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Gardel: ......whats the stuff stuck to the pink unicorn? candy?
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emotionalsupportfluffy: @Gardel: Yeah, candy

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Gmonty: Beautiful.
What happened to candy's horn?
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emotionalsupportfluffy: @Gmonty: Sorry stompies on the head from Lima Bean :)
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Jibboom: Wow. I like this style of storytelling. The art is great and it’s unexpectedly brutal! Bravo!

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Waaaghlord: oh, good color downgraded to poopeh rank serving a normally poopeh color

... has the candy been glued there or is it a mutation ... and are these removable?
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emotionalsupportfluffy: @Waaaghlord: It's a mutation! They're not technically removable, but I guess you could. He probably wouldn't much like it.
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Chompew: damn I love limabean :D the pink sucker got what he deserved