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Where the Poopie Babbehs Go

By ZaWarudo

Chapter One

You are a fluffy.

Well, not yet. Soon though, your mummah would give birth. Then, you could run and play with your family all the bright time. The thoughts made you feel all fuzzy inside. Or was it... that you were moving?

"BIGGEST POOPIES!!!" your mummah cried as you slid further and further towards a new glistening light. You outstretched your leggies as far as you could, ready to see the world around you. You fell into a pile of two of your chirping brothers, joining them in their cries for mummah. You needed her to know you were here, ready to receive her huggies and love!

Once you and all of your brothers and sissies were born, mummah began to lick your fluff clean. Mummah squealed in delight when she saw her bestest babbeh, a pink filly with a white mane. She also had two good babbehs, a blue colt with a black mane and a red colt with a green mane. You had another sibling, a yellow filly with a blue mane. Mummah hadn't paid her much mind, but you didn't care because it was your turn! Maybe mummah would change her mind and make you her bestest babbeh, or at least give you huggies and love! You waited, but nothing came. You cracked your little eyes open, looking around for your family. You saw them in the distance, walking away with their herd. Silly mummah had forgotten you! You began scooting across the grass, peeping and chirping to get your mummah's attention. They never slowed down. You needed to call out to her, your tummy had big hurties and you needed her milkies! The herd stopped to num some grassies, giving you time to catch up. With every stride towards your mother, you felt your tummy growl a bit harder.

"Cheep chirp! Peep!" you cried, finally reaching your mummah. Slipping under her, you began to suckle from her milkie places. It was so tasty that you forgave her for leaving you. Surely she didn't mean to, mummah loved you! She flopped back onto her rear, swatting you away with a crack. "Nu!" she cried, glaring at your crumpled body on the ground. "Ou am poopie babbeh! Nu wan!" Your heart broke. This had to be wrong, mummah loved you. "W-wub! Wub!" you squeaked out desperately, your eyes watering. Your mummah stood over you. "Mummah nu wub ou, dummeh!" she shouted, planting a blow firmly into your head. You flinched, rubbing your head with your hoofsies. Mummah gave you sorry hoofsies again and again as you cried. "Huu huu huu, screeee!" Why, mummah? Why was she hurting you? Didn't she love you? You were reeling in pain and unable to pick yourself back up. You heard your family walk away as you cried in the middle of the grassies. Your see-places were seeing all fuzzy and your head had worstest hurties. Finally, you shut your see places and fell into to the darkies.

"Quick! Gu get a mawe! Babbeh dyin!" you heard a voice call. It seemed so far away. Mummah, was that you? "Bwack Heawt gib huggies!" a bright voice chirped. This one seemed nearer. "Nu! Dummeh fwuffy, huggies nu wowk! Gu ged speshuw gwassies!" the distant voice called again. You pried your eyes again, doing your best to flip over off of your back. You saw two of everything; clouds, grassies, trees, and... other fluffies? Staring back at you was a stallion with black eyes, brown matted fluff, and a long dark green mane. Decorating his face were patterns of odd colors, twigs, and feathers from birdy monsters. "Hey dewe, wittwe guy. Nu twy an move, ou have big ouchies. Smawty send fwuffies to get healing gwassies." You reached a hoof up towards him before your vision faded again. You fell flat on your back, slipping into the darkies again. "Huwwy! Nee gwassies NAO! Toughies, gu hewp dem!" the smarty commanded. "Otay, Smawty Big Twee!" three echoey voices affirmed, marching away. You were asleep again.
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