...How can I upload an animation here?

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Pawn: @serpulalacrymans: i think its gotta be as a gif. If you wanna do an animation with sound, Id probably draw a picture for a preview, and link the animation in the source.
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Anonymous1: i want to smash it
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Sorrowkandy: Congrats, I want to hurt it.
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Anonymous2: it would be nice to see that drawing of yours of a babbeh pole dancing for then miwkies.
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UrAvgFlfyOwnr: your lines look like fourier curves, and nice job on the looping end of the gif.
it needs to be in pain though