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Adventures of Gerry part 7
~Relinquishment Arc~
By GewawtofWivia


It had been some time-- about a month, in fact-- since Gerry had ended his last fight. His previously broken leg had now healed,
and showed no signs of previous injury. Thomas, his caretaker and owner, expected this but was surprised nonetheless at the speed of Gerry's recovery. Normally, Fluffies don't
recover all that well from broken limbs, often needing the appendage amputated to prevent the onset of gangrene and subsequent death.
He had heard about a case of hundreds of fluffies migrating from the south to Cleveland during the time Sketti-Land was still in operation. During the migration, certain humans
with more caring inclinations towards the pitiful beasts would stop with food and water for the creatures. Some reported noticing fluffies
with broken limbs dragging and gangrenous, others being practically pushed along as the infection carried through their blood until they could push no more and simply laid down to die.

Pity, that such creatures should be unaware of how fragile they really are.

Since healing, Thomas had been encouraging Gerry to spend more time with Honey, Thomas' newly adopted mare whose coat bore the colour scheme her name would suggest,
although Thomas felt she simply took the name after being called it once upon a time. He would need to remember to confirm that later, he thought to himself. The two really made a great pair,
as Honey dedicated herself to having as much fun as she possibly could with the biomechanically enhanced stallion. Her personality infectiously saccharine, she would rope him into playing huggie-tag,
running back and forth with her in the backyard, and the occasional game of hide-and-seek. At very first, Gerry rejected her advances to play games with
her, wanting nothing to do with the cheerful behaviour and her carefree nature. After some encouragment from Thomas, and the thinly-veiled threat of a sorry-sticking, he finally caved,
and for once in his life smiled throughout the rest of that day. Despite the turn-about in how the fluffy spent his downtime, Thomas was still troubled by
their last conversation, where Gerry confided that he felt something very real and visceral while killing the fluffies he felt were responsible for his family's death;
a twisted pleasure in causing their suffering and taking their lives. Although this wasn't necessarily unpredictable given the circumstances surrounding
the death of Gerry's mother and siblings, it was still something Thomas felt needed to be nipped in the bud, and this was just a very convenient rest from violence
and vengeance that had served as the reality into which Gerry was born. To open your eyes for the first time to the sight of your brother being eviscerated during rape would traumatize any human,
let alone a fluffy pony. 'Perhaps,' thought Thomas, 'I've been misassessing these critters after all. Perhaps they're not all a vile lot like they appear to be.'

However, in the last week or so Gerry seemed to have yet again hit another slump; he was clearly sulking around the house, and seemed lethargic on his worst days while ambivalent on his best.
With Honey his attitude seemed to peak into a pleasant contentment, but when it was just the two of them or when Gerry was left to his own devices, he could be seen shuffling about and staring out into nature,
as if captivated by some far-off butterfly trembling through the wind into the horizon. He attempted to ask about it, but after being met with feigned ignorance on the matter, Thomas thought it best
to let Gerry come to him when the time was right and he was ready to talk. Now that he thought about it once more, he had mentioned wanting to go to Central Pond for a while now, although he wouldn't know why, for Gerry
had never before actively asked for an outing of his own curiosity.


Later that night, Thomas had crawled into bed after a long night of data entry from Gerry's latest check-up. Things were moving fast and healing was nearly finished; another night or two and he would be back up to snuff
as if he'd never broken a limb in the first place. All seemed well, and taking this relieving thought with him to sleep made for a quick descent into his dreams. Honey was in bed, snoozing the time away, not a care in the world
for monster fluffies or dangers of the wild, while Gerry lay beside her with eyes wide open, focusing on the stars just outside the window sash that dotted the black night's sky. He was beginning to become familiar with
the night sky in ways he only wondered if Honey understood. Sometimes, being aware that his intellect has been enchanced over his peers was a depressing thought; that the best he could ever do to communicate ideas was
to filter it and contextualize the information as needed. He understood that the Moon was not a sky-ball, as he learned that much watching space-videos with Thomas. He comprehended that the Sun likewise did not sleep, for it was not alive
in the same way that he or Honey or Thomas were alive; it was a massive ball of bright stuff, as far as he could understand at the moment. Slowly raising himself from the bed, he trotted away
from Honey and towards the door, so as to see a grander section of the night sky. It was inspiring to him to think that stuff existed where he could never hope to reach, and yet the concept that he was unique in
understanding this left him crestfallen, as he would never be able to pass this knowledge to others of his kind. At best, he might be a novelty for humans to chuckle at in amusement that a fluffy might understand something
past "huggies an' wuv". Just then, as he settled in to sit in the spot he had delicately chosen to view the sky from, the floor creaked loudly underneath him, and this awoke the formerly sleeping Honey.

"Jewwy", whispered her voice in the night as Gerry was staring out the safe-room window, unmoved by her vocal intrusion to his thought. Some nights the night sky was a bleak and empty void through his eyes,
and on nights like this it's full of light and life as if cars and people and streetlights existed in a world mirrored right above his own. He felt hopeful, vindicated and brazen after his most recent victory over the Black Stallion of Wal-Mart,
as he had chosen to remember the battle. Imagine being the first unicorn in over a decade or two to rediscover use of your horn-sparks and then focus them with lethality to destroy your opponent.
He felt as if the next battle should be fought soon, and that he would like to finally find the other two responsible for the rape and murder of his family. However, that would need to wait, especially for his leg, and for the voice calling out to him in the room.

"Yesh Honey," he spoke softly to the mare, who was lying in their large wicker-and-mink peach-coloured fluffy bed, silently awaiting him with eyes that were merely pried open to recognize their surroundings.

"Jewwy, cum to bed. Tommeh-daddeh say tu get gud sweeps since yu weggie awmost bettah."

"Was jus' wookin'. Will cum to bed soon, pwomise," his words were starting to sound more like Thomas' speech patterns, slowly losing their fluffyspeak edge. Gerry thought, before he came to bed, it would be nice to see if Honey could understand him.

He began, "Honey... wat yu think of the sky?"

"Dah skysies? Wai Gerry askin'?"

"Dunno, jus' wondewin wat yu think of it."

She slowly rotated her head around to catch a glimpse out the window with Gerry, as he lurched his way up to the bed beside her. He watched her face change shape from a previous post-awakening fatigue to a wide-eyed wonder as she continued
to scan the view. 'She is kind of cute when she gets like this,' thought Gerry of his companion. She might not be especially bright, but she was everything he was not: blissfully ignorant, beautiful, and smothering in her warmth and love.

"Hunny... Hunny tink am boot-bouuutifuw. Am dat wite word?"

"Yesh Honey, dat am right"

"Teehee... am bootifuw, su many bwighties out dewe and dey make sweepie-time pwetties above Gewwy and Hunny. Makes Hunny a vewwy happy fiwwy"

"Dey am not jus' pwetties, dey am cawwed 'stars' Honey"

"Staws? What am staws made fwum?"

"Nu knu, Honey. Jus' knu am beautifuw, wike Honey see-pwaces," he said as he came closer to her, bumping his snout softly into hers. She shuddered, and returned the action after a moment of pause to look into his eyes.

"Am su happies dat Gewwy and Tommeh-daddeh find Hunny. Wuv famiwy su mush," and she reached up to nuzzle into him with a certain grace she had never before displayed to either of them. However, he was discovering a lot of new things with her anyways recently,
especially since their romp in the bushes in the backyard a week back. Honey had asked Gerry to do something strange; she raised her rear to him, and his instincts took over, resulting in his furiously pumping her special place with his 'no-no stick', although he was certain those weren't
the real names for the organs involved in the actions. He'd have to remember to check that with Thomas later, he thought to himself. It felt really good; he had mounted her at her request,
and the two had engaged in what Gerry could only refer to as "speshul huggies", as he naturally thought to call it. It was like what happened to his family as a child, however there was no screaming and no pain;
Honey was still alive and well, and no foals were injured in the process.
However, it's not as if his instincts left a decision to him anyways, since he was on her faster than white on rice in any case. Ah, another thing that had bothered him:
were the Three Smarties perhaps just driven mad by nature, so much so that no amount of nurture could have stopped their deeds?
What was even stranger was that she seemed to be less energetic after that took place, and he couldn't for the life of him understand why she seemed to grow
more fatigued and hungrier every day. As Gerry thought about it some more, it was rather strange that she required more and more rest through the night.
She had also begun eating in larger amounts as well, sometimes eating nearly a serving and a half of what Thomas gave her.
It was fine, right? Everything will be okay, and no one got hurt, and she wanted him to do it, so that means it was all okay in the end anyhow. Right?

"Wai am Honey awways so tired nao?"


"Honey am awways tired when sky-bawl am stiww up. Yu awso eat more kibbwe den before"

Shocked, the sweet little fluffy snapped back,

"Am Gewwy cawwing Hunny fat!?"

That was a lot louder than either of them anticipated. She froze; she didn't know what got into her, just that her first instinct was to belt back at Gerry.

Gerry sighed, and continued from a new angle, "nu, am nawt sayin dat. Am saying: wat if speshul huggies am do sumting to yu," remembering the violence and rape that took his family from him, he paused to control
himself, leaving his words dangling on the edge of his tongue before continuing his thought. "Wat if dey du sumting bad tu yu?"

"Jewwy, am otay. Wook..." she stood and moved closer to his side.

"Jewwy, wisten tu Hunny. Hunny... Hunny weawwy wuv Jewwy. Yu sabe me fwum munstah fwuffy. Munstah am awwmost made bad huggies, but yu sabe me. Den, Hunny take cawe of yu, and
see dat Jewwy am good fwuffy. Am kind fwuffy, and wan yu tu see dat I wuv tu be hewe. Yu was such a gwump wen Hunny met yu, but yu weawn to haf all funsies wif Hunny! Yu change tu be bettah. Dat am Speshuw.
Su many fwuffies nu change, ow get su meanies an' huwt each otha. Gewwy onwy huwt bad fwuffies to sabe good fwuffies... wite?" Her words wrapped themselves around Gerry's heart like a thick blanket as she smiled,
reaching a hoof out to greet his face. Yet they introduced a seed of doubt into his mind at the same time: if it were true that he has only murdered bad fluffies to protect or save good ones, why was the colt killed?
How come he can still taste his fluff and boo-boo juice on his tongue before he goes to sleep at night?

Taking his silence as confirmation, she rose and sat up on her rump, directly facing him. As his gaze met her figure, her creamsickle coloured fluff took on a golden,
nearly shimmering quality illuminated by the moonlight. Gerry thought she looked so beautiful in this light. She placed her hoof on his, and continued,

"So Hunny make speshul huggies wiff Jewwy tu make babies and haf happy famiwy." She smiled, as a tear rolled down her fluffy snout.

Gerry's eyes went wide; no one told him that this would happen, and certainly not Tom. Speaking of, how would he react to this news? Would they even keep the babies; and if they did would something really bad
happen to Honey and the babies like it happened when Gerry was a foal? Several waves of conflicting emotions crashed into each other all at once. There was an instinctual happiness that swelled in his chest and a
crashing tide of dread that rolled in from his stomach to clash in the dead-center of his being. Speechless, Gerry only looked at her and maintained the silence he had held since remembering the gruesome fate of his loved ones.

Honey's face was contorting into a grimace, as more tears made their way from her tear ducts and onto her fluff. Clearly, she was dredging up old painful memories that had been tucked away under that happy face she always made.
Recounting the tale now seemed like it might break her mood, if not her spirit. Gerry didn't want that either; especially not if she were to produce the foals that would carry him on after death. He reached forward to embrace
her, rubbing his hooves against her in comfort.

"Du yu... Du yu h-hate Hunny nao?... Huhu-... Am sowwy nu teww yu, nu wan bad fings happen dis time tuu huuhuuhuuuu," on the verge of hysterics, she continued on, resolved to uncover her pain.

"Wat yu mean, dis time tuu? Hunny get hurt before?", Gerry's breathing had taken a turn from steady to hyperventilating. She had spoken in retrospect to a past event in her life, but all Gerry heard was his childhood trauma.

First it was the screaming, as he still hadn't adjusted to the concept of sight. The sounds; his mother screaming, pleading; his brothers crying about "wan mummah!" and "sabe babbeh!" while Gerry hid and watched.
Then the awful smell of the blood, the fluffy semen, and the rancid, awful feral shit returned to his senses. Finally, he remembered the sights he saw from between the cardboard box and the dumpster he nested himself in, as he watched
each of his siblings exit their entrails through their mouths and eyeholes, blood pouring from each ear and nostril as the members of the stallions turned their carcasses into pleasure toys in a mere instant.
At this point, the emotion simply rounded out the experience; the unfiltered fear; the terror; the guilt that shamed him all his life for surviving without them.
How could he have been so happy this past month when he should have been avenging all the fluffies these pigs hurt? His shame kept his lips locked and heart trembling as Honey continued her song of woe.

"Wen was jus' big fiwwy, Hunny am meet nyu fwend in fowest. Nyu fwend am big eawfie fwuffy, was fun tuu pway huggie tag. Bud nu was weawwy huggie tag aftew some mowe times. Nyu fwend pway tuu stwong, awwmost huwt Hunny.
An' den nyu fwend say 'u am funneh fwuffeh, so u nevah weave now. If yu weave, fwuffeh gunna find yu and give yu sowwy hoofies," her hoof hit the bed with a *POMF* for emphasis, or to act out his action as she remembers it.

Her words were as good as icicles piercing Gerry's heart.

"Hunny was su scawdies, su Hunny stay dewe wif nyu fwend. He awways pway huggie tag, awways caww it "huntie game", dat Hunny nee' wun 'way su he can catch Hunny. Hunny weawwy twy tu wun 'way, but he awways catch Hunny, and... *sniff*
if Hunny twy too hawd he gif sowwy hoofies. Den one bwight-time, nyu fwend pway nyu game wiff Hunny. Say 'Hunny hide see-pwaces, an' fwuffy twy tu find yu'. Hunny tink sound wike fun an' nu wanna get mowe sowwy hoofsies, so am du it.
An' den, wen was hidin', nyu fwend find Hunny bud nu wet go. He howd on and gif bad huggies. It huwt. Huhuhu... It h-huwt mai hawt... Nyu fwend was bad fwend... Hunny stiww feew him sum bwite-times gif bad huggies. Am feew su not-pwetty,
wike nu fwuffies ow Daddehs ow Mummahs can neba wuv me now... waaaaahahahaha," she was reduced to incoherent sobbing now, her posture slumped and supported only by the grey-platinum fluffy that held her close, and tighter now that she beared all to him.
She always seemed so light-hearted, as if nothing bad had ever happened to her and she never had a true worry in the world. It seemed they had more in common than either of them thought initially. Gerry simply stood there, continued to rub
her back for some time until the tears began to slow their ebb down her cheeks.

"Hunny..." Gerry spoke up now, feeling a familiar emotion rising in his soul to stake it's claim in that moment. "Wat did dis dummeh wook wike?"

"Huh? He wook wike *sniff* big, yewwow wike a dandewion. Bigges' fwuffeh Hunny evah saw, even bigga den Bwack meanie dat Gewwy fite... wai?"

"If Gewwy see him... Gewwy gun gif him foweba sweepies in da wowst way," he spat the words out from behind gritted teeth, not noticing his slightly tightening grip on the mare.

"Nu... nu get huwt Gewwy, pwease. Hunny nu wan yu tu fite no mowe, am tuu scawdies sumting happen tu yu. Yu am soon-daddeh nao, yu knu?"

They separated with Gerry pulling himself off of her, to look into her eyes as she said the words. All his fears and joys confirmed in that moment, he simply laid back down gently next to her.

"Cum down, Hunny, wet's sweep whiwe am stiww dark time."

"O... Otay, Gewwy..."

She laid down next to him, nuzzling up close into his fluff, as he returned the gesture by slinging a leg over her body in protection from anything foreign and intrusive. Fatigue was finally calling him to sleep, and the familiar taste
returned to him as he began to rest. Perhaps tonight it wouldn't bother him as much as it has been, and he would finally get some peace.



"Hunny wub yu."

"Gewwy wuv yu tuu Honey"

Her breath settled, her body resting, and her mind drifting elsewhere, Gerry was left to his devices, his mind still reeling from all the information divulged to him. Although for now, the hunt for the remaining two of the Three Smarties would be put off,
a far more immediate goal could be achieved. He had heard from the news about the sightings of the Yellow Monster of Central Pond; he only wanted to go initially to check the validity of the rumours that it was a large fluffy making the area his home.
He had heard about the discarded bodies trampled by many hooves, and the massive trails those same hooves cut through the thick underbrush of the large park. There was now a very real and personal reason to pay the park a visit, and to hunt his next target.
"Am see yu soon," Gerry whispered to no one in particular, as a smile stretched across his face before he fell into sleep.
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GewawtofWivia: Staying true to my inspiration by Berserk, I've taken over a year of hiatus on this story to do other things with my life. I finally returned to continue it, because I at least owe the story and the characters some sort of ending. Only way to do that is to continue it I suppose -shrug-

Enjoy, it's about to get a lot worse for all the characters.

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JimProfit: I can't wait to see what happens when Gerry has a family. Will he let Thomas experiment on them, or will it drive a wedge between him and his "creator?" Good stuff.

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ZaWarudo: I feel so many conflicting emotions, but I know one thing: I love this story.