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Anonymous1: i agree
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Anonymous2: Your art is so great! Love it! Welcome to the ‘booth!
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Anonymous3: All female fluffies fucking deserve this do you feel me?!?!. They can be used to harvest milk to save on breakfast costs, they can be used as a punching bag, you can fuck them and and kill them when you need a new one!.
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Anonymous4: What happened between Adolecent and Useful. I feel there's a missing stage (namely, adult begging for babies)
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Anonymous5: That weanling has a weirdly long neck

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Waaaghlord: haha, so acurate (for the most)

great one!!!

yeah foal/weanling neck/throat seem a bit long but again pretty good art!
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emotionalsupportfluffy: @Waaaghlord: @Waaaghlord: Thx, I realize that now. I've kinda solidified my style a bit (this was my second drawing of fluffies ever) so it should happen less now
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Chompew: Are u a virgin? :D

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RQ: Ha ha ha haaaaaaa